(2017-05-27) Cousins, Brothers and Sisters
Cousins, Brothers and Sisters (Part of the Royal Family Meeting on May 27th)
Location: Grand Hall at the Amber Palace
Date: May 27th, 2017 (RPed on 5/21/2017)
Summary: Part of the Royal Family meeting, occurring in the morning.
Characters: Aine, Aurora, Corwin, Dashton, Deirdre, Dirk, Fiona, Rian, Rosario, Ruby, Syeira, Trinara, and Vincenzo.
NPCs: Keir and Inyx (Rian's gryphons) and other incidental NPCs

It should come as little surprise that when the appointed time for the meeting arrives, Corwin's actually making his way down and into the Great Hall. Entering in from one of the side doors, he's clad in his normal attire, hands resting at his belt with his thumbs hooked into the fabric. Eyes play about the room, beginning to take in those that have gathered and perhaps noting those that have been absent.

Syeira giggles at the comment on her resemblance, "And you look just like the paintings of Auntie DD, ya." she grins brightly and bounces a little switching out her empty glass for another glass of nectar, "Names Sye. Or Syeira iffin ya wanna get all proper like and stuffs, ya." ohhs bouncing as she sees the staff come in with a few potted plants pointing toward a corner, "Yep just gather them over there, cuz you know there are some who are gonna wanna be all sneaky and stuffs to see who is talkin to who." noticing Aine she wiggles her fingers in a wave, "Hey Cousin!" and of course who wouldn't notice Corwin entering, "Hey Unc!" moving to put herself closer toward Aine.

When the black haired man makes his way to the hall, Aine's hand tightens on her glass of juice, and she has to remind herself to relax her grip so that it doesn't shatter. But her green eyes stare intently at the pair which match hers nearly exactly. In trump, the man is intimidating. In person… She's a bit surprissed that her racing heart hasn't pounded free from her chest. And she makes her way along the wall she was leaning at to find a corner into which she can back herself. She waves to Sye at the greeting, finding at least a nervous smile, but as the woman comes to find her in her corner, some of the nervousness warms away. Safety in numbers, or somesuch.

Rian is an earlier arriver himself, also dressed in his typical casually piraty fashion. Accompanying him, perched on his shoulders, are a pair of miniature gryphons… the larger of the two on his left shoulder. He acts more like a guest than family, watching and paying attention to those around him as he collects a rum and punch concoction from a passing servant. When he sees Prince Corwin he gives his uncle a sedate and respectful nod of greeting.

Deirdre smiles down at Syeira, giving a shake of her midnight black head. "Do I look just like her? I suppose it must be so, when I am her. I'm pleased to meet yet more of my family. If only it didn't take a threat to the throne to do so, hm? I'm sorry for being away this long time and—" And she spies Corwin, and her entire mien brightens from shadows to light.

Those spring green eyes play over each and every person, though they are drawn over in the direction of Syeira as she calls out to him and there's a quirk of his lips to smile, along with a nod of his head, "Sye. Hey there." Rian is treated to an incline of his head and Aine, well, she's getting a nod. His gaze travels further, only to then settle upon Deirdre and they slip past her, moving to the next person, only to snap back. There's a blink and then another before an almost beaming smile touches his lips. Moving across the floor towards where the group is, he's calling out, "Is that really you?"

Syeira giggles at DD, "Auntie Double D. Need a trump of you at some point too, ya. Hafta recreate a deck for myself since there is like none of Dworkin's decks left and stuffs, ya." she winks then notices the reaction of Corwin and back again giggling and shaking her head. Making her way the rest of the way toward Aine, "Glad to see you, cousin. Welcome to what passes for our family reunions and stuffs,ya." wiggling her fingers of a wave over toward Rian, "Don't think I know that one, ya."

Huh. A nod from her grandfather. Far better than the stabbing she'd expected. And Aine relaxes just a bit as their matching eyes meet and then part. She smiles to Syeira and leans in to ask softly, "Has everything gone well so far? No bloodshed?" She knows it's been forbidden, but, sometimes the more forbidden the fruit, the sweeter people find it. She catches sight of the man with the gryphons and tries to place him. "He looks familiar," she tells Sye, pointing with her joice towards Rian. "Do you know…" And she laughs. Apparently the girls are both baffled.

"Send a runner around to my townhouse, niece, and we'll make a day of it," Deirdre tells Syeira. "I've got time to make up for, don't I?" But Corwin's approach eclipses most of the tall woman's attention, and she holds her arms out to greet her brother. "In the flesh, Corwin. In the flesh. Do you hate me for staying away so long?"

Rian, with his perched gryphons looking about - the larger one a bit nervously, approaches the trio of Aine, Deirdre and Syeira as well. Showing do respect he doesn't interrupt the Prince and the Princess in their conversation.

