(2017-04-16) Discussing magic turoring with Celeste
Discussing magic tutoring with Celeste
Location: Mandrake Manor
Date: April 16th, 2017
Summary: Rian visits Celeste at Mandrake Manor for his first tutoring and finds that all he gets is a reading "homework" assignment.
Characters: Celeste and Rian.
NPCs: Keir, guards, servants (including a governess), and Celeste's son

A note from Celeste to Rian was delivered to the Crown and Rose on the 15th. A runner brought it from the inn to the palace on the 16th and it was delivered to its intended recipient midmorning. The note invited him to meet with her at Mandrake Manor at his convenience. He arrived late in the mornng…

Celeste is lounged in her scaled form on the lawn, lightly dozing while being climbed on by a sandy-haired toddler. Rian is stopped at the gate, Questioned briefly about his business on the grounds, who you're here to see, who are you, etc. Two guards then escort Rian up the cobblestone path then onto the sprawling lawn past the garden where he's announced. Celeste opens an eyelid and lifts her angular head on her looong next, absently catching the toddler with a wing when he tumbles from her back, "Good Afternoon, Rian. Care for tea, Rum, food?" carefully ushering the toddler to the ground and into the arms of the governess who had been loitering nearby.

Rian doesn't seem offended by the guards and watches the little boy go to the governess for a moment before replying to the lounging dragon. "Yeah, rum and what ever snacks your kitchens can scare up would be welcome," Rian says in a casually informal reply. He then adds, "Thanks for the invitation to visit, Lady Mandrake," before glancing off in the directions of the gardens he remembers visiting.

Celeste rises and then with a series of pops, snaps and a blast of furnace-like heat shrinks back to her more familiar face. She notes the look and grins, "Want to take it in the Garden?" she gestures, "OR the porch?"

Rian smirks for a moment at the offer of going to the garden but then says, "I'll leave it up to you as this is your home, Celeste."

Celeste peers at that smirk and looks a bit puzzled. She shrugs, "Sure, why not, maybe it'll job my memory a bit."

"That's fine then," Rian says but remains where he stands until lead by his hostess. He also asks, "Are we still in negotiations or are we starting the lessons? Also, do I still have to fight the Jotun?"

Celeste chuckles, "No, He's more of a lover than a fighter anyway. As for negotiations-depends, are you willing and able to put yourself in service to Mandrake? Not forever, just until the debt's paid?"

Rian follows Celeste. As they walk into the gardens he says, "'Not forever' is fairly vague so I can't agree. Also… not that keen on that open ended 'service' also. I also believe that as a member of the Royal family, acknowledged or not, I might have other ways of balancing the books…"

Celeste grins crookedly, "Well, I'm teaching you healing, if that's all you want training how about you volunteer at Mandrake Charity for a year after you're done training, and owe me a personal favor beyond that." She lifts an eyebrow and gestures to a stone table and bench, settling on it and servants can be seen making their way down towards the garden, "As for your abilities…lots of Oberonspawn owe me favors. My needs these days are not always so easily met."

"I won't always be in Amber," Rian states before asking, "How is the year calculated if I'm away for a few days to a week or so?" about the volunteering.

Celeste shrugs, "Let's say at least six hours a day for however long it takes you to put in three hundred sixty five days-they needn't be consecutive but let's say you should be able make it within a decade. If not I'll want something more with interest. Fair?"

With a nod Rian agrees to that and then asks, "And this personal favor… what kind of favor are you referring to?"

Celeste shrugs, "Not sure yet. IT'll be open to negotiation. It's not as if you have to blindly do what I say but sometime, I'll need something and if you're able to provide it I'll come asking." The food and beverages arrive, there's typical bunch fair, fruit, cheeses, bacon, and baked goods. Far more than just for two people. Served separate is is a tray of raw slivers of meat and…honey. Cel descends on the later with clear gustos.

Rian smirks at a thought he doesn't put voice to and then smiles and nods. "I can agree to that also then," he says.

Celeste lifts an eyebrow, "I don't tend to call scratching of my itches as favors. For some reason people still willing to indulge my boney, scarred self for free."

