(2017-04-15) Rian entertains his sister-in-law
Rian entertains his sister-in-law
Location: The Chantris Suite in the Royal Palace of Amber
Date: April 15th, 2017
Summary: Rian's sister-in-law (Melina) visits him in the Palace.
Characters: Melina and Rian.
NPCs: Keir

Rian has set up in the front most reception room in the Chantris Suite. He is lounging on a formal sofa with his boots on the floor next to it, the only visual effort he is taking is to extend his arm up to the side of the head of his miniature gryphon who is perched on the back of the sofa enjoying the casual scritching from his man. A plate of grapes is resting on the top of a footsool positioned next to the sofa in easy reaching distance.

Melina knocks lightly at the door.

Keir turns his head to face the door as Rian calls out, "Come on in," as he pats the knife at his left hip to confirm it is positioned properly for a fast draw. Before the door is fully opened he has removed his hand from the weapon's vicinity and retrieved a grape which he proceeds to put into his mouth.

Melina waves "I got your communication. For some reason Chantris can be a hard lot to find, but I wanted to confirm we were related since meeting the other day. I'm afaid i don't have much contact with the heads of household though

Rian sits up as he finishes the grape and indicates the other end of the sofa or the chairs at either end of it. "Please feel free to sit if you'd like, Lady Chantris," he says, "As you're the first Chantris I've met since returning to Amber, other than your son who I didn't know was my nephew-cousin until I met you, so I understand entirely."

Melina corrects Alec is dirk's son not mine buuy blood, but he asked to consider my mother since Dirk and I were married. Alec is a wonderful man and easy to feel affection for. i was quite touched

"Oh, I misunderstood the relationship there, thank you for the correction," Rian says. "Complicated families aren't my experience so I hope you'll forgive me. I'm trying to work on my social graces as my cousin and other brother have lectured me on improper behavior," he explains in all seriousness but with a slight bit of irony included in his tone of voice.

Melina cannot restrain open laughter for a moment at which her solaris family would likely be mortified being the man she speaks to is little more than a stranger "My husband has lectured you on improper behabior? Was he able to keep a straight face?"

Rian smirks and shakes his head and says, "Oh no, not /that/ brother. I have met two of them so far… No, the lecture came from your other brother-in-law… Lord Lieutenant Moxon."

Melina giggles " You realize that's only better by a matter of degree. Who else was there?"

Rian just shakes his head for a moment. "It was just me and Keir here," he indicates the miniature gryphon still perched on the back of the sofa beside his man, "And the pidgeon that brought me the note. He was mirroring a lecture Carmichael gave me the previous day because the Deputy Prince Marshal apparently felt that he could inform my brothers of my identity for me rather than respect the fact that I told him only a limited number of people knew which…," yes, he's ranting at this point, "… where I come from is enough to know that perhaps it would be best to allow the person whose information it is to decide who knows it." He stops to take a breath and says, "No, not really angry about that, truly," with a self depricating smirk to show that yes, he knows he's being unreasonable about it but…

Melina blinks "The deputy princc marshall doesn't strike me as one who would break a confidence. Perhaps he thought he was doing you a favor by connecting you with familly but your blood versus who you choose to own as family should be entirely up to you. dirk or moxon arent apt to force a closeneness you don't desire nor is your father who is notoriously distant even among the royal line.

Rian shrugs, "Well, he did so… perhaps he didn't think it was a confidence but I'm not used to having to say something said in hushed tones is. But that's flotsom in the wake now." He reaches for a grape and pauses to offer one to Melina first with an inquiring expression on his face.

Melina takes the offerred fruit "well you certainly are welcome to consider dirk and family if you wish but we cetainly don't expect it. I can introduce you to solaris cousins if you like. I've been doing more to actively connect with chantris kin myself lately. A few of us have been working on the arden problem.

Rian takes his own grape and frowns, "There's an Arden problem?" he asks before saying, "Introductions would be great and I appreciate the offer to consider your family as family, thank you." He then adds, "Would you explain this Arden problem?"

Melina nods "some forest diety has run amol and has subsumed the other dieties and flora and with the intent of ridding human presence from the forest by ki;;ing them if neccessary, which it has shown no hisitation to do. To make matters worse it can exercise mind control over humans who come in contact with it to serve its ends. it had alec in its clutches for a brief time and even brand for a bit.

Rian enoquently goes, "Huh," on that matter and then occupies himself by eating a couple of grapes at once. Then he says, "Sounds like a mess that I'm ill equipped to help with. Is there much that can be done other than catching a strong wind and leaving it in your wake?"

Melina hms "that' precisely what we're trying to find out by research it's history in the land between the pages. From what we've been able to disern a drastic change must've taken place since it's ancient origin to result in its present form.

Rian nods but frowns again at the 'land between the pages' comment in a way that clearly communicates his complete and total lack of comprehension of the phrase. "So," he says, "Like I thought, ill equipped."

Melina grins "It has to do with the Chantris house duties. Let me know if your interested in learning more about them let me know Captain damascus has been teaching me quite a bit. Chantris song it turns out may have some effect against it , but the problem seems big enough that i doubt any one house will take it down solo."

Rian seems to frown alot. This time at the name Melikna mentions. "Who is Captain Damascus?" he asks as that seems to be the key portion of the information most recently relayed.

Editor's Note: The scene was paused for dinner preps and ended there for OOC reasons.

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