(2017-04-24) A Pattern Lesson in Arden
A Pattern Lesson in Arden
Location: Alec offers Rian a lesson in basic Pattern usage. Zachary arrives and gives them both one instead.
Date: April 24th, 2017
Summary: in Arden and Shadows of Arden after a Trump conversation
Characters: Alec, Kiernan, Moxon, Rian, and Zachary.
NPCs: Keir (Rian's mini-gryphon)

Rian feels the mental tingle of a familiar presence. Alec is trying to reach him via his Trump.

Rian accepts the Trump contact from Alec.

To the image of Alec, Rian, knowing for now that only one person has a trump of him, says, "Good evening Alec," as soon as the image of his nephew forms for him.

The image of Alec is surrounded by trees this evening, off somewhere quiet other than the sounds of evening insects and the occasional bird. "Good evening," he greets with a smile. "I was wondering if you wanted to learn something about pattern tonight. I think I might be able to teach a few things, at least."

To the image of Alec, Rian nods, "I've had a chance to practice once with one of my cousins, but any lessons in using it would be appreciated." Keir appears as he lands on Rian's shoulder and then Rian asks, "Should I meet you somewhere?" as the gryphon squawks at Alec.

The image of Alec says, "I can pull you through, if you don't mind the walk back to the city. I'm out in Arden, just outside of Eastgate."

To the image of Alec, Rian laughs and shakes his head. "I don't mind. Plus maybe I'd just Walk until I found a ship to sail my way back to Amber."

The image of Alec grins and nods. "Fair enough," he says, and he offers out one hand to pull Rian through.

To the image of Alec, Rian reaches out to take Alec's hand and…

… materializes next to his nephew in Eastgate within the Forest Arden.

Alec and Rian are in the forest just outside of Eastgate this evening, the former having just pulled the latter in via trump. Alec returns the card to his pocket and then hesitates. "Er, what have you already learned?" he asks. "I don't know a lot, so I'd hate to have called you out here without actually being able to teach you anything new."

"Trin took me to a beach and lead me out into Shadow and had me walk us back," Rian says regaring the question. On his shoulder Keir, his miniature gryphon, shifts his feet and looks about them as this was his first trump travel; there is no indication of such a concern from Rian but perhaps he is hiding it better than the animal. "I am sure I did worse than she did, but I got us back to Amber. I think having the sea to work with helped some," he further explains.

Zachary emerges from around a bush, looking disarrayed. His hat's on wonky, his boots are muddy and are squelching somewhat and he peers around as he straightens himself up, looking windblown. "Slap on the brakes earlier," he mutters to himself, spots Alec, nods to him with a tug of one forelock as he gets the hat straight and peers at Rian and his gryphon with absolutely zero recognition. "Allo," nod. He begins to saunter off. About thirty seconds after his arrival though, a stormhound showed up, panting in his wake.

Alec returns the nod to Zach and then turns to Rian. "I don't think I've met Trin yet. But did you just want to practice walki-" He stops midthought there and then turns toward where Zach is vanishing. "Hey Zach, are you up for some pattern study group time?" he calls.

"Trinara is the Commander of the Hounds," Rian explains and then turns to Zachary and says, "Well met," to the new comer and he smiles toothlessly to the stormhound and nods his head to the animal while Keir squwacks at Aspen in a semi-defensive greeting as well.

Zachary stops just about the point of a small path around an oak, turning about to peer. "Well, tha's a conversation starter innit?" He muses, peering at Rian and Alec both now. "Nope, still ain't got a clue who ya are," he jerks his chin toward Rian, grins radiantly and clicks gauntlet-clad fingers to bring the hound to his side. He stoops then, slinging off a travel backpack and removing a bottle of water and a bowl, which he sets down and pours a serving into. The hound appreciates with gusto, whilst the man crouches on the balls of his feet at the animal's side. The stormhound seems focused, thirsty and mostly just seems to want to keep up with GOD, protective but calm. "Zachary Jones-Julianson, cos I like ta get that outta the way. Pattern lessons?"

Alec watches the hound lap up water, but then returns his attention to Zach at the question and nods. "Yes, pattern lessons," he says, a touch sheepishly. "Are you free? And this is Rian," he adds, looking as though he's considering adding to that introduction. In the end, though, he seems to decide to leave any additions up to Rian.

"Mister Rian, of Cameron," Rian says in clarification and adds, "At this time I have no offical claim to house or title." He then says as an aside to Alec, "I've been considering adopting the surname Cee for the time being as all of my potential claims begin with that letter." Then to Zachary he asks, "Is there a preferred form of address I should use for you, m'Lord," in such a way that would likely please his etiquette tutor.

