(2017-04-29) A deal with Captain Redhand
A deal with Captain Redhand
Location: Jack of Hearts in Amber City
Date: April 29th, 2017
Summary: Rian goes to Jack of Hearts to find Captain Redhand to discuss a deal. He meets his uncle Prince Corwin there also along with a lady friend of the prince. The deal is made.
Characters: Corwin, John, Rian, and Sebastienne.
NPCs: none

<Editor's Note:> Corwin and Sebastienne are clusered on the couch.

Slowing as he reaches the couch, Corwin's giving an incline of his head in the direction of John, only to then offer, "Captain. I see you gave up your perch on the beach." A curl of his lips to a grin is then followed by, "Just when I was about to have a dozen cases delivered there for you." He doesn't wait for an invitation to sit, simply moving to settle himself down in one of the available seats as he looks to Sebastienne, "I have spies all over the city, Tea. That, or I just happen to have really good luck in tracking people down."

John smirks, chuckling when the Prince mentions 'luck'. "You might say that, yes." he replies. Turning a bit towards the lady, then, he offers. "Captain Redhand of the Starchaser, at your service. Any friend of Corwin's is a friend of mine. Likewise with enemies." Bold words for an unarmed man.

"Mmmhmm." The hum of sound Sebastienne gives as Corwin grabs a nearby seat is utterly undecipherable, but the indication is given that she may not be entirely believing either of the options he's given in reply. She lifts the hand not holding her drink, using it to turn the clear straw within for a sip, the scent of fruits and flowers heavy from her glass, a bitter herbal note balancing it from below. Lowering the drink as Jack introduces herself, she does the same, answering with an almost mischievous grin, "A pleasure, Captain. Sebastienne Thorne." No title offered, perhaps none existing? "And I can promise you, were I ever to be a threat to His Highness, he would need no one else's aid in correcting the matter."

Placing a couple of the bottles upon the floor at his feet, Corwin's popping the top off the one that remains in his hand, only to lift it to his lips for a healthy sip before lowering it back down. Gaze play between John and Sebastienne, lips curled to a smirk as he offers up, "You'll see a fair bit more of her, Captain. Her father served me for quite some time, but she's been away studying for the past few years, only just returned." A tap of a fingertip against the side of his bottle, "Don't piss her off, though. Maybe suddenly find the hull of your ship painted in random colors."

Rian enters from the streets of Amber and looks around the place for the first time. He finds the bartender first and approaches, ordering a hot butterd rum with a base of good Minosian rum and apple cidar. He then approaches the three men, nodding towards John and stopping far enough away to not intrude on their conversational space without invitation.

John chuckles at that, giving the lady a nod. "Aye, he's a fair hand with a blade I'll say that." the man offers to Sebastienne. The brandy is swirled again before he takes a sip. "A legacy, is she?" he replies, looking curious. Then he chuckles. "So long as she leaves the sails alone. Took a lot for me to get her properly fitted." A glance towards the door as Rian enters, and the bald man's brows lift. Their gazes meet and he nods once.
Privately, to Rian, John's usual array of weaponry is absent. Conspicuously.

"They wouldn't be random," Sebastienne points out as the Prince makes mention of the threats her wrath might bring. "There is always order to my chaos, his ship would be pink at the tip, violet at the end, and every shade imaginable in just the right orders in between." And it would be, too. She glances up from her perch on the arm of the couch, looking over Rian as he carries his drink from the bar and starts to hover. She doesn't know him, though, so she neither beckons closer nor waves him away. Rumor has this place known as a brothel, perhaps he's just hoping to ply his wares? The Captain's words draw her gaze back, and as he calls her a legacy she sips again from her drink, her easy smile fading a bit as she grows a touch pensive.

Privately, to John, Rian's gryphon compaion is absent presently.

"One might just say that, Captain," offers up Corwin, only to then follow that up with, "Sure about the sails? I'm pretty sure a hint of color might just help them out." There's a smirk though, followed by a shake of his head and a laugh as Seb details the colors she'd use. The arrival of Rian over towards where they sit as him shifting his gaze to the man, regarding him a moment and offering up a simple nod of his head.

