(2017-06-10) Two Minosians, Two Gryphons, and Two Flasks in Damsel's Rest
Two Minosians, Two Gryphons, and Two Flasks in Damsel's Rest
Location: Damsel's Rest neighborhood of Amber's Lower City, near the Mandrake Charity Hospital
Date: June 10th, 2017
Summary: Rian meets another relative, Ruby.
Characters: Rian and Ruby.
NPCs: Keir and Inyx (Rian's gryphons), a man wearing Mandrake livery at the hospital

This area probably looks at its best during the evenings. The fog and the dim lights obscure what can be left up to the imagination or memory. Ruby is walking the along one side of the street after having words with a trio of souls. They deliver their opinions on a recent matter or gossip, and then steer their butts towards places popular for shore leave. There's a game of dice deeper in one alley, and another that offers fleshy distractions. For her part, Ruby watches them go with pursed lips, and maybe some envy. She stops, turning in place to eyeball the charity hospital over yonder. Watching the limping enter, and the limping emerge, though usually in a much more positive dispostion.

Rian steps out of the hospital and leans into a nearby alley and vomits. As he turns to return to the hospital a man in Mandrake livery hands him a small flask and says, not overly harshly, "Leave for now, the gangrene patient's the last one of the day and if you can't stand the smell we can't have you trying to help," before closing the door in the Minosian's face. Above, possibly unseen by those on the street, two miniature gryphons sit perched at the edge of the hospital's roof.

Ruby marks out the stranger's stomach troubles as unique. Usually that sort of thing happens prior to entry into the Hospital. Her brows try to knit together. She tries to judge a book by its cover, quickly, and starts to make her way over. She's unaware of peeky critters as she closes in. Taking note of cutlass and knife, she jumps to a few more conclusions. "Oooo." She breathes through her mouth for now. "Was it bad? It was bad, wusn't it? Truth…visitin some friend who got torn oop? Soight turned tha tummy, aye? Gruesome was it?"

Rian takes a swig from the flask and spits it out, making sure to aim away from the woman approaching him. Only after taking an actual drink does he speak. "I was trying to help hold him down for debridement but the smell got to me," he explains with a Minosian accent to his voice, "But no, I didn't know him." He then reassesses her for a moment and asks, "Captain Incarnate, right?" further explaining by saying, "I heard you speak at court."

Ruby tilts her head, the accent tickling at her eardrum. Her disposition improves by increments. Hoisting her eyebrow higher, she gives a nod. "Aye. Shortest Court I've ever been tah. Thank Bog for small miracles." She extends a hand towards one of Rian's unoccupied ones, for a clasp. "Workin at tha 'ospital then? You don't look loike no 'Ealer, but I been known tah be mistaken. I've lurked in those 'alls, for me own personal education an research. You payin oof some debt or learnin their secrets? Just sayin, from tha cut 'o yer garb, an yer tongue, wouldn't you be more comfortable closer tah tha port?"

Rian nods as he replies. "Aye," he says, "Though I have my ship docked a ways down the coast rather than here at Amber. And yeah, I'm paying off a debt and learning their secrets." He smirks as he shows it isn't an either or. From above there is a squawk from one of the gryphons. Rian shakes his head and then looks thoughtful for a moment before saying, "After some distasteful experiences I thought learning the healing arts would be advantageous for me."

Ruby is thoughtful over this. The odd sound coming from above has her lift her chin and peek. From the movement of her mismatched eyes, she doesn't zero in on the source and regards Rian again. After another tumble of thoughts, she reaches to her belt and retrieves a flask, and offers it over. "Well then, seems we 'ave somethin in common. Though, per'aps you'll 'ave more success than meself. Ultimately." She gives a nod and waggles the flask. "For your troubles, but it's not tah spit, but swallow. There's been toimes when someone with tha 'ealin arts would 'ave saved everyone a lot 'o trouble, an loives. I can make things strongah, but can't mend. There's great demand in tha, Truth."

The call from above was Keir asking, "Can we rejoin you now, boss," and he understood that the shake of Rian's head was for him.

Rian closes the flask given to him by the Mandrake man and slips it into a pocket before taking the one from the Minosian woman. He sniffs at it first then takes a sip. "Thanks," he says before taking another sip. He then asks, "How are you involved in court by the way? Or is it imprudent of me to ask?"

