(2017-06-02) Gerard's First Court as Regent
Gerard's First Court as Regent
Location: The Throne Room of the Royal Palace in Amber
Date: June 2nd, 2017
Summary: Gerard calls his first court as Regent. He disbands the Army, names Prince Carmichael Lord Praxis and Princess Deirdre Lord Chanchlor.
Characters: Aura, Aurora, Carmichael, Celeste, Chase, Deirdre, Dirk, Faith, Gerard, Gino, Gygr, Harper, Jhavid, Melina, Nalwin, Quina, Raphaela, Rian, Rosario, Ruby, Sebastienne, Shao, Theodore, Tiaryn, Trinara, and Vialle.
NPCs: Deirdre's Moon Court NPCs, Flora's Sun Court NPCs (with Rosario), Gerard's Herald (Lord Taulsons), Rian's Gryphons (Keir and Inyx), Quina's entourage, Trinara's Hounds, Royal servents (including pages), generic courtiers

Rosario has entered the Hall without fanfare, for the Regent has not yet made his entrance. She speaks with the stewart on behalf of her Grandmother, ensuring that the gathering has appropriate layout for the event, leaving nothing to chance. There are natural groupings to the guidance provided by staff, with areas for Nobles, Royals, Ambassadors and Plantiffs at the front, and spectators at the back. But no one is enforcing such divisions, except maybe the gawkers, so people can generally gather as they choose.

Gygr for her part, is comfortable being directed to the area set aside for Ambassadors. As is her fashion, the Fir Bolg retires to the back of the area, allowing the shorter members of the foreign courts to join in without being blocked by her massive frame. Despite her large size, Gygr is in her 'human' height for the event.

As more people continue to gather, Trinara moves to a spot just to the side of the dais where she can watch the entire room without much effort.

From afar, Dirk is in human form drinking in the back

As the gathering grows, the melody from the hidden harper begins to fade. Subtle shifts hint at flowers bending to a breeze, their pollen wafting out into the field to attract the faintly droning bees. Softer still then as those gathered begin to form groups to speak together.

Rian, accompanied by his gryphons perched on his shoulders (the larger one on his left shoulder), slips into the room and glances around. Seeing Dirk hanging out in the back he moves over towards his brother.

Shao walks in in small discrete steps that bettray his lack of practice in wearing the traditional Penglai court silks. He lets himself be ushered to a seat for the onlookers, claiming no part in the procedures.

Quina arrives with Mandrake, of course. The Duchess is accompanied by her entourage, and promptly moves to the suitable place for the Great House. She inclines her head towards those she knows and those suitable to greet, but her mind is obviously on the coming proceeding. Probably not a surprise, given her relationship with the new Regent is an open not-particularly-secret in Amber.

Its been sometime since the Throne Room had been in use, and the whispers of excitement flitter through the crowd. The colors of the courier are black and blue of the deepest parts of the sea, though it is clear in some attire that the blue was added late; no doubt, individuals that wished Deirdre sat before them rather than Gerard. Speaking of the Prince of Storm, he sits on the second step of the dias, one arm braced against his knee as people arrive and settle for court. He is flanked by a man with golden hair, effeminate in stature, on the far side of handsome and closer to be fairly identified as pretty. In comparison to the former Admiral, every line of him is rigid and his collar is fastened.

The rooms atmosphere is brought to a low murmur by delicate harpwork from a bard hidden from view. Lord Taulsons icy blue eyes scan the crowd before he steps forward to make the primary announcements and bringing of order of the court, "Lords and Ladies of Amber, gather and pay heed for the Court of their highness, Prince Regent Gerard of Amber! Friends of Amber, from Shadows Near and Far, be welcome!" Taulson looks back to the Regent, who rises to his feet and gives a nod. "You have his highnesss leave to draw near and in comfort!"

Dirk forms a cluster with Rian.

Dirk hands the flask to Rian.

Nearby, Dirk says, "we are so going to need this."

Banyan's rainbow appears at the doors to the Court, just moments before it is slated to begin. She pauses near the entrance, looking over the sections reserved for various parties and their escorts. For a moment, she hovers uncertainly, as if to perhaps simply join with the spectators and gawkers in the back. But, after a deep breath and a straightening of her posture to lift herself boldly to her full height (all 4'9.5" of it) she strides with graceful purpose through the aisles towards the front, taking a seat in the section where ambassadors are gathering, lifting her satchel over her head as she settles and sitting it on the floor in front of her as a footrest to keep her feet from dangling off the floor. Nodding to Gygr as she settles, Sebastienne offers a warm, but almost shy smile to the woman a few seats down from her own.

Rian chuckles and hands the flask back to Dirk with a friendly shake of his head.

Nearby, Rian says, "Not right now, perhaps later."

Nearby, Dirk says, "you sure? ok then"

Rosario drifts to a possition near to Carmichael, but not 'with' the Prince. She remains standing as well, offering a deep curtsy as the Regent is announced and stands.

Tiaryn slips in and finds a spot near the back to hold up the wall, watch and listen.

When the Regent rises as Court is called to order, Duchess Mandrake and her House drop into respectful bows and curtseys. Quina offers the large man a smile that shows some actual warmth despite the formal occasion.

Celeste follows just the Dragon General and duchess, she leaves the greeting and pleasantries to the two Mandrake leaders and she herself is scanning the room taking note of who is here and where-she of course bows when they do.

As the Court is called to order, every member of the Hounds save their commander bows toward the dais then returns to formal duty.

And of course, the moment that Sebastienne has settled herself among the Ambassadorial section, the Regency is announced, and she's left to scramble back onto her feet once more. While she does not drop into a deep curtsey, there is a lowering of shoulders and head, a nodded show of both recognition and respect.

Aurora loiters in an alcove, leaning against one of the archways looking drawn and fidgety which could be a problem given that her Custos appears to be no where in sight.

The Fir Bolg giantess offers a salute of respect rather than a bow, or heaven forbid, a curtsey. Gygr does offer a nod of her head to the other Ambassador in rainbows.

Carmichael's eyes settle on the Hound Commander, offering the barest nod, before the Prince Regent arrives. Heels are drawn together in a distinct 'click' of steel on steel, standing tall until the court is given leave to relax and draw close, once more assuming parade rest. His gaze travels the court, noting faces in the crowd one by one, including Rosario.

Deirdre makes an entrance with her Moon Court, dramatic and spectacular, all of them in black, and her the shining pearl at their head.

From the far back, it might be noticed that Rian bows shallowly and, while they keep their balance on his shoulder, his gryphons both lower their heads as well.

