(2017-05-12) Discussing Meditation
Discussing Meditation
Location: Mandrake Manor in Amber
Date: April 12th, 217
Summary: Rian responds to a summons from Lady Celeste Mandrake. They discuss his work at the Mandrake Charity Hospital and meditation in preparation for his learning Life Magic. Rian meets Wulf before he departs.
Characters: Celeste, Rian, and Wulf.
NPCs: Keir.

Celeste is making her way from the gardens towards the house when Rian's escorted from the gates and announced. She pauses and turns, waiting for Rian and then walking up towards the house with him, "Good day, my lord. How're you today?"

Rian, accompanied by Keir on his shoulder, frowns for half a moment at the Lording and then visually squashes the feeling and makes himself smile in recognition of the spirit of the greeting. "I am well, Lady Celeste," he says as Keir shifts his weight in response to his man's discomfort. "I hope you are well," he asks in response.

Celeste grins crookedly, "Sorry, force of habit, been playing praxis and ass kissing. I'm well, thank you. Would you like tea or scotch? Is the porch alright? I keep forgetting I had to surrender my office."

With a smile, Rian says, "Porch and scotch are fine. And I assume from your reply we can drop the lords and ladies for the time being?"

Celeste nods, "Certainly. I've never been big on formality but it's better to be safe than sorry." she steps up onto the porch and settles at a settee on the west columnade.

Celeste has a servant sent into the house to fetch the scotch and invites Rian to have a seat as she settles into a chair.

Rian waits for Celeste to sit and then lowers into the offered chair and relaxes, lounging a bit in the chair. As he sits, Keir leaps into the air for a moment ans settles on the back of another nearby chair.

"Been putting in time for you in the hospital," Rian says off hand while waiting for the drinks to be brought out.

Celeste nods, "So I hear, thank you. Speaking of working there, what have you learned about handling patients while there?"

"Depending on the patient and the situation you have to either take extreme care in all contact or be firm but gentle," Rian replies and then adds, "Also, the hospital is constantly requiring cleaning."

Celeste nods, "Not being careful can irritate injuries and cause pain and of course just as many patients or companions of patients, need rough handling. My mate's a beast master and most of what he breeds is massive so the first thing I have to remind myself when I tend to them is where am I going to stand or how will I approach the creature because often they won't be too pleased with what I'm doing." A servant returns with some edibles and a decanter of scotch with two tumblers and some ice

Rian nods and says, "Quite true. And with animals you lack the benefit of clear communication to make an added challenge."

Celeste considers, "Wulf might disagree, He seems to communicate with them in his own way but it's certainly not the way you and I would look at it. Were you looking to tend animals or people or both?"

Rian goes ahead pours some scotch, neat, into each of the tumblers. "Well, I've always found it easy to be around animals myself also, I was thinking more about you personally," he says as he picks up both tumblers and then, as he extends one of them to his hostess, he says, "My primary concern is the one that I mentioned before… caring for Keir and myself when we're injured."

At the mention of his name, Keir looks up and trills for a moment and then starts cleaning himself by picking though his feathers with his beak.

Celeste nods and smiles, "It's a modest desire but it involves a lot of work and practice. For now, it's working on seeing the living energy and for those it doesn't come natural to it can be rather frusterating. It's not meditation but it requires an altering of one's consciousness and THAT'S the trick. Have you ever meditated before?"

"I have not," Rian says as he leans back in his chair and takes in the scent of the scotch. "I'm not clear on this, I thought we were talking about physicing but its more magic then medical crafts we'll be working on, right?" he asks before finially taking a sip from his glass.

Celeste tilts her head, "You will have to be able to see what's going on within the patient to treat them."

Rian makes a conceeding expression on his face and then, with a laugh in his voice, "That makes a lot of sense." Then, he asks, "So, any specific tips for meditation?"

Celeste considers, "It varies between person to person. I had to learn to meditate for another reason and it was difficult for me to master. My mind wouldn't go quiet. Always thinking about plans, things I forgot to do, things I plan to do…so. when you practice it make sure you're comfortable but Rather than just relaxing…you'll just fall asleep if you do that. Pick something to focus on, and focus on it, until your awareness extends ONLY to that thing. It can be your breath, or your heartbeat, but at first it should be something internal rather than external."

Rian nods and takes another sip of the scotch and says, "That I've done before… often while coiling lines on a ship or swabbing the deck. Makes the work easier if you just flow with it and not dwell on it."

Celeste dips her head, "you want to make sure nothing else wanders in. no meandering toughts or spacing outk, a single minded sole focus on it. You won't need to meditate to sense life but in altering your awareness and holding it? You'll need to learn that and mastering meditation helps a lot."

Rian nods and asks, "How altered does one's awareness need to be for this?"

Celeste ahhs, "For mandrakes? It's like peering at something far away. For not blooded? Not sure, not an experience I've had , I'll have to ask you once we've found what works, MY last non blooded student seemed to have luck when I told her to stop looking using her eyes." She smiles wryly, "Once you've master meditation we will work in regression and see if we can't dial in your awareness to just seeing the aura of living things."

Rian nods. "Alright, I'll definately work on that then," he says before finishing his scotch.

Celeste nurses her scotch, "What are you up to lately? Seems…weird…to have a tutor student chat."

"I've been preparing for an expidition into shadow with Redhand," Rian says. "I'm looking to acquire a ship."

