100 Bells
Location Receiving Room - Feldane Townhouse
Date 10/24/14
Cast Anjali and Lisette

Log Title

Amidst the devastation wrought upon much of the city, the Feldane home is something of a haven of tranquility… though that might perhaps have something to do with so many of its occupants being out and about dealing with the aftermath. Still, it seems that one of the staff has managed to find someone to come to speak with a guest - the door to the reception room opening to admit a tall woman in form-fitting martial attire, the dark green of her uniform highlighting the exceptional pallor of her skin, and the blood red tone of her thigh-length braid of hair (and the matching shade of her silken sash and neck-scarF).

Upon entering, the new arrival offers a courtly, elegant bow. "Lisette. Of the blood of house Feldane, though one of its… lesser adherents," she says softly, her voice a slightly husky alto. "I understand that you wish to speak to one of our lineage…?"

The short Rebman woman has come calling, and she brings with her a case held in one hand. It's a cylindrical case fashioned of coral - perhaps it's the underwater equivalent of a wicker basket. The glass sword is kept at her back unless the guards would request it be removed before she enters. She turns to face the Feldane and offers her best smile. Her bow is graceful and elegant, body flowing easily through air as it finds no resistance as it might in water. "Yes; thank you. I am Anjali of the Houe of Dilwen, and…" Here her smile turns towards smething close to self-deprecating, "I have spoken to a ghost for the first time in my life and felt the need to consult someone about it."

Lisette blinks in surprise, then offers a low laugh. "Ah. I hope that it was not an unduly hostile encounter." For her own part, she seems quite willing to allow the visiting lady to retain a blade - she has one at her hip herself, of course. "Would you care to discuss this here, or… we could adjourn to the garden, if you would prefer to be surrounded by living things, at the risk of a reduction in privacy."

There's a little laugh from Anjali. "Will we be needing much privacy, Lady Lisette?" is asked with a flare of flirtation. "For sooth, I found the matter both unsettling and intriguing, but of no lasting harm to body or soul." She lifts the coral basket held in one hand. "Though I did come away witha souveneir and it is that which I had hope you might look at. I have heard of…anchors, this is the right word, yes? For ghosts?"

"Ghosts as an avenue to flirtation? I shall have to bear that in mind for future use," Lisette responds dryly, though the corners of her mouth twitch upwards. "We can take as much privacy as you feel you need, my lady of Dilwen. But… yes. Some ghosts seem to simply have become lost, but for the most part there is something which ties them here. That might be a desire for revenge, a loved one, or a physical object - to name a few options."

"This one," Anjali begins to explain, "demanded that this be taken back to its rightful home." She holds the basket out to Lisette, offering the contents for inspection. "And while I confess," she goes on in a lilting alto, "that I know not where that is, I would at least know this is not some plague of undeath awaiting to be unleashed on the unsuspcting if I find its home."

Lisette extends gloved hands to accept the container, peering at it rather curiously. "Mmmm. It is possible to guide a ghost to the door through which it can travel on, but if there is another route to resolving its… lingering desires, then that *might* be a rather safer option," she muses. "I am… not the foremost of my lineage in such matters, by any stretch of the imagination. But I can endeavour to see what I can do, certainly. Did you wish to leave this in my hands, and have no more to do with it, or… retain an active interest?"

No gloves for Anjali - at least not the kind of leather or cloth. Her hands do have quite a few tattoos on them though. She hands over the basket, and inside is a bell, about twice the size of a beer stein. It's made of brass and inlaid with bands of silver. The silver is inscribed with writing of some sort. The Rebman surrenders the package and lets her hands fall back to her side. "Oh, active interest, I think. I enjoy a good story and a reason to travel."

Lisette glances up from peering at the box, flashing a swift, bright grin at her visitor. "I am afraid that I have spent most of my life in the Silver rather than the Golden Circles. My Minosian is… poor, to put it politely. Have you been able to read this?"

Leaning in, Anjali takes a look at the writing. "Is that what it is?" she asks, apparently having not been able to translate it either. "My people rarely associate with the Minosian; it's a script known to me." There's a smile again. "But at least now I know where to look next, if you tell me this is not home to a thousand ghosts waiting to rampage."

"I can… sense the, ahh, state of death, so to speak," Lisette says rather self-consciously. "Communication is a little harder to achieve, but I should be able to determine how many there are in here, at least…"

"Your abilities in this area surpass mine," Anjali assures the woman with the vibrantly red hair. "It would be a better confirmation than I would give on my own." She folds her hands together in front of her and watches Lisette, eyes bright as they ready to soak up the awesome sight of a Feldane at work.

The (sort of) lady of the house settles carefully onto a chair, holding the box before her… and *looks* at it. No mystical murmuring, no sparkling light effects, nothing terribly visible. Of course, given her colouring and death's door appearance she might already be providing the appropriate ambiance. But to the naked eye, she simply examines the box… a frown gradually creasing her brow as she turns it to and fro, before flicking her gaze to Anjali.

"Believe it or not, I can't actually sense any ghosts within. I could open it up, and have a look inside in case one is somehow hiding, but… there does not appear to be anything deathly about this object. There *does* seem to be something, ahh, mystical about it, however."

"Ah, at least that is one fear taken care of," Anjali says with some relief. She studies the militant woman and nods. "So I have seen as well. Though it is not a magic that I could find referenced in the libraries of Dilwen." She cocks a brow. "Perhaps something to be discovered in Minos, hm?"