Entering on Nalwin's arm, Vialle pauses for a moment to acknowledge the Regent. Then Nalwin carefully leads her to her spot among the Ambassadors. He remains with her, there to act as guide, surely. She smiles in the direction of where the Regent should be.

Celeste forms a cluster with Quina.

Nalwin forms a cluster with Vialle.

Raphaela nods slightly to Carmichael, who she entered with, thanking for the kindness of escorting her to this point, probably, then meanders to her appointed spot, sans entourage of her own, pausing often to greet a passing nobility and giving smiles to those she likes best. By time court begins, she is a perfectly timed courtier in her slot, silver eyes ever quiet, ever observing.

Dirk is matching Rian's bow.

Vialle inhales slowly, her head tilting slightly. It isn't the way someone might look for someone else, but she certainly seems aware of someone's presence. A smile begins and she whispers something to her companion.

Gerard looks over the crowd, and though Taulson has been blessed with a powerful voice, it pales in strength of volume with the Prince. He is quite used to screaming down storms, after all. "Amber has seen its share of trials these last few years. It is no secret that we live in dangerous times… but we have shown that we learn from our mistakes in time. It was not so long ago that concerns of war would have instead been reality. Amber is cursed." Taulson's lips thin to a firm, displeased line as Gerard continues. "The nature of that curse is unclear. We have been scrambling to put out fires for many years and in recent times it seems that it only grows worse for every attempt. It is no secret that with the disappearance of Oberon, every man that has taken the throne has been struck by calamity." He needs not mention names. "Prince Caine took steps to try to understand these dangers with the assistance of the Houses, but it is clear that his work is now our work. For those who worry to his health, it remains… uncertain when he will awaken. He was never fond of respectful silences so I will spare asking all of you to bow your heads and instead ask those who are familiar with the taint of the road to work closely with the Lady Maereina and my sister, Princess Fiona." He takes a deep breath, tongue in cheek as he thinks and lets that settle in before firming his shoulders. "We must continue on. So, Princess Deirdre and Prince Carmichael, step forward so the Court may see you."

Aurora rubs her hands aggitatedly at the smooth marble of where she leans, veil fluttering with a heavily exhaled breath. Mismatched eyes dart about restlessly as she seems to be waiting for someone.

Carmichael's fierce regard slipped back to Gerard as the Regent began to speak there, a grim line forming between his brows, though the rest of his demeanor remains a kind of stone-faced neutrality until he's called to step forth. With that, his attention shifts to Deirdre as she too is called out and takes a step forward, to flank the dias upon which Gerard stands though he does not ascend any of the steps. He gives a crisp nod to the court, sweeping attention across the sea of faces.

Raphaela is entirely used to represent her house alone, settling into the blank expression with polite semismile which is so favored on the court. Her eyes however hop constantly from one point of interest to another.
Rosario shifts over towards Raphaela as the Regent calls for the Prince and Princess. She speaks quielty to a page to approach her Uncle Gino to invite him to join her.

Late for court, Chase DeMandrake, Royal Physician and Dragon General slips in to the crowd far to the back, dodging deftly through the crowd until he finds a spot close enough to hear, but far enough away as not to be easily noticed.

When Chase arrives, Quina subtley gestures to him to join her in his appropriate place by her as Dragon General. Otherwise, she listens quietly and respectfully.

Deirdre strides forth from the monochrome sea of the Moon Court, her long legs eating up space until she stands before Gerard. There's a glint in her eyes. Tall as she is, she still has to tip her raven head back to look upon his face. "Brother," she greets him, not informally, but with a certain warmth in its familiarity. She casts an amused look to Carmichael. "Nephew."

Celeste's eyebrows lift as Carmichael and Deirdre are summoned and her thin lips press. And then she spots Chase and there's a brief roll of her eyes upwards before as unobtrusively as possible moving to collect him unless he moves to join first.

Nearby, Rian's larger gryphon, the female, ruffles her feathers nervously. The young Minosian says, "Its okay, Inyx," to her as he slowly raises a hand to pet her calming her down. To his brother the pirate captain asks, "Is this a normal crowd for such events or is this noticably more or less than usual?"

Still standing amidst the ambassadors, Sebastienne's gaze moves from the regent to those he has called forward, looking from Dee to Carm and back again, stopping to gaze at Gerard between each. Her face is a strange melange of emotions, love and disgust, fear and trust, hope and horror. The shifts in gaze and expression come too quickly and her gaze moves too fast to match any particular look to any specific person, but it is clear that with that specific trio gathered, the woman finds herself in deep emotional confliction and turmoil.
Vialle listens, her attention shifting as movement sounds or emotions rise and fall. She does incline her head twice toward the dias as the two singled out stand before the court as requested.

Chase makes his way/ushered to his place near Quina and Celeste, offering both a shrug, must have been something important, he couldn't have overslept or something…

Shao shakes his ornate fan as the first point of order is announced and the named one present themselves, to signal his attention. It does not have the effect as a crowd of courtesans acting as one would.

A familar form patrols the parmeter of Court, no longer dressed in the Green and Gold of the Hounds, Gino is shrouded in his signiture red's and whites. He offers warm (polished) smiles to those he knows from court, He pauses as Aunt and cousin are called forth, tugging cuffs of his doe skin gloves before continuing his patrol.

Trinara shifts toward the dais such that she is in a position to defend the people thereon if necessary, but then stops and observes without expression.

Aurora spots Gino making patrols and her eyes dart about her and she swiftly steps up so as to look as if she's 'included' in a group of courtiers. Totally not here without supervision. Nope!

Raphaela forms a cluster with Rosario.

Nearby, Dirk says, "oh this is because Gerard is new. he's a good man, you can trust him."

There is a subtle gathering of a few minor courtiers around Raphaela and Rosario, but perhaps they are just moving to get a better view of the proceedings. It might be noted that the group is in a clash of colors, but each either very beautiful, or a noted artist of some sort.

Dirk is drinking and talking to his brother.

Shao joins Raphaela.

Gerard looks between the two, "Princess Deirdre, henceforth, is the Lord Chancellor of Amber and advisor to the Regency. Her responsibility is the efficient fuctioning of the courts and the city of Amber. Furthermore, she is appointed a position of trust with the many allies of Amber. Entrusted to maintain relations with the many shadows whose relations with the Enternal City are of paramount importance."

He takes a second, then looks over to Carmichael, "Prince Carmichael will henceforth be stepping back from his service with the army and join on the Advising Council as Lord Praxis of Amber. We have a responsibility to learn more of the nature of the curse that has haunted our city… and in this matter, those who work to unravel the mysteries and threats? This responsibility is entrusted in him. Also, Fort Cymnea is also placed in his care." There is mutters from the crowd at the name, or perhaps what that could mean. Fort Cymnea belongs to the Army… "Both may join me on the dias."

