(2017-04-15) Dirk is not a very good teacher
Dirk is not a very good teacher
Location: The Chantris Suite in the Royal Palace of Amber
Date: April 15th, 2017
Summary: Dirk visits Rian in the Palace and the brothers talk about Pattern abilities. Dirk proves to be a less than optimal teacher.
Characters: Dirk and Rian.
NPCs: Keir

From the northwest, a man shouts, "Chantris open the door!"

To the door, Rian says, "Its not locked!"

Rian is in the front most receiving room of the Chantris Suite. The furniture, a sofa a few chairs, a harpsichord and other instruments as well as a desk with its own chair, are all pushed against the walls of the room making a wide open space. Rian's vest is draped across the back of one of the chairs and Keir is sitting on the back of the harpsichord.

Rian himself is standing in the middle of the room with his cutlass in his right hand and his knife in his right. Among the imprints on the rugs from the furniture is evidence of Rian's recent activity practing blade-work. He is now standing with the weapons in slightly relaxed positions, staring at the door waiting for it to open.

Dirk walks in and says "hey I don't think you need to kill me. not that you could."

Rian sheathes the weapons and laughs. "I was putting myself though my paces. Something I thought would be good after collapsing in the Pattern last night," he explains. "I've never been claimed by the house so I'm not sure calling /me/ Chantris is appropriate you know, right?" he asks.

Dirk says "my wife is a chantris through a junior house."

"Yes, she's a Solaris," Rian states proving his knowledge of that. "We spent some time together here earlier today actually, Dirk." Then, changing subjects, Rian asks, "What I did last night gave me some new abilities I believe I've heard, right?"

Dirk nods "yep it did."

Rian crosses his arms across his chest and cocks his head to the left. "So… could you tell me about them? And perhaps help me work on learning how to use them?"

Dirk nods "just a little, I don't know a lot."

"More than me," Rian replies with a smirk.

Dirk grins.

Dirk says, "I can send messages."

"I can too with Chantris magic," Rian says and then adds, "Don't think I've done that with you, but I did whisper to your wife today."

Dirk laughs "you what?"

Rian smiles and says, "Its Chantris magic. We can have the wind carry our words to others."

Dirk nods "no flirting with the wifey, ok?" He's teasing or is he?

Rian shakes his head and says, "No, that's not the kind of man I am, Dirk," because he understands that Dirk doesn't know him.

Dirk nods and then smiles "so be careful what you whisper in her ear."

Rian laughs. "I whisper into the wind. The only ear contact is the wind itself," he explains while still laughing.

Dirk just nods "i know, i am just messing with your brain"

"Do you mean messages like your penguin and frog?" Rian asks and follows up by asking, "So, is that an easy ability or are you just being a tease?"

Dirk says "it's not too hard. I can do it."

"Okay, tell me how to do that then?"

Dirk says "i concentrate and call a creature to me i give it the message and send it to my intended recipient."

Rian laughs and says, "You're not a very good teacher, brother."

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