(2017-04-16) Trump Call from Alec: You're really my uncle?
Trump Call from Alec: You're really my uncle?
Location: Rian's - Chantris Suite of the Amber Royal Palace
Alec's - unknown
Date: April 16th, 2017
Summary: Alec trumps Rian due to a whisper previosuly sent to him to question his newly discovered uncle.
Characters: Alec and Rian.
NPCs: none

Rian feels the mental tingle of a familiar presence because Alec is trying to reach him via his Trump.

Rian accepted a trump call (from Alec)

The image of Alec stares at Rian the moment the connection is made as though analyzing every little detail about him, searching for evidence of familial evidence he'd previously missed. "You're really my uncle?" he asks slowly, his tone somewhere between statement and question, excitement and caution.

To the image of Alec, Rian chuckles and nods. "Yes, Caine is my father," he says.

The image of Alec cringes slightly. "Well, you don't seem similar to him at all. I suppose that's a good sign…"

To the image of Alec, Rian shrugs and says, "I couldn't say, I've only interacted with him a few times." He then laughs and says, "I can say that your father is a bad teacher, tried to get him to discuss things I can do now that I've walked the Pattern." He then asks, "Can you help with that at some point… or tell me who to turn to instead?"

The image of Alec grins slightly at the mention of his father. "There are much better teachers. Moxon taught me a few things, like how to use birds to send messages. And Zach knows a lot, but he's a very hands-off teacher. He starts me in a direction and then has me learn on my own. But… Why didn't you mention we were related sooner?"

To the image of Alec, Rian yawns and says, "Was keeping it quite last time I was in Amber, kept it going." He then says, "Sorry Alec, but I'm about to go to sleep, the Pattern took it out of me and I'm still recovering. Reach out to me again sometime…" He then lays down in bed, still dressed, and begins to drift to sleep while the contact is still in place.

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