(2017-04-03) Rian Rescued, Redux
Rian Rescued, Redux
Location: A seemingly deserted island somewhere in shadow, roughly between Minos and Sukho
Date: April 3rd, 2017 (Played on two days, started on 4/2/2017)
Summary: Maereina brings Alec to what she thought was a deserted island so he could practice his archery only to find a long absent familiar face, Rian, who has been stranded there for something approaching seven to seven and a half years.
Characters: Alec, Maereina, and Rian.
NPCs: Keir

This is an on going scene in which Maereina was sailing her ship, The Midnight Song, to what she thought was a deserted island so that Alec could practice archery without too many witnesses. At this point the ship is approaching the island.

Alec does as he's told, shooting the occasional glance out at the island they're approaching. "Is it just going to be archery practice, or will I be using a pistol?" he asks.

Maereina tosses the anchor overboard now that they are close enough to the island. "Let's start with the bow. I need to get a pistol forged for you still." She jumps over into the shallow water and heads up onto the beach.

Its late morning as the Midnight Song approaches the apparently deserted island. Rian is busy stalking one of the wild goats that populate the side of the island opposite his home when he sees the ship dropping anchor near the beach. He whistles and Keir flys away from where he was helping with the hunt to land on his man's shoulder as Rian proceeds down the hills into the woods between him and the beach.

Alec grabs his bow and quiver and follows after her with a sigh. "This is almost going to be embarassing," he mutters to himself as he glances down at the weapon he'd borrowed.

Maereina chuckles as she glances around. "I promise not to judge you. It took me a while to get good with a box when I first started I couldn't hit anything." She points at a tree up the beach. "Let's just work on hitting that."

Alec looks at the tree and then nods. "I was trained with a bow, though. And as you said, I have a bit of a reputation to uphold as a ranger." Still, he nocks an arrow and raises his bow, taking aim at the tree.

Maereina moves in behind Alec so she can watch his style properly and nods, "You implied you were not good at this Alec."

"I'm not," Alec insists. He lets his arrow fly, and it thunks right into the tree. He stares at the arrow with genuine surprise for a moment before turning to face Maereina. "I, uh, do usually fire at moving targets, though."

As the arrow goes *thunk* into the trunk of the tree, the sounds of Rian running though the woods can first begin to be heard at the beach.

Maereina nods, "Aye. That's a bit harder…" Her voice trails off as she glances toward the sounds of someone running through the trees, "Okay. That's strange. I would have sworn this island was uninhabited."

Alec nocks another arrow at the sounds of running coming at them from the surrounding woods, and he aims the weapon in the direction of the sounds.

Moments later Rian approaches the edge of the woods, slowing to a walk and then waiting a minute or two to both catch his breath and see who is at the beach.
When he steps out of the woods onto the beach Rian is holding the spear he was using on his hunt in his right hand and has Keir, his minature gryphon, riding his left shoulder. He is clad in roughly sewn leather pants and tunic with leather wrapped "boots" on his feat and a wide brimmed hat of woven palm leaves on his head. A bushy beard covers his jawline and almost completely conceals the smile on his face for seeing people for the first time in years. The sound he makes might be able to be understood as a greeting… a good ear will make out a strangled "Well met" in Minosian using a voice that hasn't been used for more than half a decade.

Both of Maereina's swords sing from their scabbards before Rian is completely out of the trees. Then she sees the gyphon and her stance falters. She frowns though since she doesn't immediately recognize Rian and that rarely used voice doesn't immediately sound familiar. But the Minosian certainly is. Still not all Minosians are friendly. Her own, "Well met," is in Thari since she knows Alec has never been to Minos. "You're Minosian?"

Alec slowly lowers his weapon but keeps the arrow nocked. He looks to Maereina for guidance, not entirely sure what to make of this stranger and his incoherent greeting.

The wild man that is Rian frowns at the sound of Thari and manages to not reflexively raise his spear defensively in response to the freshly drawn swords. He looks back and forth between the two he is facing and then, working hard to speak correctly, he says, "Yes," in Thari as he stares at Maereina trying to figure out why one of the two strangers on his island seems familiar. After slowing shaking his head he asks, "From Amber?" of the pair.

