(2017-05-21) Maereina laughs
Maereina laughs
Location: The Azure Solar, outside Caine's Suite, in the Royal Palace of Amber
Date: May 21st, 2017
Summary: Rian visits Maereina, his step-mother. They discuss his father's health, the fleets outside of Amber's (and Remba's) waters (one being his), and his gryphons. As he departs Keir and Rian make her laugh.
Characters: Maereina and Rian.
NPCs: Keir and NPC Hounds (palace guard)

A pair of Hounds are guarding Caine's suite but Maereina's not inside at the moment. She's sitting in one of a pair of chairs that have been brought into the solar for her use staring at the fountain. Unlike most people in the palace other than the Hounds, she's presently fully armed which at least Rian is likely to know means a lot more weapons than are actually visible.

Rian and Keir, riding his shoulder, strides into the solar. After a quick scan of the room he ignores the presence of the Hounds and walks over to where Maereina sits and flops down in the chair next to her. An observant eye will discern that the shoulders of his shirt has tiny rips on them.

He simply starts talking. "Just spoke with Corwin about the fleet I brought in this morning. Met the current Duchess of Mandrake also. Was told by my uncle to ask you how my father is doing…" He then asks, "So, what's going on and how is he?" He sounds releived to be able to speak freely again for what seems like the first time in a long time.

Maereina glances at the nearby Hounnds then sighs, "It's a very long story what's happening to your father and not one I think I can tell here. I'd want more privacy for that conversation. He's not able to wake up and he's rotting his bed."

Keir reacts first and squawks something from his perch beside Rian's head to which his man nods and replies, "Yes, that's what she said."

After a brief pause, Rian then says, "That sounds… gross actually," before asking, "Is there anything more I can do other than having brought scores of ships in to back up your fleet?"

<Editor's Note:> Because Maereina cannot understand Keir, his speech is posed separately.

Keir asked, "Rotting?" in his squawk.

Maereina frowns slightly then shakes her head, "Keep an eye on the part of the fleet controlled by your cousin, Captain Flay? He seems to be itching for hostilities with Rebma that aren't presently warranted."

"Flay, eh?" Rian asks as he acknowledges the request with a nod. "What should I know about him?" he then asks as he's obviously not heard of the man since returning to Amber.

Maereina shrugs, "Gerard's son. Captain of Minos with a reputation for nasty behavior. Suspected of sacking Alhambra not too long back. He's a bit ruthless and convinced the Amber navy won't come after him."

Rian frowns and asks, "And Captain Danger puts up with that from him?"

Maereina shrugs, "I don't think anyone much cares what he does out in shadow as long as he doesn't attack Amber."

Rian nods. "More meaning about your concern with him causing trouble in Amber's and Rebma's waters," he clarifies as Keir jumps down from his shoulder into his lap.

Maereina shakes her head, "I wouldn't think Gerard supports that but then the Navy hasn't done anything about it either."

Rian nods again and says, "It it isn't hurting Amber why would they I guess, right?"
Maereina nods, "That's my take on things." She sighs, "Listen, don't worry about your father. I will not let anyone do anything to him. I would like to see even Eric or Corwin try."

"Well, having just met with Corwin, I think he's not a concern in that regard," Rian says. He begins stroking Keir's back as the gryphon lays down and curls up in his lap.

Maereina nods, "Aye. Corwin seems to care. I just don't know if it will be helpful." She pauses for a moment, "He needs to be away from the pressures of Amber, but this is the only place he can be helped. It's hard for me."

Rian nods knowingly and then asks, "Is there anything I can do for you? Would it help if I left Keir or Iynx… or both even, with you? At the very least they could wake you up to allow you some sleep."

Maereina whispers, "No. I just wish I could go see Alex. She misses me."

Rian nods and whispers back, "I assume she's hidden somewhere in Shadow? I could get her for you or…" he then shakes his head as he dismisses the other idea without speaking it.

Maereina smiles faintly, "Thank you, but no. My sister is taking care of her and she's in a place safe from everyone… except Bleys." She frowns for a moment, "In any case, I don't think Bleys would harm her so that's fine."

"Is your inability to go see Alex due to a desire to not have people seeing you absent from here?" Rian asks, feeling out the dismissed idea indirectly.

Maereina smiles, "It has nothing to do with not being seen absent. I am not going to be absent. I owe Caine that much."

Rian ahs and nods, seeming glad he didn't completely explain the now completely dismissed idea. "Makes sense," he says and then just sits for a while continuing to idly pet Keir.

Maereina glances over at Keir then says, "That thing still gashing up ships?"

After eyeing Maereina oddly for a moment, Rian's expression slowly changes as a memory is recalled and comprehension dawns. He laughs softly and then says, "You're never going to let him live that down," before explaining, "No, he's older and more experienced. He only causes damage when he intends to these days."

Maereina nods as the answer confirms what she suspected about the claw marks on his shirt. "Well see that you keep the other one away from my ship then, eh?"

Rian laughs even more strongly, causing Keir to look up at him and Mae before settling back into his lazy lap curl. Rian says, "Iynx is only a bit younger than Keir but she's not used to perching on my shoulders yet. Keir has made sure that she knows not to damage sails and rigging though already."

Maereina nods, "Well it was good to see you again, Rian. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you. And thank you for not asking if I need anything. I wanted to roll my eyes the last time I heard it."

"No problem then," Rian says as he taps Keir between the shoulder blades and wings. He tips his head to the side when the gryphon looks up at him and Keir replies by hopping back up onto his shoulder. Rian stands and says, "They're all starting to call me Lord Rian… so please, for the love of the sea, never join in on that."

Maereina smirks, "I don't know why I'd do that when Benedict was the only one I even gave the Highness crap to. I'm married to a prince of Amber I don't have to title ANYBODY."

As he departs Rian says, "Get word to me if you need anything and I'll look into taking care of it for you."

Maereina reaches inside her cloak, whips out a dagger and tosses it without seeming to aim. It flies at Rian's back as it rotates through the air, perfectly timed to strike him with hilt rather than blade. This is accompanied by a loud, "Brat."

As the blade clatters to the ground, an overly exhagerated "Ow!" and laughter can be heard. Moments later Keir flys into the room, picks the dagger up by its blade in his beak and ackwardly flies it over to Maereina. He drops the weapon in her lap, inclines his head to her and then leaps into the air and flys off to rejoin his man.

As Keir flies off, Maereina can be heard laughing behind him.

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