Rian bows slightly at the waist when recognized by Prince Corwin and then says, in an unmistakable Minosian accent, "Well met. I apologize for interrupting, I was told by Captain Redhand's first mate that I might find him here," primarially speaking to the Prince as he believes is proper etiquette.

John draws a wry smile at that, nodding. "Aye, and she spoke true." he replies. "Mister Rian, Prince Corwin of Amber and Sebastienne Thorne." No titles for the lady, apparently. Gesturing to the Minosian, he offers. "Mister Rian of Cameron. Presumably on some matter that requires my attention."

Huh. So. Not someone from the brothel. Probably. Technically Sebastienne doesn't know the Captain well enough to know he wouldn't have ordered ahead. But still, it makes the chances far less likely. And John's introductions finally answer the question decisively. Pulling herself from past thoughts, Sebastienne finds her smile again, offering it along with a nod as she tells him simply, "Well met." Of course, she then glances to Corwin, well aware that the Captain was searched for, and thus likely for a reason. "Shall we leave you gentlemen to your business?"

With Rian addressing him directly, Corwin's merely giving a nod of his head and a lift a hand, giving a little 'go ahead'. Introductions, though, are handled by John and there's a flicker of a smile that dances to the Prince's lips, "Just can't escape business, can you, John?" He does offer another incline towards Rian, only to be followed by, "Yes, we can take our leave if there's private matters to be discussed."

"If this is a bad time we can put off the business, Captain," Rian says addressing John first. He then turns his attention back to the Prince and Sebastienne and explains, "I have been told it is important to let people know that by birthright I am technically a lord, although I do prefer Rian, with or without a Mister." He isn't actually rolling his eyes at himself but anyone with a lick of sense can likely tell that he is fighting the urge… high society is not really his place.

John actually rises, then, careful not to spill his brandy. "Why don't you excuse me, please. Now that you've got your bottles close at hand." He flashes a grin to Corwin, then gives the lady a simple nod. "Mister Rian, right here is as good as anywhere." And with that he gestures towards a more private booth.

John sits down at Large Private Booth.

"Lord and occasionall Mister but sometimes not Rian, it was lovely meeting your acquaintance." And Sebastienne nearly manages to even keep a straight face as it's offered, only the barest hint of her smile quirking at the edge of her lips to betray her. He and the Captain take their leaves, and so she uses the foot she has upon the couch cushion to push at Corwin's thigh, a wordless hint for him to scootch a smidge so she can settle down more properly.

When John rises to indicate that this is a perfect time, Corwin's simply giving a nod of his head towards him, along with a smile, "Always got the bottles close at hand." A grin, then and he's watching the two men for a moment, only to then shift his attention back over towards Seb as she nudges at him with a foot, a chuckle slipping past his lips as he shifts just a tad closer on the couch, only to then murmur something to her.

Rian nods to Prince Corwin and then follows John to the Captain's chosen booth.

Rian sits down at Large Private Booth.

Sebastienne looks to Corwin as he moves closer rather than further, but then leans down as he lifts his head to murmur something closer. She laughs at whatever was heard, and then leans down to rest her lips near his ear as an answer or reply is offered.

John settles first, waiting for Rian to take a seat before leaning in close to begin their quiet conversation.

At the table, John offers "I must say it's good to see you again, Rian. Went looking for me aboard the ship first?"

Rian slips into the booth opposite John and finally takes a sip of his buttered rum.

At the table, Rian nods as he swallows the sip. "Aye, seemed the appropriate place to start looking for you," Rian says in reply. "Odd seeing you unarmed also I should say, John," he adds dropping the Minosian formality since this is a private conversation.

As Sebastienne leans in to whisper to him, Corwin's giving a low chuckle in the back of his throat, only for a smirk to dance to his lips as he bows his head in a slight little nod towards her. Then, he's leaning in a murmuring something back in reply.

