06m Scene 1

Characters: Giselle and Quinlan

Giselle is in a lab, actually. The door's open so she's easy to spot. She's got all the usual alchemical things going on, and seems very, very focused on something she's distilling at the moment from a translucent and swirling gold and blue liquid.

Quinlan is just passing through, really. Seeing what's here, who's here, what's being poked at. Giselle not blowing anything up (at the moment) is new. "Hi!" he says. "Oh - how do you throw a party?"

Giselle doesn't look like she's blown anything up! Really, that's just shoddy science. Ask any Begman. She looks up, and a grins grows quickly. "Hi!" Then, that doesn't seem like a question she expected from him. "Umm… You pick a spot, arrange for food and drink, and invite a bunch of people?"

Quinlan hms. "It's that third part I seem to be having trouble with, I think. Oh well." He shrugs. "What's the potion of the day? Or is it that water I sent you a while back?"

The water? Oh! The water! She looks a little sheepish. "I've been so busy with this… I'll do that next. Promise! Giselle looks at what she's doing, then says "If I got it right, this'll be just a little bit of essence of Mandrake. Got it off Jondrim after drugging him to enhance his bloodlines and getting him to focus on them."

Quinlan whistles a low note. "I'd be stunned you got it, except Jondrim's never impressed me with his foresight or intelligence. What do you aim to *do* with the distilled essence of a Greater House?"

Giselle giggles. "Oh, he just likes to try things. A few important things for next time though, like that dragons have really big libidos normally. Apparently, so do river gods. I don't mind saying that was a really wild three days." As to what she'll do with it? She shrugs. "Nothing, really. Maybe eventually, but this was just a test to see if it would really bring out the bloodlines. Before I start trying it on our family."

You feel the mental tingle of a familiar presence. Someone is trying to reach you via your Trump.

Quinlan laughs quietly. "And either of those is news? Mandrake is a *huge* House. But the essence of a House, that's pretty huge. There are a lot of secrets in Amber that are locked to blood keys."

Giselle thinks about that. "Well, I'll deal with it later. After the thing I want to do. I mean, if I can do it." She shrugs, and says "It's complicated. I mean, it's about Oberon." She fidgets and makes a face just saying his name.

Quinlan nods. "His name is synonymous with complication, true. So what's the puzzle in particular?"

Giselle starts to answer, then pauses and hms. "One sec. Trump."

You accept the Trump contact from Aurora.

Giselle looks like she's in a lab of some sort. At least, there's lab-type things going on. Alchemy lab type things. "Halloo?"

Quinlan occupies himself by sniffing at the lab, studying the work to see if he can guess its nature.

Giselle seems to be separating the blue from the gold.

The image of Aurora is in her sitting room standing by her wetbar, "Giselle! Ah. That…looks rather important actually." She purses her lips and considers, "Perhaps I shouldn't bother you. At least not for an impolite guppy."

To the image of Aurora, Giselle looks curious, and tilts her head a bit. "Huh? It's okay. Chatting with Quinlan. What's up?" She explains then to said Quinlan, "Aurora. Something about an impolite guppy."

Quinlan grins. "Get a kitten?" he asks.

The image of Aurora says, "Can you make your cloud nine potion in a form for it to be burned as incense or snorted? Also-if you were ever were of a mind to charge THIS would be the case to start."

To the image of Aurora, Giselle's head tilts back the other way. "Incense or snorted? Drinking's too hard?" she asks with a grin. "I can, sure. I guess. And I sometimes charge for my stuff. Do you need it right now? I mean, it would be liquid, but I can send it with a bird?"

The image of Aurora says, "Well he needs it in incense or powder form. I have a vial of liquid. Send it by bird and I will decide what he owes you for it then. Is there anything you need, oh my beautiful drug slinging muse?"

To the image of Aurora, Giselle chuckles. "I can't make it right now. I'll send it in a while, when I've had a chance to powder some. It's all in liquid form at the moment. And not really. Oh! Unless he's one of us. They'll I'll want to experiment on him some time soon."

The image of Aurora says, "Hrrrm, I dunno, Let me find out…"

The image of Aurora peers at Vincenzo, "Don't take the bait. He just agreed to be Aunt Fiona's Lab rat. He has good cause to be so graceless." She smiles to Giselle "He will have his drugs, you will have your lab rat, everyone Wins!" She air kisses, "You're a peach! Mwa!"

