(2017-06-11) Duchess Mandrake with a Pirate in the Library
Duchess Mandrake with a Pirate in the Library
Location: The Library in Castle Amber
Date: June 11th, 2017
Summary: Quina finds Rian reading in the library and their discussion wakes Syeira.
Characters: Quina, Rian, and Syeira
NPCs: Rian's Gryphons (Keir and Inyx)

Evening in Amber. Having eaten earlier, Rian has set himself up in the palace library where he is reading a book on the history of House Chantris. With him are his gryphons, perched to either side of his head on the back of the arm chair he is sitting in. One, the larger of the two, has her head resting on his shoulder and appears to be napping while the other is sitting up and appears to be reading along with Rian… although that can't be what's actually happening is it?

Quina arrives a little further into the evening, dressed properly, as usual. She is without infant at the moment, though appears perhaps just a little fatigued. having an infant does that. She takes a moment to consider the library for a moment, as though she hadn't quite decided upon what to read when she headed this way. Her gaze settles on Rian, and she considers him and the gryphons for a moment.

As he is caught up in his reading and he has been ignoring the comings and goings of palace servants anyway, Rian does not notice Quina's arrival. The sleeping gryphon, for obvious reasons, also doesn't notice her but the male does and chirps softly in his man's ear, softly saying, "«The woman who warned us about your cousin maybe eating me is here, Boss,»" to his man who, hearing this, looks up and says, "Thanks, Keir," to his companion before nodding in the direction of the Duchess.

Quina's lips quirk upwards at the male gryphon's words. Apparently, her hearing is particularly sharp. Or, as they say 'Keen'. She returns Rian's nod, then her steps carry her towards him. "Good evening to you. I hope that you are finding the library suitable?"

Off into a corner of the library, hidden behind a fort of chairs and tables, yes she built a fort, the staff will get over it. There is a crinkling of a bag, yep fort to hide snack packs. Slowly there is a stirring and then there is a head peeking up over the back of a chair looking sleepy eyed and just waking up. Always better to peek first, you know so you can hide the evidence of your snacks and napping.

"Sure, reading the history of my mother's house," Rian says as he shows off the tome in his hands.

Quina's eyes flicker downward towards the book in question, then she nods slightly. "I was born into Chantris, though my mother was Mandrake." she replies. She doesn't react to the bad crinkling. Perhaps she missed it?

Syeira stretches, shifting and reaching for her drink to take a sip. Finally she rises up, something or other about rude to eavesdrop. Taking another swig from her bottle of water she hops over the back of a chair and starts to sashay out from her fort.

Keir, the gryphon that is awake, notices Syeira and says, "«Not alone,»" to Rian who nods to his companion but answers Quina. "I'm a Chantris by birth but haven't interacted with the family much. Duke Cyrus knew of me… as did Dinah of course… but they've retired and aren't around of course. Also Prudence has been giving me some lessons recently but that's the extent of my ties to the family."

Quina gaze turns next towards Syeira, and she inclines her head politely in greeting towards the woman before returning her attention to Rian. "I do regret that their Graces retired from active House Duties. They were most effective in their roles." she says.

Syeira glances between the two reaching up to ruffle the flatness of her hair on what has gone flat from her nap, "Iffin ya want privacy, just let me know. I don't wanna be intrudin from my studyin, and stuffs, ya."

Rian shakes his head at the offer. "Unless her Grace requires privacy I don't see a need for you to depart, miss…?" he trails off in uncertainty about how to address the young woman.

Quina also gives a slight shake of her head. "I've no need for it, Lady Syeira." she replies, conveniently giving Rian a name for her.

Syeira giggles and winks at them both,"Just Sye. Nothin fancy." bouncing she turns to sashay on back toward her fort,"Got studying to do and such."

Rian's curiosity gets the better of him and he asks, "What are you studying, Sye?" as he is not the one to be formal unnecessarially.

Quina smiles to the Lady. "I can only be myself, my Lady." she says to the woman returning to her fort, apparently not able to let go of formality so easily. She becomes silent as Rian asks a question of Sye.

Syeira slides one of the chairs back to start putting back the furniture that she moved. She glances over toward Quina and nods, "Iffin that what works for you and stuffs, ya. Don't want to be puttin my ways off on another. Sos guess its all good." she reaches down picking up a book starting to collect her books. From the peek into the fort, she's been there for a very very long time including with a pillow, "Been studying trumps, ya."

Rian ahs and nods. He says, "Been practicing drawing some myself… I've gotten past stick figures," to his cousin. He is otherwise unsure how to address that field of study and so doesn't.