Rian laughs as his inner thoughts are voiced. "Its been a long time, didn't know how you would define a favor," he says and then, quite sincerely, he adds, "I apologize for thinking that of you, Celeste."

Celeste peers, "Unicorn's tits…did I used to whore myself out?" a pause and a chew of a bottom lip, "er…Maybe don't answer that." She lifts an eyebrow, "No need to apologize. My reputation is well known and well earned. I try not to mix business and pleasure. So. Anyway. Why do you want to learn healing?:

"I will answer the first question for you," Rian says and continues, "Because I think you deserve to know that to my knownledge you never did that, no. Promiscuous as hell and full of pride about your social position, yes. Whoring? Never with me at least." He sits down and partakes of some rum and the food that had been brought out to allow Celeste some time to absorb his comments. After about a minute of silence he then addresses the second question, "I nearly lost Keir during my absence… myself also… and more than once, I don't want to risk that again." At his mention, the miniature gryphon on Rian's shoulder squawks loudly at Celeste as if saying "that's me he's talking about."

Celeste grins and fingerwaves at Keir, "Well then you're going to have to be careful. Oooh, you don't intend to do more than mend your companion?"

"Well, self-care wouldn't hurt also," Rian says.

Celeste ahhs, "There are different skills to learn for that. The first step will be to see the flow of life. Are you able to see living energy presently?"

Rian shakes his head. "No, I cannot see any sort of special energy, living or otherwise," he says.

Celeste ahhs and considers, "I may need to sort out how to get you there. Everyone I've trained has had the ability. MAndrakes are born with this ability. Have you ever studied any magic at all?"

"Studied is a strong word," Rian says with a half-hearted laugh. He continues by explaining, "I know that if you combine the right ingrediants and perform the right rituals you can generally do anything you want with magic but… well, sometimes that means you were born under a specific phase of the moon or into the right family."

Celeste lifts an eyebrow, "Well there's limits, rules, and the like. Magic is like the ocean, and bloodlines and skills are how you navigate it. IF you're very skilled you can even learn to shape small bits of it." She frowns then as she realizes, "We're going to have to start with basics." she nibbles on a strip of raw meat thoughtfully.

Rian nods and says, "Seems like it, yes." He takes another sip of rum and then asks, "Does that put me deeper into debt?"

Celeste shakes her head, "No, perhaps if you understand magic a bit better you may serve Amber better." she muses.

"It probably will," Rian admits before adding, "Although I have no offical relationship with Amber. I'm just a Minosian mariner who is an unrecognized bastard of the current Prince Regent." He then watches Celeste for her reaction as he doesn't believe she knew this years ago and has no clue if she remembers it today.

Celeste looks to Rian, "The seat doesn't end here. You want to live your happy seabound life you're going to have to bleed like everyone else. Things are…" she frowns, "Grim." she waves it off and offers, "Rum or coffee?"

Rian listens to the advice nodding along with it and then grins at the question, answering it with a simple, "Yes," meaning he'll take both.

Celeste rolls her eyes and hands over both, "Seems like a lot of work to keep your fancy chicken alive." she quips.

Rian takes a sip of the coffee to lower its level then pours a little bit of rum into it and he sets the rum aside. As he stirs the drink together he speaks. "Keir's my companion, my friend. The one being I know I can trust fully, Celeste," he says and then asks, "Does it realy seem like a lot of work?"

Celeste smiles, "Most would sail with a doctor or animal handler not learn it themselves, it's admirable, though. IT will be a lot of work, you need to learn to alter your fundamental understanding, then to see the concept, then to change what you see."

Rian nods. "I could hire someone else to do it, but…" Rian pauses and his expression darkens as he recalls painful memories. He then asks, "Do you remember that I'd been marooned recently the last time we'd seen each other… those seven years ago?" He doesn't wait for an answer. "I was just a member of the crew then when a majority mutinied against the captain. I sided with the captain. So then I decided I should have more of a say and signed on as the first mate of a ship only to have another mutiny leave me marooned again," his explination is a bit lengthy but ends with a question, "Why would I trust my best friend to another sailor?"