To the image of Aurora, Giselle grins. "Works for me. I'll get to powdering something for you while I do my other thing. I'll send it when it's done."

The image of Aurora says, "Thank you Giselle! What would we do without you? Good luck in your experiment, let me know when it's my turn!"

To the image of Aurora, Giselle chuckles, and waggles her fingers in a wave. "Good luck!" she says, then turns her attention back to Quinlan.

Quinlan looks over. "Ah. All done?"

The image of Aurora turns her attention away from the Trump, and vanishes.
The Trump contact ends.

Quinlan shrugs. "Some puzzle to do with Oberon, you said?"

Giselle ohhhhhhs, and checks on what she's doing. The gold seems to be drip, drip dripping slowly away from the blue. "It's that thing I thought about. To let any of us use the other Patterns. Distilling Oberon enough for someone to be imbued with his essence so when they fix it the pattern will think Oberon's the one doing it."

Quinlan nods slowly. "Gene therapy, sort of, with magic?" he says. "Alter the personal code?"

Giselle smiles. "Right. I mean, there's no reason it shouldn't work, right? Just have to get as many samples from as many of the family as possible. And, from stuff that was really closely connect to him. You know, the way psychometrists get impressions from things."

Quinlan mmms. "Good luck finding anything that isn't Chaos-tainted now. Some of his sons have vindictive streaks."

Giselle shrugs. "I'm not sure Chaos really matters, for this. But that'd be interesting, too. I'm just looking to absorb the essence of what connects a thing to Oberon. I wouldn't take actual physical samples of items. I'd keep those separate though. To see if there's any manifestation of Chaos there before it's blended with the rest."

Quinlan nods. "It's an interesting idea, if you can get the elders to donate."

Giselle says "If they want to be able to have a chance to use it, and for their kids to use it, why wouldn't they? I need the part of Oberon they inherited, to increase that chance."

Quinlan looks wry. "Because a *lot* of things can be done with a pure sample of someone's blood? And they're not very trusting people?"

Giselle tilts her head a little. "I'm not taking anyone's blood. This is a lot more… metaphysical. I'll be taking in the idea of Oberon. The feel of the family members as they channel that part of themselves that's him. Absorbing what he was. Filtering it through myself and then focusing it to imbue a potion." Apparently, she's been reading way ahead. The way redheads do.

Quinlan hms. "That could work, if you can get them to agree."

Quinlan blinks. "Oh. You've got a problem when it comes to the Faiella kids. I mean there's only one that's untainted, there."

"Oh, sure." Giselle says. "If they agree. And if I can get over the whole Oberon thing." She makes another face. "The guy was a grade A dick." She thinks about the taint thing, then says "I don't think I can really get tainted this way, can I? I mean, if I'm just focusing on Oberon?"

Quinlan shakes his head. "No, thinking ahead. To isolate Oberon, you have to filter *out* his wives, yes? So. Ideally you'd want *at least* one from each queen-line. Rilga, Faiella, Clarissa, and so on. But Faiella's three are Corwin, Eric, and Deirdre. Of those three, only one would have a true sample. Order and Chaos are both kind of likely to screw with your metaphysics."

Giselle thinks about that. "Maybe? I don't think the mothers matter that much, though. Oberon's where the power is. That's the bloodline that will manifest the strongest. Especially since I'll be trying to keep them focused on it. I mean, for the ones that actually knew him. For all the younger ones who really didn't I mixed up the potion that exaggerates traits carried through bloodlines. Then I'll work on identifying the right ones.

Quinlan nods. "…Don't give me that potion, by the way. I'm kind of in agreement with you; I think the man was a jerk. I'd rather not be a jerk. Or at least, if I do have to be a jerk, I'd rather be my own."

Giselle shrugs to him. "Up to you. It's not like I'll force anyone. Just seemed like a good way to bring out what I need from people who didn't have any real experience with him.

Quinlan nods. "Yeah. I'm sure. I never met Oberon. I kinda once met Dworkin. I'm pretty happy to have a generation or two between us."

