(2017-04-12) Meeting with an old lover
Meeting with an old lover
Location: The Crown and Rose, in Amber
Date: April 12th, 2017
Summary: After having sent a whisper to her in the morning, Rian has a meeting with Celeste. He asks for medical training and negotiations begin regarding that.
Characters: Celeste, Rian, and Wulf.
NPCs: Keir

This evening finds Rian returning to the Crown and Rose not from odd jobs but from having seen a barber and a tailor. The scruffy beard and tangled long hair are gone and he is once again dressed in a suede vest over a white tunic and midnight black breeks. He orders a good Minosian rum and a meat pie for dinner and sits down to eat his meal and share it with the minature gryphon who hops down from his shoulder to join his man at the table.

Rian feels a gentle pressure in his mind because someone is trying to reach him via a Trump of him.

An image of Alec forms visible only to Rian.

The image of Alec is seated in a chair in what seems to be a simple little cabin. "Hello," he greets with a nod and a smile. "I'm glad this card works. I was almost worried it wouldn't."

Celeste stomps in, tall and lanky as ever but with iron shooting through her hair (though she remains youthful as before) if somehow even thinner, somewhere between wirey and skeletal. She stops and looks around with a dour twist of lips as she looks over the room's occupants.

Rian looks confused for a moment and then says, "… be… a… call…" Through the Trump contact, he says, "Oh, this must be what a Trump call is like," to Alec.

Rian as he speaks to thin air he glances towards the door as someone else enters and sees Celeste and waves to her.

The image of Alec nods. "It's been a while since I got my first call, so I've almost forgotten what it was like at first." He pauses as Rian waves to someone. "Am I interupting?"

Rian shrugs with uncertainty and then speaks to the image of Alec: "… knew… whispered… this… so… weren't… if… would…" Alec hears him say, "Just saw someone who looks enough like someone I knew and whispered to this morning, so I'm not sure you are. Why weren't you sure if it would work, Alec?"

Rian continues to eat and share his meat pie with his gryphon as he speaks into thin air. Since Celeste doesn't respond to the wave he assumes she isn't who he thought she was.

A man in black, gold, and red uniform with mandrake's golden dragon in rampant on his breast, "Dragon General! I-" Celeste lifts a gloved hand and rolls her head, "I am not the Dragon general anymore, remeber?" the officer gapes suddenly uncertain, "Go find the Dragon General…" She huffs. "Lord CHASE numbnuts, go!" the man bows "Forgive me, Lady Celeste." She pinches the bridge pf

The image of Alec shrugs. "Because I wasn't sure if I knew you well enough to get the trump connection," he admits. "And I'm glad you were able to get a trim and a shave. But should I call back later?"

To the image of Alec, Rian chuckles and nods. "Later might be best yes, turns out she is who I thought she was," he says and then calls out into the room, "Lady Celeste, are you looking for me?" And then he frowns again and asks the image of Alec, "Do you end this or do I end it? And if so, how?"

Celeste pauses and squints ato Rian, "Depends. Who're you?" Her chin lifts and her arms cross.

The image of Alec nods. "Alright. I'll call again later. I'm just glad this card works. And, uh…" He pauses. "It's hard to explain how to end a call, so I'll just do it. But I'm glad you seem to be doing well. Take care!"

To the image of Alec, Rian nods to Alec and then holds a finger up to Celeste in the room with him. He then speaks: "Thanks, please do explain it at some point, but its good to know you have a way to answer my whispers, Alec. Remind me to share some information about family next time we speak." and then asks, "Does my voice sound so different in person compared to when the wind carried it to you, Lady?" of Celeste.

The image of Alec turns his attention away from the Trump, and vanishes.

The Trump contact ends.

Celeste peers at Rian and looks irritable, "Had temples dropped me me and lots of hits to the head and once turned completely inside out, Forgive me. Or maybe it's the face hedge." She gestures towards her own bare cheeks. She frowns, "The only chantris that whispers in my ear is Quina."

Celeste peers at Rian and looks irritable, "Had temples dropped me me and lots of hits to the head and once turned completely inside out, Forgive me. Or maybe it's the lack of face hedge." She gestures towards her own bare cheeks. She frowns, "The only chantris that whispers in my ear is Quina."

Rian laughs and says, "True, I was rarely ever this cleanly shaven back then but after having a bristly beard for years I wanted this for now," as he waves a hand at his own bare cheeks. "Plus, it has been a long time," he adds. He waves his hand at a nearby empty chair at his table suggesting that she join him at the table.

