(2017-06-04) A Pirate visits a Scholar
A Pirate visits a Scholar
Location: House Solaris in Amber
Date: June 4th, 2017
Summary: Rian visits Melina. (the scene was paused and the second half lost)
Characters: Alec (participated in the lost second half), Melina, and Rian.
NPCs: House Solaris' butler

Melina is walking down the hallway in the direction of the library when her attention is caught by sounds outside and she pauses

Rian, having knocked on the door, is let in by a servant of the house. When asked why he was there by the servant he begins to answer and then sees Melina and waves. "I'm here to see the Lady Solaris there, actually," he says to the butler.

Melina waves lightly "Come in cousin. What can I do for you? Do you want to come into the library?"

"I spoke with Alec a few days ago and he mentioned something I wanted to ask you about," Rian says, "And also I'm curious about our family. The library sounds good."

Melina smiles "I'm afraid i'm about as far from the upper echelons of the family as you can get, but i'll answer what I can. This way."

Melina walks towards the south.
Melina has left.

Rian walks towards the south.

Melina seats herself in one of the chairs near the corner most table and gestures to the one across from her

Rian flops into a chair and says, "Alec said something about you being able to make charms," and then asks, "What's with that and is it a Chantris thing?"

Melina nods "It is. It's something specific I took training in because my brother was a knight and I wanted to help even though I didn't have sufficient skill to fight beside him. basically if someone is preparing to fa a specific danger I can make a charm with an inscription to temporarily protect from it. for instance right now we have a diety in arden that's possessing people so I made Alec and some others a mind protection charm. do you need something?"

"Actually, not right now, but I was curious and this gives me an option for future needs," Rian says in answer to the question. He then asks, "What can you tell me about our family? I know that the Chantris are ship builders and librarians… explorers and catalogers… but I have had little personal knowledge of the family because my mother didn't talk about family much before she left Minos."

Melina hms "Well the family has always been fairly low key as far involvement in amber politics and such especialy under duchess talia who i've never had a one on one conversation with. the thing that is most widely known about chantris is our affinity for language and music both of which posses a range of power. if something needs translated any chantris could do it. it's in our blood."

Rian nods. "An ability I myself have enjoyed the use of for my entire life," he says. Then he asks, "I have yet to even meet the new Duchess. What can you tell me about Her Grace?"

<Editor's Note> Scene was continued but the logging failed and so the rest of the scene was lost. There was a brief discussion of Duchess Talia and then Alec trumped Rian and was brought in. He and Melina caught up and then there was some art discussion before the end of the scene.

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