(2017-05-28) Corwin's Post Election Party Kickoff
Corwin's Post Election Party Kickoff
Location: Entry Hall of the Amber Pallace
Date: May 28th, 2017
Summary: Gerrard's been elected Regent and Corwin is throwing a party!
Characters: Corwin, Dirk, Rian, Sebastienne, and Syeira.
NPCs: an unnamed servant woman Rian leaves the scene with, gypsy performers, Keir and Inyx.

Corwin changed the setting to: The entrance hall has been taken over on election night, seeming almost to serve as Banyan's temporary embassy. Crates of booze are stacked almost haphazardly, though, if one looks closely, they're almost INTENTIONALLY piled to make navigation through the hall difficult. Tables of low-end food are diagonal to the crates, just to add to the chaos of navigation, candies and brownies and crisps and pickles and fruits and fried things of every variety imaginable. Random couches and chairs clutter the hall as well, a tempestuous mess of furniture. There's a band set up in front of the ballroom door, as loud and raucous as the decor itself. And anchoring the center of the room, nearly wall to wall across the hall to DELIBERATELY block the path from the main gates to the great hall are two couches, pressed together front to front. There is a flagpole planted into the cushions, a giant piece of paper taped to the top, colored black background and leaving white to outline the rough shape of Banyan's silver rose.

Dirk has been in four paws form for quite a while and nothing has changed much.

Having heard talk about a party with booze and food, Rian comes down to the entrance hall accompanied by two miniature gryphons on his shoulders, the slightly larger of the pair on his left shoulder and the smaller one being his companion people are more accustomed to.

There is a make-shift pirate ship of couches at the center of the hall. And plopped down at the center of it is a rainbow-curled sprite with a bottle of gin. Sebastienne simply watches her god-father and new favorite adopted for the night Banyan work their magics on the hall until a rip-roarer of a party is kicking off. She seems to be rather literally holding court from the center of the chaos that makes traversing the hallway impossible to do without carefully wandering or purposefully barging through it.

Syeira is in her normal form now that all the hoity toity family gatherings are done, she's let her hair down so to speak. Currently she is accepting the band through a trump call, offering her hand out as several musicians step through the trump contact all of them appearing to be gypsies.

The musicians start to set up tuning their instruments. Staff moves around rapidly setting the tables with food that is starting to be delivered from Bloody's and several eatteries around the city. Booze is being set up as well, certainly not the fancy that is awaiting prim and proper folks in the main hall.

With the entrance hall having been claimed for the purposes of a party, Corwin has managed to claim one of the seats to himself; one that happens to be near the center of the walkway to the great hall. Feet are lifted and rested upon a table that was placed in front of him and there's a bottle of booze in his hand as he watches the final touches being setup.

Hmmm. There is ONE downside to having commandeered control of the make-shift pirate ship in the center of the hall. Sebastienne has a hard time fetching of food and drinks. At least her bottle of gin is still a third full, so, there's that. But her head lifts and she sniffs as the smells of fried pretty much EVERYTHING fill the air. And then she starts casting looks around for someone she can persuade to drag her over a bucket of fried things and a few more bottles of gin. OH! And things to dip in. Fried things need dipped. Her shoes are missing, her bare feet propped up on the arm of her ship. And when she spots Corwin sitting with nothing to do but drink… Well. That MIGHT solve her predicament. So she shouts out over the loud music to ask.

Sebastienne shouts, "Oh King of Chaos, Vice Chancellor for a few short hours more, Rose of Banyan? Will you fetch me fried things and gin? And, ummm. Anything that happens to be dippable?"

Dirk darts in and out of the crowd like a pirate cat should.

Syeira glances to Corwin when she realizes the truth of the matter, she might not have a home, and Corwin won't have a position in a few short hours. Yep definetly time to have a party. Sashaying through the hall she collects a plate full of fried food dipping sauce in the middle and delivers it to Sebastienne leaving her to figure out the booze after all she needs one free hand to hold her own booze.

"You can get your own damn food," is what Corwin offers to Sebastienne with a grin and a chuckle. But then there's a Sye delivering the requested items to her and that draws a laugh from his lips, "Or, Sye will be nice and get it for you." Lifting the bottle to his lips, there's a healthy sip that comes to be taken, only for him to then lower it back down.

Dirk runs for the pirate couch and jumps on the edge to flip a back flip off it.

Rian catches sight of his brother… or just another cat maybe… and when he gets his drink finds a saucer and pours some rum into it as well and sets it on one of the couch cushions before wandering off in another direction.

"Cannot! A ship without a captain might wreck upon the halls!" Sebastienne has IMPORTANT work to attend to. And Sebastienne looks to Syeira adoringly as at least the food portion of her request is answered. "This is why YOU should be the next Queen of the Regency." And as she takes the plate, she lifts her bottle of gin to Sye in salute. And then she sticks her tongue out at Corwin. But, politely. It's not like she thbbbbbbs it to blow a raspberry. THAT would be rude. "Oi!" She chides at the cat. "You're supposed to get a Captain's permission before boarding their vessel. Bad luck otherwise. You want to be responsible for cursing the elections?"

Dirk says "since when do Pirates ask permission?"

Syeira giggles at Seb, "I'm not worthy, ya. I gots all the wrong titles for that role and all the right titles for havin fun, ya!" she winks sashaying away leaving the other to get her own booze situation solved refilling her own drink with some of the whiskey that is being opened currently on the drink table.

"Since the captains have gotten willing to kick rude cats from their cushions," Sebastienne retorts. And she glances at the blade on her hip, then over to Corwin, pretty sure she already knows the answer, but, double checking just in case. "I probably can't stab interlopers who board my ship uninvited, right? What about kicking? Is shin kicking allowed?" Do cats even HAVE shins? She aims a bare foot in the cat's direction while awaiting word from Corwin, drinking from her bottle of gin as she does. And as it lowers, she makes a note to herself. "Next time, remember to bring a cannon."

Dirk jumps over the foot kicking at him. "this is a fun game."

Rian finds a palace servant who is receptive to his flirtations and leads her off towards privacy and isn't seen again for the rest of the evening.

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