At the table, John smiles wryly at that. "I'm never unarmed these days, Rian." Holding a hand palm up, there is a soft hiss followed by a crackling sound as water forms into the shape of a knife and instantly freezes into ice. "A good friend of mine rules a shadow where it is always winter. I've spent a lot of time there." He considers for a moment, then asks. "Where is your gryffon?"

At the table, Rian raises an eyebrow at the demonstration of magic and nods. "Well, that's a thing then, good for you," he says about the magic demonstration. Then, to answer the question, he says, "I let Keir go hunting. There'll be one less rat or pidgeon in the area and he'll have the satifaction of a hunt. He got used to taking care of himself on our island the last seven years after all."

At the table, John swirls his glass, leaving the knife on the table. Taking a sip, he regards Rian for a moment before asking the Big Question. "So where have you been all this time? And what is it that brought you back?"

The Prince and his bottles scootch, and eventually the rainbow not quite sprite slips from the arm of the sofa to settle in where he had been as they were chatting softly, a grin on her lips as she gives him a look once she's settled before taking another sip from her now half-empty class of faintly purple fizzy something.

At the table, Rian nods and says "You may remember I left your crew because I had found an opportunity to be a first mate for a merchant captain…" after seeing a slight nod of acknowledgement he continues "… well, a few months out his crew mutinied on us and abandoned us on a remote uninhabited island." He seems pained saying this, as this would mean he was marooned twice in one year and he knows John might remember the first one having happened also.

At the table, John reaches up to run a palm over his smooth head, mouth twitching but otherwise managing to keep his composure. "And the captain…?" he asks, out of professional courtesy. "I presume there is a story concerning your return, and perhaps the fate of ship and crew."

At the table, Rian sips his buttered rum and then frowns. "The captain was one of the us marooned on the island. He went mad with a fever about a year in and I killed him to keep him from killing me," Rian explains to answer the question. "As far as the ship and crew, haven't heard of them since and my return… a nephew of mine training to improve his archery was brought to the island by another former crewmember of your's. They weren't looking for me… just found them while he was shooting his arrows and then they brought me back to Amber."

At the table, John nods slowly to that, taking another sip before he replies. "Before we move on to the nature of your business here, what was the ship's name and type?" It's an innocent enough question, until one considers it was asked by a pirate.

At the table, Rian nods and sips at his butter rum before saying, "My most recent ship was a galleon named the Happy Wanderer of all things."

Laughing at something said, Sebastienne raises a hand to cover her mouth to hold back the amusement, and then she leans down, snagging one of the Prince's bottles from the floor at his feet to twist the wax seal free before she opens it. A long drink, and a hint of a wince following at the burn manages to contain her laughter and their conversation drops back down to soft and unheard murmurs once more.

At the table, John eases back a bit, considering. "Reports are that she went down just inside Minosian waters." he replies. "Happy Wanderer, indeed."

At the table, Rian chuckles before saying, "Won't shed a tear," and asking, "Do you know how long ago?" He sips his rum but quick asks a second question, "How about the Triton's Legs? A brig or brigantine depending on who one asks."

At the table, John shrugs, then shakes his head. "Year ago, maybe two. Went down without a trace, but some of her cargo washed ashore." Sipping deeply, he shakes his head again. "Nothing about the Triton's Legs, I'm afraid. Where was she last seen?"

At the table, Rian says, "I last saw her as she was sailing away from the islet that batch of mutineers abandoned me on. Was captained by Captain Kraken. This was before you and I met, it was a Chantris captain that rescued me back then of course."

At the table, Rian clarifies, "It was in Sukho," before sipping at his rum.
Long distance to John: Rian should have had that in his previous pose.

At the table, John nods slowly, looking thoughtful. "Long time for a ship to be missing." he observes. "And I can't recall ever meeting Captain Kraken. You could be chasing ghosts, Rian."

