(2017-04-11) Coffee with artists
Coffee with artists
Location: Surya's Coffeehouse, in Amber
Date: April 11th, 2017
Summary: While Rian is at the local coffee shop Alec arrives and then a cousin. They discuss art.
Characters: Alec, Dirk, Rian, and Rosario.
NPCs: baristas and customers

Early evening finds Rian sitting alone in Surya's with a steaming mug in his hands that he's sipping while his normal companion, Keir, is out in the city hunting for a fresh evening kill.

Alec walks into the coffeeshop with a yawn, sketchbook tucked under one arm. He orders a pot of coffee and then sits at a table near the door, not noticing the familiar face as he opens his sketch book to get back to work on those sketches of trees. Occasionally, his eyelids droop, or his head lowers slowly before jerking upward again.

Looking up from his mug of coffee, Rian sees Alec sketching at another table so he stands and saunters over to the younger man and, without asking, sits down in the next chair over from him. "Hey there," he says as a means of alerting Alec of his presence, "How are you doing this evening?"

Alec looks up with a start, eyes wide, when Rian speaks, as though he had been completely unaware of his presence before talking. "I'm, uh, fine," he says once he seems to recover from the shock. "I'm mostly just tired."

"Well, this is the stuff to fight that," Rian says holding up his mug to indicate the coffee. "You don't mind my joining you I hope, Alec?"

"Unforunately, this doesn't have as much of an effect as I'd like it to," Alec says, but he nods to the question. "Of course not. Feel free." His coffee comes, and he downs the first cup the moment the server sets it down and then works on refilling it with more of the boiling hot liquid. "I wasn't expecting to see you here."

Rian laughs honestly at Alec's comment and nods before saying, "I don't just drink rum, beer and ale." He then asks, "By the way, do you know a place I can get a shave?" as he rubs at the scruffy beard he grew on his 'island retreat'. He then clairifies, "I've been earning some coin with odd jobs around the city so that I can clean up and get some better clothes to wear." In addition to the long hair and beard, he is still wearing the goatskin trousers and makeshift 'boots' with a second hand tunic that he's been wearing the past few days.

"I can point out a few places in the city where you can get a good shave," Alec says. "My uncle just uses a hand axe, though. Well, he claims to, at least." He smiles slightly and drinks more of his piping hot coffee without so much as blowing on it. "If you need some money, I can help you out a bit in that regard."

With a smile, Rian says, "I'd rather not take a loan but if you are offering that with limited strings attached I can't say no," regarding the offer of money and then asks, "Which uncle? Moxon or one of the others?"

Another artist enters the coffee house, a leather art portfolio under one arm, and a leather art supply bag in her other hand. Rosario looks around the coffeehouse, then spots a familiar face. With a smile she makes her way over to the table where Alec is sitting. "Good Evening." She greets the two men, then adds to Rian, "Rosario DuBelle."

"No strings attached," Alec says. "And I consider Moxon my only uncle. I haven't met any of the others, and from what I've been told about a few of them, I'm not sure I want to." He yawns as he looks over at Rosario and nods a greeting. "Good evening."

Rian nods to Rosario. "Greetings, I'm Rian of Cameron," he says to her and then, to Alec, he says "I'll take up on that offer, when I go to the barber you recommend should I have them send you the bill or something like that? And I met your Aunt Dinah years ago, she didn't seem to be a bad person."

Rosa notes the yawn from Alec, then glances at what he's working on, "At least you're not painting trump tonight." She sets her valise behind Alec's chair against the wall. Hopefully she won't forget it this time.

Alec digs out a couple coins, which he offers out to Rian. "I live out in Arden. I don't know many people willing to go out in that forest just to get payment for a shave," he says with a grin. "And I haven't heard anything about Dinah, to be honest." He nods to Rosario. "I've fallen asleep on a half-finished trump before. The paint dried so that it was stuck to my cheek. I've stopped painting while I'm that tired."

"Last time I was in Amber she was Duchess of Chantris. Married to Duke Cyrus. I understand they've steped back from pubilic life," Rian explains to Alec as he takes the coins. He then listens to the art discussion for a bit and asks both of them, "Any tips for a sailor who's considering trying out the arts himself?"

Rosa spins a free chair behind her to lean on the back, rather than sitting on it fully, "That really depends on which arts you are interested in? Performance, Theater, Music, or Crafting? Each has it's own area of study, and thus different suggestions. The young woman hops slightly and ends up sitting on the back of the seat, perfectly balanced and comfortable with the pose.

"Ah. I don't know much about House Chantris other than that my mom belongs to it," Alec says. "And practice. It's the only advice I can really give regarding the arts, no matter what type. Make new things, even if they aren't any good at first. I don't know if that's how I first learned to draw or not, but it's how I got better. And I made the most horrible sounds on the harp when I first started learning, but practice helped that too."