Nearby, Dirk says, "sure, you don't want that drink?"

Quina considers both appointments, and only flickers her gaze briefly towards Celeste before her attention returns to the dias. She continues to listen.

Shao shakes his fan furiously. He has a bright smile on his face.

Carmichael's line between his brows deepens momentarily, then smooths. He does not verbally address Deirdre, but instead gives a nod to her, polite but slight, eyes shifting to Gerard and back to the crowd in time to note the gamut of emotions from various quadrants of the court. He steps up then to Gerard's left, taking a deep breath that is let out slowly but audibly to the front row. His eyes fix on Celeste for a moment, maybe two, then move onward again to stare vehemently toward those grumbling about Army control or otherwise.

Rian on the announcement of Carmichael's new position Rian reaches for Dirk's flask.

Nearby, Rian says, "Yeah, please."

Chase joins Quina.

Dirk hands the flask over without a word but he doeshave a huge smile somewhere above his neck.

Chase mutters to Celeste and Quina, "Did… miss… thing… the… I shant… never trust… shaw… I… have…"

"Thank you, Brother," Deirdre addresses Gerard, but her voice is pitched and the acoustics of the room are superb. "It is an honor you bestow." She steps up, turning to face the crowd, a smile on her lips. "Long live Prince-Regent Gerard of Amber."

Deirdre mutters something aside to Gerard, away from the acoustics.

Raphaela offers a polite smile at proclamations and applauds evenly, along with few others the Regent's choices and new appointments, even before Deirdre steals the moment. Go Gery.

Jhavid arrives late, just in time for the announcement. He says nothing to anyone as he moves through, although he does cast Rian a quick look of annoyance. He stops one of the staff long enough to get some wine, a whole bottle, as he settles down to listen for the moment.

Carmichael forms a cluster with Gerard.

Rosario tilts her head slightly at the anouncement, of possitions, and the reactions of the two Royals as they join the Regent on the dias. Behind her and Raphaela, the courtiers shift, colors blending around the two women to gather into complementary shades for the Baroness and youngest royal.

Eventually, Sebastienne gets her tumultuous emotions under control, and her face turns to an unreadable mask, a hinted smil across her lips that some might describe as inscrutable. But she gives Carmichael the same respectful half-bow and nod that she gave to Gerard, and then, her gaze catching Deirdre's, she offers a curtsey, and a movement of lips that seems to echo the prince's words to the regent.

A ripple begins at Princess Deirdre's call. "Long live the Regent!" say some. "Long Live Prince Gerard!" call others. Still, scattered throughout come calls of "High Tide to Captain Danger!"

Rian senses, when he takes a drink from Dirk's flask, that its spiked Minosian rum. a tranquilizer is in there.

With horrible timing, Rian sputters on the drink and forceably hands the flask back to his brother.

Shao joins the clamor, wishing the regent well.

Dirk takes the flask back and stares at his brother trying to stay serious.

With Deirdre's call, Quina smiles towards the man in the center of it all, and she echoes "Long Live Prince-Regent Gerard!"

Celeste echos the calls along with the rest, careful not to use her dragon voice.

Aurora simply observes for now.

Dirk cheers.

Jhavid just makes a general cheerful yell as he moves over next to the Mandrake.

Rian, recovered from the (spiked) drink, joins the cries by bellowing, "Captain Danger!" at the top of his lungs.

Jhavid joins Celeste.

Carmichael's chin lifts, hair falling a little from the ear nearest to Gerard and Deirdre. It might just have twitched slightly and he murmurs something under his breath that seems to be affirmation. His right hand forms a fist, clasped diagonal over his chest, in salute to his Admirable uncle.

Nearby, Rian asks, "Why did you ruin good rum that way?" after bellowing out in support of his uncle.

Amplified voices, oh no. Chase gets a sly look on his face, as if considering at what point the good crystal will shatter.

Nearby, Dirk says, "because you need to be stoned to get through things like this."

Baroness Gozar continues to observe, back in the back. Just keeping her presence in, although quietly.

<Editor's Note:> Baroness Gozar is Tiaryn.

Jhavid mutters to Celeste, "… sister… charge of… sure… intimidated."

Vialle listens to the opening statements and the appointments. Tilting her head again, she surveys the emotional responses more than the verbal ones.

As though she can read Chase's mind, Quina gives him a look that very politely suggests that is not the way to endear himself. Then, she gives A jhavid a polite nod of greeting.

Melina joins Dirk.

Gerard might hear the murmuring. For he waste little time as his two senior staff join him. He tilts his head down at something Deirdre says, giving her a knowing look as the crowds roar with unexpected enthuiasm. He grants a second for the tide to pass, or perhaps he just soaks it in. Either way, he continues. "Amber's armies have long been held by the noble houses, and I trust that this is a duty that they will not shirk, nor make theatre of in the future." They were just… holding drills outside the city, right? Nothing to worry about. "The Royal Army has served dutifully but I believe that its time has passed. The dismissal of service shall be writ. The Knights of the Oisen will fall under the care of the Arden Rangers and the Prince Warden. The Defenders of Kolvir will become a knightly service to the Throne, its sole purpose to secure the ways into Amber. Finally, the City Watch and the Royal Guards of Amber will share the responsibility of manning the gates." Which suggest, until recent times, that was again firmly in the hand of the Royal Army. He takes a deep breath, "The Main Headquarters shall be closed and renovated, made a monument to Prince Benedict's life and death."

Nearby, Dirk says, "Mellie, this is my brother, Rian."

Rian nods a greeting to Melina as she joins him and Dirk in the back of the chamber.

Nearby, Rian says, "Hello Melina," to Lady Solaris and then, to Dirk, he adds, "We've met previously."

Celeste is murmuring to Jhavid and then her head whips around to stare at Gerard, her mouth AGAPE.

Quina listens, and an eyebrow rises at the announcement about the army. Apparently, Quina continues to mind read. Her hand immediately finds Celeste's. Surely, it is just a show of kinship. A very… tight show of kinship.

Dirk says "what the…" sounding shocked "has Anyone told Prince Eric?" then he facepalms and takes a huge drink beforebshutging up again.

Nearby, Dirk says, "she's my wife."

Trinara turns very slightly to look at Gerard over her shoulder at this new announcement. Slowly she turns back to her former position without any show of surprise.