As Deirdre comes to hold her arms out to him, Corwin's smile warms even more as he steps in, his own arms seeking to wrap around his sister and tug her in for a rather tight hug, "Hate you? Not at all, dear sister .. but that doesn't mean that I won't kick your ass when this foolishness is all said and done." A pause and then, "It's truly good to see you, Dee .. and you couldn't have picked a better time to return."

Aine and Syeira are a bit removed from the family reunion of Corwin and Deirdre, Aine having found a corner into which to hide where Sye then joined her. But she lifts a hand to wave at Rian as he wanders close, asking softly, "Apologies for forgetting, but… You seem familiar, though I can't place why… Have we met before?"

Syeira leans back against the wall in the corner watching things between D and Corwin. Her attention turning toward Aine and giggles, "Sorry no blood spill yet. Doubt there will be. Flora put her foot down and Trinara is on it. The staff is also on the alert to run and fetch the hounds if need be." she shrugs, "And Gino is about somewhere in the palace too, ya." she nods to Rian, "Howdy."

"My timing is almost as impeccable as your own, though my right hook is better," Deirdre teases Corwin, returning his hug with a bone-cracking squeeze."But tell me, what passes? I've heard only bits of gossip here and there, and I know it's not unusual for that stuff to be false."

That tease from Deirdre draws just a hint of a laugh from Corwin and after another moment, he's easing that hug from around her, "Oh, I won't deny that, Dee .. but you've gotta be able to hit me for it to really work." A quick grin and then he's giving a shake of his head, "A lot. The most recent of which is Caine falling ill and unconscious while acting as Regent. That's what's spawned this whole affair and the like."

Rian smiling at Aine, he says, "I do not remember meeting you before and I'm sure that I would had we met," and then, including Syeira by nodding to her in return, he introduces himself, "I am Rian, of Cameron." There is a slight hesitation in that as he is unsure the etiquette of family introductions but he chooses to go with an easy introduction as he would have used in the past.

Syeira giggles and shrugs accepting the introduction,"I'm Sye" though her attention seems to be both on the group she is with and watching the brother and sister reunion not interupting with too much information in any one direction.

Aine's own titles are complicated. Recognized by her father happily, and her grandfather far less so, she frowns a bit. So as Rian introduces himself, Aine simply takes the easy path herself. "Aine, of Pathi." She has the exact coloring of Brand's hair, and the same glittering spring green of Corwin's eyes, so perhaps it's easy to guess at her lineage, even if she doesn't make it a part of introductions directly. Mostly, though, she watches Corwin and Deirdre, and a pensive frown crosses her gaze, a hint of confusion as she tries to merge the man she had met with the man she now sees.

"I'd heard that part," Deirdre relates to Corwin, concern shadowing the deep blue depths of her eyes. "That Caine had fallen ill. No hint as to the cause?" The question might contain undertones of 'was it you?' without any real expectation of an answer. "And now we've turned to democracy?"

Even as Corwin's attention remains soley on his sister, he's still quite aware of what's transpiring within the room and the others that remain gathered there. A shake of his head is given to Deirdre, followed by, "No known cause at the moment and we've been unable to wake him. He's currently being guarded in his suite by the Hounds and his wife." Those undertones are answered with a shake of his head, a silent answer to a silent question as he then offers, "When it comes to the throne .. it would seem so. Then again, I do suppose it's a better alternative then the ensuing bloodshed that would have come."

"Sye, Aine," he says to greet the pair a little more formally. He looks at the sibling Royals and, not wanting to intrude addresses his cousins only instead as he introduces his gryphons leaning his head first to the right and then to the larger one on the left. "These are Keir and Iynx," he says.

Syeira sniffs looking curiously between the two gryphons, "They part of Carmichael's brood?" studying the birds curiously shifting her weight about to get a better look. Nope nothing formal about this one, all down to earth and almost common in her behavior.

A runner comes in Deirdre's livery, interrupting with several hushed, rushed words in her ear. Whatever it is, causes the woman to smile wryly. "I am summoned to the townhouse unexpectedly. Brother, will I see you there soon? We have much to catch up on." A smile is given to everyone else near by, and a wave of one powerful hand.

Corwin's watching the appearance of that runner, a laugh escaping past his lips as he dips a nod of his head towards his sister, "This is what happens, Dee, when you linger from Amber for the better part of four years." A grin, though and, "Go, sister. Summon me when you've returned and we can talk and drink and catch up."

Not having any treats for the birds, Aine lifts her glass towards them, offering sips of the juice she holds but hasn't yet sipped from, more a prop for the occupation of her hands than anything else. But the creatures seem to warm her wary smile to something more akin to genuine as she gives them the chance to have a drink.

Deirdre departs.

