(2017-04-22) Trin shows Rian how to Shadowwalk
Trin shows Rian how to Shadowwalk
Location: Second Floor of the Amber Royal Palace, a desolate beach in the Amber countryside and similar beaches in Shadow
Date: April 22nd, 2017
Summary: Rian meets his cousin Trinara and she shows him how to walk though shadow.
Characters: Rian and Trinara.
NPCs: Keir

Trinara stops near the Chancellor's Office to address the Hounds who have been on guard there. "You two can go. I need to speak to the Chancellor so I will remain until your relief arrives." The two men salute her then stride away. Once they aren't watching she stretches once and rolls her head as she lifts a hand to rub at her neck and mutters under her breath in Japanese.

Having broken his fast in residence within, Rian steps out of the Chantris Suite in his typical relaxed outfit of slacks, a shirt and his black vest. His miniature gryphon rides perched on his shoulder and his cutlass and knife hang from his belt, both positioned for easy drawing should he wish it. Upon entering the halls he sees the uniformed woman near by and smiles at her before approaching and saying, "I haven't seen you here before. I'm Rian and this," he nods his head towards the side, "Is Keir." He extends a hand to Trinara in greeting as he intruduces himself and his companion.

Trinara glances at the offered hand briefly then says, "I don't do handshakes." She presses her hands together before herself and gives him the faintest of bows in greeting. "I heard there was someone new in the suite. I'm Trinara." She glances briefly at Keir then narrows her eyes a bit. "Are you a friend of my brother's?"

Keir squwacks at Trinara when she glances at him and Rian lowers his hand when it is declined. "It would depend on who your brother is, Lady Trinara," he replies with the assumption that it is better to assume the higher station than not after his recent 'encounters' in the city.

Trinara positively grimaces at being called Lady Trinara then nods at Keir. "My brother, Carmichael, likes gryphons. And don't give me that Lady Trinara drek please. My siblings might love that, but I only make my troops use my titles. Trinara's fine."

Rian somehow manages to grin apologetically. With a slight laugh in his voice he says, "Ah, Carmichael, yes… it was because of him I felt it safer to use the title than not." He relaxes his stance somewhat and explains, "He is not a friend of mine… he's made it /very/ clear that we are not on such a level, but I was able to convince him to use Mister Rian rather than Lord Rian," before saying, "Your being the Deputy Prince Marshal's sister makes us cousins, Trinara."

Trinara rolls her eyes at the title. "I suppose it is safer to use titles here, but one of Carm's problems is he's trying to fill Father's shoes without ever having known him. Our father was Prince Marshal before he died. And… unless you've got a problem with it, I'll stick with Rian. And if you feel you must use a title for me in the presence of others, I'm Commander of the Hounds so you can call me Commander instead of Lady. I have really never been a lady." There's a brief flicker of what might have been a smile but it's gone far too quickly to be sure it was even there. "So which brother made you my cousin then?"

"Rian is perfectly fine," he replies to the implied first question quickly. Then, as Keir shifts his feet slightly, he answers the other question, "I have not been officially recognized, nor has my father even spoken with me since my recent return to Amber, but I am Caine's son," in conversational tones with a bit of relief able to be heard in there at well seeming to have little care who hears it for a change.

Trinara nods, "But who needs official niceties when you've got the power of the Pattern right? It's not like you want to be made a Lord of Amber right?" She lifts her hand as if to stroke something hanging at her neck then lowers her hand immediately when whatever it was is not there. "Or do you?"

Rian snorts ungentelmanly at the suggestion. "Hardly," he says then adds, with a wave of his hand, "I won't complain about the digs though. Nice place to rest one's boots when not aboard a ship after all."

Trinara glances around. "Hai. Hard to complain about a place where the kitchen and bar are always fully stocked. I don't get to spend enough time in Shadow now that I'm the Prince regent's personal bodyguard."

