(2017-05-06) Rian's Second Etiquette Lesson
Rian's Second Etiquette Lesson
Location: the Chantris Suite of Amber Palace
Date: May 6th, 2017
Summary: More etiquette discussions, Keir care… and a misunderstanding.
Characters: Prudence and Rian.
NPCs: Keir.

Prudence taps gently on the door, books tucked under an arm as she waits patiently.

Rian opens the door and says, "Lady Prudence," to his distant cousin in greeting.

Behind him, the greeting room of the Chantris Suite can be seen to have been recently cleaned (servants are a boon to a bachelor effectively living alone) and a small pile of books are stacked on an end table by a settee which Rian's gryphon, Keir, is perched upon the back of.

"Come on in," he invites her with a wave of his free hand. He is currently dressed in only his breeks and a short sleeved white undershirt.

Prudence dips her chin, "Lord Riank, good evening. I have brought you further reading and a bottle of Bayle's apple brandy." she steps in and stands by the door, "I trust this evening finds you well?"

Rian nods and says, "Please, just Rian or Mister Cee as I've adopted." He waves her towards the settee after closing the door. "Please, feel free to sit and I'll get some glasses," he adds further. On closer inspection, it can be seen that the small pile of books consists of three: Prudence's copies of Mystical 101 and introduction to manners that she loaned Rian and a tretis on the history of Amber and her royal family as well.

Prudence looks about and choosees her seat carefully, "Did you have sufficient time to cover all the reading, Mr. Cee?"

Rian collects the glasses and comes over to the settee and takes a seat at the opposite end of it from Prudence. As he sits he says, "Yes, I finished both of your's and I've read much of the history book I found in the palace library as well."

Keir, when Prudence sits down, steps closer to her balancing on the back of the settee and then leans in close to her and sniffs at her before jumping down into the space between her and his man and then curling up there.

Prudence tilts her head and looks to Keir, "What is the approproate custom on greeting your companion, Keir? I had meant to ask and it slipped my mind."

With a grin, Rian says, "He reacts much more like a cat then a bird. Let him approach you, don't jerk away… if you don't want contact slowly pull back, frown and say 'No' firmly." He then adds with a laugh, "Offering a treat never hurts, if you happen to have one."

Keir looks up at Prudence when she asked about him and then at his man as the answer begins to be said, and then makes a trilling-purr like sound in the back of his throat that is more emotional than communicative as he curls back up between the two people.

Prudence ahhs and wonders, "What are acceptable Keir treats? Milk and fish like cats?"

"His is an interesting breed actually, they're omnivores like people," Rian says as the start of his answer, "They prefer meat… fish works and they do enjoy it but red meat is especially enjoyable. I believe when he goes hunting on his own he takes down rats and seaguls most often." He pauses to set the glasses down on a low table in front of the settee and then reaches for the wine bottle, in a silent offer to pour for them both even as he continues speaking. "Milk is actually bad for cats and Keir's species. They're lactose intollerant so it gives them stomach pains… but they love the stuff unfortunately," he explains further.

Prudence's eyebrows lift, "Ahh, that seems curious. Good to know. Red or white meat if that white meat is fowl." she muses. She smiles politely to Keir, "Next time." she promises. Her dips her chin allowing him to pour as is his right as host, "Did you have any questions on anything you read, Mr. Cee?"

Keir, who may or may not have understood the offer, remains quiet ane curled up on the sofa between his man and the woman with them.

Rian nods to answer the question and then speaks. "Yes actually," he says, "well, two now really." He pauses to pop the cork on the bottle of Bayle's and pours it into the glasses. He continues as he offers both glasses to Prudence so she can choose her's from the pair: "Firstly, why do you need so many different forks at dinner and secondly, brought up just now, why won't you call me Rian when I've asked you to? Especially as we are in private and there won't be anyone around to be scandalized."

Prudence accepts the closest to her. She smiles politely, "Well, one does not necessarily NEED so many forks but considering that often dinner parties occur when lord and ladies are in their finery it's important to have the appropriate tool for the task least one create a mess or a spectical. Furthermore, it will not do to have flavors mixing between the courses so a fresh fork is ideal. As for the name, as previously stated addressing you by only your first name suggests an intimacy I am not comfortable with. I understand you are rather more accustomed to less formal standards. The standards by which I was raised is ladies do not call gentlemen by their first names unless they are long time acquaintences, lovers, or direct relatives. You are a student so I feel it is proper to address you as Mr. Cee rather than your first name."

Though serious effort, manages to not roll his eyes regarding the answer. "Alright," he says, "I guess I'll give up that fight for now." He then asks, "Can I call you Prudence or must I keep the Ladying even in a private setting like this?" He then takes a sip of the wine from his glass.

Prudence tilts her head, "Well. The choice is yours, Mr. Cee. I would invite you to use our interactions as an opportunity to practice the lessons you are learning as I imagine there is a reason you've asked for these lessons. If you are going to show distain for the subject matter, then you and I are both wasting our time. No doubt you can think of other ways you'd like to spend this time, Mr. Cee?"

"If I'm going to spend time in Amber I'd rather not piss people off unintentionally," Rian says with the obvious implication that he's more than willing to piss people off intentionally.

