(2017-04-14) Rian walks the Pattern and gains his Pattern Imprint
Rian walks the Pattern and gains his Pattern Imprint
Location: Multiple: the Crown and Rose, in Amber; the Amber Royal Palace; and the Pattern Chamber beneath the Palace
Date: April 14th, 2017
Summary: Rian is taken to the Pattern by his cousin and his brothers. He successfully walks it and is exhausted.
Characters: Carmichael, Dirk, Moxon, and Rian.
NPCs: Keir

Moxon has, oddly or not, taken the time to press and clean his uniform — the traditional pall of mud and grass is absent. He's poured himself a tall glass of ale, which he sips contemplatively from. "You get my bird? Can I buy ya a beer?"

Having come down stairs a few moments before Moxon spoke to him, with Keir on his shoulder, Rian stares coolly at the man that he is related to by blood and then holds up the crumpled paper and says, "Keir, deliver this please," and hands the ball to the gryphon who takes to the air with the paper, alights briefly on the table and deposits the ball close to Moxon and bows his head before flying back to Rian's shoulder. When the miniature gryphon bow Rian did so as well and says, "I would not dream of intruding on your personal time, Lord Lieutenant." He then turns to head towards the door after Keir has returned to his shoulder.

Moxon rubs the orbit of his remaining eye with a palm. "Is it gonna be like that? His Highness and I are friends, OK? We've known each other for years, fought back-to-back in some pretty tough scrapes. That. took. time. Experience. YesIliveintheforest because *I loathe* artifice, but it's … kinda a thing … here. If you are familiar with someone who *demands respect,* you. will. be. beaten." He points to several old scars on his neck and face. "See these? See them."

Moxon says, "A cousin did that."

Moxon pours Rian a beer. "Come, sit."

Rian had been heading toward the door and is slow to turn. He lets Moxon speak and then says, "Who are you to ask me if it will be like that?" He points at the crumpled paper which is the note delivered by the pidgeon earlier in the day, "Did someone force you to write that? Did 'His highness' tell you that I basically told him who I was in confidence when he told you something I had planned to bring up to you myself? You and your friend can have yourselves at this rate and I'll return to the docks and find a ship to serve on. I am used to family being /family/." He then says "Find a perch," to Keir who takes to the air and finds space on a nearby shelf to perch upon.

Rian shakes his head. "I am so sorry you suffered," He says in a tone of voice that only partially belies the words and then says, "I think I shall not, Lord Lieutenant. I fear it wouldn't be proper until I have learned my place."

Moxon nods. "I have offended you, clearly, when I did not intend it. If there's anything I can do to help, rather than harm, just ask. Yell in the forest, I'll hear it."

Rian's mouth moves as he whispers something and a moment later Moxon hears. "I don't have to yell and it doesn't have to be in a forest."

Rian then says, "You should not have been able to offend me yet. Carmichael offended me, you were just the instrument of his offence."

Moxon barks a laugh! "Oh, trust me brother — even if there doesn't seem to be a way, I'll offend." He grins, dropping coins on the bar for his drinks.

Rian smirks and says, "You can buy me a beer now, Moxon."

Moxon slides Rian the untouched one.

Rian nods towards Keir who takes to the air and alights back on his man's shoulder. Rian then steps up to the bar and takes the beer and takes a good chug of it. "Our father accepted me on our first meeting, for reasons I may tell you sometime, and did not treat me like a stranger like you and our cousin have, Moxon," he says.

Moxon shrugs. "Nobody knew. Carmichael told me."

Moxon says, "… don't we have an appointment?"

Rian nods and says, "That was where I was heading actually," to Moxon.

Moxon says, "Let's do it, shall we?"

Moxon scoops up the cat and lets him sit on Moxon's shoulder. Assuming Rian's shoulder is full.

Rian nods to Moxon and stares at Dirk-cat. "Should I caarry him or do we leave him here?" he asks about his currently furry brother. "Also, was he already told as well?"

Rian nods to Moxon and stares at Dirk-cat. "Should I caarry him or do we leave him here?" he asks about his currently furry brother before Moxon picks Dirk up. "Has he been told already also?"

Moxon asks of the cat: "Hey Dirk, y'feel like watching Caine's son Rian walk the Pattern?"

Dirk says "Told about what?"

