(2017-05-21) Meeting with the Chancellor
Meeting with the Chancellor
Location: Chancellor's Office, Amber Palace
Date: May 21, 2017
Summary: Rian meets with Corwin officially and observes a meeting with the Duchess Mandrake as well.
Characters: Corwin, Quina, and Rian.
NPCs: Keir and NPC Hounds (palace guards)

Having lead a fleet into the waters outside of the Rebman Triangle this morning, Rian arrived at Amber via a side trip to Ennisport. He took back alleys to avoide most people seeing him move though the city to get to the Palace. Upon an inquiry about Caine, he is told that the Chancellor can be found in his office and is lead there at his request. Upon reaching the door to the office the young(ish) pirate knocks on the door while the Hound that escorted him there waits to be dismissed.

With things as hectic as they are in the Palace, it's no wonder that Corwin hasn't managed to find time to escape from his office. Double guards stand outside the double doors that lead, both of which have been left wide open due to the steady stream of people that seem to need the Chancellor's attention. Thankfully, the room is empty of all expect for the Prince, who has settled himself behind his desk to tend to paperwork, much of which has begun to stack up on one side of it. The knock at the door, though, draws his attention, gaze lifting to settle on Rian before he's giving a nod of his head, "Come in before you get overwhelmed by the next group that needs to see me."

Dismissing his escort with a terse thanks, Rian enters the office accompanied by his miniature gryphon Keir who is perched upon his left shoulder. A keen observer might note slight rips in the fabric of the Minosian's shirt on both shoulders.

Before his man strikes a polite bow to Prince Corwin, Keir leaps off Rian's shoulder and with a single flap of his wings alights atop one of the ebony bookcases.

"Greetings Prince Corwin," Rian says as he finishes his bow. "I come to let you know that I have positioned a fleet outside of Remban waters. It is, though me, Amber's to command." He awaits a response but it is clear he is holding back questions he wishes to ask.

There's the barest little flit of Corwin's gaze to Keir as that miniature gryphon flies off to land on one of his bookcases, drawing a quick little from his lips and when his gaze shifts back to Rian, there's an incline of his head in response to the bow. "Perfect," is what comes to be offered, followed almost immediately by, "Maereina had recommended I reach out to you and I had intended to do so, when things began to quiet. You have saved me the need of such things." Setting his pen down, he settles back into his seat, "I imagine you have questions, just like everyone else?"

Rian nods and drops some of the formality as he asks, "What has happened to my father?" Short on words, but anyone with century's experience dealing with people would likely be able to infer that this is not just about the immediate situation.

Keir is careful on the rare wood furniture and squawks softly after which, for some reason, Rian smirks and shakes his head.

<Editor's Note:> Corwin declined OOCly knowing what Keir is saying since he ICly doesn't know so until Quina is part of the scene his speech will be a separate pose.

Keir said, "Would have been a long wait I bet," snarkily to Rian in his squawk.

Clasping his hands together in his lap, Corwin's giving a little shake of his head, "That, as of yet, is unknown. He was found unresponsive in his room and so far, all attempts to wake him have been unsuccessful. There are multiple people looking into things and he's currently been entrusted to the care of his wife." A pause, and then, "But, we will find out who or what is responsible for this."

Rian nods to Corwin's response. After a momentary pensive pause he says, "I'd like to help in any way that I can. I feel you should know that I've been back in Amber for a month and a half now and he hasn't reached out to me once despite my contacting him immediately upon my return." He then quickly adds, "I know that matters of state likely keep him busy but I would've expected something in that time… so it may not have been a sudden problem."

"Caine's been unavailable for the better part of a month, but not related to this. There have been other things that have been keeping him busy, I'm afraid, which is probably why he didn't reach out to you." Shifting a touch, Corwin is then giving a nod of his head, "Having your fleet ready is a huge help. I'm unsure of what's going to transpire in the coming days, but Prince Carmichael has indicated that he has every intention of removing Caine and I from the Palace and is not afraid to use the Army to do so."

Rian's features take on a slight sneer at the mention of his cousin. "What is his grief with the two of you?" he asks with a clear subtext that he has, himself, been the target of said Prince's ire himself.

