(2017-04-28) Drinks with Olumus and Damascus
Drinks with Olumus and Damascus
Location: The Crown and Rose, in Amber City
Date: April 28th, 2017
Summary: Rian meets Olumus and they discuss House Gozar. Then Damascus joins them
Characters: Damascus, Olumus, and Rian.
NPCs: Keir.

After having asked about for Rian, Olumus settles in to wait and see if he's in today. He has a book with him, which holds his focus as his fingers absently wander over to a tray before him to select a morsel from among the food he's ordered: sliced fruits, a variety of cheeses, and a selection of fresh vegetables.

When asked about Rian one of the servers goes to the door and speaks to a street urchin who goes off running and the woman returns to her work.

A time later Rian steps into the room and looks around. His gryphon is conspicously absent for anyone who has met the pair. After a moment he makes out Olumus who he approaches, asking one of the serving women to bring him a mug of rum in passing as he does so. "Well met and good evening, Lord Gozar," he says in greeting.

Olumus looks up with a start at being addressed, but then quickly dog ears his page and gestures to an empty seat at his table for him to join him. He clears his throat. "Good evening, Lord Rian," he replies. "You said you had an interest in my family, right? Were you planning on having something built?"

There must be something in the Chantris blood because when he sees the dog earing of the page of the book Rian scowls as if offended. He spins the offered chair around and then sits down and crosses his arms in front of him across the chair's back. "Mister Cee or Rian, please," he first says to Olumus before answering the question by saying, "I'd never heard of House Gozar actually so I honestly was interested in finding out about your family." Then his rum is brought to him and he gives a warm smile to the server. After she departs he adds, "Other than the fact that you weren't taught how to use bookmarks, of course," with a slight nod at the book accompanied with a faint frown.

Olumus stares, blinking, when Rian makes a remark about bookmarks, and then his eyes go down to the book he holds. It's definitely more on the worn side, even though it looks as though it's been bought recently. "I lose them if I read during breaks while I'm working," he mumbles, "and I get weird looks if I improvise… But, uh…" he clears his throat again. "We do stonework. Buildings and such."

After sipping some rum, Rian nods and says, "With such an old book I guess its not as much a problem. But you can get books with a ribbon bound into it for use as a bookmark." He then laughs a bit before he says, "I think some of my cousins might have had a stronger opinion on that than myself." Another sip of rum and he changes the subject, "Stonework. Huh," and then asks, "Did you want something to drink by the way?" with a nod towards his mug.

"It would be much easier if books were made out of stone," Olumus says. "Then I could dog ear without leaving any folds, and the book would get less battered if I left it in a bag for too long. But I'll keep an eye out for books with ribbons in them." He flashes a sheepish smile. At the offer of a drink, his eyes wander to Rian's mug when he gestures to it. "Uh, I think I'm good for now. Thanks, though."

<Editor's Note> Damascus entered the room and Rian's subsequent pose included a set for him.

Rian and Olumus are sitting together at a table conversing about books and the Gozars. Rian has a mug of rum in his hand and is sitting edgily in a backwards facing chair.

Outside the Crown and Rose, Rian's gryphon Keir is perched on the eves, having finished snacking on a fresh rat, watching for someone to enter or exit the building.

Inside, Rian says, "So, tell me some more about your family's business… what might be known by someone who has spent more time in Amber than I have that is, not asking for any secrets," and then sips some more of his rum.

Olumus seems to have forgotten all about the food he'd ordered, because he hasn't touched it since he put down his book after Rian arrived. "I'm not sure what else to say," he says slowly, his expression saying that he's still searching for an answer. "Maybe a more specific question…"

The gryphon on the roof then, may squak a warning about incoming folks. Damascus glides into the tavern with several books in a messenger bag on one shoulder. This may be an assumption for the onlooker, but the general bulk suggests this. He glances around serenely as he takes stock of the people within, smiles to a couple and makes his way toward a table not too far from Rian and Olumus, because a book nook seems to be a communal thing in his mind. "Wine, if you please and a plate of fruit and vegetables…" he requests of a server, setting out mason jars in addition to a tome or two.

Rather than any squawking, Keir simply takes advantage of the open door and flies into the room behind Damascus. He glides over to a coat rack by the door and takes perch there as he blinks to allow his eyes to adjust from the brightness outside to the gloom in the Crown and Rose.

Rian taps his finger on the side of his mug as he ponders and then says, "To be honest, beyond some self-taught carpentry I've little experience in architecture so I don't know what to ask." That said he brings a slight question to the veracity of his statement by asking, "Is there any magic involved in your family's stonemasonry?"

Olumus looks toward the door as it opens, and looks a bit giddy as Keir flies in and perches off a ways. It's with great effort that he returns his focus to the conversation. He returns to the conversation just in time to be forced to muffle a scoff at carpentry being being mentioned in relation to his own craft. "Magic? No, not really. It does resemble magic, I hear, but it's more an innate talent than anything."

Damascus tracks the flight of the little gryphon with his eyes, settling down as the vegetables and fruits are brought. Delicately, he pours a little sauce from the jars he set out onto the plate with them and uses it for dip - the scent of mango and curry spices and onions reach the nose of any nearby, pungeant with the edge of cilantro and mint also. He looks over to Rian and Olumus, nods to them very graciously and turns the pages of one book to a tongue marker dipping raw vegetables and eating a light meal whilst he reads.

Whispering under his breath and then blowing the words away as he raises his mug to his lips, Rian says, "Come over here, Keir," to the miniature gryphon. These words are heard by their recipient in moments and the animal hops from one branch of the coat rack to another before jumping into the air and, with only a couple of flaps of his wings, he flies over to his man and settles upon Rian's left shoulder.