Rian nods in agreement about the kitchen and bar and then, on the topic of time in Shadow, says, "Myself, I have yet to be out in Shadow since walking the Pattern last week. Your brother gave me some advice on the practical application of what happened to me that I have yet to try to attempt." He then asks, "Would it be improper to ask you how my father has been doing? When I returned to Amber a fortnight or so ago I sent him word of my return… but I haven't heard from him since." He doesn't speak about the disturbing comments he's heard from his siblings and nephew but there is a hint of that knowledge in how he voices the question and his concern.

Trinara frowns a touch. "Not improper so much as I just can't oblige you. I don't talk about him that way. Part of the job." She pauses, "My brother gave you advice? Good advice?"

Rian laughs and then shakes his head. "I can't say if it was good advice or not, the advice I was referring to," he says, with a laugh still in his voice. A bit more soberly he continues with: "That advice was on how to use the Pattern to move though Shadow, so once I try it I can report on the quality of it. He's also… quite strongly and both directly and through proxies given me advice on how to address members of the Royal family which you and my past encounter with Caine belie."

Trinara nods, "Depends on what mood they're in and who they are." There's a pause, "Uncle Eric is stickler for formality like Carm. Aunt Flora can be as well sometimes. I've heard the same is true of Uncle Julian. Uncle Brand is insane and I would suggest keeping your distance unless you have to see him for some reason. Aunt Fiona… is just scary. Uncle Bleys is a royal jerk. Uncle Gerard is the one my father told me I could always trust but I've not gotten to spend any time with him since I've been back. Both Caine and Corwin can be formal if you catch them in a bad mood. They're Prince Regent and Chancellor so they can be moody. The rest I don't know, but it's always best to go with formality until you know in Amber. People who expect it get grouchy when they don't get it."

Rian nods and, in slightly hushed tones due to the absurdity of the fact, says, "I've actually spoken to a cousin on my mother's side and will be getting some tutoring on etiquette so that I don't keep blundering around in Amber high society." He finishes this up with a grin that shows that he finds the tought truly hilarious.

Trinara nods, "Growing up in Imperial Japan and Corporate Seattle gave me all the etiquette training I needed. Just had to tweak it for here. If you want I can help you a little. It would be nice to spend time with someone who isn't a prig." She walks away from Corwin's door when new Hounds arrive. "My room is off the crimson solar in the North wing of the palace if you want to find me when I'm off duty. Or you can find me in the Commander's office sometimes."

"Thanks," Rian replies sincerely. "Growing up in Cameron and decades as a pirate did not prepare me for finding out that I was royalty," he says, "So that sounds like a good idea. Might also ask you for advice after I try my feet at using the Pattern… your brother is not very open for contcts out of the blue asking for help or advice and my brothers are… well, lets say Dirk is not a very good teacher."

Trinara grimaces at the mention of Dirk, "He was along for the ride when my father taught me. The basics are very easy but he apparently needed extra help. I'd offer you a trump, but I only have a couple and I need to keep them for people who really need to be able to contact me quickly."

Rian waves off the offer of a Trump. "Its quite alright, I have a way to get messages to you already now that I have met and spoken with you, Trinara," he says without offering an explination. "I'm glad to hear that the basics are as easy as they seemed. Your brother seemed to imply they weren't that easy… perhaps he also needed extra help originally?" this last is asked with a conspiratory smirk on his face as he is, at least in part, clearly pulling your leg.

Trinara purses her lips, "He may be a complete drekhead sometimes but he's still my brother. My father had less children than yours. I take family seriously so keep that in mind." She shrugs a shoulder, "If you want to try a few things we can slip out to the edge of shadow. It's hard to shift from near Amber though."

Rian nods and gives an apologetic look for the joke. "He did mention that as one factor of his advice," he says regarding Carmichael and his conversation about the Pattern. "I was thinking when I approached him that I might get some how tos in place rather than just advice so the offer is appreciated," he adds and then asks, "When are you free for such an excursion?"