Rian nods to Alec regarding practice and then says, "I was thinking of trying a little of everything to find something I'd truly be interested in actually," to Rosa in answer to her question before taking another sip of his coffee.

"Pratice Practice Practice…" Rosa's voice drops a half an octive as she mimics someone, a former teach or some sort, "Well, for drawing and the like, I recommend starting with Charcoal on scrap canvas first. Not only is it cheap, but you can clean it off without too much difficulty. Painting is a bit of a waste at the start. Singing and music… yeah find somewhere you won't annoy your neighbors."

"What are you leaning toward?" Alec says Rian. "I might be able to help." He nods at Rosario's comment while stifling a yawn. "It took me a long time to learn to paint. The person who taught me trumps just gave me some supplies and I pretty much had to learn myself through trial and error. I'm just glad that, by then, I knew how to shadow walk to find cheaper paints."

"I was thinking of sketches, carving and making jewelry, possibly a bit of performance as well," Rian says to the pair of artists he's sitting with at the table near the front of the coffee shop. "At least as a starting point," he clairifies.

Rosario for her part is actually sitting on top of the back of a chair, as she looks over Rian appraisingly, "My own studies in Performance art focus on Acrobatics and Swordplay. I know some fighters distain 'show duels'…"

Dirk walks in and heads for Alec to donate a hug to him if the donation is accepted. If accpted its a hard strong tight one. he says "heyla cousin and Rian.'

Alec nods. "I don't know much about carving, and nothing about performance or jewelry," Alec says. He accepts the hug as though not even expecting it, and then throws his dad a wary glance as though anticipating something more. "I could help with sketches, at least. I have a bunch of empty sketchbooks I keep at my house." He pours himself some more coffee.

Dirk hugs tight that's it.

"Hello Dirk," Rian says to the new comer before nodding to the offers. "I'd actually like to try my hand at performance sword work… anything with swords is appealing after all," he says to Rosa and then, acknowledging Alec's offer, he says, "That's twice you've offered to help me and I appreciate it greatly. Perhaps we could discuss family also since I've met some of your relatives you aren't aware of even," to Alec.

Rosario offers a nod to Dirk in acknowledgement of the 'cousin' comment, then gives a smirk to Rian in regards to the swordsplay. "My last major public performance of swordplay was a few years ago at Festival. My friends and I were swinging above the square on silk swaths as we 'dueled'." She waves a free hand, "Though I also do far less… aerobatic… art."

Dirk is listening to Rian and gives Rosie a smile. "relatives?"

"I've found that it's hard to avoid family while in the city," Alec says. "It's also hard to avoid them in Arden, but at least then my odds are much lower for getting ones I don't like. Or Caine supporters." He grimaces, throwing his dad a quick glance before continuing. "But I wouldn't mind talking about family. Do you…mind if I draw you?" He nods down to his sketchbook. "And I'd be interested in seeing artistic swordplay sometime, Rosario," he adds. "Would you mind if I watched and sketched it sometime?"

Dirk ignores his kid"s comment but Alec might just have a hard time breathing for a moment.

"I've apparently met a sibling of your's that your son wasn't aware of, Dirk," Rian says before asking, "And if it isn't impertinent of me, which of the Princes or Princesses are your parent, Lady Rosario?" of Rosa.

Dirk says, "who was it?"

Rosario offers a cursty atop her chair, "Florimel is my Grandmother. My mother Rosalie was unknown in Amber." She doesn't seem bothered by the question, if her replies are any indication. There's a nod to Alec, "I certainly would not object, though I recommend just watching a few times. Trying to sketch the first time you watch a piece of performance art, you loose the feeling of the piece while trying to capture the details. Which in any art is a failing."

Dirk is being quite and listening.

Unfortunately, being annoyingly good at dodging doesn't apply when someone already has you in a stranglehold. Alec pats his dad urgently on the arm as a warning that he can't breathe, and when he's freed, he gasps for a moment to catch his breath before continuing his conversation. "That makes sense," he manages. "I don't think I'd mind watching multiple times."

"Captain Discord, Dirk. Or Dinah Chantris, depending on which name you want to use for her," Rian says in answer to the question. He then finishes his coffee and sets the mug down and stands. "Now," he says, "I believe I should depart and look for something to suppliment the results of Keir's hunt this evening." Addressing Rosa first he says, "It was a pleasure to meet you, please feel free to leave messages for me at the Crown and Rose," and then to Alec he says, "Thank you for all the help you've offered," after which he nods to Dirk and says, "Farewell my friends," to all three of them.

Rosa slides off the chair to offer a slight bow to Rian, "I tend to drop by once or twice a week. Perhaps I will see you there." After he departs, she turns back to Dirk and Alec, "I take it Lady Dinah is a Minosian sea Captain? I've just learned that their captain's have a different name when aboard ship."

Rian departs after giving Rosa a smile after her bow.

Alec waves with one hand and covers up another yawn with the other as Rian heads out. "It was good to see you again," he says. "Take care."

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