Maereina frowns a little more then her gaze drifts to the gryphon again. Her eyes narrow a little and she calls out tentatively, "Keir?" to see if the gryphon responds. After all how many Minosians with a gryphon for a pet can there be really.

Alec nods slightly in response to Rian's question. "Who are you?" he asks, and he turns his attention again to Maereina, his expression a silent question as to why she called out the unfamiliar name.

On Rian's shoulder, Keir squawks in response to his name being said and he takes to the air to fly over to Maereina where he attempts to land on one of her shoulders as he clearly recognizes his man's former shipmate.

Rian only glances at his gryphon's departure for a moment. He croaks out something that sounds like the name "Ryan" in response to Alec's question before turning to look at Maereina as a look of recognition begins to form on his face as long lost memories begin to flood his mind.

Maereina isn't worried about the gryphon's talons damaging her clothing so she actually doesn't stop it from landing on her. To Alec's questioning look she responds, "He used to be a fellow crewman when I was serving aboard the Starchaser." She calls out, "Rian. Long time no see. What in all the hells are you doing here?"

Alec watches the minigryphon slightly warily, but he returns his nocked arrow to his quiver when Maereina explains who this individual is and then waits for any answer to Maereina's question Rian gives.

Rian drops the spear and steps closer to Alec and Maereina. "Mutiny. Marooned with Captain," he says as if struggling not just with the Thari but with the sudden burst of new memories. "He… I had to kill him myself here. Years, right?" The last is asked to Mae directly while the rest had been addressed to the pair.

Maereina frowns, "You got marooned? Again? That is so disappointing, Rian." She gestures toward Alec, "This is Dirk's son, Alec. We were just going to do some target practice." She glances at Alec as if to ask if he still want to do that with an audience.

Alec listens to Rian's story and then nods as he's introduced. "I, uh, suppose it doesn't matter too much," Alec says. "With any luck, maybe I won't actually embarrass myself today."

Rian frowns at the introduction and then asks Maereina, "Dirk… my… Caine's son, right?" as he moves to stand out of the way of the bow practice, seemingly unconcerned about the recently abandoned spear.

On Mae's shoulder, Keir rubs his plumed head against her neck… he also appeaars to have missed contact with other people and is not as reserved about it as his man is being.

Maereina grimaces a little as the gryphon rubs on her. "Rian… you know how I feel about pets right?" She gently tries to nudge the creature off her shoulder, And yes, but Alec doesn't like his grandfather so we're not going to talk about him. At all." She indicates, "Okay. Let's see if you can duplicate that performance by hitting the arrow, Alec."

Rian nods to Maereina and then says to Alec, "Good practice," in Thari and then watches as the young Amberite prepairs to take a shot.

Maereina grins, "Well it's not moving, but it is small. Should be good practice. Just focus." She nods toward the ship just off the beach, "You're welcome to come with us when we leave obviously. It's been quite a few years since I last saw you."

Alec takes a deep breath and lets the arrow fly. And, well, at least it hits the tree. It's a bit low and off to the right. Alec sighs.

"I'd like that," Rian says to Mae's offer, the grasp of language coming back to him quickly now as it should to those of one of his bloodlines. "I have a few things I have to get from the house I inhabit. Its on the opposite side of the island from here. Perhaps we can sail around the island to get there?" Keir settles back on his man's shoulder having been displaced from Mae's.

Maereina nods, "Sure. We can sail around to get your things before we leave." She moves in behind Alec and reaches around him to lift the bow. She positions the bow and takes a deep breath before loosing the arrow for him. The arrow splits the first one he shot. "Did you feel the difference?"

Alec lets himself be repositioned and then watches with amazement as the arrow is split. "Um, yeah, I think I did. Should I try again?"

Having never been a bowman, Rian doesn't provide any advice. Instead he just stands back to watch and take the time to process the memories that he recently regained access to.

Maereina steps back to let Alec try the shot again on his own. "Just focus. See your target in your mind's eye. I know you can do it."

