(2017-04-04) A Family Reunion... of Sorts
A Family Reunion… of Sorts
Location: The Crown and Rose, in Amber
Date: April 4th, 2017
Summary: Rian meets his brother Moxon with Alec and his brother Dirk (in feline form) present
Characters: Alec, Dirk, Moxon, and Rian.
NPCs: Keir

Dirk says "No I am sure he didn't I just love teasing him"


Dirk is a huge black talking cat.

Moxon is settled near the hearth, having an articulate conversation with an eighteen-inch long Maine Coon. He sips beer and squints into the flames, tucking his tablet and grease-pencil away as the crowd increases. Notes for … well, gawd-knows-what. 'A thing that explodes in great clouds of boiling steam' is a safe bet, if the Begman lilt is any guide.

Alec comes down the stairs, and it doesn't take him long to pick out his family members among the other patrons. He grins as he heads their way, nodding a greeting to the pair.

Rian follows Alec down the stairs having come out of the room he's staying in as Alec started down them. He is dressed in roughly sewn together hide pants and matching jacket with leather wrap boots on his feet. His thick beard and unkept hair adds to the castaway look as well. His minature gryphon, Keir, is riding his left shoulder and squwacks in Alec's direction as they descend to the common room.

Moxon observes: "Well, shit, I should've brought Ranger-Adjunct Cheery."

Dirk looks at ALec and takes off running towards him. As he gets within range a pounce happens instead of a punch.

Alec now has two critters after him. He catches Dirk in his arms and looks up at the familiar gryphon above him before turning around and spotting Rian. He nods at him in greeting as well before gesturing him over. Since his arms are full of cat, the gesture is done part with Dirk and part as a jerk of his head.

Moxon signals a round for the table, newcomers included. "How's every little thing?"
"Well met everyone," Rian says to the two men in greeting as he nods in recognition to Alec. "What are we drinking?" he asks Moxon after the signal for drinks to be brought to the table.

Dirk purrs and snuggles Alec without a word. He starts to sniff at Alec to make sure he's ok.

Moxon says, "… order what you like. The palace has large, large pockets. Stony pockets."

Alec takes Dirk back to the table and sets him on the table before taking a seat. "Things are well overall, I think. I'm just not sure what to do with the scavenger hunt, if I even want to participate." He gestures to Rian. "By the way, this is Rian. We stumbled upon him on an island while trying to practice my archery. Rian, this is my uncle Moxon. And I think you've already met my dad, right?"

Dirk looks at Rian and leans over stretching out to sniff him. HIs green eyes sparkle and he sneezes a kitty sneeze.

Moxon eyes Alec, skeptical. "You were shooting an island, and yet you thought you might … miss it? Needed more than one arrow? Nearby shoals and reefs to confuse the eye?!"

Rian nods to Moxon, "Hello, you're Alec's uncle I believe he told me, right?" and then looks at Alec, "I have met your father yes," he obviously doesn't get the reference to the cat, but Keir looks down from his perch on Rian's shoulder towards the green eyed cat and then preens his wing feathers in a show of forced disinterest.

Alec flashes a grin and shrugs. "You know how bad my aim can be," he answers Moxon. "But I did hit that island at least once while we were sailing around it."
Moxon extends a gloved hand to Rian. Not, like, infectious-gloved. He wears gloves. Is all. "Ranger Lieutenant Moxon of Arden."

Rian orders a Rum & Coco and takes Moxon's gloved hand in his and shakes it. "Rian of Cameron," he says with his Minosian accent shining clear in how he pronounces the island's name. Then his simple drink is delivered and he tells the server, "Bring another," before he drinks the whole, relatively small, drink in one quick gulp.

Moxon nods. "I've been. It's quite pleasant."

Dirk purrs and snuggles to ALec staying quiet. He is studying Rian and looks very intent.
Alec's drink of choice is beer, and he makes sure rum's on the way for his dad as well.

"So Alec, where is your dad?" Rian asks as his second drink is delivered to him and his empty is taken. "Where do you hale from before becoming a Ranger, Moxon?" he asks with a tone of one who figures its his right to ask for some reason.

Moxon says, "A shack outside Begma? I, ah, quite prefer the forest. Knight in Prince Julian's service."

Alec gestures at the large cat before giving Dirk a pat on the head. "Right here," he says, looking slightly confused at Rian's question.