At the mention of the Armies…drills, Chase straightens slightly, a very well practiced look of innoscene his face, of course it was just drills and inspections, what else could it have been. He glances to Quina, then to Celeste.
Raphaela does a very good job of remaining blank throughout the evening, although there is that always present suspicion some have had, that she just mastered sleeping with eyes opened to perfection.

Rian elbows Dirk at the comment about Eric and mutters something that is lost to the masses.

Nearby, Rian says, "I think that was the point," about Eric and then, "Yes, I'm aware."

As the rest of the room worries over Armies and houses, Sebstienne simply sits back down in her seat, using her bag at the floor once again as a footrest to keep her short legs from dangling. She's amid the ambassadorial section, and it seems that to the Banyanite, talk of armies and watch are not at all a concern, so she simply rests and watches and listens as everyone else absorbs the news in their own ways.

At the announcement about the armies, Jhavid pulls the cork and begins drinking wine straight from the bottle. In between swallows he mutters something under his breath about 'should have gotten high."

Ruby is somewhere in here. Honest. With the new Crown positions being shunted around, her face becomes a mask of stone. An intense bit of decision making goes on between her ear holes.

Carmichael's second deep breath of the day occurs, again, visible very clearly from the front and quite measured as he exhales. The one visible ear of his twitches slightly and with precision, he curls his hair back behind it as it twitches faintly again. He briefly looks Gerard in the profile, though his face betrays very little but the extremely peircing regard, then looks back to the various representatives of Houses and others. ANd for the very first time in a VERY long time in public… the taciturn young prince… smiles.

Rosario and the remainder of the Sun Court that have gathered murmur amoungst themselves at the announcement, though it is just a reaction of interest, as most have little to no connections to the miltiary. There's a light twittering at Dirk's outburst.

Theodore walks in on his best composure, sticking to the back of the throne room where he can hide when he manages to revert to his more regular behavior.

Celeste tries to yank her gloved hand from Quina's and her eyes go from placid slate to a bright, reflective silver and there's a low growl.

Muttering to Celeste, Jhavid makes a wry face, "… a…"

Ahh the Sun, at long last Gino drifts seamless into the elite of Amber's aristocrates, and the high and mighty do part for him, like schools of fish to a passing shark. He offers a polite nod to his niece before selecting a gobblet of wine.

Vialle's attention shifts from the crowd forward, perhaps seeking an echo of emotion from the front. She does extend a hand to one side, possibly seeking someone nearby.

Nearby, Rian's lips move as he whispers something under his breath and then they purse as he blows air for a moment.

<sending/CHA-WW> Rian's voice whispers in Celeste's ear… "Looks like the news is making you upset. If you need an ear to talk to let me know and we'll find time."

Spotting Vialle, Gino abandons the wine and movesQuickly to his Aunt, offering her his arm, as he has done very often in times past.

A softly triumphal melody begins from the musician's alcove. It slides out, then up in a dance of hope kept soft enough to avoid interrupting.

Gino mutters to Vialle, "Aunt… please… me… honor of…"

Gerard understands, or seems to, that this is what one calls a controversial bit of news. He does not wield his brother's name again as a cudgel, but instead listens with what patience an Elder does possess; which is to say not much at all. He doesn't mention Prince Eric either. Which could mean any number of things. "Treaties shall be resigned, agreements shall be examined. It will be an exhausting process so the City of Amber asks for the patience of its allies." With that, the Regent nods toward the Herald. "Ruby Strongbod, Captain Incarnate has business with the Court of Amber. If she stands here today let her step forward and seek audience!"

And yet again, just as she settles, Sebastienne is drawn back up onto her feet once more. This time, rather than by the presence of his Regency and the other nobility upon the dias, it's by the blind seeking of a hand near her shoulder. Just as Gino arrives, Sebastienne's hand takes the one which was groping for her, her palm turned down to let Vialle have the back of her hand as she stands and steps closer to the woman's side, offering Gino a slight smile as she does so.

Quina does not let go of Celeste and murmurs softly to the taller, less rational woman.

There is confusion, sudden and sharp. 'Strongbod?' Ah, early Court foibles with paperwork. It seems that will have to be fixed later. That's almost certainly not her actual name.

Ruby separates from a cluster of souls, stalking like someone shouldn't, wearing her current Court finery. Approaching the Throne like she's about to demand something. No heels thankfully. Enroute, she wrestles her tongue into something more universally pleasant or at least coherent.

Gygr turns her head to watch the larger woman, Captain Incarnate, approaching the Dias. She frowns slightly, but does not interupt the proceedings.

Nearby, Dirk says, "see jhavid got it right, you need to be high to deal with this"

Vialle is blessed with riches, it seems. Lieutenant Nalwin of Rebma is at one side, Vialle's hand on his arm. Her other hand has Sebastienne. She squeezes the young woman's hand in a 'don't go away' sort of way then releases it to take Gino's arm. She murmers softly to Gino but pauses when Ruby is called. Strongbod? Well, now it is official. At least in Rebma. Maybe. Probably not.

The Sun Court twitters again at the last name of the Captain, but are quickly quieted by a glance from Rosario. She may be new, but clearly the courtiers know of her Grandmother's approval.

Dirk keep drinking and stays quitequiet for now.

Nearby, Rian says, "I don't believe I'll follow his or your leads on that, Dirk. But you can do that if you wish."

Privately, to Dirk and Rian, Melina says, "I wonder how much smoothing over this will take. it will be an interesting err…flight"

"You have the Court's attention, Captain Icarnate." Taulson says, smooth despite the muted giggling. "The floor is yours."

Deirdre's blue eyes follow the approach of Ruby, examining the Captain from head to toe. Her dark head tips in attention and greeting both.

Nalwin merely wiggles his toes in his borrowed boots and furnishes Vialle with a quiet running commentary of the visual delights of Land Court. Even the sinister glances and smirks caught by his wet soppy eyes. When Gino and Sebastienne, sidle into range, he gives them a wide smile and a bow of his head, then goes quiet to let the highborns talk.

Nearby, Dirk says, "fight, uncle Eric won't take this well."

The squeeze to her hand does the trick, and as Vi releases Sebastienne from the held hand, she merely stands there with the woman, silently, watching both the small cluster of Vi, her guide, and her nephew, as well as the overall tensions and joys spread throughout the room. And when she glances up to the dias when Ruby is called forth, her smile warms into a genuine expression of affection as she waits to hear what news the Captain may put forth.

Carmichael's attention settles similarly upon Ruby as she draws closer, keenly attentive now.

Ruby clears her throat and pushes back her shoulders. She peers around at VIPs and nobles. Unable to take in everyone, and settling a gaze on relations for a tiny bit longer. "First…Congratulations. Second…Warnings. I try an make this short."