Zachary pushes the brim of his tricorn up with a single digit, chewing on his cheek a bit in thought. After a couple of chewful moments, he shrugs. "Sure, I got a wee bit o' time. 'Bout as long as it takes for my stomach to start tellin' me it's about to eat me, but I suppose I could whip sommat up, in that time." He ruffles Aspen's ears, stands tall again. He then gestures between the two of them. "Ya owe me one," point, point! "So… try and keep up and then? Try and tell me what happened." He grins at the pair of them, flips the empty water bowl up to his hand with a kick of a boot tip. "Nope! Just Zach'll do…" then he turns and begins running out into the woods. Very, very rapidly, he picks up speed, running as fast as a horse normally does after a short time, followed by his put-upon dog! Whuh??

Moxon appears in the traditional portrait-resolving-through-rainbows, dusting himself off as he solidifies. Catching Zachary *booking* out of the corner of one good eye, he checks? For danger? "What the f—?!"

Alec glances at Rian as Zach takes off and then starts sprinting behind Zach, no where near as quickly, however. At least they're getting a work out on top of their pattern lesson?

As he is uncomfortable in any forest and is wise enough not to run in the (to him) alien environment, Rian simply walks along the path keeping an eye out for the changes he anticipates seeing so he can figure out exactly what Zachary was doing as he follows along. Naturally he and Keir are the last to reach the trio's destination.

The path heads to the borders where the walls between worlds gets thin, then plunges through. Without the ability to sense trails into shadow, this shouldn't really be possible to follow. At the very least, it's rather hard to do, but there are signs. Here or there, a knowing that that deer path where it's changing from green to slightly yellowish green leaves, the disturbance there is the right way to go and this continues through several degrees of shifting. But in the end, it's not actually all that far he's gone, perhaps three or four degrees of separation, to an ox-bow on a shadow of the river Oisen. There's a floating township there. A floating market in fact. A footprint here, a sense that 'that way is probably the most likely way' to where river folk are cooking up fish and meat on sticks and roasted vegetables over a kettle fire. Aspen's spotted first, lying on the planks without a care in the world, gnawing on a bone. Nearby, Zachary has his hat on the back of a folding chair, eating a shish kebab and drinking fruit wine with a grin on his face, tucking in heartily to a good deal of food. More than HE strictly needs for sure. He waves the meat-onna-stick to Rian and Alec when he spots them. "So?"

Alec doubles over, hands on his thighs, once he reaches where Zach awaits. Once he's caught his breath, he walks over to where Zach is lounging. "I keep forgetting how roundabout your lessons are," he mutters with a shake of his head.

Moxon may actually arrive *before* Rian? Not because he moved faster, or started earlier, but the man has his … "tricks." A renowned tracker, and one who can follow even a trail not left by someone who wants to be found, tricks indeed he has. "Hnh," he observes, Eastwoodian.

Rian finally walks up to the gathering and says, "That was interesting," as he scratches Keir behind his 'ear feathers' to which the gryphon reacts in a very cat-like fashion.

Zachary chuckles, pulling meat off the stick. "Theory ain't never as good as practice. I can do some theory if'n ya like, but practice shows ya more o' the feels," he observes to Alec, nodding with a tug of his forelock to Moxon when the man arrives all surprising-like. And lastly, Rian shows up and there is a gesture to all the simple, but tasty food. "Drink up. Eat up. Hunger makes ya think more, but there's a point when it gets distractin'. So, what happened? Anyone tell me? C'mon, this's an easy one!"

Alec takes a seat and helps himself to the food. "You ran off and we followed you?" he says slowly.

Rian, as a novice, must have paid close attention. He says, "I had to do very little to follow you, it was like I was being pulled along though Shadow," he then asks, "This must be an advanced trick, right?"

Moxon surmises: "You must be able to exert … pressure … on the path. Like a vacuum, pulling things along."

Zachary grins wider at Alec, tearing off a chunk of meat and points at Rian for his conclusion. "Kinda, yeah. Tricks're fer kids… knack's are fer adults. Mind, that's kinda beside the point… ish." He nods to Moxon. "Yep. It's like… pattern findin' in reverse. Instead o' me wantin' to find sommat and findin' it, I want you to find sommat and therefore…" he gestures widely at the floating market with a grin. "I kinda did a big beacon, but I coulda done it just for you…" he points at Alec, "…or you…" to Rian. "And yeah, you too, ya lummox." Winking at Moxon. "But any guess how?"

The floating market being on an oxbow of a river, it's not unusual to see the usual sorts of birds you'd see around docks and such. One of them is a bit unusual, in that it's white. It flies down and lands not far from where the group is gathered, discussing pattern stuff.

Alec has never been known for being particularly observant, and he waits for the others' interpretations and ideas in response to Zach's question.

Rian laughs genially at the question and, obviously making a point, looks towards his right where Keir is perched on his shoulder and asks the mini-gryphon, "Keir, care to explain?" When the animal squawks meaninglessly in response Rian says, "Yes, my thought's exactly," and then addresses Zachary, saying, "I haven't a clue really, way beyond my skill level really."