Celeste frowns gently, "Fair point. Shit like that is why I left Privateering and started mercing. Anyway, you can read and write, yes?"

Rian snorts at the new question before answering, "I'm a Chantris. What do you think?" He sips at his rum and coffee drink unapologetically.

Celeste grins, "Ah, right, sometimes forget. Well. I'm going to first assign you some reading, when you're done we'll have a chat about what you've read, and then we'll see if you're up for the next lesson."

"Okay, please bear in mind that while I am a Chantris, Chantris does not… as a house… know I am one of them," Rian explains.

Celeste shrugs, "that's between you and them. I Can't imagine anyone's going to come here asking of you."

"Yeah, I didn't think so," Rian says. "But… will you be giving me the book or books… or am I to go looking for them in the palace?" he asks.

Celeste ahhs, "I think we have something. Are you going to keep staying at the crown and rose or you want somplace with your own room? We got room at the Goose."

"The Goose?" Rian asks, showing he's not that familiar with the city at all and may have been lucky to find his way to the Mandrake Manor. He also doesn't answer her question obviously.

Celeste's lips quirk, "The inn Mandrake owns. The Golden Goose."

Rian ahs and nods. "I used to stay at the Crown and Rose and a friend is allowing me to use their room there. I've another roof I've stayed under the last two nights also," he explains.

Celeste ahhhs and lifts an eyebrow, "Find a lady friend to take you in?" She grins and nibbles on another sliver of honeyed raw meat.

Rian coughs on a sip of his coffee and coughs again as he recovers. "Not quite so much really. Yes she is a lady and yes she is a friend but she doesn't stay at the Crown and Rose anymore herself," he explains after recovering from nearly inhaling the drink. "Its complicated," he adds.

Celeste smirks, "Really? IT sounds fascinating. Do tell." She gives him a toothy grin.

Rian nods and asks, sounding completely serious as he does, "Would this be your favor then?"

Celeste snorts, "Holy horn man, No. IF it's /important/ I'll learn through my usual ways. I'm ribbing you." She searches his gaze, "Have you always been so serious? I seem to remember you being rather…" She pauses to sip her rum, "…playful."

Rian smiles and says, "Seven years without human contact changes a man." Then, regarding the subject at hand, he says, "Its not a romantic thing and its personal. Basically I was telling you its none of your business." With the last his smile becomes a bit apologetic. He then says, a bit more seriously again, "I've actually not established any romantic relationships since being rescued."

Celeste grimaces, "I bet it does, I'm sorry you went througb that." She smiles then, "Glad you've got…companionship. None of my business, understood." She salutes with the bottle, "Ahh, well, there's no need for romance. Lovers come and go, friendships tend to have longer staying power."

Rian nods. He then asks, "You never said what I have to read, Celeste, is finding the material part of the studies?" in a playful tone of voice.

Celeste waves a hand, "No, no. I'll go grav it from the library and you can scamper off. Sit tight." She rises and turns to exit the garden.

Rian waits. He continues to eat and drink the items layed out earlier.

Celeste returns with a careworn dragonhide bound book, "Here. It's a brief overview of various aspects of magic, and the forms it can take. IT doesn't go in depth but it's a solid foundation."

Rian takes the book and eyes the cover. He tries to be descrete when asking, "Does it disturb you to be holding a book with a dragonhide cover?" but likely fails as the subject of the question is anything but.

Celeste snerks, "Not at all. Did you know Mandrakes were Dragon hunters long before we were dragons?" She grins crookedly, "The depths of our house are full of dragon bones, talons, skulls."

Rian shakes his head and says, "No, I know next to nothing about the noble houses of Amber really, but that is very interesting to know." He then stands and bows his head.

"Thank you for the afternoon 'tea' and the beginnings of a lesson, Celeste," he says before asking, "Is it alright for me to get ahead of the hours by helping out around the clinic now? I'm really good at swabbing the deck so if nothing else I can clean."

Celeste shrugs, "Sure. So long as you make yourself useful. IF you need anything, let me know."

"I will," Rian says. "And unless an escort is required I believe I can find my way out."

Celeste gestures to the guards who've been lurking on the edge of the garden, "Glad you're back."

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