Prudence tilts her head, "Is it your intention to suggest veiled contempt?" it's not an accusation she seems legitimately curious, big brown eyes guiless as she takes a dainty sip of her brandy.

"Not at all," Rian says sincerely with a sigh. "What made you ask?" the question comes from pure curiosity.

Prudence tilts her head, "Your attempt to barter and mannerisms I suspect born out of…let's be charitable and say exasperation." She studies him with those big brown eyes, "I am left with the sense that I am the least objectionable ends to a means. Worse, I get the impression thusfar you've found our interactions tedious rather than instructive." she waves a gloved hand, "It is no matter. Tell me, Mr. Cee, are you familiar with the concept of graciousness? Would you please be so kind as to explain to me your understanding of what it is to be gracious?"

Rian sets down the wine and says, "Its showing appreciation for what people do for you." He stands and takes a few steps away from the settee. Without turning to look at her he says, "I'm sorry. I guess I haven't thanked you ever." He then says, "Also that's a nice wine."

Prudence smiles gently, "That's gratitude." she clarifies gently, "Graciousness is a rather broad scope. A simpler more specific word might be agreeable. Now, those who use manners to play the part of courtier may occasionally make sport of those who make trivial errors. Choosing the wrong fork, making an off color comment, or the like. It's important to understand that these small lapses happen to us all and are trivial and only the trite would pick that point-particularly infront of others. Why do I make note of this? Because it is far more important that you learn what it is to be gracious than it is which fork to use or gentlemanly conduct. The later is important but if you learn nothing else, learn to be gracious as THAT is the currency you seek. You could spend a year being groomed and polished to be perfect at every function and fete or you can learn how to interact with others in the least objectionable way possible. An example of graciousness might be, instead of challenging me on how I called you. Inspite of you invitation I still called you MR. Cee you reiterated an invitation and then followed by your logic why I should follow it. That path lays the ground works for a disagreement, a conflict. Also it prioritizes your wishes over mine. The gracious response would to allow me to call you as I am comfortable within reason without questioning it but let's say a question arises from a choice I've made then a question rather than a case is appropriate. Something like: Would it make you uncomfortable to call me Rian? Would it be rude for me to ask why?" she smiles politely, "When you lay a case, a reason or logic, you are debating. This has it's place but it is not here."

Prudence adds, "A good way to approach Graciousness is: what does it cost me to be agreeable?' Often the answer is: nothing."

Rian listens attentively and slowly turns to look back at Prudence. He nods and says, "I conceed your point, Lady Prudence," and gives her a wan smile.

Prudence smiles warmly, "Now, you are not obligated to be meek in our lessons but I am obligated to point out these opportunities. My sister, our duchess, is rather appreciative of direct approach oftentimes. Self reliance is wonderous skillset to have. I understand the concept of blending in might seem downright counter productive but when dealing with the peerage it is…" she pauses to consider her words carefully, "..almost a tactical manner. There is almost ALWAYS ego involved and when you are in an unfamiliar social circle you must always act as if you are surrounded by betters." She smiles warmly, "I do not mean to suggest those with title or rank are better than you but often they will expect due courtesy and this can at times include a bit of tongue biting. The tactics comes from weighing the consequences before you speak when possible." She studies him and sips her wine, "I hope perhaps this expedites the lessons past the droll matters of table manners and gentlemanly charm strait to matters which are relevant to your interests."

Rian laughs when he's clled meek and shakes his head, "Wasn't trying to be meek… I was trying to be polite to you." His laughter appears to interrupt Keir's rest as the gryphon lifts his head and makes a noise like he might be asking what's going on.

Prudence smiles, "Forgive me, I misspoke. I did not mean to suggestion you were meek. A better thing to have said might have been: You are welcome to speak freely when you have a question. Please forgive my poor turn of phrasing."

"I was more amused than anything else, Prudence," Rian says slipping up on using her title as he adds, "Alhtough none is required, I extend any forgiveness you require."

Prudence smiles, "Thank you. I admit there is a bit of a learning curve for me. My students are normally children. It is a new experience to tutor a peer."

Rian says, "You're doing fine," as he returns to the settee and sits back down. "I've learned a lot and," he indicates the history book beneath the two on loan from Prudence, "I expanded my studies a bit on my own."

Prudence looks down and ahhhs, "I have found history is…surprisingly subjective depending on the author. what is it you are hoping to learn?"

"I clarified the history of my grandfather's family. How it developed and grew here in Amber," Rian explains.

Prudence ahhhs and tilts her head, "Did we discuss what you hope your role to be in Amber?"

Rian clears his throat and then, while shaking his head, says, "We have not, but I think that is premature as I suspect that it would be better for me to have that discussion with my father first." He finishes his glass of wine before adding, "Until then… I'm going to try to get a ship and will then be a captain sailing out of Cameron and Amber."

Prudence drains her glass daintily and sets it down next to the decanter or on a serving tray if there is such, "Ahh, sounds like a sage plan, Mr. Cee. By your leave I'll excuse myself and leave you to your evening unless there's anything you require of me?"

Rian shakes his head and says, "Thank you for the loan of the books by the way, you can take them back with you of course." He then sees her to the door and wishes her a good evening as well.

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