Dirk walks into the area with a thoughtful expressive look on his face as he runs face first into a tree.

Moxon tucks a chunk of pemmican in his jaw, thinking. (That's trail-food, mixed meat-floss and deer fat and berries.) Smells like a deer-steak soaked in deer-grease and eldeerberries. "If. If you wanted to pull just one person, and nobody else … I can't guess? Is it like Trumping someone? Do you imagine them as you imagine yourself walking the Pattern? I couldn't say."

Zachary squints at Alec and at Rian at the joking response. "Well, bugger me with a bargepole, you two ain't gonna get far if'n ya can't think outside of the box, huh?" He drinks of fruity wine, getting a look on at the white bird, but it's a bird and is thusly not out of place in his worldview. He tosses a hunk of bread that way anyway though, dropping a bit of meat to the planks of the Floating market for Aspen. "When you wanna exert yer will over the pattern, ya keep it in mind, right? Focus on it and make the changes as ya walk, until the universe is to yer liking. It's pretty much the same thing, only… as I said, in reverse. I liked the universe with y'all in it and wanted ya here, so like Moxon says, a vacuum kinda… layin' a trail, blazed out into the fabric of shadow, that's bloody enormously obvious. Like thinkin' loudly… hello, here I am, c'mon this way… and makin' the pattern take the imprint." He takes up a meat pie, biting in hard. "But really, the lesson here is … why can I do that? What means I /can/ do that?"

Dirk looks at the tree that he just face planted into and says sorry before shifting into feline form and finding a dark quiet place to hide in.

The little white bird seems to appreciate the bit of bread, and catches it in its beak. Then gobbles it. The bird finishes the morsel, clacks its beak several times, and then goes quiet, listening. The beak opens again, and a heavily Lyonesse accented voice speaks, in the slightly musical tones of the tern. "Because ye're a royal, aye?" Sounds like Kiernan, to anybody who would recognize the accent.

Dirk the cat yells "hey bird butt." from his dark hidey spot.

Alec nods. "I guess I understand," he says. "So you can use that to draw anyone you want to anywhere you want, just by using the pattern and willpower?" He looks over at the talking bird, but upon noting its coloration, doesn't look too surprised.

Moxon meanders after a glass of wine. He salutes Kiernan before taking a long, thoughtful *glup.*

Moxon says, "… can you select for them, like you select for any feature? A purple tree or a spotted rock?"

On Rian's shoulder, Keir turns his head in the direction of his man's brother and screeches at him… loudly. Despite the noise beside his head, Rian hears his cousin and nods. "Understood, so this is what Deputy Prince Marshal Carmichael meant by focusing on the Pattern. Found it wasn't so curcial for just walking though Shadow when Trin helped me with the basics the other day," he says.

Dirk yowls at the gryphon-light.

"Oh, s'you," Zachary tugs his forelock toward the tern, nodding once. "Yeah, but more specifically than that," he nods toward Moxon. "Yep, in effect I can lead one person in a party by thinkin' about it and not anyone else, if'n I didn't know they were comin', or I didn't wanna." He swigs more fruity wine, nods lightly to Alec. "Yep, even to th'farthest points in Shadow. Layin' a path…" He looks back at Rian. "Should always bring th'pattern ta mind. Helps yer brain focus. More complicate the stuff yer doin', the more ya need it to keep the focus accute. Fundamentals though: The pattern's flexible. More flexible than folks give it credit for and it bends. To the will of the person usin' it and sometimes to other means. Me? I am like the stubbornest git ye'll likely meet in a long time. Could outstubborn a rock if I wanted to, but that… knowin' what I want, is what exerts on the pattern. It's a fundamental that ya can apply ta just about any ability from the basics up. Know. Who. Ya. Are. The pattern'll see ya, larn ya, bend to ya."

Moxon isn't one to pick a fight, here and now. "No, Dirk, the bird's right. I interrupt a lot." He keeps his goblet near to his mouth, to give it something to do rather than spit rapid-fire thoughts.

Dirk says "I was just saying hi to the bird butt."

Kiernan trills a greeting to all and sundry. "Aye, 'tis me," he replies to Zachary. "Tha' doesna really work for those o' us who arena royal blooded. 'tis a good thin' tae learn, though."

"I think you might be a bit confused, Dad," Alec says. "Gryphons have cat butts." He otherwise listens to Zach's lesson, nodding along.

Dirk comes out and points to Kiernan.

Rian nods to Alec and says, "I believe that may have been Keir's problem but I think he wasn't addressing my friend here." Having finished the offered snack he says, "Thanks for the lesson Zachary, but I believe I need to practice some of the basics further," and then, without asking a by your leave or anything, the Minosian steps off into the trees and quickly cannot be seen further.

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