Trinara glances down at herself then shrugs again, "One of the benefits of being Commander is being able to go off duty when you want to. I need to change out of this uniform before I leave the palace though. I hate wearing this out into the city." She ponders then says, "Meet me at the back gates of the palace in a few."

"Alright," Rian says with a nod.

Editor's Note: Slight temporal handwaving occurs here.

Trinara has changed into what looks like military garb but not a formal uniform when she rejoins him. She gestures for him to com along then leads him through the city. She takes him through side streets so they don't run afoul of any crowds. Finally she leads him to the very end of the beach below the city. "Okay. I think we're far enough from the city to shift here."

"Alright," Rian says and then explains, "Carmichael said that I would need to be moving, be observant, and focus on the shape of the Pattern within myself. Then I'd want to look for qualities of the place I want to be at. Which in actuality doesn't sound as easy as I'd mentioned earlier now that I'm repeating it myself." That last is added with an off hand laugh.

Trinara glances sideways at him, "Well… that's overly complicated. We do require movement. You can only shift if you're moving. Otherwise you can try to change things until the end of time and get nowhere. Also… I don't bother with that focusing on the Pattern bit. It's a part of me. I don't need to focus on it. There is one thing you can't do though. That's change anything you're looking at. If you are observing it, you are making it real and you cannot change what is real."

Rian asks, "So is it a corner of the eye thing or truly just changing what you can't see to be something you want it to be?"

Trinara nods, "My father described it to me as needing a bafflement to the senses. Turning a corner, having the thing you are going to change temporarily hidden by a tree, turning a corner and having a thing be different around the corner. You cannot change something you can see but unless you are very very skilled, you also can't change anything if you can't see." She begins to walk. "There's two ways to shift. You can either change one thing at a time until you get to where you want to be or you can focus on the thing you are looking to find and follow it through shadow. That is called hellriding. It's fast and dirty and really dangerous. The patient was is safer but can take a while."

Rian ahs and says, "That makes sense." He ponders this for a few moments and then asks, "Is there a limit to the size of the change you can make at once while taking the patient route?"

Trinara shrugs, "I wouldn't be able to help you there. I've never tried to make a big change when shifting. Big changes lead to hellrides and hellrides are a good way to get killed if you aren't paying attention to what's going on around you. Basically you decide it's different… The sky has more clouds than before or is a grayer shade of blue. The sand is paler. The water's darker. That sort of thing. The corner of the eye is a good notion. Trees and buildings make it easier. Fog makes it easier. Anything that can block your view for a moment."

Rian nods and asks, "So no chaning the color or shape of the moon as its obscured by a passing cloud?"

Trinara shrugs a shoulder, "The color of the moon is just a tiny thing. One thing among thousands in your immediate line of sight. That's fine."

"Okay, see I thought that would be a big change," Rian says with a smile before asking, "Are we far enough out and should I try this or you demonstrate?"

Trinara nods slightly, "Walk with me and I'll take us a little way out so it will be easier to get started." She doesn't seem to look at anything in particular as they walk but the sand under their feet becomes less fine and darker grained.

Not one to look straight down while walking, Rian feels the change of the sand before he sees it and wobbles a bit as his balance is thrown off ever so slightly by the different feel beneath his feet. "Okay," he says, "That's impressive." He starts looking around so that he can, hopefully, catch the changes faster than the first.

Trinara glances toward the waves as she murmurs, "What's impressive?" The trees move slowly closer to the beach and thicker, closer together. She glances back toward the trees and the waters grow a little foamy and fog begins to drift up off the seas.

Rian continues watching the world change around him and says, "What you are doing," without explaining further as he doesn't want to distract her and get left behind.

Trinara shrugs, "You just see it differently in your mind. You see what was there and you change it to be some other way while you aren't looking at it. It gets easier with practice. It works find so long as no one has tried to block the path you're walking down."

"An advanced technique I'm sure," Rian half asks as he follows his cousin closely. "Is it harder if you are brining someone with you or do you just keep it so that they are still with you as you move?"