A low chuckle comes to hint in the back of his throat as Corwin offers, "He believes that anyone touched by Chaos is unsuitable to be in Amber in any capacity. As such, he's seen fit to use this opportunity to try and remove us." Now, there's a little shake of his head, "But, I fear that he's overplayed his hand and won't find much success in this matter."

Rian nods and says, "I see." Then, after a slight pause, asks, "How did he come to have the title of Prince when, as I understand it, I'm only allowed the title Lord as the son of a Prince of Amber?" as this has been nagging at him for a while and he has someone who seems willing to answer questions and aught to have the information to address this one.

"Same way as others have managed to get it. They impressed the sitting King or Queen enough for them to be granted the title of Prince or Princess." A little shrug of Corwin's shoulders, "It's a rare thing, with only few of the children or grandchildren having come to be recognized in such a fashion."

Rian nods again and, with a slight snort, he says, "Seems to have gone to his head somewhat," as he forget himself and voices his thoughts. A squawak from Keir behind him causes him to flush and he says, "I hope I didn't offend you with that," quickly to Corwin.

Keir said, "Atta-boy boss, tell a Prince off to another in public, what would Lady Prudence think," in that squawk.

There's just the hint of a chuckle that comes to escape past Corwin's lips as he gives a shake of his head, "No, not offended at all. And I'm sure that you're quite right. It has seem to have gone to his head." A pause and then, "If you wish to check in your father, you will need to speak with Maereina. I've left, for the most part, handling the visitors to her."

"I'll definately do that soon," Rian says with a smile. He then asks, "Is there anything I should inform my captains of immediately, Prince-Chancellor?" more formally than the rest of the conversation has been.

A quick shake of his head is given towards Rian as Corwin offers, "At this moment? No. Have them stand ready, though. An attack could come at any time .. or it may not come at all. But either way, we must be prepared so that we're not caught offguard."
Broadcast to Amber by Carmichael: The massive flock of birds that seem to be everywhere of late, depart the palace and grounds within the next few hours in dribs and drabs. They remain over the city though, watching here and there as eyes in the sky. Thankfully, none of them are pigeons.

"Alright. Are you expecting threats from Remba or other sources beyond Carmichael and his forces?" Yes, he's probing for some information but as the commodore of a small fleet he obviously feels it is his right.

"As of now, Rebma is on our side in this matter and there are no external threats that I'm aware of." A quirk of Corwin's lips, "I've done well to reach out to Rebma, the Houses and other possible individuals and allies, to ensure that they are aware of the situation. Most, stand with us, rather then against us."

At the mention of the Houses Rian's thoughts obviously pause for a moment and he then immediately asks, "What about Chantris?" with some concern.

"Chantris won't stand against me. At least not at this moment. Neither will Feldane. Mandrake is an unknown, but they won't support Carmichael. As for Karm? I figure they will fall in line behind the rogue Price." A light chuckle and then Corwin offers, "Such is the nature of politics when it comes to the Throne."

The staff/guards would let the Prince Chancellor know that Duchess Mandrake is here to see him.

Rian is standing on the visitor's side of Corwin's desk convering with the Prince while his gryphon, Keir, is perched atop one of the ebony bookshelves. He asks Corwin, "Should I ask about their stance?" following it up with an expliantion by saying, "I have an association with the former Duchess and have been volunteering at their charity hospital."

"Well I appreciate the offer, it's currently being handled through negotations between the current Duchess and myself." And speaking of that current duchess, Corwin's gaze plays over towards the doorway at the announcement of Quina's arrival, to which he's calling to the guards, "Don't just stand there, let her in." His gaze does shift back to Rian, "And, it would seem that her Grace is here."

Quina is given passage, regardless that it doesn't look like anyone was in her way to begin with. Always proper. Almost always. Once through the door, she gives the Prince Chancellor a suitable curtsey. She still looks entirely calm and kempt.

Rian bows to Quina having moved to the side for her entrance. Then, addressing Corwin, asks, "I should likely depart then so that the two of you can negotiate freely, I assume, Your Highness?"