Rian turns and stares at Alec and then the cat. He then chuckles and says, "He only had two legs when I was last here," to Alec and then says, "Begma, my travels haven't taken me there actually," to Moxon.

Moxon barks: "Ranger Dirk, *report!*"

Dirk leans up on his hind legs and salutes Moxon. "Sir yes sir!"

Moxon indicates to Rian. "See?"

Dirk says "I still have two legs."

Rian laughs. "Twice over right now it seems, Dirk," he says with more familiarity than a common Minosian sailor might be expected to show to the son of a Prince of Amber. After taking a sip of his Rum & Coco he asks, "How long has this been a thing?"

Moxon says, "Once 'ad me ribs knocked in by a bear. Sometimes she was a lady, though. Arden's just … like that."

Dirk says "Its been a thing that is a thing for as long as it was a thing."

Alec adds, "he's been able to do that for as long as I've known him, so at least a year."

Rian nods and says, "But less than seven and a half obviously as that's how long I was stranded on that island you and Mae found me on," as he mentions Maereina there is a momentary flash of appreciation that he quickly dismisses. "So, you're a ranger now also, Dirk?"

Dirk nods and goes back to not talkiing. He moves over and leans on Rian now. He has to always be touching something somehow,.'

Moxon *wuuu-uuurp.* "Mae, is it?" He lifts eyebrows at Dirk. "… you call our stepmother 'Mae?'" His expression indicates he probably calls her things like 'skin-suited unhappiness demon,' but he only says that in Browish.

Rian was midsip of his drink when 'stepmother' is said and he literally spit takes, spraying Rum and Coca in the direction of the fireplace. He then says, "Did you say she married Caine?" He then laughs heartily about that.

"Ah, yeah. We were with, er, your step mother," Alec says to Moxon. He's about to push Dirk's rum over toward him when Rian spit takes, which makes him seem to change his mind, just to be safe.

Dirk starts to climb up Rian's shoulder.

Moxon says, "Married and knocked up. We'v— Dirk, *get off the—*"

From Rian's other shoulder, Keir stares at Dirk. "Its okay Moxon," Rian says before asking… "'Knocked up'? She's given… Caine… a child?" What the hesitation was for is unclear.

Moxon says, "Our sister. If I prayed, I'd pray she emancipates herself pretty soon."

Dirk slides around Rian's neck like a huge warm furry scarf and is content to purr really loud.

Alec sighs at the mention of Maereina having had Caine's child, but doesn't say anything. His focus is on his drink.

Keir nips at Dirk's tail as it gets in his face. At the same time, Rian says, "That's my former shipmate and fellow Minosian you're besmirching I'll have you know. Plus… if Caine is happy with her who are you to question your father's choice?" He sounds like he's taking this personally but whether it is really about Caine or Maereina is unclear.

Dirk teases Keir with fast tail swishing and poking.

Moxon shrugs. "Somebody's got to have a lick of sense. In this family." He drains his glass.

Alec bristles. "If you really cared any about Maereina, you'd go to her and try to talk her out of that marriage. She seems like a decent enough person. She deserves better."

With a knowing smirk, Rian says, "Don't worry, I'm sure someone does," to Moxon as he shrugs in such a way to help displace Dirk as Keir swats at the base of his tail with his forepaw. He then says to Alec, "I may have been out of circulation for years but that doesn't mean I've forgotten that I can't talk that woman out of anything she plans to do."

Moxon shrugs, helpless. "Maybe Dad's a phenomenal mate. Real fuckin' shitty father, is all. 'Scuse." He slips his weirdly sawed-off flintlock from the small of his back and rises, stalking for the door.

Dirk sighs and is unshrugable. He's a pirate kitty. "Moxon just get back here and don't abandon me."

"You have me there, Moxon," Rian says, "I wouldn't know personally."

Alec glances at Moxon, watching him as he heads toward the door. "Moxon? Are you alright?"

Moxon says, "Dirk, I'mma go have some 'quiet time' with a keg of gunpowder. Go be the Heir Presumptive 'til I get back."

Dirk shakes his head "What is that?"

Moxon concentrates upon a Trump, and begins to fade away.
Moxon fades into nothingness, leaving behind a rainbow afterimage.

Rian grabs Dirk by the scruff of the neck and lowers him to the ground. "It means he's saying you're going to be considered the heir until someone else comes along and takes your place… probably means him when he returns," he explains as Keir squacks at the cat.

Rian then heads upstairs to the room he's staying in.

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