(2017-04-09) Meeting Dirk's Family
Meeting Dirk's Family
Location: The Crown and Sword, in Amber
Date: April 9rd, 2017
Summary: Rian meets Alec's mother.
Characters: Alec, Dirk, Melina, and Rian.
NPCs: Keir

Rian sits alone, brooding over a mug of ale. While still bearded and wearing the goat skin pants he made for himself on the island he is a slight bit more civilized looking as he wears a second-hand dove gray lenin tunic that hangs a bit loosely on him and his hair is tied back with a bit of black lace ribbon. Keir sits perched on his man's shoulder, watching the other patrons around them as if on guard while Rian seems to be studying the surface of his drink.

Alec enters the Crown, a sketchbook tucked under one arm. He scans the room for a place to sit when he notices Rian. Well, Keir first, as the tiny gryphon stands out in the crowd. Alec heads toward the brooding man's table. "Mind if I join you?" he asks.

Rian looks up from his mug and smiles at the younger man. With a wave of his hand he indiates the free seats at the table as he says, "Feel free, Alec," and then adds, "I was hoping to see you or one of our previous drinking companions soon again actually."

"Oh?" Alec asks as he moves to occupy the indicated seat. "Why?" He opens his sketchbook to a page half-filled with sketches of various species of trees in a variety of styles, and he pulls out a pencil to absently add more lines to a half-finished tree sketch as he talks.

"Would you acept a claim of having a desire to continue being drinking companions as sufficient," Rian asks as he glances at the sketches. Then, after a gulp of his ale he says, "It was nice seeing family interacting that way," as an attempt to explain it further.

Alec looks up at him, the tip of his pencil paused and hovering ever so slightly off the paper as he stares in surprise. "Um, well, thanks, I think?" Slowly, his surprise seems to be replaced by a slight smile. "And I don't mind drinking with you at all." He turns to order himself a beer and some fish before sketching a bit more.

"I have to admit to not having a lot of family experience myself, Alec… even if you disregard my long absence from Amber and Minos," Rian explains before finishing his ale and indicating his desire for another before Alec's beer is brought to the table. He then asks, "Do you know anyone else in your family beyond those I've met and we discussed the other day?"

Rian and Alec are sitting at a table together along with his miniture gryphon who is perched on his shoulder. Rian's hair is long and tied back by a lacy black ribbon; he is attired in a poorly fit, dove gray lenin tunic and goat skin pants that look like they were made in less than ideal circumstances. Alec has a sketch book with him at the table.

"Ah… I can understand. I didn't spend much time with my own family before I was brought here," Alec says, his gaze still turned toward the tree sketches he's working on. "And, uh, I know a lot of people I'm related to. The people I'd consider family is a much smaller group, and I'm not related to all of them."

Rian nods to indicate that he understands the distinction as the pair's drinks are delivered to the table. After a healthy gulp of his fresh ale is downed, he says, "Your relatives, from all I have heard, are legion," observing the rumors of how many children the princes and princesses of Amber are considered to have had, "so I imagine that it is hard to consdier all of them 'family'."

Melina wanders into the Crown and Rose casually. As her eyes pass round the room, she appears pleased to see Alec and heads in that direction "Hello, son. I apologize if I'm interrupting.

Alec chuckles. "They really are," he admits. "I feel like half the people I know are related to me somehow. It makes it tricky to find a date." He pauses in his sketching to take a drink from his beer and then nods. "The number is only part of it, admitably." He turns when he hears Melina's voice and smiles. "Hey Mom."

Rian stands as Melina approaches and nods his head slighlty, the sudden motion disturbing Keir enough to make him glide to the back of the chair next to Rian's after a brief annoyed squack. "Feel free to join us, Lady…" he greets her and trails off to indicate not knowning how to address her.

Melina smiles and bows her head in Rian's direction "No need to stand on my account "Melina solaris. a pleasure to meet you" she says with a warm smile as she slides into an empty seat. What are you working on Alec?

Alec tilts his sketchbook so Melina can have a better look at the variety of trees he's been drawing. "I'm just getting in some practice," he says. "There's a project I've been working on for a while now, but a can't seem to get any of it the way I want it, so I'm trying out different styles and such to see what might be a good fit."

Rian sits back down as Melina sits and lets the pair discuss Alec's art while studying it over the edge of his mug as he drinks from it. Keir, seeing his man's lap available, jumps down from his seatback perch into that lap and reaches up with a forepaw to tap Rian's arm. In response Rian reaches up with his free hand and idly scratches the patch of fur between the gryphon's wings.

Melina smiles "I've never seen a gryphon quite so small, but small or not I know better than to cross it. " she notes silently the man failed to introduce himself when she gave her name, but instead of asking it she focuses on the gryphon "Does it have a name?" She looks then to Alec's work "Arden " She hazzards

Alec nods at Melina's guess. "Yup, the trees of Arden." He watches Keir and then flips to a clean page and starts to sketch the gryphon as it sits in Rian's lap.

"He's Keir," Rian says, the name sounding like the word 'Care', "And I'm Rian," he introduces himself, his own name soundiing like the name Ryan. He then asks, "Am I correct in assuming that you're Dirk's wife, Lady Melina?"

Melina nods "Well met, rian. that assumption would be correct. My husband seems to have the advantage of meeting just about everyone befoe i do"

Dirk walks in in two feet and heads for Melina. She gets a breathstealing hug.

Alec nods. "I think I've only met one or two people before Dad did, and those were amnesiacs I ran into in the forest." He looks up when Dirk arrives to join them and then grins. "Hey Dad."

"Dirk and I met years ago, my first time in Amber," Rian says as he continues to pet Keir and Dirk shows up as if on que. "I don't recall him being married then but that could be my memories failing me," he adds before nodding to Dirk in greeting.

Dirk lets go of Melina just enough to throw a punch at Alec's shoulder. "hey brat."

Melina nods "That would depend on how long ago it was. We've been married for some time, but i also left amber myself for quite a while after so it's understandable that you might not know we were married even after the fact. " She raises a brow at Dirk " I'll assume that as usual alec has done nothing to deserve the punch or the nickname

Alec ducks to the side to dodge the punch and shakes his head. "I told you that you're not going to land another one of those on me," he says. "And I thought you said you'd give it up." He continues his sketching of the gryphon, but keeps throwing wary glances in his father's direction.

Dirk says "i was on an interesting shadow where they have a religious ceremony of giving things up. I limed the idea so I am giving giving things up up. Plus I don't actually expect to hit you. it's more the gesture."

"It was about seven and a half years ago actually," Rian says before finishing the mug of ale. As he sets it down he taps the base of Keir's head and jerks his head to the right. After Rian's head returns to upright the gryphon leaps up from his man's lap to his shoulder where he perches and remains balanced. "I'll let the three of you have some time without a stranger in your midst but at some point I'd like to discuss family further with the two of you at least," he indicates Alec and Dirk but quickly adds, "But you are welcome to be present as well, Lady Melina. Its just the other side of the family that would be the topic of discussion." And with that he bows his head to all three still at the table and steps away to the stairs to return to his room.

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