Corwin's offering a polite incline of his head in the direction of Quina, considering he's seated behind his desk with hands clasped in his lap, "Your Grace. It's good to see you again." Then, his gaze flits to Rian, only to shift back to the Duchess, "Do you require privacy, Your Grace? Lord Rian was inquiring as to the status of his father, along with informing me that he has ships available to assist Amber should it be required."

Quina inclines her head politely towards Rian, then raises an eyebrow just slightly at the man's words. Her attention returns to the Corwin, and she replies "You as well, Prince Chancellor. His father?" Evidently, she is not familiar with the man's parentage.

Rian makes a slight motion of his hand towards Keir who responds by gliding from the top of the bookshelf to Rian's shoulder. Seeing as the conversation is between the Duchess and the Prince he remains quiet, observing the pair rather than interrupting.

Corwin says, "It would seem so, Your Grace," is what Corwin offers with just the hint of a smile, eyes flitting towards Rian and then back over towards Quina, "Though, cast a stone in any direction and you're liable to hit one of the Royal's brood. So it should really come as no surprise. But .." A pause and then, "I imagine you're not here to discuss lineage and the like, Your Grace?""

Quina ahhs silently. "I have suggested to Lady Maereina that she asks the Royal Physician, who to my knowledge is still Lord Chase d'Mandrake, to give him a proper examination." Then, apparently she doesn't really need this to be private, as she says still entirely calmly "Your Highness, I've come to register the expected and pro forma complaint at my offer of Mandrake forces to aide in keeping the palace secure from control by any specific throne-interested faction being used in such a manner."
Totally phoned in.

Rian remains quite for the moment but his gryphon doesn't seem as interested in such and squawks loudly, saying "«You should totally own up to everyone that you're the regient's child,»" out loud for anyone who understands him to hear. Rian then ssshes Keir in response.

"From my understanding, a bird had been dispatched to the Royal Physician, requesting such an examination." That's offered with a simple nod of Corwin's head, only for the Chancellor to then lift his brow a touch, "In what manner would that be, Your Grace? The announcement in which was made to ensure the people of Amber that the ten thousand plus strong Mandrake Army was, in fact, here to defend the Crown and not try and take it. Questions had, after all, begun to arise around it."

Quina's eyes flicker towards Rian and the gryphon, and she allows just a faint smile before saying casually "Or, you should have him be more mindful of who around him might speak gryphon." Then, her attention is on the Chancellor again. "Hence, the pro forma. I understand why you used the offer as you did, but the phrasing lent itself to the suggestion the offer favored one candidate over another. As expected, I am offering my protest." Not much of a protest, clearly.

Quina pauses, then says "Pardon. A call. I should make sure nothing's become violent somewhere."

RPG: Quina accepts a Trump call.

Quina is in the Chancellor's office. "One sentence, then I call you back." she says.
The exchange between bird, Quina and Rian simply has Corwin's gaze travelling between the trio, only to then settle upon Quina, "I apologize if the language was written that way, it was intended to simply reflect that the Mandrake Forces were honoring the Crown and nothing else." There might have been more to say, but it's cut off as the Duchess gets a call.

Rian turns his head to give Keir a scathing look and the gryphon responds by lowering his shoulders and laying his head against his man's neck. He might have said something about the comment but with her getting a call he continues to remain quite for the time being.

As promised, it is a very brief call. Then, Quina is focuses again on those in the room. She nod to Corwin, accepting that. "As I said, I understood the reasoning. Politics is an ugly creature that must be fed in very specific ways. I have now done as expected of me." And that seems all there is to it.

There's an incline of Corwin's head in the direction of Quina as he offers, "It is indeed an ugly creature, Your Grace. Thankfully, the mobilization of Mandrake's Forces and the announcement has forced the Deputy Prince Marshall to pull back the flights he had over top of the Palace, though they remain above the city."

Rian breaks his silence by asking, "Should I have Keir and his mate try to thin out the birds over the city?" He tilts his head towards the gryphon on his shoulder as a form of introduction when he names the creature. Keir, for his part, having resumed a more normal perching position, bows his head towards the Prince and then the Duchess.