"A lot 'o us in Court 'ere, we've all been out in there in shadow. And if you travel as much as I 'ave, you start tah see patterns. Imbalances an ripples. Some 'o tha seems tah be what we bring with us, or anticipate or consciously seek. More an more often, I've detected something sinister. An so, I've sought to follow these clues. Clues 'o a trans-shadoo conspiracy. What seemed tah be tha odd resistanceto acquiring resources from shadoo 'ere and there, 'as 'appened more and more often. It 'as become 'arder an 'arder tah easily snag what is needed in what some moight consider lands 'o plenty. Provisions, recruiting grounds, prime resources. It's gotten more dangerous. Clashes with mysterious groups tha are willin tah attack meself an me associates on sight. As if they could sniff tha Pattern on us, and mark us as enemies. It's almost as if shadoo is developin an immune system. Except this one 'as ships, armies an divebombs from oot 'o tha bloody sky."

"I intend tah gather more information and deliver. Wanna-gonna recruit a shadoo task force 'o professionals tha will 'elp find oot 'ow large a threat this moight be. 'Ow many realms could be involved. I submit tah you names 'o some 'o tha folks tha can confirm or give an opinion on what they've seen, so it just not my word for it: Admiral Ailith 'o tha South Fleet, Cap'n Flame, Sir Harold 'o Lyonesse, tha Warden 'o tha Deep, Gaval 'o Alhambra an Lieutenant Moxon 'o tha Arden Rangers. Just tah name 'o few, but a smattering 'o people from different realms an responsibilities with reputations tha carry a lot 'o water."

"In toime…moight 'ave tah involve Navy or tha bloody army, dependin on what be uncovered. For now, for tha love 'o Bog, watch yer back. Take nuthin for granted. We're bein watched."

Nearby, Rian says, "That would be my expectation."

Aurora watches with only a curious can't of her head and a slow retreat back to where she's a bubble of space around her, though it only improves her twitchiness a little.

Gino offers both Nalwin and Sabastienne a polite nod. His gloved hand rests lightly, for a moment upon Vialle's then assumes a relaxed stance.

Nearby, Melina nods, "That was not the corner I expected it to come from but come it must."

Jhavid mutters to Celeste, "See?… are… fuckstains."

Nearby, Dirk says, "Eric is going to not co-operate."

Muttering to Jhavid, Celeste elbows, "… a good little…"

It isn't clear what Gerard was expecting, but a monologue from the usually tongue-tied captain likely wasn't it. "I had been informed of a change in shadows, certainly, but have not crossed path personally with coordinated interference. A matter of security for the royal family is, of course, of upmost importance to Amber." The witnesses she names lends weight to the declaration. He strokes his chin, fingers working through a beard he has let grow unfashionably thick. "There are resources the crown can make available to you through the Navy and the Lord Praxis. We will discuss the details of this in private later." It sounds like an order to not leave Amber until they have spoken further. "Thank you for the warning, Captain Incarnate."

Did she really just hear that word in court? Surely not! But, the accoustics in the Throne room do strange things at time. Sebastienne's head turns sharply, honing in on where she has heard the word. Ah. Jhavid. And she's about to simply turn back to her group when she spots to whom it was said. Spotting Celeste nearby… Well. Whatever warmth was on her face for Ruby freezes solid, a look so cold as to cause hypothermia slipping onto her face before she turns her back upon the gathered Mandrakes and takes a long, slow, deep breath, exhaling before returning to the soft conversations among the seating for the ambassadors. She listens to Ruby, nodding now and then, as if nothing new or surprising is being heard, but there does seem to be a bit of relief that melts the freeze of her face to hear it addressed directly to the courts and their new Regent.

As if on cue, a familiar theme begins to play. Though the instrument is the harp, the melody is unmistakably steeped in mystery, suspense and the unknown. Could it be aliens?

Carmichael does not add anything to Gerard's words. It's entirely clear though, that he's shuffling things about on inner lists as he listens, refiling things in the appropriate filing cabinets of memory. He flicks his left hand, moving the half-cloak back a little so that it hangs further behind himself, like a folded wing. A glance is sent toward the Mandrake retinue though, fleetingly settled on Celeste and Jhavid.

Nearby, Melina tries one more time to ask "what happened before I came in?"

Quina continues, for the most part, to just take it all in. If the voices of those in her immediate circle rise in an inappropriate manner, they will get a Look that is an obvious 'knock it off'. Then, it's back to focusing on Court.

Ruby curls her tongue and wrestles it into submission. "Aye, Truth." With a toss of her hair, she stalks away from her location of address, giving the floor to whomever may be next. Smoothing down the sides of her dress, she sidles in near Shao, nostrils a-flaring.

As the ominous music dies, the sound of someone breaking wind errupts in Shao's vincinity. The Penglai darts his eye at the origins of the noise and he fans himself with renewed energy.

Nearby, Dirk says, "Gerard disbanded the army, gave positions to deedee and Carm and gave carm an army fort."

Nearby, Rian says, "And Gerard was announced as Prince Regent as well as Dirk trying to drug me with his spiked rum."

Nearby, Dirk says, "would I do that to a brother?"

"I believe my Lord Chancellor had one more matter of business for the Court," Gerard says, after a thought either pondering Ruby's dire message or Ruby in a dress. "Deirdre." He looks to his right where the monochrome Advisor stands, granting her the floor.

Nearby, Melina says, "What positions for Carm and Diedre?"

Nearby, Rian says, "Lord Praxis and Lord Chancellor respectively, cousin."

Theodore crowd watches as most of the politics of the room go over his head. His hands search is pockets as he squirrels and fidget steps about the back of the room, largely having forgotten already that he was trying to remain composed.

Nearby, Dirk says, "Never been more fucking glad to be a Ranger."

Aurora tugs at her veil and jerks aside for some reason, nearly bumping into someone near her. Her hands clasp and she fidgets more.

When told to 'knock it off' Jhavid makes a bit show of smoothing out his pants and straightening his shirt. He then adopts a very serious look on his face… that lasts all of about ten seconds.

Nearby, Melina grins "strange bedfellows does not begin to cover that, does it

Nearby, Dirk says, "trying to make allies with the people who were in the election?"