Iynx quickly starts to lean in towards the glass but a soft chirp from Keir has her stop and glare at him while he moves in a little slower and then laps at the liquid for a moment. Another twitter from him is followed by the female repeating his action.

Waiting until both have had a taste of the drink, Rian says, "They are not related to Carmichael, no," and then, "That's enough," to the gryphons as Iynx looks ready to lean in and take a substantial second drink but at her mate's man's admonishion she chirps rudely at him and sits back regally on his shoulder.

Keir first said, "Wait. I'll show you," to Inyx and then he added, "See?"

Inyx's rude chirp was a terse, "Fine. Had enough anyway."

Syeira giggles at the two nodding with the words that they aren't Carmichael's. She notices when D seems to leave calling over toward Corwin,"Unc. Can you step over here a minute, ya?"

Aine holds up her glass of nectar patiently, allowing the birds to drink from it as much or little as they wish, and once they're done, she lowers it again. Sye calls out to her grandfather, and Aine's vivid green eyes grow saucer wide, the hope that the no violence rule holds written clearly across her expression as she looks to Corwin to see if he'll comply.

As Deirdre takes her leave, Corwin's left standing there, free to once more look about the area, but that's waylaided as Syeira calls out to him and there's an incline of his head in her direction, only for him to then make his way over in the direction of the gaggle of people, "Rian. Aine. Syeira." There, greetings done. Again. "What's going on?"

Rian is standing with Aine, Corwin and Syeira conversing. Aine has just recently allowed the miniature grypons on Rian's shoulder to drink out off her glass of fruit nectar and Rian is drinking a rum and punch mixture. "Your Highness," he says to Corwin to acknowledge his uncle's greeting and it waits to see how the conversation progresses.

<Editor's Note:> Dirk entered the room thus a summary pose was given.

Dirk walks in and stays back. He just waits quietly and seriously.

Syeira did promise Aine it would never be dull around her and giggles bouncing with Corwin coming over, "Unc! I didn't get a hug, ya. Figured you and Auntie Double D were busy and stuffs. Sos wanted my hug, and umm.." she motions toward Aine, "Sees I was telling Aine here the other day you were just the bestests Unc like ever. Now she of course heard some crazy stories about you and didn't want to believe them. I totally told her they were nuts and figured you'd want to say hi to her and stuffs, ya." holding her arms open for that hug.

Corwin indeed obliges Syeira's call. And as she's greeted by name, Aine dips into a deep curtsey, swallowing hard, obviously fearful. Her voice is soft, the slightest tremble as she replies in only a single word, her voice a mixture of fear and respect, but also tainted at the edges with just the slightest tinge of hope. "Grandfather." And then, she rises, and gives Sye a 'look'. "They weren't stories," she corrects softly. "They were words from his own mouth, and I would never expect a Prince to be a liar." For all the rumors of her craziness, someone sometime seems to have terrified the crazy right out of her and replaced it with manners which attempt to be impeccable.

"Lord Rian," is the extended greeting that Rian gets as he addresses Corwin in a formal fashion and when Syeira makes mention of not getting a hug, there's a chuckle in the back of his throat, only for him to then offer up that hug to her, even as he comments, "Kids of kids. She wound up trumping me and annoying me. I may very well have told her that we're prone to stabbing and the like." A curl of his lips to a grin and he's casting his gaze over towards Aine, "But, there's a distinct lack of stabbings happening today, so decreed by one of my sisters."

Dirk is hanging out in the back of the hall.

<Editor's Note:> Dirk entered the room thus a summary pose was given.

Rian stands with Prince Corwin and the Ladies Aine and Syeira with two miniature gryphons perched on his shoulders, the larger of the two on his left shoulder. The Prince and the young women are conversing while Rian drinks a rum and punch concoction out of a mug.

Syeira leans up and gives her Uncle a great big hug bouncing up and down lightly in her over energetic way giggling, "Ya, uhuh, all growly. Now you know full well you wouldn't do that to her even outside of her. Sos be nice and show them you are the best of like the Uncles and shit, ya?"

Dirk can't help but chuckle from the back.

Well. At least if no stabbings are declared, Aine can speak freely, at least temporarily in this hall for this moment. So with her gaze on her grandfather, she speaks to Syeira, "He may have also enjoyed informing me that he once stabbed my mother as well. He seemed quite dismayed to not have done so before she could have created offspring." Despite Sye's promises, it seems Aine doesn't quite believe that he wouldn't stab her given the chance. And to Corwin, she explains perhaps that disbelief. "After all, if my brother is willing to make such cuts on Grandfather's behalf, I'm sure he wouldn't allow his reputation tarnished by being unable to fight on his own behalf when others have seen fit to stab in his place."

