(2017-04-27) Meeting Olumus at the Docks
Meeting Olumus at the Docks
Location: the docks at Amber Harbor
Date: April 27th, 2017
Summary: Rian and Keir meet Olumus Gozar at the docks.
Characters: Olumus and Rian.
NPCs: Keir (Rian's mini-gryphon)

The sun has begun setting over the harbor at Amber City. Rian, with his companion Keir on his shoulder, has spent the day talking to sailors and lining up a crew for a ship he plans to acquire in the near future. At this time, however, he is sharing a spicy meat pie from a street vendor with his miniature gryphon as he contemplates the list of mariners he has spoken with during the day.

Olumus stands on the docks, chatting with a merchant in front of a ship. The large man shifts from foot to foot as though he'd rather not be standing on either of them, or the docks at all for that matter. "Okay, thank you. Sorry for the inconvenience," he says as he wraps up his business and turns to head back toward solid land. Each step he takes is is slow and careful, as though terrified that each new board he shifts his weight to will crumble beneath him. But when he spots Rian - or, more accurately, Keir - he stops in his slow retreat to stare, fixated on the strange creature.
Keir notices the attention first and gently tugs at his man's hair with his beak before he squwaks in Olumus' direction.

After the gryphon brings his attention to the broad blond man Rian slowly saunters over to Olumus, moving in rythem to the sound of the water lapping against the piers. "Well met, sir," he says in greeting.

Olumus' attention is so fixed on Rian that he at first doesn't even notice his approach until he speaks. The large man's eyes snap to focus on Rian instead, and he stares blankly a moment as he seems to process. Eventually, he clears his throat and shifts foot to foot again. "Hello, well met."

"You seem nervous here," Rian observes undelicately and then asks, "Is it the water or the business that brought you here?"

"Uh, business brought me here," Olumus says, glancing back to where the merchant he'd spoke with is directing his cargo to be unloaded. "But water…" he lowers his voice. "I just…don't like large bodies of it…"

Rian stares at Olumus like he's begun growing a third arm out of the top of his head at that statement and then, shaking the impolite expression from his face, he extends a hand and introduces himself, "I'm Rian, technically a Lord by right of birth, but you can call me Rian or Mister Cee," and, as they shake hands if Olumus accepts the other or after the offer is declined if that is the case, asks, "Where do you hale from?"

Olumus takes the offered hand in a firm grip that shows obvious strength, but is far from crushing. "I'm Olumus Gozar," he introduces as he shakes his hand. "And I was born and raised in Amber." There's still a touch of hesitance to his voice. His gaze flicks back to Keir as he releases Rian's hand. "Could I…pet him?"

Rian nods and turns his upper body slighlty so that Keir is closer to Olumus. As he moves, however, he also says, "He's a wild animal still though so if he isn't in the mood and nips at your fingers do /not/ blame me."

Olumus doesn't seem to mind potential finger nippings, as the big man's eyes light up at the opportunity and he reaches out to pat the gryphon on the head.

Keir eyes the large man's hand as it approaches and for a moment seems to consider exactly what his man said might happen but then obliges the stranger and even leans into the pat so that he can rub his left ear fathers against the thick finger tips.

Rian laughs and says, "Well, he likes you for sure," in observation of his companion's reaction before taking the last bite of his meat pie.

Olumus obliges the gryphon with ear rubs, smiling. "Reminds me a bit of a creature my cousin has," he says as he continues to give pats and rubs. "Feathers and fur, but his doesn't have wings and is more bear-like."

Rian asks, "Who is your cousin, Olumus?" No asking if its okay to be familiar, Rian just assumes it.

Olumus has thus far been directing his words at Keir even as he speaks to Rian. However, at that question, he looks

Rian's way and hesitates a moment before answering, taking his time during the pause to seemingly size Rian up even as his hand is still busy with the gryphon. "Dwennon," he eventually answers.

Keir seems to have had enough of the attention and so quickly turns his head and takes a bite at thenar space, that webbing betteen Olumus' thumb and index finger, which is not meant to injur but could be momentarially painfull none the less.

"Also a Gozar I assume," Rian says without any comment to the gryphon's action. "I haven't met him or others of your house," he states.

Olumus jerks away at the bite and rubs at the mark with the thumb of his other hand. He doesn't seem angry, though. More disappointed that he no longer gets to pet the gryphon, if anything. "We do tend to be a bit…elusive," he remarks.

"I'd like to know more about the Gozars," Rian says, "Please leave word for me at the Crown and Rose and I'll arrange time to meet with you, Olumus." Maybe improper but he doesn't seem to care. "I've some preprations to get to for an expidition I'm planning on."

Olumus shoots Keir a farewell glance as it seems they'll be parting ways soon enough. "I will. Uh… safe travels."

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