Deirdre's head tips to Gerard and she steps to the edge of the dais. "Thank you, Gerard. This, I promise, is much less ominous." At least, in the surface. "House Thorne of Banyan will be hosting a gala event in honor of the Moon Court and my own recent return to the glorious city of Amber. The gala will include games of skill and chance, a hunt, creation and display of artistic endeavors and their muses, and of course, food, drink, dancing, merriment, and most of all, revelry. Invitations will be sent out in the coming week. I hope it serves as a bright spot to celebrate the citizens of Amber and their skill. I know my goddaughter, Sebastienne, who will be its host, has been hard at work planning its creation." There's a look to Sebastienne in the crowd, a smile, and then Deirdre cedes to floor back to Gerard with a bow of her head.

Faith glances around with a critical eye. Whether she is impressed or not is anyone's guess. Minding her manners, she curtsies properly in the direction of the throne and Prince Regent Gerard, because that is the appropriate thing to do. The acting Begman Ambassador and full time Safety Inspector eventually attempts to avoid any contact with the plethora of congregated nobility and assorted other individuals. Eventually she finds and expects Ted to make room for her. Her lips remain constant in a very proper smile but her eyes do not indicate she is altogether pleased with him. Poor Ted.

Nearby, Rian smirks and says, "Wouldn't know. Haven't had much action in the bed of late," with a tone of voice that shows he is intentionally misunderstanding Melina.

Celeste's eyes narrow and her shoulders roll. She waves a hand irritably at Quina to reassure her but it's clear whatever doesn't come out in court WILL get aired and there will be added interest for her having to suck it up.
Faith forms a cluster with Theodore.

Nearby, Dirk says, "A change in that can be arranged, brother."

Were there any who doubted Sebastienne's belonging in the ambassadorial section of the court, the announcement from Deirdre would confirm it. A Banyanite? A member from an unrecognized shadow seated with the dignataries and appointees of those whom belong? Scandalous. Though, with her proximity to Vialle, perhaps she can get away with not being drug out by her rainbow colored curls in spite of it? But she does manage to offer her godmother a smile on behalf of the announcement made, even as her cheeks flush to a hue pinker than usual beneath her freckles.

Rian laughs at a comment from his brother.

Jhavid mutters to Celeste, "How the fuck are people… to…"

Again the sun court gives a murmur at Deirdre's proclamation, this time with more interest. There is discussion of the Artistic competion, but some very quite grumblings about the focus on the Moon Court. Again Rosario keeps the group of courtiers from becoming to vocal with a look, and the young woman in brown and blue offers a sympathetic glance to Sebastienne.

Celeste mutters to Jhavid, "… knight's… blade which requires… temporary… by trump. Or… It's… to… with me… shit…"

Any of the other Ambassadors who might object are given a look by Gygr. Technically the Fir Bolg are recognized, but all remember Randoms 'Yeah whatever' when the giantess introduced herself.

Dee's proclomation draws an intrested look from Gino, a very slight smile crossing his face, he does however remain silent.

Vialle turns a quiet smile to Segastienne at the announcement. She does not seem discomfited by Sebastienne's presence. She does lean over to speak softly to Nalwin, though.

Gerard nods to Taulson who says, "The Regent thanks those who attended and respected the dignity of the Court." He seems to be staring in the direction of Jhavid, surely entirely by accident there. His eyes narrow to cold slits when some of Celeste's fiery temper continues to spill out rather accidentally. "Mm. The Regent shall retire from the Court. Commander Trinara we shall speak on the matter of decorum in the Court later… and the expectation that we have our guests." He motions to the bard to play Gerard off very hastily, for the Prince of Storm is already walking.

Dirk claps for Jhavid and Celeste.

Muttering to those near him, Theodore's arms flail outward as Faith draws near and he makes an eager to please bow. He must image that it is a most elegant gesture, but in reality it does little when combined with the squirrelish fidgeting body movements that are out of synch in his lower half. "Lady…"

As the continued mutterances come in bits and pieces from the Mandrake sector, Sebastienne's blush moves from her cheeks to her ears, her face alighting with color. She gives the slightest shake of her head to let her vivid curls fall forward, creating a veil for herself behind which she can hide. Small nods are given to both Gino and Vialle, and a glance is cast across the room towards her Romeo as the Sun Courts are brought down to a dull roar of their own gossips. And then, at Gygr's own looks high over her head that shush further dissent, she turns to offer the giantess a glance all her own.

And the music swells from the alcove. It is a song from the sea complete with the russle of waves and the hush of the sand. A skirl of notes rise up in joyful harmony to usher the Prince of Storms out of the Throne Room.

Trinara looks toward the Herald when he mentions her name and she nods sharply just once. She maintains her place as Gerard departs.

Carmichael reaches his right hand to his brow, excising a small circle with the rub of a pair of fingers, sweeps his hair back again behind his ear and gives a moment, before clicking his heels together and rather determinedly following Gerard out. It might even be stormchasing, by the look on his face.

Nearby, Rian says, "Is Vialle present by the way? I've never met her but have exchanged words with her."

When Gerard starts walking and Court is hastily adjourned, Quina and her retinue bow and curtsey again to the Regent. It's possible she's also said something quiet to those nearby her, but the words do not travel to others.

Shao rises and bows for the Regent, seemingly content the whole business is not dragging on. He whispers farewells in the direction of Rosario before walking out, his gait showing he must be somewhere else.

A smattering of cheers rise as the Regent heads out. The same calls of "Long Live Prince-Captain Danger" sound and there are more calls of "Hip Hip Hooray for our Prince Regent"

Gerard heads towards the Gerard's Suite - Royal Palace.
Gerard leaves his current cluster.
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Tiaryn has left.

Shao leaves his current cluster.
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Nearby, Melina seems to be doing quick calculation "Poor Ashby." she says. "Yes, cousin I can introduce you t o the Lady vialle"

Dirk smiles.

Privately, to Rian, Celeste nods to indicate she heard the whisper but she looks as if she's not sure what she wants. Except. Maybe. To hurt someone..

The Sun Court remains gathered even as much of the crowd starts to depart. Rosario guestures them to a side to allow the exodus, then speaks softly to them, clearly offering up suggestions of some sort.

Rian nods to Celeste as the crowd begins to thin.

Nearby, Rian says, "That would be appreciated m'lady," to Melina.

Carmichael walks towards the east.
Carmichael has left.

Gino clears his throat, "Seem Court has ended Aunt Vi, do you require a coach for the Embassy, or will you be staying with us the Palace?"

Nearby, Dirk says, "I have to send a message to someone."

Quina is her usual very calm as she says something pointedly to a few of those around her.

Jhavid takes a step back away from the Mandrakes and speaks loud enough for his voice to carry, "My sincerest apologies Your Grace if I caused House Mandrake any embarrassment. However I do believe that 'How the fuck are they supposed to get there?' was a legitimate question."