Giselle looks curious. "Kinda once met him?" he asks.

"You've seen what my mother can do with time," Quinlan grins. "That's how."

Giselle ohhhhhs. "Huh." She gives that thought. "I… don't think I could handle going back with her and dealing with Oberon." Her voice trails off, her eyes a bit wide at just the thought. To be fair, she's been pretty sane so far. There are bound to be occasional blips.

Quinlan nods firmly. "And it wouldn't be the 'right' Oberon anyway. His solutions, his life, and therefore probably his essence, would be different."

Giselle shudders some, then blinks the thought away. "Anyway, so that's what I'm doing." She meanwhile gets started with another burner, taking a vial of her happy juice so she can make it into a powder.

Quinlan mmms. "I don't know that I could convince anyone to do this if they're not already inclined to," he notes. "But I'll help if I can."

Giselle smiles. "Hey, I'll tell them what I'm doing, and then it's up to them. If they're all okay with only specific people being able to use those Patterns, it's okie-day with me." she says, apparently really not caring. She's in it for… The Science! "So long as they are sure nothing will happen to the one that's left. Cause I haven't heard of another idea that might be crazy enough to work."

Quinlan nods. "Fair enough. A lot of the family would take hefty risks to hold onto the power they have."

"Exactly." Giselle replies. "And I don't know of anyone else who can do this. I mean, my oldest brother can, but he's not ready to come back. He can't handle Amber right now."

Quinlan nods firmly. "That I hear. This city is really warped sometimes."

Giselle nods. "Yup. It's why I have to wander off sometimes. This place is seriously shit for mental health." Not that hers was all that great to begin with…

"Same here," Quinlan agrees. "I can't understand people that can live here full time. It's…just not sane, really."

Giselle shrugs. "I don't try to understand others. Usually. I mean, I'd have to do a whole lot of understanding Oberon for this. Which sucks hard. Otherwise, it's too much effort trying to understand people who do insane things."

Quinlan blinks a few times at that. Possibly thinking about Aurora, there. Then he shrugs. "Well. You've got a good line of research here. Honestly, it's a shame we can't get an Academy for Amberites. Like an Academy of Exoterikos or something."

Giselle thinks about that. "To do what? I mean, we've got here, right?"

Quinlan shrugs. "Sometimes, I miss the way you could just walk into the commons and there'd be ideas and theories bouncing off the walls," he says. "Amberites are just…never as curious as I hope. And all of us that left Pathi…we've got ideas but nothing they'd want to hear."

Giselle ohhhhhs. "Yeah. Eh. Carve out a little common area for here? Make someplace in the city the cool place for the smart people?"

Quinlan laughs. "I don't know that I'd go that far. But for *curious* people, sure. Just because you *want* to learn doesn't mean you're necessarily *capable* of it, after all. Case in point, the enchantments underlying Amber's foundations. I don't know that I *can* understand it all, but that doesn't stop me trying. But I like the idea."

Giselle grins. "Yeah, that shit's hard. I'm just focusing on stuff I know something about. Were we supposed to report back to Fiona about things? I'm gonna see about talking to her about what I'm doing. See if I can get her to be my first real lab rat."

Quinlan shrugs. "I'm sure she'll be interested," he says. "And you'll need her memory of Oberon, anyway, so you might as well put her near the top of your list. If she finds your work interesting, she could be a big help getting other Elders to go along with it."

Giselle nods to him. "Yup. I'm just a crazy. She's a crazy people listen to."

Quinlan grins. "More or less, yes. They've known her longer, at least. I think I might talk to her about a less…um…formal? adjunct to this place. More like the common rooms in Pathi. Coffee, alcohol, nibbles, lots of couches and things to scrawl ideas on."

Giselle grins. "Well, I did mean to see about maybe making this place bigger on the inside. I'm surprised it hasn't already been done. Then, there will be plenty of room."

Quinlan blinks. "Really? There aren't that many of us Pathian expatriates, compared to the rest of Amber. And those of us that can manipulate Space are a tiny fraction of that. You may well be the only one that *could* do that trick."

Giselle huhs. "Really? Huh. Anyway, I figure I can do it some time. need to ask her." Because mess with Fiona's academy without permission? Even she's not that crazy.

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