"I shall be on my best behaviour, Sye. You have my word." That's offered with the hint of a chuckle as he returns that hug that Sye gives, only to then let his gaze play over in the direction of Aine, "I'm pretty sure this is exactly the reason that I tend to ensure that I don't spawn or if I do, that I avoid crossing paths with them." A pause and then a shake of his head, "We're not here for a family reunion, granddaugher. If wish to discuss the dysfunctional nature of our family, we can do so at a later date. Suffice to say, you're safe from stabbings."

Dirk nods "it's not worth the wrath of Flora. Blood is such a pain to clean up."

Syeira slips back from the hug giggling a little leaning against her Uncle comfortably, "See, he's not so totally aweful. Now, later iffin you two can sit down and talk all civil like maybe you can be happy go lucky" she rolls her head up to look at Corwin and then back to Aine, "Okay sos maybe you can form a decent middle safe ground, ya. Sees he won't stab you." she grins then looks over at Dirk, "One, I don't have your trump. A problem. Two, I'm in charge of the staff that would hafta. Sides Corwin isn't here to make a mess."

Upon hearing his brother's voice, Rian turns and greets him with a boisterously called out, "Dirk!" and a wave which disturbs Iynx's perch causing her to flap her wings and squawk angrily at him. Rian reacts by quickly lowering his arm and saying a heart felt, "Sorry," to the gryphon.

Inyx said, "Hey, I'm perched here, guy," at Rian.

"Of course, your highness." Aine replies, and then explains to Corwin, "My dear friend seemed to think my nerves were based upon stories and rumor is all. I'm just trying to inform her that I only speak of that seen and known by my own eyes and self. That I don't presume to judge you nor any of our family by rumor or innuendo. But she didn't seem to believe me."

Another young woman enters the Grand Hall, though she seemed to have a slight delay at the doorway. Rosario takes a look around the settings, viewing who has arrived… and who yet has not. As there seems to be only one real group going, the Mons makes her way accross the floor with the natural flow and grace of a Dybelle.

Corwin simply stares at Aine for another moment before giving a shake of his head, not even bothering to comment anything further to her before his gaze shifts back over towards Syeira, "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to grab myself something to drink." The sound of Dirk's voice draws his gaze towards the other man and he's offering a slight incline of his head.

Syeira giggles shaking her head at Aine, "Wasn't that I didn't believe you, was giving Unc Corwin a means by which to explain cuz you don't back a fighter inta a corner and not expect to get like bit and stuff. See he was gonna tell the truth anyway. He's not much for lieing. My goal was to get you two talking." she motions between them, "See talking. Is good, yes? My favorite Unc and my new friend. All is well." she leans up as Corwin goes to go for a drink.

Dirk smiles and says "Drink the rum, your Highness." He walks up to Rian and says "hey?".

With Corwin vacating the conversation, Rosario is left trying to decide which way to go, continue on to the other young women, or speak with the Elder. She goes with an old maxim, 'Never change your course if you don't have to', she continues onwards, stoping just at the edge of the conversation between Aine and Syeria, "Good evening Cousins."

"Good evening Rosario," Rian says as the Mon approaches and then, addressing his brother, he says, "Its been a while, how're you doing?"

Much like with Rian, Rosario looks familiar, though Aine cannot manage to place why, nor from where. But as she is greeted after having managed to chase her grandfather away, she offers a smile and a nod, answering simply with, "Hello."

Syeira grins from ear to ear seeing Rosario, "hey hey what's cookin good lookin?" bouncing happily she moves to drape back against the wall comfortably.

Dirk says "i am fine and well that's a lie just worried about things"

Rosario gives Syeria a tilt of her head, "I see Grandmother has dragged you into this… event. My condolences." She offers a slight bow to Aine, "Rosario DuBelle, ne Florimel."

Syeira giggles shaking her head at Rosario, "I'm in charge of the staff at the palace. Sos hafta be here to make certain everything flows right, ya."

"Aine Auxerre Brandatter, ne Corwin." She's pretty sure that's the right wording for formal introductions. She hopes. She almost never uses more than simply Aine. And just in case she's screwed it up, she sidles a half-step closer to Syeira for the moral support of it all.

"Well, as they say in Montevalno, if you can't go with the Flow, make the Flow go with you." She gives Sye a smile and wink, then shifts her head just slightly to the side, "Branddatter? but of the line of Corwin? That does seem like an interesting story."

Dirk pipes up "Dirk. officially licensed and acknowledged Caine-spawn."

Syeira giggles and spreads her hands, "Don't worry. I got this, ya. Oh what is it now. Oh ya, I'm Sye"

Rian looks at his cousins with some confusion with all the ne stuff being said. But then Dirk speaks up and seeing that the formality isn't necessary he grins and says, "I'm Rian of Cameron out of Jocelyn Chantris by Caine Oberonson… otherwise known as Dirk's unrecognized half-brother."

