(2017-05-24) Maggie talks to Rian about his Fleet
Maggie talks to Rian about his Fleet
Location: Chantris Suite in the Royal Palace of Amber
Date: May 24th 2017
Summary: Maggie goes to see Rian at the Palace about the fleet he recently withdrew from the waters around Remba.
Characters: Maggie and Rian.
NPCs: Keir and Inyx (Rian's miniature gryphons)

Sitting at one of the harpischords in the recieving room of the Chantris Suite, Rian is tapping out a tune based on the sheet music resting in front of it. The playing is inelegant, as he is teaching himself the instrument.

Behind him, one of the sofas in the room is occupied by Keir and Iynx. The gryphons are curled up next to each other with Inyx's having a wing stretched out over her mate next to her.

When a knock is heard from the door, Rian stops his practice and stands before calling out, "Come in," loudly enough to be heard in the hall.

The door is opened slowly enough to avoid hurting someone standing too close to it, but with enough authority to be some sort of statement. Stepping into the room, the red-haired woman glances around, an eyebrow lifting at the gryphons and the harpsichord. Then again when she settles her gaze on the man himself. Removing black leather gloves and tucking them into her belt, she extends a hand, "Good day to you. I am Captain Flame. Have I the pleasure of addressing Captain Rian of the Triton's Legs?"

No one is standing next to the door when Maggie enters the room. Rian bows his head to her and says, "Greetings, Captain Flame," in greeting and then confirms her inquiry with, "I am Rian, captain of The Triton's Legs." The lower case c on the title is quite easily distinguished in his Minosian accent. With a wave of a hand he indicates a number of free seats.

With the speaking both gryphons raise their heads and they shift to a seated position. Inyx folds the wing formerly covering her mate back against her side as she moves.

"Would you like rum or something else to drink," Rian offers.

Maggie glances to the indicated chairs, her hand falling to her side as the captain chooses to bow rather than shake. She does not seem to mind as people are different and that is just fine. Turning heel to toe, she claims one of the chairs, easing into it to avoid scraping the chair with either blade. She does remain angled slightly forward, however, "Ah, rum would be most appreciated, captain. Thank you."

Her gaze slides to the gryphons and her eyes soften as does her smile, "They are magnificant. Your friends. You are lucky to have them, captain and I do not hesitate to confess to envy."

As he goes to a cabinet in which there are bottles and glasses, Rian says, "We're not on a ship Captain Flame, you can just call me Rian since I haven't earned a Captain's name yet." As he pours rum into two glasses he says, "If formality is a must you may call me Lord Rian instead as I'm told that is my right to claim." He then walks to Maggie and holds out both glasses, so that she can select the one of her choice.

Maggie chuckles, the sound rich and warm, "Thank you. I shall refrain from choosing just yet." Accepting one of the glasses, she watches his eyes rather than the selection. If there is duplicity in him, it might show there first. "I am … My name is far more complicated than it used to be, in truth. I am Lady Margaret Elizabeth LeSair de Morfilod, but really… That is a mouthful and Maggie is plenty. I hope that we can stick with informality, to be honest. I am not… generally one for titles and honorifics. Unless they are needed. To business then?" A brow ifts and she raises her glass to take a long swallow. If it kills her, it kills her. Clearly she does not expect that it will.

Rian nods and sits down on the sofa next to his gryphons, sipping his rum as he does. As neither glass was poisoned it is just a pleasant Minosian cocconut rum. He mouths her name and then says, "Maggie it is then, and I quite agree with the desire to avoid unnecessary formality." After another sip of rum he asks, "What business do you have for me? I'm quite willing to hire out The Triton's Legs for shipping cargo if that is your desire." This last is said with a friendly smirk showing that he expects it is far from that.

Maggie's brow lifts in appreciation of the rum. She lifts the glass again in a kind of 'thank you for sharing' kind of way but sets the glass down on her knee. Tilting her head, she considers, then shrugs, "Not precisely. I was wondering if you would share with me your motivations for having ships near the Rebman Triangle and why you chose to leave?" There may be more to it than that, but that is a good beginning.

Rian gazes at Maggie over the edge of his glass as he sips again at his rum and idly pets the closer of his mini gryphons, the smaller one. Finally acknowledging her earlier comment he says, "They are good companions, yes," without yet addressing her question. He then finishes the rum and sets the empty glass down on an end table between the sofa and the chair Maggie is sitting in as well. Finally addressing her question he says, "I brougth them here because of a need and I dismissed the fleet when that need no longer felt necessary." He then asks, "Why do you ask and on who's authority do you feel I need to provide answers?"