"Potentially, yes," Lisette agrees. "Though… some of the magics there are decidedly dark. The… family maintains… interests there. To contain problems in some areas. We can hope that this has nothing whatsoever to do with those, and is instead… related to weather-magic or the like. A captured breeze that wishes to return home, perhaps."

"If it is some form of eather magic, perhaps a visiting Captain might know smething of it. Else I fear I shall have hit some dead end, with Minos walled away behind the storms as I hear it is." Anjali picks up the cylindrical basket and holds it so that Lisette can place the bell back inside. There's no clapper on the bell, so no sound when it's jostled around. That, too, might be a missing piece of this puzzle.

Lisette carefully returns the bell to its place. "What… did you hear a voice talking to you? What made you think it was a ghostly matter?", she asks, openly curious.

The basket is cloed back. "Ah, that is a little easier to explain." Anjali sets the basket, now laden again, on the floor at her feet and stands tall (as tall as she can) once again. "There is a place outside of the Rebma that you might now caled the Empty City. It is a city that looks to have just been…abandoned. There is food in the market. There are books on the shelves, and clothes in the drawers, wine in the cellars. But there are no people there. Ever. It is just abandoned, yes?" Anjali pauses a momet to let this sink in. "And while I was there, looking through an abandoned library for something, a man - slightly translucent - appeared and demanded I do a favor for him."

Lisette blinks in surprise, then cocks her head and offers a slightly sheepish smile. "I confess to being fascinated. This… favour, that was the return of this bell to its home? Or something else?"

"Just so," Anjali confirms. "He showed me to another chamber where this bell was inside an old sailor's chest. I had a terrible time keeping up with him, as I have no ability to treat solid objects as if they don't exist." The Rebman gives a sigh. "Once I was able to get rusted lock off this is what I found."

A low chuckle, and Lisette nods. "I can imagine… and… hrmmm. Did he tell you anything about it, or where you were to take it? What, precisely, did he commission you to do?"

"It is the nature of quests given through mysterious means to not grant all the pieces," Anjali laments. "'Return the first of the hundred whence it came,' he said. It really isn't much to go on." Anjali shrugs her slender shoulders.

"But you are sure he was referring to this as 'the first of the hundred', at least?", Lisette checks, sounding hopeful.

"He vanished when this was in my hands," Anjali confirms. "I do not think he meant anything else, as there was nothing as interestng in appearance as the bell in the room." A frown tugs at her lips. "I tell you, Lady Lisette, that I have had a preternatural comfort while in that empty city, but the moment this gaes was laid upon me, I felt a need to be gone from it."

Lisette offers her guest an openly curious look, then a low chuckle. "Mmmm. It sounds rather as if you might have been bound to service. Did you *agree* to undertake his commission? Expressly consenting to it?"

Now her lips twist into a smirk. "No, but I have the distinct impression that my consent was required only as much as a new bride when her lord is claiming prima nocta." Anjali laughs in a way meant to chase away the memory of ghosts. "You have been most accomodating and gracious, Lady Lisette. You have my thanks."

Lisette lifts her brows in response to the graphic allusion, then chuckles softly, shaking her head. "I asked about consent because I am aware of means of binding people to keep promises. They must *give* that promise… but I could myself bind them strive to keep it, whatever their intent was when they spoke the words. I was wondering if something similar had been employed here. Still… I fear that I have been precious little use. Should I perhaps offer to further demonstrate my ignorance as you pursue this task? I am sure that I can be hopelessly ill-informed on a whole range of future challenges."

With all the excitement of a child at Nameday, Anjali purses her lips and expresses an, "Oooh!" She follows this up with a, "Could you? I usually travel the path of ignorance alone, but if there were company involved then there is a greater chance it would not be my blunder that ended the journey in disaster." There's something of merriment twinkling in her eyes, picking up on the teasing even if this is a stranger newly met.

Lisette laughs softly, ducking her head for a moment. "I suspect that my kin can spare me. As you have seen, I am far from being the House's most expert of members. I should review quite what your plans are before I absolutely pledge myself to them, but I am certainly interested in helping. You have intrigued me."

"Then perhaps we can meet for lunch tomorrow to discuss further our steps. And you can go with me, my lovely protector, as we seek out a Minosian who might know something of what we should seek." Anjali holds out a tattood hand. "Is it a deal, Lady Lisette?"

A low chuckle accompanies Lisette's acceptance of that hand. She shakes firmly, the soft leather of her glove creaking faintly. "Lovely, hmmm? I suspect you simply want someone tall enough for you to disappear behind," she responds with a teasing grin.

"I will not say that the thought did not occur to me," Anjali freely admits. "I am, after all, a delicate flower." She shakes the Feldane's hand and laughs lightly. "I will come by tomorrow and fetch you, then we shall go hunting Minosians for information," she says. "Anon, fair Lisette."

"I am not at all convinced that you are as delicate as you might wish people to believe, my little sword-bearer," Lisette answers, before offering another bow - this one more extravagantly flamboyant than properly courtly - and a wry grin. "A hunting trip, hmmm? Danger beckons already. Perhaps I shall wind up hiding behind *you*. But I look forward to finding out."

"It's a glass sword. Purely decorative," Anjali assures. And it a glass sword. Probably not purely decorative though. Anjali takes up her box again, bows, and leaves Lisette to think on that.

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