(2017-05-23) Rian brings Alec to the Palace to Talk
Rian brings Alec to the Palace to Talk
Location: Chantris Suite in the Royal Palace of Amber
Date: May 23, 2017
Summary: When Alec Trumps Rian, the Minosian brings his nephew to the palace where they discuss an amnesiac Alec has met, Trumps and animals.
Characters: Alec and Rian.
NPCs: none

Rian feels a gentle pressure in his mind. Someone is trying to reach him via his Trump.

He acceptes the Trump contact from Alec.

To the image of Alec, Rian is in the Chantris suite of the Palace. As the contact forms he smiles and says, "Greetings, Alec."

The image of Alec smiles in return when Rian appears. "I was hoping to get a hold of you. I've been in the city recently due to, well, recent events and wanted to see how you were doing."

To the image of Alec, Rian, who is lounging on a bed in trousers but nothing else, sits up and nods. "Sure. Want me to bring you though? You'll have to tell me if there's a trick to it beyond reaching out to you if so."

The image of Alec nods. "Sure, that might be best. And there's not really a trick to it. Just reach out as though I'm already in the room with you, basically, and then pull me to you, if that makes sense."

To the image of Alec, Rian nods and stands up from the bed and reaches out to the image of Alec. "Sounds easy enough," he says.

Alec clasps Rian's offered hand and is pulled through, where he looks about at his new surroundings. "Where exactly are we?" he asks.

"The Palace," is Rian's initial answer. Then, as he reaches for a shirt to put on, he clarifies, "The Chantris Suite. Its where Carmichael brought me after my walking the Pattern. Been staying here when I'm in Amber."

Alec winces at the realization he's in the palace, but he recovers quickly enough. "I guess my odds of running into the reason I don't come here aren't especially high," he mutters to himself. "But, uh," he looks over at Rian, "I'm glad you have a place to stay while you're here, and this definitely seems like a step up from the Crown." His eyes scan the instrument cases with interest.

Rian, having lead Alec from the bedroom he was in to the main reception room of the suite, nods about the step up and then asks, "What reason is that?"

Alec grimaces. "Caine." The name is all but spat from Alec's lips. A harp case catches his eye, his gaze lingering on it. "But I didn't call you to talk about him…"

Rian grunts but otherwise doesn't comment. "Alright, why did you call?" he asks as he goes to a cabinet that contains bottles and glasses. He holds up a bottle of rum and asks if Alec wants any with an expression.

"To check in," Alec says, going over to free the harp from its case. "And also to see if you'd be free to meet with an amnesiac. She's interested in music, so I wondered if she might be a Chantris." He nods to Rian's silent offering of alcohol.

Rian pours rum into both of the glasses then brings them both as he approaches Alec, offering his nephew his choice of the two. "Sure, I can do that," he says before asking, "Any idea where she's from? Accent wise or anything?"

Alec settles in with the harp resting against him, and he plucks out a quick scale before taking the closest of the two drinks. "Thanks," he says, taking a drink before setting it on a table nearby and continuing to do warm up exercises on the instrument. "And she has no idea where she's from. She just remembers drums and fire and dancing."

Rian laughs and nods before taking a sip of the rum left in his possession. He then says, "No, I didn't expect that, but… you can't place the accent I take it, right?"

Alec shakes his head. "No. Are you good at telling where someone is from based on accent?" He begins to play a light and playful melody on the harp. "She seems to be staying at the Golden Goose, by the way."

"I've travelled the Golden Circle some what and can pick out some accents, yes," Rian says in response. He smiles at the melody as his nephew plays it.

Alec nods. "I've travelled a bit myself, but mostly through them to go to deeper shadows," he says as he plays. "But if you have time, I wouldn't mind introducing the two of you some time."

Rian nods again and says, "Sure thing," and then he sips at his rum again. After a moment he says, "I've been thinking of reaching out to you also since I was interested in asking you for a favor as well." He lets that trail off and sips at his rum again.

Alec looks up from his playing, the melody continuing as his hands move skillfully about the strings. "Oh?" he asks, confused but seemingly also interested.

"The way you communicate with me," Rian says, "I'm interested in being able to do that with others. What would it take to have a Trump or two made for me to give people?"

"I could make you a few spares, if you'd like," Alec says. "I often use them as payment for interesting things, so I wouldn't mind trading with you for something."

Rian chuckles. "I guess helping the amnesiac girl won't count as an 'interesting thing' in this case?" he asks.

Alec opens his mouth, but then closes it again as he decides to think about that for a bit. Still, his song doesn't miss a beat. As his melody comes to an end, though, he asks, "How well can you draw?"

"I'd be willing to show some of my sketches to people… who I trust to not laugh at it," he says as an answer and then adds, "Better than stick figures though."

Alec takes another drink from his rum and nods. "It's definitely a start. But if you can manage to get really good at painting, I could teach you how to draw your own trumps." He goes to put the harp away, either his urge to play sated for now or this new topic more interesting than the instrument.

A twinkle of interest shows in Rian's eyes at this suggestion. He smiles and nods. "What would be an appropriate repayment for a couple of trumps right now? Or will I just need to owe you?"

Alec thinks for a moment. "Do you know how to make charms, like what my mom does?" He asks, fishing out a small coin on a length of ribbon worn as a necklace from under his shirt. "I wouldn't mind more of these. But either way, it wouldn't be right now. It takes about a day to create a trump from scratch."

Rian finishes his rum and shakes his head. "No," he says, "I can't make anything. I can train animals fairly well though… and walk though shadow, but you can do that also of course."

Alec considers this. "I might be willing to trade a card for a well-trained animal," he evnetually says. "The only thing is that I'm not sure how well I'd be able to take care of it. We have a bunch of Wyverns that we're currently taking care of out in Arden."

Rian nods. "What kind of animal would you be interested in," he asks, his gryphon conspicously absent this evening.

Alec considers this. "I don't know," he admits. "I'm thinking something small, maybe a rodent, but something that could fly could be useful, especially once we finally get our wyverns. And it would be useful if it coud forage for itself."

"I've heard of species of bats in Sukho that might be interesting to you then," Rian speculates. "Unless you were thinking something more exotic?"

Alec thinks. "Bats might work," he says. "But I was thinking something a bit more exotic, or at least, more flexible. I'll have to think about it a bit first and maybe do some research."

"Of course," Rian says and then, with a grin, suggests, "We could go exploring shadow to try to find the right type of animal for you."

Alec perks up. "That could work too," he says. "It's been a while since I've really gone out in shadow and just explored."

Rian offers to take Alec's glass if he's done with it by reaching partway for it while saying, "Exploring is part of the fun." After a slight pause he adds, "I have a ship now also, by the way," and asks with a grin, "You don't get sea sick do you?"

Alec finishes the last of his drink and then hands his uncle his glass with a grateful nod. "I'm pretty sure I'd be an embarassment to my Minosian blood if I did," he says. "But no, haven't had any troubles yet." He grins.

Rian smirks and says, "Yeah, you would be… but it doesn't always breed true," as he puts the glasses away.

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