It isn't the best rum in the flask, but it isn't as bad as something you'd get in Bloody's. She offers a wink as a ~no worries~ sort of knee-jerk reaction to the offer of a beverage. On the topic of Courtly things, she shrugs up first the left, and the the right, shoulder. "Been me 'abit tah avoid it unless there be somethin 'o interest 'appenin. No im-pru-dents taken. I've got royal blood, but in tha dark aboot who I be related tah, Truth. Thought it moight be Gerard, cause…" She does a little tensing of some choice muscle groups. "…But anyways, I 'ate. Hhhhhate askin for things. You know roight? If you gots blood 'o Storms in ya, you supposed tah be yer own King or Queen, so politics…chafe. So I gots interests in who be regent, who was regent an all them schemers lickin at perfumed toes. Especially now I need good femmes, an blokes, tah 'elp with trouble in shadoo."

"You mentioned something like that at court, cousin…?" Rian casually drops the relationship into the start of his response, assuming but asking still as he is just assuming. "Care to explain it… altough I doubt talking on the street is a preferred location for such talk."

Ruby hears the c-word and the corner of her mouth dimples deeper. She double-blinks. "Aye, you've got a point." Ruby gestures for Rian to follow and take a small walk, lowering her voice. "I gots a simple version, an a longer one for anyone tha sails alongside or shares a deck. What I said in Court be true. Just imagine all 'o us. Y'know…we carry blood tha lets us carve through shadow an tweak, influence an take what we need. Bloody 'ell…~nevah~ doo it drunk. Anyways, we supposed tah be loike gods stridin reality roight? We lions an panthers an whatnot. Well, even a lion can get pulled down by dogs if a big enough pack is 'ungry enough. 'Ave you travelled deep? Seen a lot 'o places?"

Rian shakes his head. "I only walked the Pattern a couple of months ago," he says, "Most active use of that was when I brought a fleet incase fighting broke out over the transition of the regency." He then bluntly asks, "Who's child are you?" figuring someone aught to ask.

"Tha's impressive. Makin a transit with yerself and leadin ships. Don't know many tha can doo tha within months 'o survivin tha Pattern." Ruby nods solemnly. She takes in a deep breath and sighs it out. "I'm told me mum was a shrewd femme. Not tha strongest warrior, but clever. Back 'ome. Not 'ere. Deeper shadoo. As fer me papa, it's been a bit 'o a quest. Botherin a lot 'o Princes, an secretly 'ad 'ope it was a Princess. Bog's barnacles, tha more I meet, tha more I wish I'd nevah started. Our family be a twisted vine, Truth. I think Gerard offered tah adopt me once, but I didn't follow up. I've tried tah impress 'im on occasion. Thought I was stronger once, an 'e threw me over tha Market. Tha was a learnin experience."

"I didn't go far, just to shadows of Minos, to gether the fleet. Been sailing those seas for over a century so finding variants I could recruit captains from was fairly easy," Rian says… basically he cheated, what else would a pirate do? He nods regarding the family and seems to note the evasiveness on the answering. Somewhat evasively himself, he says, "I met my royal parent years ago, my first time in Amber, but haven't seen him since my recent return after an extended and unwilling governorship of an isle." Again a squawk and this time he actually replies, saying, "Sure, both of you can." A moment later, with the rustling of wings in the growing dark above them, a pair of gryphons glide down from the roof and settle upon his shoulders.

Keir's squawk this time was, "Inyx is growing restless. We want to join you."

Ruby takes a step away as the Gryphons roost. Eyes bugging out a tad as she takes a gander at the creatures. "Bog's barnacles…" When it appears they're totally not going to peck out Rian's eyes or tug off his ears, she relaxes a little bit. "What tha 'ell?" She takes a swig from another flask on her person, screwing the cap closed and tonguing her upper palette. "You've got a way with animals, aye? Bloke 'o many talents."