Dirk says, "sure but he's our brother? seriously? really?"

Moxon says, "Really."

The brothers leave the Crown and Rose and walk to the Amber Royal Palace. Along the way Dirk, still in cat form, starts to sing and Moxon reminds him to be dignified.

Carmichael waits in the grand foyer, looking on toward the passages that lead to formal dining and the servants entrances to the warren within the warren of the palace. His hands tucked into the small of his back, he stares on, patiently.

Rian enters the palace with his brothers and a glowering expression on his features. His miniature gryphon is with him, riding along on Rian's left shoulder.

Dirk stops singing "ok." he sounds sad and starts to purr a little then quiet down.

The singing was perhaps a good audio cue though. Turning his head a little, one of Carmichael's eyes catches across his shoulder and he turns at spotting movement, a crisp gesture that brings his heels together with it. He waits on the approach of the blood-bound trio.

Walking through his tour of the Palace, Thoth hears the sound of music and decides to check it out. Peering around the corner, he spots several people, including someone he recognizes from a previous encounter, Carmichael. After hearing the words to the song, Thoth blinks and tries to make sense of it. Frogs…moving forward, he remains silent but present at least.

Rian looks around the hall and, when he sees Carmichael, is glower deepend and is obviously directed at Carmichael. "Deputry Prince Marshal," he says somewhat tersely in greeting before asking, "You gave me some advice the other day, what happens if a person puts foot on the pattern distracted and conflicted? Is that as dangerous as I imagine it would be?"

Moxon lets Carmichael run the show, mostly being still for Dirk's sake.

Dirk stand and gives Carm a salute. When he stands on his hind legs he is three feet tall. He does not sing anymore or be a distraction or pest or annoyance or jerk. Or something like that.

Thoth hears the conversation move towards talk of the Pattern. Now that was a subject he was interested in. His eyes scan the man who mentioned the Pattern, Rian, and he listens intently. After all, information was ammunition, and right now, Thoth had very little of either. Staying in the shadows, Thoth listens but does not interfere. He didn't want to get involved with a family gathering, that was for sure! Especially one to which he wasn't invited.

Carmichael nods toward Dirk and Moxon, aknowledgement of silence and salute both. As yet only peripherally aware of Thoth, he does not call attention to the man, addressing his eyes onto Rian instead. "Good day, lord Rian. I trust you at least slept sufficiently?" The question brings him to glancing at Moxon and Dirk and back to the gryphon-be'perched fellow. "I imagine t'would be so. I also imagine that emotions are a fleeting matter, where excitement, trepidation and determination are fine shepherds of distraction and conflict." He replies, smoothly enough.

Rian doesn't notice the unknown figure scanning him because his attention is focused on Carmichael. "You don't even know why I'm up set, do you Deputry Prince Marshal," he asks his cousin. Then he turns to Moxon and asks, "You didn't happen to pick up that ball of paper did you?" His lack of waiting for an answer from either of them speaks volumns as he says, "I guess we should get this overwith even if it might kill me."

Moxon says, "I probably chose my words poorly, brother. Hang the blame on me. *After* the most important thing you'll do in this lifetime, though? Please?"

Dirk settles on Moxon's shoulder to be quiet.

Carmichael lofts an eyebrow up at the terse, snappish dialogue. "You presume," he replies, though with Moxon's interruption he glances to the lieutenant with his lips and jaw setting with it. Rian is given a long Look <tm> worn as a mirror of a more austere and far more respected look-of-eagles worn on a deadman's face and h turns walking on clipped heels toward the servants quarters, no doubt expecting to be followed and saying /nada/.

Privately, Rian doesn't address the presumption comment out loud but mutters to himself as he follows his cousin with out looking to see if his brothers follow or not. "/I/ presume. He's saying that /I/ presume. Sheesh."

What others hear of his muttering comments is: "… He's saying that… presume. Sheesh." Rian is not aware of Carmichael's keen senses.

Moxon follows, ears pinkening wildly. Still, he follows. In silence.

Dirk follows too since he is on Moxon's shoulder but is being a good kitty.

Thoth watches as the brothers and Carmichael leaves. An interesting encounter to say the least. Moving off for the night, Thoth ponders what he has witnessed and notes to himself the people he has encountered tonight.

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