Brandatter. And of Corwin's line. Aine nods that Rosario has heard correctly. "From the best I can piece together," she tries to explain. "My mother was Corwin's eldest child. I'm not sure if I've any other siblings from her side or not. And Prince Brand has signed the royal decrees that claim me as his daughter." And with her hair that matches Brand's, and her eyes the mirror copy of Corwin's, odds are she's potentially speaking the truth. Though, as Rian says the magical 'C' word, her green eyes grow huge with excitement and he and his two feathered friends get a beaming smile.

"Ah, so adopted by Brand." And perhaps more, though she does not comment on the hair. "Seems strange that those of us who are new to city… within the last 100 years I mean, would have a vote on the next king."

Dirk says "I intend to nominate Rian and go back to Arden where I live and work."

Syeira raises a brow and shrugs, "I thought we weren't voting on who will be acting Regent till Caine wakes up and stuffs."

Adopted? Aine's head shakes. "No. He is my father, biologically speaking." Then again, he's also made a baby with a man who is also her brother, so. It's not like the Brand branch of the family tree forks all that much. As to voting, though, she has to ask. "I assume Grandfather wants the throne, as by rights as Chancellor it should default to him, at least until Caine either wakes or passes?" She may not like him, but she has to respect the work that he has done. "Do we know yet who else has opened candidacy for consideration?" And it seems yes, at least one more nomination is made, causing Aine to only scrutinize Rian all the closer.

Rian eyes Aine as she scrutinizes him but addresses the elephant in the room by saying, "I believe that Caine's reign as regent is over… at least for now. As for who should take it after him, my only strong opinion is that Dirk is bat shit crazy on this subject and that I don't belong there."

Dirk says "Brother the current opinion is that I am just batshit crazy always."

Syeira clears her throat,"If it is a permanent thing, then it is imperative that we think wisely. The other option is the cursed, Carmichael." she glances to Aine, "The one that sent all the birds and brought lightening down on the roof of the palace."

"The cursed? I've met with Carmichael, he doesn't strike me as one who is cursed." Rosario shrugs, "He seemed quite pleasant, and well thought out in conversation." She looks over to where Corwin is standing, then back to the others, "It will be an interesting debate and election. I am sure the rumors and mudslinging will not take long." In fact it seems like they already have, via Syeria.

Trinara enters with a squad of Hounds and and directs them to spread out around the room to provide extra security for the family meeting and make sure that anyone who starts trouble gets thrown out quickly. After doing so she remains apart from the crowd for the time being.

Rian's reply draws a laugh from Aine, and she lifts her half-bird-drunk glass in a silent toast, though she doesn't drink of it after. But still. He's said the C word, so her interest remains piqued. She considers Syeira as Carmichael is named, and then she considers the potential as well. It's not a subject on which she comments lightly. "Prince Carmichael is indeed one of my favorite cousins, I quite delight the chance to spend time with him, even if I do have somehow seemed to developed a talent to make him moult…" But she still seems pensive. "It worries me though, that on hearing his brother has taken ill, his first reaction was not to consult or speak with family, but simply to lay seige to the Palace and City with his birds. I'm sure there are considerations to which I'm not privy, but when the first response is that of an invader rather than a mediator… I'm not sure I could support such a choice without far more information."

Syeira glances toward Rosario and grins, "He doesn't turn into a gryphon through some blessing, ya." she shrugs,"Vote for who you like. I'd be curious as to where what makes Carmichael has to say on the matter. Perhaps he can tell me while I'm helping the staff clean up after his birds. Or maybe I just have to eavesdrop on his conversations as he does mine to get the information."

Rian frowns at Aine and says, quite firmly, "Carmichael is not my uncle, he's our cousin." Seeing Trinara he speaks very clearly on the next subject: "When I met Carmichael he expressed a strong opinion toward proper etiquette. That said, he gave me the chance to mend my ways since he thought I was being overly familiar with him. He's stiff and all that but he didn't strike me as a villain."

Having claimed his drink, Corwin simply lingers off to one side of the room, taking in those that have gathered and giving them the opportunity to speak and discuss matters.

"Eavesdropping is a particularly useful skill Syeira, as well you know." She shrugs, "Cleaning up after birds seems much easier than the clean up that was required after previous sieges to Amber." She nods in agreement to Rian, "Yes, there is the formality to Carmichael, which I have managed to make a mess on with several occasions." she doesn't seem particualry repentant with the admission.

Syeira sighs softly shaking her head, "I am not going to go into mud slinging. Rian is correct. Carmichael is the son of Benedict. Though I don't think he ever had much interaction with him as he seemed to think I knew him better from training with him then he did. If there is something specific you wish to know on him, how he became Prince, his curse, whatever the case may be. Feel free to ask. I am not sure who my vote will be for, but I'm certain given my history with knowing him and used to being good friends with him and his husband that unless he can answer some questions of honor and integrity for me I will not be voting for him."