Alec breathes deeply as he raises his bow and aims another arrow at the tree. He stares intensely as all of his focus is pooled into this one moment, and then he lets the arrow fly. This one also hits the tree, slightly closer to his mark than his last attempt. However, it still doesn't split any of the other arrows protruding from the trunk. Alec lowers his bow and sighs again. "I warned you I'm not a very good shot."

Maereina chuckles, "Not being as good as me doesn't make you a bad shot. You just need to practice some more. So how are you with a sword then?"

Talk of swordsmanship breaks though Rian's trip though old memories and he looks to the young man to hear his answer as it now interests him as well.
"Better than I am with a bow," Alec answers. "My dad trained me for a bit and now spars with me pretty regularly, so I've slowly been getting better. I still can't land a hit on him, though…"

Maereina nods then glances between Rian and Alec. "Why don't we get back on the ship and you can try shooting upcoming trees as we sail around the island to get Rian's things. I suspect he would like to get back to somewhere that has people in it."

Rian nods in agreement with Mae's suggestion. "I wouldn't disagree with that at all."

Alec nods and shoulders his bow. "Sure."

Maereina nods and makes her way back out to the ship so she can get the ship ready for sailing again. "Well come aboard then. Let's get you back to society. We'll make another trip to Minos later, okay?"

With a subtle gesture of his hand Rian directs Keir to fly up onto the rail of the Midnight Song as he turns to pick up his spear. He stowes the weapon in loop on the back of his tunic made for that purpose and then boards the ship with an ease that makes it seem that he is entering his natural environment. "Nice ship, Maereina," he says to her, first in Minosian and then remembering he repeats it in Thari with a nod to Alec to apologize for the slip.

"I really should start learning more of the local languages," Alec says as he follows Rian onto the ship.

Maereina notes, "Minosian comes second nature to the two of us. You'll pick it up pretty easily if you want to. It comes with the blood." She gives Keir a glance then moves to raise the anchor. "Okay. Stand in the bow and shoot as we sail. Pick a tree and try to hit it."

"So, where were you raised, Alec?" Rian asks the younger man as if it was his right to question him while motioning Keir back to his shoulder after removing the spear from its place on his back and lashing it to the railing somewhere out of the way.

Alec nods and gets into position. "I guess I could ask my dad or uncle to teach me," he says as he readies another arrow. "Did you want to see my ability with a sword as well? It doesn't quite redeem my poor accuracy with a bow, but of the two, I am better at melee." He looks over at Rian. "Ah, pretty far out in shadow, apparently. I don't know where for sure, though. I have a bit of amnesia…"

Maereina nods, "Your blood should help you with fighting aboard a ship honestly. Shoot for a while, then you and Rian can spar while we sail back."

Rian smiles at the suggestion he'll get to spar with Alec. "I could offer to teach you also perhaps, Alec," he suggests before asking, "What's your uncle's name? Maybe I know him also…"

"I'll happily take lessons from almost anyone," Alec says with a smile to Rian. "And that would be my uncle Moxon." He turns his attention back to the treeling and raises his bow to take aim.

Maereina rolls her eyes, "You have so many uncles. You have no idea… but we agreed not to talk about him so elaborating would be difficult."

Rian smirks at Maereina's comment about Alec's uncles and says, "Moxon's not one I'm familiar with, must have surfaced after my… incident that left me here." He points off in the direction of the island as the ship comes around a curve and an emense banian tree can be seen growing a few score yards from the beach with a crudely built house in its boughs. "It shouldn't take me long to retrieve my things," he says.

As the Midnight Song approaches the beach, Rian leaps over the railing and lands in knee-deep water. Keir takes to the air and flies overhead as his man wades to the sand and then jogs to the banian tree and climbs up a rope ladder into the house in the bough of the tree.

After a few minutes of him being in the house he climbs back down with a lumpy bundle of cloth slung over his shoulder with sword hilt sticking out of it. He then jogs back to the ship and, after tossing the bundle over the rail, climbs back aboard the ship. "Okay, that's everything I need," he says.