At the table, Rian's normal jovial expression melts away into a serious set of his features and he very calmly says, "I've gathered a crew and I will find the Triton's Legs. We will take her and she will be mine. The captain who helps me and my crew get there will get half the cargo." He pauses for a long moment and says, "If you don't want to be that captain I can go looking elsewhere, Redhand."

At the table, John regards Rian with a neutral expression for a moment. After draining his glass, he sets it down and offers his hand. "I'll go with you, Rian, along with the Starchaser and her crew. But not only for the promise of cargo."

John looks at Rian with a more serious expression before draining his glass. Then he offers the man a hand.

Rian looks at the hand and does not yet take it, speaking quietly at the table some more first.

At the table, Rian looks at the offered hand and asks, "What else would you be asking for then, Captain Redhand?"

At the table, John chuckles, shaking his head. "You misunderstand me. I'll go not for the prize, but for the principle. There's no need to put more meat in the stew."
Rian laughs at something said and takes John's hand.

At the table, Rian laughs and nods. "Alright, then," he says as he takes John's hand in his.

Corwin and Sebastienne both lapse to silence, each sitting with their own thoughts for the time being, somewhat shoulder to shoulder on the couch, though enough space for both to let arms move freely as they drink from matching bottles, Seb having apprently been too lazy to get up for a refill after her far more frilly drink was finished.

At the table, John returns the handshake firmly, reaching with his other hand to clap Rian on the shoulder. "Very well, then. You know where I make berth. Come aboard and we'll make preparations."

John returns the handshake firmly, reaching with his other hand to clap Rian on the shoulder. His words remain soft, but his expression is bright.

John stands and leaves Large Private Booth.

John has departed.

«Editor's Note» John logged out at this point.

Having been sitting there next to Sebastienne, Corwin has been working on drinking the whiskey from within his bottle and has seemingly done a rather good job of it, for there's only a couple more mouthful's left within. As John takes his leave of the establishment, there's a simple nod given to the man and then he's leaning over to murmur something quietly in the direction of Sebastienne.

While her own bottle of whiskey is the same as the Prince's, Sebastienne's own drinking is far slower, the amber liquid it holds missing only a few inches from its neck and upper curves. There's another sip taken, and then a chuckle as she exhales again after, nodding to whatever has been said to her ear, replying softly but simply, "It's a habit many seem to have here in the City, it seems."

After John's departure, Rian sits at the booth finishing his rum, which has likely cooled, making a point of not looking in the direction of Prince Corwin and his companion.

A curl of Corwin's lips to a grin is given in the direction of Sebastienne, only for him to give another little nod of his head, "True enough. You'll see it quite often, I'm afraid." A low chuckle and then he's finishing off the remaining whiskey in his bottle, only to lean forward so that the empty can be settled upon the floor and a new bottle claimed.

Merely nodding at the Prince's answer, as his bottle is empty and he leans forward, Sebastienne holds her own out towards him, bumping the bottom of the glass vessel against his shoulder in a silent offer to let him finish it off. Isn't that generous of her, sharing his own booze back with him after having pilfered it?

Rian stands and begins to head towards the exit then, as if remembering himself, he turns to face Corwin and bow politely to the prince and then steps back and begins to turn to resume his course for the exit.

When Sebastienne comes to offer up the bottle that she had claimed in an offering to let him finish, Corwin's accepting it with a quick laugh, only to then give a slight shake of his head, "How kind. Letting me finish my own bottle." A quirk of his lips to a grin and there's no denying the tease in the words. Settled back into his seat, he catches Rian's bow and in return, he's offering the man a slight incline of his head.

"Exactly," Sebastienne murmurs as her kindness is noticed. "I'm always kind. Except when I'm not. It's why you keep me around." Of course, poking fun at the Prince while others are actually trying to follow the rules of etiquette and such is probably frowned upon, so… She shuts herself up as Rian stops near the door to bow in their general direction, observing simply, "Pretty sure that's meant for you rather than me, C."

Rian departs Jack's if he isn't stopped on the way out…

… he isn't.

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