(2017-05-02) Yes, you can Shadowwalk to an island
Yes, you can Shadowwalk to an island
Location: mostly in Shadow
Date: May 2nd, 2017
Summary: Alec takes Rian out to near Shadow so that his uncle can try an experiment. Rian successfully takes them back to the island he was stranded on when they met.
Characters: Alec and Rian.
NPCs: Keir.

Rian feels the mental tingle of a familiar presence. Alec is trying to reach him via his Trump.

Rian accepts the Trump contact from Alec.

To the image of Alec, Rian, with Keir on his shoulder, says, "Hey Alec," as the contact opens up in his mind.

The image of Alec seems to be out much deeper in Arden than the last time he called. "Hey. I was wandering if you wanted to practice more pattern stuff. I don't know a lot, but I can teach you what I do know. Or try to, at least." He flashes a sheepish smile. "Unless you're busy, or had other plans."

To the image of Alec, Rian grins and says, "No plans nor am I busy. Additionally I've been considering something that having backup would really help." Keir squawks at Alec before Rian asks, "Should I come to you or will bring me though to you instead?"

The image of Alec tilts his head. "Backup? I'm not sure how good I would be at that, but I can try. And I can pull you through." He offers out his hand.

Rian reaches forward and grasps Alec's hand.

Rian lets go of Alec's hand after materializing in Arden and looks around. "If I get lost in Shadow do you not think you can bring us back to Amber?" he asks.

Alec is on one of the trails that meanders through this part of Arden. He returns Rian's trump to his deck and then nods. "I should. And if I can't for some reason, I can always trump someone." He pauses. "Just as a warning, the forest is very angry and actively tries to kill anyone who enters it. It's even claimed the lives of a few rangers. Stay on your toes."

Rian bites back a scathing comment about death woods and instead asks, "Why don't we get out of the forest then?" with "Do you know if it is possible to Walk to an island?" as a quick follow up.

Alec shakes his head. "I don't think so, but I haven't tried," he says. "I asked Moxon once if we could walk to Minos from here, and he said it wasn't possible. Why?" He starts walking, shifting shadow as he goes, but then stops. "Did you want to lead? I just realized that I don't know what you wanted to learn about or practice. But it'll be a while before we're anywhere safe," he notes. "Whatever is in Arden has affected its shadows as well, and the deeper we get, the worse it'll be."

Rian mutters softly about death woods at this point before actually speaking. "I was hoping to just try Shadow Walking but… I'm also not that keen on being in a forest that is out to kill me." He then says, "I was thinking of just seeing where I could go," he then asks, "Any chance we could walk from here and get /away/ from Arden's shadows?"

Alec nods. "I should be able to get us through relatively fast and safely," he says, "although I'm nowhere near as good as Zach is. Should I take us to somewhere with a dock and ships?"

"Or just a place with a beach?" Rian counter suggests in an accepting way.

Alec nods and then leads the way. Each shift is major, changing the surrounding folliage drastically with wach step he takes, and fast enough to avoid any threats they might face. Eventually, the smell of the sea begins to mingle with the smells of the forest, and the occasional cry of a seabird mingles with the forest birdsong until they eventually find themselves on a wide, sandy beach.

Rian follows along watching for and attempting to feel the changes as Alec shifts shadows around them. As he starts to hear seabirds he smiles and as they reach the beach he says, "Yes, this'll do fine if you don't mind my taking over?"

Alec nods and lets Rian take control of the shifting. "So, what was that thing you mentioned about backup?" he asks.

"Oh, we already discussed it," Rian says. "If I get us totally lost you can get us back to Amber you said, right?"

"Ah, right." Alec nods. He looks out at the ocean. "So, why did you want a beach specifically?" he asks.

Rian starts walking along the beach, positioning himself so that Alec is between him and the waves so that he is looking at his nephew as he says, "I have a specific curiosity and while I know you said you don't think it is possible I wanted to try it out." As he speaks the trees behind him change into a mix of ferns and tropical trees as they shift to his will and, when he glances back towards them, he nods satisified with that change. He continues walking at a pace that is easily matched.

Alec follows along with him, watching the changes. "Don't tell me you're trying to get to an island," he says, noting the tropical plants.

Rian grins and nods. "I have a specific one that I know very well to use as an experiment," he explains to Alec while looking at the trees and when he looks back at the young ranger the water has taken on a particular crystiline blue shade and he says "That looks right," to himself under his breath.

Alec shoots Rian a somewhat concerned look. "Do you mean the island we found you on?" he asks slowly.

"Of course," Rian replies exhuberantly and then adds, "Plus, you have some arrows that weren't retrieved there also," as he turns towards the trees and begins to walk over a sand dune with his back to the sea and nothing seems to change for a moment but as they reach the top of the dune it becomes apparent that they are on a spur of land and there is sea on the other side of it as well as behind them.

"I can always get more," Alec says, "from shadow, even, if I'm desperate enough." But he's not fighting it, allowing Rian to continue his experiment.

Rian turns so that he is walking between the two lines of water and heads into the trees saying, "I think I'm very close," to Alec as the trees they pass change slightly just outside Rian's peripherial vision and the ground darkens into a richer loam. He stops once the ocean cannot be seen anymore and says, "If we turn around and walk back to the sea we should be at the point where we first met, Alec. Care to test that without any manipulation of Shadow?"

Alec chews his lower lip, but nods. He tuns around and starts back toward where indicated. "Why an island?" he asks. "And why this one in particular?"

As the pair cross over the transition from tropical woodland to beach they find themselves within a few yards of where Alec and Maereina landed on the island and met Rian. "Because I was told that I should really know a place I'm walking to and…. this is actually only my third time Walking though Shadow on my own so to speak," he explains, "The first was backtracking to Amber after following Trinara into Shadow and the second was the other day in Arden, returning to Amber again."

"Ah." Alec nods. "It's definitely easier if you know the place. One of my first ventures walking out into shadow was to a place far from Amber, but I'd been taken there twice before, so I could do it without any problem." He glances around. "Huh. It worked."

Rian grins, a bit proud of himself, and says, "Yeah, it seems to have worked as I'd expected it to," sounding somewhat surprised also.

"I guess the more you know a place, the easier it is to get to," Alec says, "no matter where it is." He looks around some more. "So, do you want to try getting us back? Or should I?"

"Why don't you get us back, Alec," Rian replies, "After you collect your arrows perhaps?" this last is accompanied by a gesture towards one of the aforementioned projectiles.

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