Quina replies "Prince Carmichael comported himself quite well, in my recent conversation with him. One day, he might indeed be a suitable candidate for the throne. Whether he is a suitable candidate for Regent at this time, as is his clear intention, is a matter better first discussed among your House. None of you can succeed there without a certain level of support from your own." She considers Rian's words, then says "Only if you want them eaten by the Deputy Prince Marshall, who himself turns into rather a larger gryphon than yours."

"I'm glad to hear that he comported himself in a civil fashion during your conversation with him. I was worried that the madness he exhibited upon the rooftops when he decided to hold me at arrow point was going to become common place." That said, Corwin's gaze shifts to Rian and he's giving a shake of his head, "While the offer is appreciated, the Crown will not be the one to strike first." Then, it's back to Quina, "I'm well aware that one must have support of the family."

Rian seems momentarially surprised by Quina's comment about his cousin but nods to her and then to the Prince. On his shoulder, Keir twitters nervously, saying, "«Let's hold off on that, boss. Iynx and I would rather not be eaten,»" for those who understand him to hear.

Quina inclines her head to Corwin. "I wished to make certain that he understood it. I have been told that Princess Florimel is seeing to a meeting of the Royal House."

A lift of Corwin's brow at the mention of Flora and he's then giving a nod of his head, "Interesting. I had not heard that piece of information about a meeting. But if she is, then I will see that matters of State be directed to her until such time as this is sorted."

Rian very softly, so as not to interrupt the conversation between the Prince and Duchess, says, "Agreed," to Keir but otherwise remains quite and respectful as he is allowed to witness the meeting.

Quina replies "that was Prince Carmichael's claim. And, as Steward she does seem the correct one to organize such an event. Do you wish Mandrake in the palace as a neutral security presence in support of the Hounds?"

A simple nod is given to mention of Prince Carmichael having indicated a meeting and when the offer comes of a neutral force in the palace, Corwin's offering up, "I'd direct you to inquire that of Commander Trinara, leader of the Hounds. If she feels the need for additional bodies to supplment security, then so be it."

Rian nods along with mention of his cousin Trinara, seeming to agree with Corwin's delegation of that decison.

Quina nods to him. "Certainly, your Highness. Mandrake will do anything necessary to make this transition, whichever way it goes, as seamless as possible."

Unclasping his hands from his lap, Corwin's picking up his pen and a blank sheet of paper, only to scribble something on it as he gives a nod of his head in the direction of Quina, "And that is greatly appreciated. I'll notify Flora that with her calling forth a meeting, all matters outside the scope of my office will be directed to her."

Rian frowns and breaks his silence to ask, "Transition? We're not preparing to fight to keep my father on the throne as regent?" Obviously he's still playing catchup.

Quina inclines her head towards the Chancellor. "And, should there be anything further you wish to discuss, please call upon me. I promise to continue trying to keep an open mind. I have spoken with Princess Fiona, and continue to converse with others as we all determine what must happen next." Her eyes flicker towards Rian, but Corwin can field that one.

"I've no idea, Lord Rian, what the family intends to do. My intention was to handle matters until the Prince Regent was able to resume his duties, but that does not seem to amiable to all." A flit of his gaze back to Quina and Corwin is offering a smile and an incline of his head, "Thank you, Your Grace, but for now that won't be necessary." A soft little whistle and a black raven appears from within the back room, to which he's simply offering up the note before it flies away, "As it stands now, with the Palace and City safe, I shall go back to managing affairs that are within the scope of the Chancellor's Office."

Rian nods and says, "I think I'm going to take up your suggestin, Your Highness, and go speak with a former crewmate of mine." He bows his head to Corwin and Quina before asking, "If I have your leave?" of both of them.

Quina nods to Rian, then says to him "Perhaps we shall speak again soon?" Then, to Corwin, "I believe that an answer on your previous offer, sidelined by recent events, should wait until the current matter is settled?"

Settling his hands upon the top of his desk, Corwin's pressing up from his chair, only to give an incline of his head in the direction of Rian, "By all means, Lord Rian. It was good to see you." Then, his gaze plays over towards Quina and there's a soft laugh, now, "That is probably best, Your Grace."

"Of course, Your Grace," Rian says to Quina and then, "Thank you, Your Highness," to Corwin before he departs. As they leave, Keir squawks at Quina: "«Later,»" is what those who understand him hear in that squawk.

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