Trinara shakes her head, "You don't leave people behind. Anyone who can see you can always follow you through shadow. If you want to leave someone behind, you have to make them not see you first then change something."

"That's good to know," Rian says as Keir squawks at him. He nods to the gryphon and says, "Just don't go to far," to the fairly intelligent animal who takes to the air, strectching his wings and flying but keeping an eye on both his man and the woman with them.

Trinara stops walking. "Okay. Tell me what I changed. Could you get back to Amber from here?"

Rian stops also and Keir begins circling the pair. "There's fog and the waves are choppier, creating more foam then before. There are more trees and they are closer to the beach. Also the sand is a different consistancy and darker," he says, stating the first and last with complete certanty. There's a hint of uncertanty regarding something about the trees however. "I'd like to think I could retrace our path but… well, I'd have to try."

Trinara nods, "Okay. Do you want to go back or go further out? Out would be easier but either would be good practice for you. Which would you prefer?"

"Finidng one's way back is important so I think that I should try to get us back to Amber," Rian says. He also asks, "Do I actually have to turn around or would that just make it easier if I did so?"

Trinara shakes her head, "No but if we don't turn around we will be physically further way from the center of Amber when we get back. There's only so close that you can get with shifting though. Once you reach the real world everything else has to be done the hard way. You'd probably find it easier to do this at sea since you're a sailor."

Rian nods and turns back to see only a couple of footprints in the sand. "That was what I thought but pacing the deck can make the rest of the crew nervous so I figure I have to master this before I try that," he says as he contemplates how to begin.

Trinara smirks for a second, "You don't have to pace on the deck. You just have to be moving. Not you physically. I like to hellride on my motorcycle."

Rian nods and doesn't speak on the misleading information he received from her brother then due to her earlier request to not badmouth him. Instead he says, "Alright so I guess I should try this now," and begins walking along the beach. He whistles and Keir swoops down and settles upon the opposite shoulder he had perched upon before.

Trinara nods and turns to walk beside him, "If you get the details wrong, you'll move laterally instead of going back toward Amber. There are plenty of ways to get there though. The paths aren't blocked."

Rian nods and looks towards Trinara and the sea behind her as they continue to walk along the beach and wills the trees to thin out some what. While successful he mutters a curse under his breath as not only have they thinned out but the types of trees have changed to more tropical trees in place of the generally temperate varieties that had been there before. "Yeah, its trickier than it seemed when you did it I'm seeing," he says commenting on the inadvertant change.

Trinara glances at the tropical trees for a moment then nods, "I don't think they have those in Amber actually… At least not unless they were transplanted from other places."

Rian chuckles and nods. "No, I wouldn't think so," he says looking at the trees as he continues along the beach. When he turns away from the trees the fog has been burned away and the waves are calmer leaving almost no foam at all on the water except where it appears on the sand as the water pulls back into the sea from the sands. He smiles as the seas of Amber at least are in the world that he is walking though.

Trinara nods, "It's not really surprising that you have an affinity for the water. You spend a lot of time on the water. You need to learn to pay more attention to the non-sailing details unless you are traveling on the water though."

Rian looks back at Trinara and nods. Behind him the trees return to the proper species and spacing slowly over a number of paces. "I understand and think I can do that," he says as the trees again look like they did in Amber despite the darker sands than the beaches they began on still being present.

Trinara nods, "Do you feel how hard it is to make anything change this close to Amber? It's so close to the real world that it wants to stay the way it is."

Rian nods and looks down at the sand then away from it as he continues walking. When he checks again the sand is lighter but not as light as it was at the beginning of the trip. "Indeed, the other changes were much easier that this is now," he says.

Trinara nods, "It's the same when trying to leave Amber. You really cannot do it from Amber itself. It's far easier to begin in Arden instead."

"Or out to sea I assume," Rian says while looking at Trinara and then the sand has returned to the proper shade and they are back in the world of Amber some distance from the city proper.