Celeste strides towards the table and looks him over, "ooooh." her lips purse, "This close you do look awefully familiar…" her nostrils flare and her right hand as if of it's own volition begins to rub at a waterstain, "Refresh my recollection? And please just call me Celeste, or Lady Praxis."

"Refresh it in what way, Lady Praxis," Rian asks as he pushes the plate with the mostly finished meat pie directly in front of his miniature gryphon who begins to eat the remnants of the meal. Rian then takes a sip of his rum as he waits for clarification on the request.

Celeste looks abashed, "I…uh…Have…trouble recalling things. No offense. Where I know you from? Did we serve on the same crew?"

Rian shakes his head and manages to not look overtly sympathetic as he says, "No, but you did know me as a member of Redhand's crew on The Starchaser. We…," he pauses and tries to find a delicate way to explain further before saying, "We had a brief personal relationship also."

Celeste looks abashed, "Forgive me. Dragon's are hot blooded. Was it serious? I guess if we parted on sour terms you'd not be asking me for any favors." She flags down a passing server and is soon rewarded with a bottle of scotch. She adds, "Forgive me for not remembering. It's nothing personal. I lost…." she chews her bottom lip, "Anyway. Don't take it personally."

"I don't, it wasn't really and I basically went missing on anyone and everyone I was associated with back then," Rian says to answer the questions, not in the original order they were asked. "And honestly, I just thought that I knew you qualified and wasn't sure who else to reach out to," he adds before taking another sip of his rum.

Celeste nods and studies him, "Well I'm glad you're back. I can't tell you how old it's gotten to loose lovers and friends and never hearing anything more from them. Now repeat your question for me, if you would? And what is it you're doing with yourself these days?"

Rian nods also and explains, "While I was marooned, Keir here," he indicates the gryphon, "And I both became ill and injured. We both nearly died a couple of times because I was fumbling with dealing with the situation. I hoped to learn some skills as a healer from you." He then answers her other question by saying, "I've been earning money doing odd jobs around the city and reconnecting with family here in Amber as well."

Celeste ahhhs and nods slowly, "If you want to learn to be a healer I can certianly train you but unless you have something to barter with you'll wind up being indebted to Mandrake which means you'll spend a period of time in service to us. Is that a deal breaker for you?" She adds, "Durng that time we'd be responsible for room, board, expenses and the like, of course."

Rian chuckles and asks, "What kind of things would be valid for bartering in this situation?" He then explains, "Once I cement some things with my family I'd likely be in a position to address such things, depending on what you are looking for."

Celeste shrugs, "What's your skillset, besides sailing? Crafting? Fighting? Neither?"
With a laugh Rian says, "Some would say that I was a naval resource reacquisiton specialist so yes on the fighting. As far as crafting… I'm dabling in artistic endevors currently."

Celeste smiles, "I was a privateer myself, You'll have to go through the Jotun test to be graded on your fighting abilities. What sort of Artistic abilitis?"

Rian shakes his head and says, "Nothing to write home about yet really," and then asks, "What is the Jotun test?"

Celeste ahhhs, "Sparring the Jotun. Ice Giant from Kitezh also our Beast master."
Rian asks, "And this is the normal test for teaching some healing skills?"

Celeste lifts an eyebrow, "Ph, no no but need to come to an agreement on the favor traded for it though…reckon we can find something else if that doesn't go. IT'll be slowing at first, have to teach you to see living things properly."

Rian is sitting with Celeste and his miniature gryphon Keir at a table. THe gryphon jumps back up onto Rian's shoulder as he finishes eating a meat pie the two had shared. "So the test is part of the trade. Sure, I guess I can agree to that," he says, "When should I expect to hear from you about the timing of this test?"

Celeste waves her hand, "We'll worry about it later, First is working out the details of the duration and nature of service, not to worry about for it tonight." She lifts her bottle, "For now let's welcome lost friends home." She smiles to him, "You can come by Mandrake sometime and we can hash out the details. You still in service to Chantris, you said?"

Wulf steps into the tavern with a cloud over his head that only dissipates in the warmth within, the bustle of people and welcome that an inn usually offers, when it's busy and popular. He even remembers to duck as he enters, so as not to brain himself on the cross-beams.

"Never really was in service to them. I am a Chantris on my mother's side," Rian says, "Its my father's side I've been reconnecting with most lately." Then Keir sqwacks next to his ear and he says, "Uh, sorry about this but I have an early appointment in the morning and since there's money invovled in it for me I'm going to need to head upstairs to my room for the night, Celeste."

Celeste dips her chin, "Of course, It's good to see you again Rian. We'll talk more about preparing for the lessons soon. Sleep well." She looks up and blinks, "Speak of the jotun!" She rises and smiles, "Good evening, My heart!"

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