"Really?" Aine seems all the more concerned about what she hears. "I've always referred to him at most formal as Cousin Feathers… And every now and again, he even answers to Busjohn. He's really the LEAST formal of all those I've met so far." And she can't help but frown. "Is he always so mercurial in his decisions? Calling for peace from the other Princes but attacking with his feathered armies? Insisting formality from some but utter irreverance from others?" Her head shakes and she looks almost heartsick to think such things as her so far favored cousin. "I don't like when people wear more than one face. It makes me anxious."

"I hope this doesn't offend you, but I'm less cute than you, Aine," Rian says on the subject of his side of Carmichael's behavior. He then adds, "I'm actually not sure who I'm going to vote for still."

"Attack?" Rosario seems genuinely surprised at the word, "I had not heard anything of people being injured." She looks to Syeria, "THis is a time for fact, so perhaps you can tell us exactly what happened with these birds?" She shakes her head, "I have not made my decission either, but Carmichael seems to be cast as the Villian already, and I from my personal experience with the man, I do not feel it fair. Most of the Elders have been portrayed the same way, yet our last Regent was the Boogeyman in many stories."

Trinara slowly walks over to join the group after watching them for a few minutes. She still says nothing for the moment.

Syeira nods her head slowly to Rosario, "You are correct and I do appologize. I fear I still grow quiet angry at myself over his behavior when I first came to the city, and my believing him to be my friend only to find I truely was a fool,that I have allowed it to cloud my way of speaking." she shrugs, "Near as I have heard none were harmed. Word had barely gotten out to the staff to make the necessary precautions when Caine would not wake, the hounds were making their movements per orders. We were trying to make the appropriate steps in the palace,when flocks up flocks in deafening numbers swarmed the palace and the areas around it I am told. There they took up perches, in the rooftop gardens and the lands around the palace. Additionally he was seen up on the roof, drawing down lightening on the palace. The purpose for such I can only speculate." offering a grin to Trinara, "Hello. Perhaps you know the facts of why the lightening was drawn down on the roof of the palace?"

Aine blushes at Rian's words, not having taken that into account at all. "I was under the impression he preferred men," she murmurs. "Unless his ex was an expert in cross dressing…" She frowns and tries to puzzle it out, and then shudders and shoves that topic aside as if in need of brainbleach. "But even if that DID play a factor," she tells Rian, "That he would allow simple personal wants to dictate treatment of one differently from another… I can understand emotion and care for others as a near impossible draw, but… I can't say it ranks high on my list of what I would hope to see in a leader. Impartiality regarding the law and safety is something a good Regent would require." But her ponderings are set aside as Trinara joins them, perhaps able to shed more light into murky matters. And as she listens, she lifts her glass back up towards Rian's shoulder companions for another drink if either wish it.

With no fanfare, and little sound, Fiona arrives in the hall, taking a look to see who is there, and who is not.
Corwin is still standing off to one side of the room, simply watching as he sips from the glass of whiskey in his hand.

Rian laughs and says, "I barely know the guy so I wouldn't know his preference, Aine."

With the crowd growing Iynx, the gryphon on Rian's left shoulder, screeches nearvously and Keir, her mate on Rian's other shoulder, squawks softly in response. Rian then says, "Yeah, lead her off to a corner," to Keir and the gryphons leap into the air and Keir finds a quiet corner of the room where the pair huddle privately.

Trinara glances over at Corwin before answering the comment to her, "I wouldn't want to speculate on my brother's motives for what has been going on. Perhaps the strain of trying to walk in Father's shoes has gotten to him. I certainly wouldn't want to try to do that."
Inyx's nerous screech was: "Too many people." and Keir's response was, "Boss, can I get her out of this group?"

The gryphons go off to their own corner, so Aine lowers her glass once more, still quiet, listening. She stays rather close to Syeira, almost as if she's using the gypsy as her own personal security blanket, but her gaze does still continue finding its way to Rian periodically, still rather obviously interested in something that had earlier been spoken.

Quietly, Fiona moves over towards Corwin, greeting her brother with a silent nod of her head. The younger generation for now is ignored as she gets some tea.

As Fiona makes her way over to where he's settled himself, Corwin's offering an incline of his head towards his sister, only to follow that up with, "Fiona."

Dirk watches Fiona and makes sure to keep max distance between them.

Syeira mmms softly and nods disappointed that Trinara has no answers, "I shall have to ask him then" she tilts her head a flicker of sadness washing over her features for a moment,"Yes, he always did feel so very strained by such enormous responsibilities he felt being thrust upon him unwantedly, trying to live up to Benedicts legacy. A shame really."