Maggie watches the man before her. A soft chuckle sounds, "Well… I can understand that. Finding a need and filling it is one of the tricks of the trade. Leaving when the need is filled keeps things clean." Lifting the glass, she pauses before drinking, then swallows a bit of the rum. Lowering the glass, she shakes her head, "I have no authority, Rian. Here or in Rebma. I am no one special in any place but my ship. That is the way I like it. But, my husband is a figure in Rebma, so I run trade there a lot and assist…" She inclines her head, a smile warming her lips, "When there is need. In this case, my cousin's persistent blockade of the Triangle is a concern to me as it is affecting trade. That is, in all honesty, the extent of my concern. Oh, well… And the hope of establishing a new trading partner. But we can leave that discussion until the blockade issue is resolved."

At the mention of Remba a very faint sneer momentarially crosses his lips but this deepens at the mention of the cousin. "Sorry, I'm not very happy with Remba right now as they seem to be locked onto a course of misinterpreting my actions based on those of Captain Flay's," he explains before asking, "Who is your husband so I know who's feathers I ruffled?" As if in demonstration he ruffles the small male gryphon's feathers, much to Keir's apparant annoyance as he trills up at his man as he shakes his head to settle the feathers again.

Keir said, "Hey, what's with that?" in that trill.

Maggie tilts her head a little, "Have… you ever been to Rebma? Or talked to their ambassador? This? This we can fix, Rian. Please don't discount them without experience." She inhales just a little, "I'll be sure to tell them that you and my cousin are not associated. Oh! Sorry. My husband is Lord Merrisol Morfilod, Warden of the Deep." So an official. "He is also Captain Merrisol of Minos." So a warrior. "He has no liking for Captain Flay, so if you are not associated, then that's easy to take care of."

"He sent me a message via a hawk that returned with the note I sent him. He presumed to know what I was doing. We aren't associated, no." He isn't happy about that apparently. "And the Remban ambassador has been wanting to meet me, seems to feel I was in Remban waters," he explains further and states: "I. Was. Not."

Maggie listens, "Jhavid sent a message via hawk? Or did I miss something?" Her fingers toy with the glass on her knee and she frowns, "The ambassador was likely going on information provided by someone else. She has not been in Rebma for some time. She's nice, though. And, more importantly, reasonable. I fear my cousin has made a grievous misstep, though. He introduced troops into Rebman soveriegn territory. I am glad that you are not associated with him. So… If you are interested in trade with Rebma, I will bring your name up to my cousin Martin and to my husband. He is trade representative to Minos." In addition.

Rian smiles. "I'm more of an adventurer than a merchant but I'd be willing to carry cargo for the right compensation," he says and then he asks, "You're of Oberon's line yourself then, Maggie?"

Maggie laughs, "that is the general answer. Of course compensation would be provided. The details of that should be worked out between you and Captain Merrisol." She blinks then and nods, "I am, yes." A wariness creeps into her eyes and hugs her tone, "Is… that a problem?"

Rian shakes his head. "No, it just seems like everywhere I go there's a descendent of the old king there," he says. "Which line are you of?"

Maggie shrugs, "It is Amber. I doubt that there are so many of us farther out in Shadow." She lifts the glass once more, but this time watches him over the rim. A sparkle twinkles in her emerald eyes and a dimple nearly shows in one cheek as she laughs, "Brand is my father." Downing the last of her rum, she leans over to set the empty glass on the table. Mad Prince Brand's spawn. Right here.

Rian nods and seems to be making a mental note. He keeps his own liniage quiet and says, "I'll send word to you if I want to meet with your husband in his official capacity, Maggie. I assume you aren't always beneath the waves, as you aren't at the moment for example, which would allow you to feel the sun on your face and the breeze at your back?"

Maggie can't help but smile at something. "And you, Rian? Chantris, I would guess, considering where we are. But, what else? If you do not mind, of course." Shaking her head, she adds, "I spend much of my time either aboard my own ship or beneath the waves. Though I am not a personage in Rebma, I assist where I can. I can see that you are not always in Minos… May I know what else you enjoy?"

"Yes, I am a bastard of Chantris long absent from Amber," Rian says, "I have no official ties to them but the Deputy Prince Marshal saw fit to bring me to this suite and I've been staying here when I am in the city." He then leans forward and 'stage whispers' in a mock conspiratorial tone, "I have other relations in Amber beyond that, but again I am not officially recognized."

Maggie nods, "Welcome home then, Rian." She nods, "It must be nice to be allowed to stay here. I suppose that I could have a suite, if I wanted one. But… I do not." Her smile remains though she leans forward to catch the near whisper. The smile warms to a grin, "Ah, well. A man of mystery then. But it peeks my curiosity, in truth. Who is it that should recognize you, do you think? Though do be careful. Being acknowledged is fine. Being nrecotnized by the court? Puts a target on your back because it puts you in th eline of succession."

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