Rian nods, acknowledging the compliment and question. With a slight tilt of his head to his right, towards the smaller of the two gryphons, he says, "This is Keir, he's been with me for years," and then, as he indicates the larger one on his left hshoulder, he says, "Inyx is his mate and has been with me for about a month." Introductions done he says, "Someone I know doesn't trust them around her sails, simply because Keir scratched the rail on he ship once, but they both know to be careful around cloth." He doesn't say 'now' but there's a hint of an implication towards that which is accompanied by the briefest sideways glance towards the female.

Ruby narrows her eyes as she peeks at talons. "I'm not tha best around critters, but I bet these could keep a ship pest-free, Truth." Ruby considers the Gryphs as she gives them all the personal space they need upon Rian's shoulders. "I 'ope tha be as big as they get. Well, tha part 'o me tha doesn't know nuthin aboot animals other than where they 'opefully fit in tha grand food chain. I've tried tah…uh…shepard a few critters back 'ome, but I don't 'ave enough, whatevah tha equivalent is tah a green thumb with critters. Tried tah reseed me 'ome, cause it be ~passed on~ an near empty 'o anythin. You must 'ave some talent with tha, aye? If you can get these two tah doo yer biddin, roight?"

On Rian's shoulder, Keir chirrups indignantly at Ruby only to be consoled by his man reaching up to stroke his shoulder.

Rian then says, "They work with me more than 'doing my bidding'… in Keir's case I raised him since he was a kit."

Keir's chirrups meant: "Bidding?"

Ruby purses her lips. The concept a difficult one to fully digest. "But they be loike, pets?" She squints as tries to draw up comparsions. "Loike dogs. 'Ounds an stoof. You make it sound loike they be loike people or friends or somethin. There be a fox oot in tha woods tha 'as a bunch 'o dire wolves tha 'e treats loike family. But 'e be a god or somethin. Gods be 'alf mad, so I can't doo more than shrug me shoulders at tha. So you sayin these loike companions?"

"A dog, to its owner, is a friend," Rian says. "And a lot of people under estimate animals' thinking abilities. Sure they won't ever do math or compose poetry or th' like, but they aren't stupid… not like a slug or th' like." His accent is getting thicker, as his childhood on the streets of Cameron begins to show.

Ruby side-long glances at the mated pair again and offers a small grunt. "Thank Bog they can't. Why complicate things, aye? One thing I can respect is their instincts, I'm guessin. Instincts important, an at least I know 'ow they got powerful ones. Powerful senses." She tongues at her back molars again. "Aye, you said you 'ad a ship? Tha's good. What's 'er name?"

"I'm Rian of Cameron," he says supporting the proof of his accent with his words. "I've tried to adopt the name Mister Cee also, but few have taken up the request… and since I've the right to be called a lord many call me Lord Rian now." That last is said with a bit of distaste in his voice. "How about you, other than Captain Incarnate of course… I believe I heard Strongbod as part of your name in court?"

Ruby quirks her mouth. "Prince Gerard…I mean, Regent…For lack 'o a bettah name, used it. Just call me Rubeh. I don't ask anyone call me Incarnate unless we under sail or if I absolutely need tah stand on a title." She sniffs. "You don't 'ave yer Captaincy yet then? Oooo, well, I envy yer feat or adventures in getting it. Be a toime tah mark in yer loife. Important, if you gots tha blood."

Rian nods at the question, "I'd never really had the desire to earn it. Now… I have my reasons to do so."

Ruby says, "It'll 'elp, if you ever want equal respect 'o Captains at sea. It carries water. Your opinion counts towards matters Minosian. An those not 'o Minos, they wish they could claim it. They can be known by names…but we're tha true mistresses, an masters, 'o tha waves."

Rian nods again and, after squawks from both Keir and Inyx, says, "I need to go find some food for us all, apparently neither want to have to hunt for their food tonight and are as hungry as I feel." As if to illustrate this fact, his stomach grumbles.

Inyx: "Hungry and tired, feed me."

Keir: "Boss, we should get some food. Vermin's not appealing tonight."

Ruby nods and prepares to take her leave, finding they've walked some distance. Opportunities for chomp-able things not too far, depending on one's tastes. "I'll leave you to tha. Come visit me aboard tha Beast sometoime, aye? Maybe we can doo some busy-ness. Interests 'o both Minos an Amber."

Rian smiles and says, "I'll do that," as he parts company to find something satisfying for himself that will be acceptable to his gryphons as well.

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