Muttering to Vialle, Nalwin sounds thoughtful but still full of cheer as he replies as softly as he can manage. "… it… is, they… right for courtly intrigue…. and… together! It is… to… that… and… dissimilar." He pauses and thinks a moment. "… is a… lack… here,…"

Celeste growls something at her cluster and turns sharply on heel to stalk out.

Aurora looks around and looks entirely confused.

Privately, to Rian, Melina says, "How would you like to be introduced to her lady?"

Ruby watches Gerard and his retinue make their way out, the sound of the cheers ringing in her ears. Some good old lip pursing and fiddling with a hem here and there. The mental abacus gets flicked, and she turns and heads for the exit.

Ruby walks towards the east.
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Dirk walks towards the east.
Dirk leaves his current cluster.
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Gygr watches Captain Incarnate leave. She offers a salute tot he other ambassadors, and follows the larger woman out.

Gygr heads towards the Grand Antechamber - Royal Palace.
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Privately, to Melina, Rian says, "Captain Rian of The Triton's Legs please."

Melina begins to walk in Vialle's direction

Rian accompanies Lady Solaris a step or two behind her.

Muttering to Nalwin, Vialle's smile warms and she nods, "… in… how many dolphins would consent… boots?…"

Quina watches Jhavid and Celeste, accepting the apology of the first, then turning again to watch Celeste's stalking for a moment before focusing on Chase. "Dragon General. With the defense of Amber returned to the Duty of the Houses, I expect to see regular and intense drilling on our lands outside the city. There will be no excuse for them to be unable, with the other Houses, to defend against any aggressor. I will inspect next week.":

Celeste leaves her current cluster.

Gino offers a bow to Vialle, "it would seem you have buisness, I will depart, should you need me, send a servent, I feel the need for some air."

Deirdre steps down and strides for the door, and this seems to be the Moon Court's well-oiled cue to form ranks behind her and follow the Princess out. Flasks are only retrieved after they leave the room.

Gino offers Vialle an exit, Nalwin is muttering to the Ambassador. Melina heads over as well. But Sebastienne's hand was gripped in a way that said stay, so, stay she does, even as the blonde nephew takes his leave.

Deirdre walks towards the east.
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Harper slips from behind the curtains. She holds a glass harp in one hand, the instrument glittering and sparkling like pure crystalline snow. Rather than look around at all those still here, she darts a glance after Gerard, then angles for the exit.

Chase come to attention, crossing his fist over his heart to Quina, "It will be done Your Grace." He then turns to depart walking off at a brisk pace.

Chase leaves his current cluster.
Chase walks towards the east.
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Vialle smiles up at Gino, "Thank you. Please do not be a stranger. You have been missed, Gino." Then she lets him go, for his duties are many and varied. Fading a little, she turns toward Sebastienne, "Lieutenant Nalwin, this is Lady Sebastienne. She has offered her assistance in the Embassy." Sensing another approach, Vialle turns her head one way, then the other, "Lady Melina? IS that you?"

Melina gets nearer to Vialle "Pardon, Lady." she says, "Someone has asked to make introduction. May I present Captain Rian of the Triton's legs."

Still blushing, Sebstienne can't quite help but laugh at the introduction, and her head shakes as she tells Nalwin, "In Amber, I'm merely Sebastienne. At home, Duchess Thorne, but such titles are not recognized here in the City and Palace." Here, she's just Sebastienne. But she does nod to agree with the sentiment that her assistance has been offered where and how it's able to be when it comes to matters of diplomacy. But when Melian comes over with introductions to make of her own, Sebastienne falls all the quieter, taking a half-step back to grant them the floor and attention of Vialle.

Rian bows his head to Vialle and says, "Greetings madam ambassador," to her.

Gino walks towards the east.
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Nalwin's dark eyes roll to the side while he muses aloud, "None, Your Ladyship. Although - I have heard the general consensus is they find /hats/ to be endlessly amusing." He pats the ambassador's hand chummily, then looks at Sebastienne again with a blink. "That so? Brilliant, the Embassy restaffing of attractive assistants is coming along nicely." He smiles at Seb. "A pleasure, Sebastienne. Party planning is a forte', I have heard." His mouth twitches like he's got itchy whiskers, then, and he head-swivels to glance at Melina when her name is remarked. "How lovely to meet again, Lady Solaris!" From thence, he pingpongs his gaze between the ladies, waiting to see who says something delightful next.

Aurora takes one last look and slinks off before someone notices she's out.
Aurora walks towards the east.
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Wait, Triton's Legs? Nalwin, looks at Rian for a moment, then nod-winks. He sees what Rian did there.

Quina and hers considers the room, then she nods to those she should bid fare well and they go.

Quina walks towards the east.
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Harper walks towards the east.
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Theodore walks towards the east.
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Rian nods to Nalwin and, reading his meaning in his expression, shakes his head to decline the credit offered.

Celeste forms a cluster with Jhavid.

"It's a something," Sebastienne replies through a spot of laughter in regards to party planning. Sadly, she doesn't really have much else to offer in way of delights tonight, her mind focused already on said plans for the party as well as the steps that need taken to earn Banyan recognition and thus become an actual ambassador in her own rights.

Vialle smiles at Melina and then turns her focus to Rian, "Good day, Rian… Or is it Captain Rian?" She looks embarassed, uncertain and unwilling to cause irritation, "It is good to meet you in any case." She keeps one hand on Nalwin's arm, her tone warm, "Have you met my other companions?" Probably not the Lieutenant, but who knows?

Melina gribs to Nalwin "I believe I owe you dinner, lieutentWould you like a whirlwind restaurant tour or to be my guest at house solaris

The Sun Courtiers disperse to the four corners of the Palace and beyond, spreading Gerard's proclamations to all the important parties around Amber. Rosario for her part makes her way over to Sebastienne as well as the others the Banyan is around. "Good Evening." the young woman says with a bow to the gathered. "Rosario DuBelle, ni Florimel."

"It is perfectly fine to not use my maritime title as I've not earned a Captain's name," Rian explains and continues by saying, "To be frank, I've the right to be addressed as Lord Rian by birth on both sides… I am Lady Solaris' cousin for example… but I am more than happy to simply be called Rian." He then says, "I actually haven't had the honor to meet anyone from your realm other than Captain Flame."

"Rosie!" Sebastienne greets Rosario with a fond and affectionate smile. There's a slight shake of her head to Rian, though, and she gently reminds, "While not of the Ambassador's realm myself, we have met, once, at least in brief passing. At Jack's?" When he interrupted her drinks with Corwin and John.