Trinara nods, "I'd imagine so. I've never tried to get to or from via the sea. I usually get on a horse and go until I can get a motorcycle to work."

Rian nods as if he understands. "So… that's all there is to it though," he says as he looks back upon his accomplishment seeing only a few paces of foot prints in the sand behind them.

Trinara shakes her head, "Of course not. That's just the basics. There's a lot more to learn after that. I can do a lot more than I showed you by now."

"Oh, naturally there's more I can learn… but for travelling from one shadow to another, that's it in a nut shell, right?" he asks as a way to clarify his previous statment.

Trinara nods, "As long as you know what you're looking for, that is how you can get where you're going. You can make bigger changes if you are in a hurry but the more things you change at once, then bigger the chance you're going to change something you shouldn't along with the things you meant to."

Rian nods and asks what may seem a natural question for an experienced sailor of the Golden Circle: "Can I use these tricks to speed up travel on established Shadowpaths or should that be avoided?"

Trinara winces a bit, "No. Trying to shift on an established shadowpath will just take you off the path and the conventional distance between the points on a shadowpath can be a lot longer than you'd expect."

Rian says, "Well then, I'm glad I asked rather than finding out the hard way," not piecing together the potential meaning of Trinara's wince.

Trinara nods, "Hai. Very glad. The hard way is uncomfortable. Luckily I had a full trump deck to fall back on when I made that error."

"Also good to know," Rian says, "My nephew has a Trump of me so if I ever get lost I guess I should Whisper to him to request help." He gazes out to sea and says, "My tutor impressed upon me how to properly introduce people," as a preamble to asking, "If I should ever need to introduce you properly should it just be Commander Trinara or would it be 'Dame Commander'? And do you have a surname I should be aware of?"

Trinara gives him a flatly disapproving look at the notion of Dame Commander. "Commander. And my name is Pierson for the man I grew up thinking was my father. Trinara Pierson, but family calls me Trinara or Trin. I catch you tossing a Lady in front of my name again and I might deck you."

Rian grins defenisively and nods. "Very well, Trin," he says, "It won't pass /my/ lips ever again as I'd rather not have to deal with Lording and Ladying people ever to be completely honest."

Trinara admits, "Where I grew up, I'm wanted by the law for a good number of crimes and in some places am a known public enemy. I don't think lady fits very well."

Rian grins and says, "And I'm a pirate so I think we'll get along fine Trin." To many that statement, spoken with his Minosian accented Thari, would sound like he just said that water is wet or the sky is above the ground.

Trinara nods, "That explains why you don't get along with Carm. He's such a stickler, but he's a good brother anyway." She begins walking a little faster. "I want sake. We're a long way from anything that might resemble good sake."

"We could find some good rum instead perhaps," Rian says sounding just a bit unsure if he successfully determined what sake must be.

Trinara nods, "Hai. Rum is easier to find than proper sake. Not as good though."

With a slight shrug, Rian says, "I've never had sake to know for sure but have you had proper Minosian coconut rum made from Sukhoti coconuts?"

Trinara shakes her head, "I came from a long way outside the Golden Shadow. My father came back to find me and proved to me he was my father. He gave me a trump deck so I could come here when I was ready."

Rian ohs softly and nods. He then realizes something he never felt like he should say to her brother he wants to say to her, and the realization dawns across his features visually before he speaks: "You must not have known him for long. I'm sorry for your loss."

Trinara sighs, "No. I didn't. I wasted 20 years then after I finally got to know him, I ended up getting trapped in shadow by some enemies of mine. He died while I was still trapped."

"I'm glad to hear you got to know him at least, even if things went south due to your enemies," Rian says as he thinks of the little he knows of his own father.

Trinara falls silent then as they approach the closer beaches of Amber. "I suspect you can find your way back from here."

Rian says, "I can, yes. Thank you for this Trin." He continues to stare out at the sea.

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