Alec watches as Rian heads to the tree and then returns. He removes his quiver and sets his bow aside. "Do you need any help?" he asks.

Maereina keeps the ship in place until Rian's back aboard then sets sail out into shadow. "You can store your things in my cabin below. Then get back up here. I am looking forward to seeing you two spar."

Rian nods to Mae and then asks, "Can I ask you to see if my belt, boots and vest can be salvaged? The rest of my clothes rotted but the leather just got stiff and I'm hoping someone could restore it for me," before he heads into the cabin to stow the bundle. When he returns he is carrying a short, broad-bladed sword with a brass, basket-shaped guard which could be a cutlass or sabre.

Alec looks over Rian's sword a touch nervously and then draws his own blade, a short sword. "I'm only marginally better at sword fighting than archery," he warns. "I'm not expecting this to go well for me."

Maereina offers, "If you want a better sword, you con borrow one of mine."

Rian looks between the two and says, "Remember, I'm rusty also."

Alec shakes his head to Maereina's offer. "I think I'm good with this one for now. It's familiar."

Maereina inclines her head then glances to Rian as if to extend him the same offer. She glances at her compass and adjusts course.

Rian shakes his head to Mae. "I also would rather use a weapon I was familiar with rather than one that was totally unknown to me," he says to her before striking a not too awkward guard position with his eyes locked on his sparing partner.

Alec takes a stance as well, looking somehow just as ready to dart away from Rian as he is to leap forward and attack. His gaze is wary.

Maereina winds the ship through shadow as she watches them, "Just remember if I shout down. Duck or you're liable to get hit in the head."

After sizing up Alec for a moment, Rian darts forward with his blade with a move that looks like it is aimed towards a left shoulder strike on Alec as a not-too-well-concealed feint for a sudden dip towards the hip on the same side.

Alec nods in response to Maereina and then watches Rian cautiously. At the charge, Alec ducks to the right and brings his blade up in a swooping arc in an attempt to connect with Rian's forearm. There's not a ton of effort put into this attack, or maybe it just lacks skill. Judging by his nimble dodge, he seems much better at evasion and defense than offense.

Rian interupts his own swing to bring up his sword to parry the young ranger's attack with a clang as the blades meet. He steps forward to press Alec as he deflects the other sword and attempts a riposte in which the flat of his blade would slightly smack Alec's forearm after which he takes a half step back to return to a guard position so as to be better able to respond to another attack.

Alec's arm is struck by the flat of Rian's blade, and his eyes widen in surprise, his gaze darting down as though expecting there to be blood there. His focus returns then to Rian, and he, too, takes a step back. He doesn't move to attack, instead waiting warily for his opponent to make the first move.

Rian attempts another feint by stomping his foot to make it seem he is advancing towards Alec's sword arm, still bearing the faint red mark from the smack of his blade, but then lunges towards Alec's side with a swing that would have the blade gently slide against the fabric of the ranger's shirt - not aiming to injure but to be felt to have scored a touch if the strike 'lands'.

Alec darts to the side again, his sword coming up to block the strike as well, but just a touch too late. Rian's blade makes contact with Alec's shirt for a brief moment before Alec manages to connect sword to sword and push the oncoming weapon away. The sword is raised again at the ready, no counter attack offered this time.

Rian and Alec continue to spar with Rian pressing a perceived advantage on Alec who then dashes away only to have his own strikes parried away with a flick of the formerly marooned sailor's blade. Then, as the Midnight Song approaches the docks of Amber Rian steps back and bows at the neck to Dirkson before lowering his blade. "Thanks for the stretch, Alec," he says, "It felt good."

Alec nods, sheathing his blade. He wears a grin on his face. "Same. It's refreshing to actually feel like I have half a chance when sparring against someone. If you want to meet up again, I'll be staying either at the Crown or with the Feldanes for the next few days."

Rian nods and says, "I… I'll be figuring out where and how I'm staying somewhere as I can," he glances at Mae but doesn't want to distract her as she finishes the approach to the docks. "May have to turn to the kindness of friends for a bit as I get my feet back under me," he adds to Alec.

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