Aurora has paused outside the room to toe off her slippers and then rub soot vigorously across her feet. This done both hands go into her satchel and she paces into the room, leav ing sooty footprints in her wake.

Rosario considers the conversation, which seems to be growing by the moment. Nodding in agreement to various statements, she simply slides to the edge of the grouping, no longer contributing directly.

"Best to live for yourself then to try to live up to another person's legacy," Rian says in response to Syeira's comment. He also finishes his rum and punch and sets the mug down on a passing servant's tray before stepping closer to Aine.

Muttering to Aine, Rian speaks softly as he says, "… I… intersting…"

To Aine, Rian speaks softly as he says, "Please tell me why I am so intersting to you."

Privately, to Rian, Aine blushes rather vividly to have been caught staring. "Apologies. You're the first of Chantris I've ever met. I've always had a fascination with libraries, and just can't help but wonder the stories you and yours could tell."

Dashton pauses there at the entrance to the room, watching with raised eyebrows as Aurora sets to rubbing the soot on her feat. A smile finally forms as he looks over toward Vincenzo and then follows along inside, taking in the great mass of people that has gathered about in this place as he does so.

Dirk wanders by Rian and pokes him

Pressed up to Syeira's side, conversing softly with the griffonless Rian, it takes a while before Aine realizes that Aurora has come in. A hand lifts to wave as she spots her sister, and then she realizes that the woman is tracking in black footprints and she shoves her glass at Rian before she gropes for Sye's hands, muttering, "Oh, heaven's bless. Find me a towel, quickly, before she gets herself thrown out all over again!"

Fiona settles primly by Corwin. "Can you summarize?" she asks her brother.

In Aurora's wake comes her Custos. Dressed all in black, as has become habitual for him. His red hair is caught at the nape of his neck and tamed into a neat braid, and each step he takes is mildly accented with the soft tinkling sound of silvery bells. Vincenzo pauses only just within, taking a brief look across the room before further stepping into the room. He glances towards Dashton, giving a small nod of greeting to the man.

Corwin lets his gaze drift about the room, only to then settle once more upon Fiona, "Which part would you like me to summerize, Sister? The whole affair? Or the issue upon the rooftops?"

Rian chuckles at something Aine says quietly to him and then turns to glare without anger at Dirk in response of the poke.

Rian mutters to Aine, "I could… don't… or… to…"

To Aine, Rian says, "I could tell you many stories, but to be completely honest I don't have any that come from or relate to libraries."

Dirk pokes again. Brotherly love isn't always potentially fatal. "How ya been?"

Privately, to Rian, Aine says, "Related or not… I'd still love to listen to those tales someday, if you're willing to share them."

Syeira mmms softly raising a brow looking over toward Aurora with the motion of Aine frowning a little with a hint of a smile,"Interesting. I suppose we'll just hafta clean the floors after it,ya. She's a right to be here I'm guessing same as any other, ya?"

Nodding to Syeira, Aine tries to explain in a very soft murmur, "I'm pretty sure father has recognized her, but she's also banned from the Palace without a chaperone. I'd rather wipe up the floor behind her before that edict gets any worse." And she's still looking here, there, and everywhere for something with which to do that. Finally, she spots cloth napkins at the buffet and hurries off to grab a few.

Aurora rummages in her bag with sooty hands and pauses beside Syeria, "Duck…" She hands over a yellow ribbon and circles Sye before moving on, mismatched eyes a bit feverish beneath that sheer veil she wears.

Dirk looks around.

Dashton looks over toward Aine, a warm smile developing immediately and extended toward her as he bows a head, "Ah, Lady Aine. So good to see you again. Had you managed to sort that whole matter out about being seen?" His attention diverts for a moment, trying to track Aurora as she wanders about and beginning to create some manner of mayhem.

"The whole affair," Fiona says crisply. "Minus the part that started it, which involves our brother making poor choices."

Rian answers Dirk: "I've been okay. Your son helped me with an experiment a few weeks ago and I've been walking about on my own also."

Trinara steps away from the conversation but in deference to the fact that she's wearing her uniform, she still doesn't collect a drink.

With Vincenzo less than a step behind and to one side of Aurora, she certainly hasn't broken the edict upon her to have a chaperone here. Though as she ventures nearer to others, he stays at a bit of a distance from her. He has no qualms with her socializing as she sees fit to do.

Syeira giggles and ducks down a bit accepting the ribbon from Aurora,"Hello, ya" rising back up she watches the other woman moving around nodding to Aine. She then drifts away from the group leaning once more back in the corner keeping an eye on everything in the process.

