(2017-04-16) Rian meets Prudence Chantris
Rian meets Prudence Chantris
Location: Front Garden at House Chantris, in Amber
Date: April 16th, 2017
Summary: Rian goes to Chantris to look into making a copy of a book he borrowed from Celeste Mandrake and instead is offered a copy and etiquette lessons from his cousin.
Characters: Prudence and Rian.
NPCs: none

Prudence is the front garden within the circular patch the drive winds around. In one hand is a wooden box which is simply held as she prowls the lawn hunched over and looking for something in the grass trying to beat the fading light of dusk.

Rian walks onto the grounds of the manor from the streets of Amber carrying a book in his left hand. He approaches Prudence and waves and greets her in Thari: "Hello."

Prudence looks up and straitens, snapping the box closed and standing primly. Big brown eyes watch Rian with open curiosity, "Salutations."

He says, "I'm Rian, haven't been here in years and I understand Cyrus is no longer holding the Ducal seat," when Prudence acknowledges him and then asks, "Is that right?"

Prudence blinkity-blinks, "Cyrus? Goodness. Not since before I myself returned. No, my sister is in charge. Duchess Talia guides Chantris now."

"Well, I have been gone for a while," Rian says with a nod.

Prudence oh's and flushes. Her gaze lowers, "Forgive me! I am Lady Prudence Chantris. Daughter of Claudio and Esperensia."

Rian smiles, "Its a pleasure, Prudence. I'm the son of Jocelyn Chantris, although she and I haven't seen each other for more than a dozen decades. I don't know the family tree well enough to know how we're related but its nice to meet a cousin."

Prudence ahhs and smiles, "Distant cousins twice removed I believe." She curtsies politely, "Nice to meet you. Have you come to see Her Grace?"

Rian shakes his head. "Nothing so formal, no," he says. He raises his hand holding a dragonhide bound copy of Magic Compendium, Vol. I. and says, "I was thinking of making a copy of this and immediately thought I should check with my Chantris cousins as books are one of our things as I understand it." As he lowers the book he asks, "Is there any chance I could get a blank book, a quality quill and some ink for that purpose?"

Prudence steps close to inspect the book, pushing glasses further up on her nose as she does so, "Well if you want to copy it you don't want a blank book. You want a printing press and blank pages." She considers, "I could copy it for you if you like? It won't be bound in…whatever strange binding that is but it will be durable."

Rian nods. "Its dragonhide," he says, "And I wouldn't expect it to be bound in that, its a Mandrake copy of the book."

Prudence ahhhs and peers at the book more closely, "Do they bind all their books in dragonhide? Why a lovely lambskin would do fine." She notes the title, "Why not buy the book? It's a common edition." her big brown eyes lift and search his in clear puzzlement.

Rian ohs softly and laughs at himself. "Really? And here I thought it was an arcane tome… I guess because of the cover material." He shakes his head and then asks, "How many volumes are there in the book?"

Prudence seems nonplussed at the question, "I don't know but it's a common instructive material. The Montevalnian Collegia uses it as texts for some of their classes and I myself had to study it when I was a girl."

Rian nods again and says, "I've been advised to study it myself as my understanding of magic has been found lacking." He doesn't explain it futher. Instead he asks, "How did you find it? I got the feeling from the opening of the book that the author is a bit full of herself. Is that just me reading into it?"

Prudence bites her bottom lip and she tries to suppress her smile, lashes lowering. The effort draws out her dimples before she delicately clears her throat, "It is said that those of Pathi's Academy of Brass are often a bit full of themselves. The look left me with questions. Far more than I had before I red the book. I still have my copy if you would like it?"

With an expression of surprise on his face, Rian says, "That'd nice. I was actually hoping that re-writing it would help me process the information better but… if I had my own copy then I could take notes in it the way mom told me she used to."

Prudence smiles, "It is no trouble. I have other books to hand down in the increasingly unlikely event that I reproduce. Were you given a syllabus for the rest of your studies? If so may I see it?"

"No," Rian says regarding the syllabus question, "Nothing quite so formal. I just need to get some basics of magical theory under my belt in order to prepare myself for further instruction."

Prudence ahhs, "It will take me perhaps a day to find it. Are you staying here?"

Rian again answers, "No," and clarifies by saying, "I've not spent much time here really, just a brief visit to Cyrus' office a bit less than eight years ago. I am currently have a room in the Crown and Rose and have spent the past couple of days in the Chantris Suite at the Palace."

Prudence ahhhs delicately, puzzled but offering a polite smile, "Shall I send the book to to palace then, Lord Rian?"

Rian laughs and rolls his eyes before he says, "I'm not a lord. I'm a Minosian mariner from Cameron. My father hasn't recognized me so don't call me lord please, Prudence."

Prudence flushes and lowers her gaze. She curtsies, "Forgive me, Master Rian. I assumed if you were staying in the Chantris suite, you were recognized."

Rian laughs, "My cousin and brother dragged me there after… well, it was family related and I was exhausted." Then, a bit more seriously he asks, "So, do I need to start Lady Chantris-ing you or can you call me Rian?"

Prudence looks up, startled, "We only just met. Lady Prudence is appropriate, yes. Over familarity would be unseemly." She clears her throat again and suggests almost apologetically, "Improper." her lace clad gloves clasp before her. She oh's! "Do you require a tutor in ettiquite?" not seeming to intend to be insulting as much as thinking of a book which might aid him.

Rian chuckles and nods. "Yes, apparently I do according to the Lord Lieutenant and Deputy Prince Marshal," he says and then asks, "Are you offering to tutor me?"

Prudence looks up and smiles, "So long as you don't mind either attending a children's class or waiting until evenings. I run a charity school in the lower city which takes my time during the day but afterwards I have plenty of time and would be delighted to offer such guidance."

"I think the occasional evening would be best," Rian says and then explains, "I'm going to be spending time during the day at a charity hospital helping out alot… to repay a debt." He then smiles and asks, "What will the tutoring cost me?"

Prudence looks APPALLED, "Nothing at all!" she assures. She offers a dimpled smile, "I am pleased to help."

Rian's expression is one of a man who feels like a heel. "Sorry, the debt I'm repaying is for private tutoring so…" he kind of trails off there and gives Prudence a hopeful look.

Prudence smiles reassuringly, "My mission is to educate those who seek. I am happy to teach you. I never have charged a student. Not a one."

Rian smiles and nods. "That's great, thanks. How and when should we handle this tutoring?"

Prudence's dimpled smile remains affixed, "Are you fre to start tomorrow evening?"

"I have no plans," Rian says with a smile and then adds, "But if my father finally relies to my attempts to contact him I could end up being summoned and I think that saying I can't because I have ettiquette tutoring to attend won't cut it… so if I can't make it you'll understand that I likely have a good excuse even if it isn't my father, right?"

Prudence smiles, "Of course. We can start later in the week if you like?"

Rian shakes his head and says, "No, lets plan for tomorrow night."

Prudence smiles, "Excellent. I will bring all the materials but if you have coin you may wish to put some aside. One of the lessons to come will be appropriate attire for a lord-or respectable gentleman."

Rian nods. "Alright, meet you at the palace then? Or here?"

Prudence considers, "The palace will suite just fine." She curtsies, "If you will excuse me? I should find that book for you."

"Perfect, see you tomorrow evening then," he says. "Have a good night, Lady Prudence," he adds before he turns to depart.

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