Celeste blinks in surprise, "John Redhand? Where you two going? I'm sure you can work something out with Talia, right?"

Rian smiles, "We're going where the ship is… and I wouldn't know if I could work something out with the Duchess. I've not interacted with her or many of my relatives on that side of my family really."

<Editor's Note:> Quina and Wulf entered the room OOCly at this point, thus there were a couple of summary of the scene poses.

Celeste is settled on the porch sipping scotch with Rian, "Ah, well if you have another means to get there that's good. Talia could arrange a ship for you but you better believe she'd get something for it. I rather admire her, to be honest. I'm a pushover compared to her."

Rian nods. "That was my thought, that I should get my own ship," he says in explination. "I know of a ship that is lost somewhere and I should be able to locate it… given a ship to take me to where I want to go. This is where John comes into the picture." Rian is lounging in a chair next to Celeste's and his miniature gryphon is perched on the back of a third one nearby.

Celeste dips her head, "I hope it's still there. IF it's not, reckon a wayward royal would be easier to make a deal with than your duchess. That's assuming they understand what you want not looking for th boat they want." She is settled across from Rian nursing a tumbler of scotch and occasionally glancing sidelong to Keir.

Wulf hums as he steps out of the manor with a stretch and yawn, waving idly to people as he does so. He seems to be just awoken from a nap, by the looks of it, missing the fact that there's gryphon there because of it and because of being head-dived by a raven.

Rian laughs and says, "Yes, a wayward royal will definately be involved," and then as he nods to Wulf he adds, "I'm certain that if I look hard enough I'll find the ship exactly where I expect it to be."

Celeste looks up and smiles warmly, "My heart! Hello! Have have a seat, are you hungry?" She blinks at the sudden appearance of the raven.

"Yes, is late! Cannot have shiny thing!" Wulf chuckles as he disentangles the raven, vigorously touselling feathers with his free hand and playfighting the beak, nodding to Rian in a friendly enough manner as a new face, beaming to Celeste as a familiar one. "Hunger and thirst is great!" He's a kite by the sounds of the accent, pulling up a large bench from the side of the house to act as a seat, the giant settles himself.

Rian pours himself another tumbler of scotch and then whistles softly towards his gryphon. Responding to the summons, Keir hops off his perch on the nearby chair and, with an idle flap of his wings, alights on his man's shoulder again as Rian sips at the drink.

Celeste oh's and smiles to Rian, "I thought you two had met, forgive me. Rian, this is MAndrake's beast master and my mate, Wulfgar Gereson. My heart, this is an old friend of mine from years ago once again returned to Amber, Lord Rian Chantris."

Celeste says, "And his companion, Keir."

Wulf takes a good look over at the movement and the introduction, settling himself with a creak of wood and a warm grin at odds with cool skintone. "Greetings and well met," he nods to the Chantris, watching the little gryphon with his eyes going round. "Ooh," NO! PAY ATTENTION TO BE! when he almost got distracted by Keir, the raven pecked him on hand, holding his thumb hostage with intelligent bright eyes and a chirr of sound in her throat. "This is Syn…" he offers, indicating the bird. "Old friend? Like Captain Flay?"

Rian looks up from his glass… and up.. and up… to Wulf and nods to the giant. "Well met, sir," he says and then, trying not to sound like he is correcting Celeste, he says, "I have not been acknowledged by the Chantris or my father's family so while both might afford me the legal right to be called a Lord I much prefer either Rian or Mister Cee." He then nods to the bird also and says, "Hello there," to the bird.

From Rian's shoulder, Keir squawks at the raven and the giant in a not-unfriendly fashion.

Celeste rises and sticks her head in the ballroom door to summon a servant and mutter an order for Wulf before closing the door, stepping over to Wulf and kissing his cheek fondly and offering Syn an arm, "C'mon now, I've not had any sugar all day." offering Syn scritches if Syn accepts the offer of the arm so Wulf can inspect the little gryphon, "Sort of. We weren't Crew but we were friends when I first came to Amber."

"Can call him Wulf," Wulf returns for the introduction, grinning as Celest leans in for Syn. The raven flares her wings, hunkering to the hand invasion, though it's not aggressive but demonstrative, hopping from the giant's arm to the Mandrake's with a warble that's a mimicry of a dragon's happy purr. In a happy, rather female tone of voice she coos at Celeste "Sweety?" somehow contriving a questionining tone. Of note, the bird has four wings, not the usual two, staggered one behind and beneath the other. Wulf grins, leaning forward in his seat to look at the little gryphon and the man he's perched on with alternating attention, idly putting a pouch of grapes within reach of Celeste's hand. "Hallo."

Rian stands after finishing his second tumbler of scotch and says, "Great to meet you Wulf," and then nods to both of the Mandrakes. "I'm going to go and practice the meditation techniques you recommended, Cel," he says using the short form of her name with an ease that enforces her 'old friends' description of them. "I hope you both have a pleasant evening," he adds.

Celeste smiles to Syn and issues a low vibration and lifts a gloved hand to scritch Syn gently. The Rian, "Practice on meditation, if you like, you can come by here in the mornings and we'll meditate together and see if we can't get it to where it's second nature."
Celeste says, "Take care, Rian."

Wulf smiles, palm lifted to the farewell. "Well met and good fortune to you," he offers, settling back and taking his hand back with it, grapes festooned as sweet treats, he grins. "Can watch?" That apparently to the morning routine.

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