Aine had run off from Sye just before her sister ribbons the gypsy, and she has her handful of napkins by the time

Dashton greets her. "Yes," she replies. "My father's signatory has granted me papers recognizing my father's claim to me, and in addition also made contact to my grandfather as well," and she waves her napkins towards Corwin, the resulting affect looking like she's waving a white flag of surrender. And with her hair matching Brand's, and her eyes the exact replica of Corwin's, the resemblances are undeniable. "Please excuse me, though. There is something to which I must attend." And then, she's rushing off to the entryway, dropping her napkins to the floor and covering them with a satin-slippered foot as she starts to use them with movements of her leg to wipe up the footsteps from the floor itself, following the path her sister has laid and erasing it one step at a time.

"Well, we'll start from the poor decision of Caine deciding that this would be an appropriate time to fall ill and take a long slumber." A little shake of his head accompanies that wry statement from Corwin, only tot hen be followed with, "You know about my intentions to manage things until he could resume his duties, which didn't pan out by the way. Didn't wish to go against House Mandrake's wishes. But, I did arrange a meeting with the Deputy Prince Marshall, to ask that Amber's Armies be pulled back from above the palace. He .. took a rather interesting bout of madness, held me at arrow point and then promptly shot them into the stairs, summoning that lightning that's been going about. That's after he declared his intention to use the armies to seize the throne from Caine and I." A hand then lifts to wave about, "Which then led to this lovely little affair, sister."

Fiona inclines her head, at the first remark. "Totally unconscionable on his part," she says, perhaps seriously. "I have been unable as yet to pinpoint a cause though I will continue the effort." She listens quietly to the rest of the conversation, a brow arching elegantly. "Ah. I see. How unfortunate."

Aurora circles Aine as she's greeted by Dashton, "Duck…" And Aine is given a yellow Ribbon, She pauses to resoot her feet and pauses to circle in place to get a bead on the room.

Syeira lifts her gaze thinking a few moments as she watches the room. Starting to make her way over toward Fiona and Corwin. In the path she drops off her empty glass and switches it out for a glass of water.

Rosario is standing off to the side of the conversation, watching the unusual behavior of the newly arrived Aurora with interest. She's seen the Oracle at a relatively stable point, now is curious how she acts… when not so much.

Corwin's giving a little nod of his head in the direction of Fiona, "Hopefully, this does not linger long." No doubt in reference to CaineSickness. But, that's followed by, "Which is why I requested the assistance of Mandrake. To ensure that the Palace and the City remained protected, since the Army was obviously not going to do so. Thankfully, though, they've since pulled back. And, I've allowed Flora to handle any requests that Caine would normally deal with, to honor Mandrake's request." Eyes do flit about as he offers that, nodding as Sye makes her way over towards them.

The sweeping up of Aurora's footsteps carries her past her grandfather just in time to allow her to hear the story of what caused the lightening through the Palace, and her eyes go wide as she audibly gasps. It's strange, the grandfather you fear seeming more level headed than the cousin you favor. And Aine looks a bit crestfallen. She eventually cleans herself all the way back to Syeira, and where Aurora had planted a foot to fling her ribbon, the coal is such a solid smudge that Aine actually drops onto hands and knees so that rather than toe scuffing, she can apply elbow grease to that particularly stubborn step. And just as she drops to scrub, she's ducking as requested in the process, a yellow ribbon that clashes horrifically with her dress draped around her neck and shoulders.

Fiona's gaze moves as Corwin nods, noting the arrival of Syeira. She inclines her head very slightly in that direction, acknowledgement of the younger woman. "Is there more I should know?" Fiona asks, sounding very nearly resigned.

To anyone who might care to know why he's departing, Rian says, "I have a nervous gryphon who was living in the wild as recent as a week ago so I'm going to collect them and get them somewhere a bit quiter for a while." He then adds, "I'll be back in a while," as he begins weaving his way though the gathered royals to the corner his companion and his mate are huddled.

Dirk says "have fun with that."

Dashton nods repeatedly to Aine, continuing to smile as he sees her cleaning up the marks made by Aurora. "Excellent. Very good to hear, all around." A glass is smoothly retrieved from a passing tray as hazel eyes continue to dance about the room, eventually landing upon Dirk. The glass is then raised in his direction before looking to track down where Aurora may have wandered next with her ribbon.

Ruby ventures inside the hall. With discussions underway, she sidles out of the way of anyone else entering or exiting. Chewing on the inside of a cheek, she levels her gaze upon those present.

Syeira offers a grin up to the two, "Hello Aunt Fiona. Uncle Corwin. Sos I realize that all my elders have a huge advantage to like my understanding. I got question though. With all the stuffs going on with the families in the city and stuff. Is, is there like any chance that he's fallen asleep because of it?"

Rather than joining any conversation again, Trinara retreats to the side of the room to speak quietly with one of the Hounds watching over the affair to make sure no one gets out of hand.

After collecting his gryphons, with Keir perched on his shoulder and Iynx cradled in his arms, Rian steps out of the hall.

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