Vialle nods, her free hand extended roughly in Rian's direction, "Thank you. Lord Rian then unless we are being entirely informal. As Lady Melina said, I am Lady Vialle." Tilting her head to one side once more, though it does threaten to make her appear bird-like, she adds, "Captain Flame? Oh, she is not of Rebman decent. She is of Minos. Though she did marry well." A twinkle around her smile hints that while she is entirely serious, it is not intended to cast aspirsions on any other Shadow.

"A-something, how mysterious." Then he leaves Sebastienne to her thinks. Nalwin readily introduces himself to Rian as a Scout Lieutenant with the Rebma Military, and just beside himself with the honor of accompanying the Lady Ambassador today. He takes a moment to look Rian over with a friendly wet eye, but a bit of care as well. "Lord Rian," he nods smoothly, then focuses on Melina once more, nodding. "Whirlwind tour? There's to be more than one meal?" he breathes, eyes gone huger for a moment with the very idea. "Lady Melina. You /do/ remember me." Happy Nalwin.

After standing in the same spot at the dais for a while, Trinara turns sharply toward the door and makes her way out without a word to anyone.

Trinara walks towards the east.
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Jhavid perks up at something said from a different cluster in the room, and he turns and speaks in that direction. "Would that be something you aspire to, Lord Rian? To be known as and have the accolades as befits a Sea-King of Minos?"

Celeste looks up and fingerwaves to Rian sheepishly, "Sorry, I heard your whisper just…" she exhales and runs a gloved hand through her hair, "I'm gonna leave you two to chat. "

Rian nods to Sebastienne and says, "You are right, m'lady, I must admit to having missed you." Then to Vialle, with a laugh in his voice, he says, "Well, she did marry a Remban and speaks for Remba from time to time." Finally he says, "Formal or informal, Rian is quite sufficient as it is a technicality right now, I've not been recognized by either of my parents or their families so while I have the right to it by birth I do not claim the title of Lord." And then he brings up the subject that had him ask his subject about the ambassador's presence by saying, "You had wanted to speak about the fleet that I did not allow to enter Remban waters at one point. Is that still a concern?" as Jhavid asks his question which the young Minosian nods to and answers with a terse, "Aye, I'm sure I'll earn one at one time."

Melina grins "You do ralize, taking a diplomatic interest allows me to do more of two of my favorite things, talk and eat. Speaking of all three things. it is a pleasure to make your acquaintence. I'm sure I saw you during the election proceedings but there were enough people there to make my head spin. I hope to assist lady vialle at the embassy as well. good evening to you to Lady Dybelle."

Vialle's smile continues, even warms as she hears Jhavid's call. She offers, "Good tide to you, Captain Flay." Turning her attention to Rian again, she shakes her head, "Oh, no. It is not a concern. Thank you for asking, Rian. We reached a mutually ammenable accord. So far, both sides are upholding their ends of that bargin. And if that is not the perception, both sides know that they can come to me and let me know." She does not look toward Jhavid or… Or to anyone really. Her eyes remain off somewhere in the middle distance. But she does lend weight in that direction. Then speaking to Rian again, "You might seek out Captain Incarnate. She is the most recently recognized Captain and her experiences with getting to that point are likely to be useful. Or, if you prefer, any other Minosian who has earned the title. Are you going to Lady Sebastienne's party?" Nodding then to Melina, she adds, "Lady Melina is defining her position with the Embassy. She has suggested acting as Liasion with the Houses, which I think is an excellent idea."

Rian nods and indicates the direction Ruby left with a slight nod of his head and says, "I had planned on speaking to her this evening. Since we are in good standing I would ask if I can seek her out and introduce myself to her." He then adds, "It was a pleasure to meet you," not insincerely.

Celeste fingerwaves to Rian on her way out.

Rian smiles at Celeste with some familiarity and nods in her direction.

Rosario laughs lightly as Melina refers to her as Lady Dybelle, "Rosario please. I've only just arrived in Amber, and while Grandmother has recognized me, I do not believe I have any titles worth mentioning." She glances at the departing court, "Though there are those that thing my Grandmother's good will is enough for a title. Perhaps they are right."

Jhavid takes a few steps over towards Vialle's group and smiles at her. "Good tide to you, Lady Vialle." He turns and looks at Rian squarely for a few moments. "Good. It's good to have goals. Good man. You do realize that such a thing could very well hinge upon the opinion of the other Sea Kings of Minos, yes? That might be a thing worth remembering. But please, you were talking about some fearsome fleet that you were keeping out of Rebman waters. I have not heard this tale. Regale us, please."

Nalwin rocks on his heels gently, testing his land equilibrium. He stares around at the discussion developing between the Minosians and monitors it politely, bound to Vialle's side like a barnacle.

Rian glances at Jhavid and shrugs only to indicate to his gryphons there that they should find other perches elsewhere in the room which they do quickly and quietly. He says, "No, I think that you are not my Captain and cannot give me any orders," to his fellow Minosian and then attends Vialle again as he awaits her acknowledgement of his request to depart.

Vialle glides forward a little to approach Jhavid, "It is good to hear you, Captain. I hear from Rian that your reputation and that of your fleet has grown in the telling. This is the nature of rumor and no slight to anyone." She extends her free hand between Rian and Jhavid, "Let there be peace between you, at least in these halls." Recalling Rian's request, she nods once, "Please give Captain Incarnate my regards."

Celeste pauses and looks over her shoulder, "No brawling next to the blind lady. If I get called back here to fix her, both of you will wind up in big dragon piles." she exits with that.

Celeste walks towards the east.
Celeste leaves her current cluster.
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Melina smiles to Rosario "Titles as unconfortable as formality often is, titles open doors that would not other wise and your claim supersedes mine surely. She cannot help but give a slight wince at the exchange between rian jhavid too late to intercede or explain to her what he's just stepped in

Jhavid grins at Rian, kind of like a hungry man looking at a steak. "I didn't try to give you an order. I made a request. That's what the word please means. I hear the Chantris have lots of dictionaries. However let me make my position perfectly clear. If I ever get word that you are trying to get traction off my actions without my knowledge, and especially if you are lying on me in the process, I will geld you. Is that in any way unclear? It is only out of respect for some of those present that this is not being handled more in-depth, here and now."

Rian nods to Vialle, still unaware of her limitations, and then says simply, "I had gathered a fleet to show my support of our former regent which I withdrew some time after I had keept it from entering Remban waters. There was some confusion about its navigational position and I was clearing up with the ambassador, there really isn't any story to share," to Jhavid. He then steps back and walks towards the exit, his gryphons flying to rejoin him as he does.

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