After sipping his rum and being joined by his companion, Rian asks, "Are you… your family that is… a branch off one of the Great Houses?" While he speaks he glances out of the corner of his eye at the newly arrived book reader in such a way as to attempt to not being rude to either the man he is speaking with nor the one he is examining.

Olumus picks at a slice of apple for a moment before popping it into his mouth and shaking his head. "We're our own house," he answers, "just not one of the great ones." He leans forward a bit. "What does he eat?" he asks, eyes darting to Keir to clarify that's who he means.

Damascus's eyes lift from the page, studying Olumus and Rian briefly as they converse, as one does when hearing voices and knowing other people are there. He offers a smile, calm and gentle with it, looking back to the page a moment then to the little gryphon as if the answer may in fact be a curiosity to him, also.

Rian nods at the question then, pointing with his mug, he says, "Any of that, plus meat. His species are omnivorous like we are." He then clarifies by saying, "He prefers meat though, he's a predator just like any cat or eagle you're familiar with."

Olumus picks out a bit of carrot from his platter and offers it up toward Keir. "I've been considering getting some sort of pet," he remarks absently.

Keir looks at the carrot and then at Rian who promptly nods. With permission given, Keir hops off of Rian's shoulder and approaches Olumus' hand so he can more easily pluck the carrot from the man's fingers. He then takes it in his left talons and holds it against the table as he takes delicate bites from the vegetable.

Once the nod is given, Rian's focus returns to the man at his table. "Do you have any experience with animals then, Olumus?" he asks.

Olumus contentedly watches Keir eat. "Er… Not exactly… I just think they're cute."

Keir makes a slightly offended sounding warble following Olumus' comment and Rian hushes his companion. "Cute, eh?" he asks. "Alright, so cute would indicate a specific desire for one's pet," he says in a thoughtful fashion.

Damascus seems a little surprised by the omnivorousness, regarding the little gryphon with the silver and gold flecks in his eyes seeming to obscure beneath the brown, like glimpses beneath muddy water. He almost absently gestures at his wine glass with it, still curiously looking on to the animal. The wine in his glass trembles a moment, then snakes out of the glass, attenuating in the air to his lips for a sip, hanging there like an aqueous serpent, curious.

"Well, all animals are cute," Olumus says. "And a pet? Me? I'd probably be too busy to take care of anything…"

Rian, having kept Damascus in the corner of his eye the whole time, now turns to look at the man and the tentacle of liquid rising out of his glass. All thoughts of possible pets for the relative stranger he is sitting with are gone as he watches for a moment and then says, "That's a kind of magic I've not seen before," mostly to himself but out loud none the less.

Damascus's eyes remain on the gryphon for several more moments of simply enjoying watching the little guy move, eat and interact with the world. They refocus though, almost too slowly on Rian at the comment. He blink twice, confused, then looks perhaps fatuously at the wine hanging waiting for him to drink it. "Oh, please be excusing this one, sometimes he does such things without thinking." He backhand waves at the wine, which rapidly fwooshes back into the glass with a plop that sends a droplet up to be caught in its mass once again. "I am sorry if this one has disrupted your conversation, it was not my intent."

Olumus glances over to Damascus when Rian's attention turns that way as well, and he watches as the liquid plop back to its glass. "I…don't think you did," says the man who derailed his own conversation with his obsession with fluffy and feathered creatures.

Rian laughs and says, "My… friend here is right," yes, he paused due to uncertainty over how to describe Olumus. He then continues by asking, "Why don't you join us?" as Keir finishes his carrot and hops back up on his man's shoulder again.

Damascus straightens up in his seat, surprised perhaps by the invite. "I would be happy to, though please do not think that you must," he brings both hands together as if in prayer and bows his head over the clasped palms, a gracious kind of greeting but as foreign as the man looks. "Namaste," that said, he pulls his chair closer, moving the platter of fruits and vegetables closer with an open palmed invite to share in food. "Please, try if you wish," he offers "… Captain Damascus of Chantris and tanus."

Olumus absently reaches out to offer Keir another piece of carrot when he seems to realize something. The carrot is dropped back onto the table, and he scrambles to pull a handful of coins from one of the pouches at his belt. "I'm sorry, but I didn't realize the time. My date, I, uh…" A blush rises in his cheeks. "Anyway, it was good seeing you again, Damascus. And Lo- er, Rian, I'll come by again when I'm next free, if you'd like to talk more." He deposits at least enough coin to pay for the food and drink he and his tablemates ordered and then excuses himself to hurry off.

<Editor's Note> Olumus left the scene after the next two poses.

Rian's Minosian accent is more noticable as he nods to Damascus and says, "Well met Captain," but then he says, "Of course, enjoy your evening out," to Olumus.

Damascus bows his head to Olumus. "Be well, most excellent lord Olumus of Gozar," he offers to the man departing, smiling richly at the mannerism if not the need to vacate for a date. Of note, he has no noticeable accent, merely speech patterns that are antiquated and odd behavioural mannerisms. "The pleasure is mine, most excellent fellow. You are… Rian?" having heard Olumus farewell.

"Rian or Mister Cee, yes," he replies, "Although I have been told that by birthright I should be addressed as Lord Rian… but I would prefer Rian."

"Preference is a personal thing, erring on the side of caution until such things are clear is the action of a wise man, though, I have found," Damascus muses on that. "Saves a lot of upset, when begging forgiveness rather than permission." He smiles warm and wide at that.

Rian was about to continue the conversation when a man steps into the room from the street and gets his attention. He quickly stands and says, "I have business to attend to, perhaps another time, Captain Damascus," before departing.

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