Quina listens to Sye's reply, and nods to it. "A difficult and rewarding field." she says. "Most of my drawing is limited to heiroglyphs."

Syeira giggles at Rian carrying some of the thick heavy books out of her makeshift fort, "I'm sure you are way better than stick figures in your drawing. Just gotta draw from the heart not the eye." her attention turns to Quina, "Very, cuz see, books,they make me fall asleep. You know, sleep aides. So I start tryin to get the information out of them, and I fall asleep. So then I wake up and try again, and eventually fall asleep again. Takin forever." she pauses, "What are he-ir-og-ly-phs?" trying to sound out the word putting the stresses in all the wrong places.

"Its a stylized picture of an object representing a word, syllable, or sound," Rian explains the word as if he'd heard it before even though he didn't. "Sounds like an interesting way to communicate meaning," he adds turning his attention to Quina to ask, "Where did you hear of such things?"

Quina chuckles quietly. "I think that you will find few of Chantris blood who understand books putting one to sleep." she says. When Rian explains heiroglyphs, she gestures that his explanation will do. "I have been studying languages for quite a few years." she says to him then. "Many cultures start with a pictographic form of written communication."

Syeira rolls her eyes, "I don't know how anyone of them manages, I get like maybe a page or two and boom, I'm like driftin off, but I gotta figure out this information and piece it together. Been at it for two days, ya." she grins at Quina and back to Rian, "Cool See now maybe iffin these books were in pictures I wouldn't be driften off, ya."

Rian nods and nudges the sleeping gryphon with a shift of his shoulder. Having been woken Inyx makes a complaining chirp (which can be understood by some to mean, "«What?»") which Rian answers by saying, "Come on Inyx, you don't want to keep sleeping right now," to her softly. He then closes the book he was reading and, after setting the book on the table beside his chair, he stands up and stretches his arms.

Quina mms quietly. "I have quite the reverse difficulty. I have spent many a night unable to put down a book and go to sleep." She watches the other gryphon be nudged awake, and smiles at it.

Syeira giggles at the birds shaking her head, "Seems she got the same problem with books, ya." grinning at Quina, "Nopes. Been at this for months actually. I try and try and try till I get enough information to try and figure it out, then I can't sleep for a week afterwards having gotten so much sleep from studyin."

Inyx, after stretching out the remains of sleep, leaps from the back of the chair to Rian's left shoulder while her mate, Keir, repeats the leap to the right shoulder without any stretching.

To his credit, Rian barely sways as his companions jump onto his shoulders. "I've never found books in general to do that but some authors are more somniferous than others," he says on the subject. He then asks Quina, "Had you been looking for me or was this just a chance meeting, Your Grace?"

Quina ahhs to what Sye says. "I might suggest a tutor, but I suspect most will still need you to read during the course of your studies." Rian does get a nod, though. "Some are more difficult than others, yes. Do you intend to develop a relationship with Chantris as it is now?" she asks him.

Syeira pauses with Rian's comments on authors mouthing the big word as if she is trying to figure it out. Slowly she nods, just passing that one by, "I hadda tutor, Unc Brand was teachin and stuffs, but um, ahh, well ya still readin and stuffs involved and I gotta figure this out on the trumps. Sooo." she shrugs spreading her hands.

"I honestly don't know, Your Grace," Rian says regarding the question. "I got by a century and a half without involvement from my families and I've begun thinking that might have been for the best."

Quina ahhs quietly to Sye. "I've not spoken of late with Prince Brand. I should check in with him soon." she says, her lips pursing slightly as she then looks back to Rian. "That is, of course, your choice. Amber can certainly use the time and devotion of all members of the royal and noble Houses these days, but we all choose our own way."

Syeira listens to the two of them considering for a moment and then nods in agreement with Quina, "On this one fraid I got agree. Lots of stuffs going on with the family that only by joinin the family back together and working with each other can solve and handle. I mean, ya. Your choice, but its a big mess and they could probably benefit from your help and um," she motions to the two critters,"And your birds help too I guess."

Keir makes an offended sounding squawk (which some will under stand him to have said, "«Birds?!»") almost directly in Rian's ear. "Yeah, mostly considering that on my mother's side, you see I'm in the Palace after all," he says. He might have said more but a page runs into the room and delivers a note to him, departing after he thanks the young woman. After reading the note, Rian says, "Its word from my ship, I'm needed on a matter of discipline," in a none-too-pleased tone of voice. "I'll need to ask your forgiveness Sye, and your's Your Grace," he adds as he moves to leave the library.

Quina nods her agreement with Syeira, then watches as the note is delivered to Rian. She does, at least, manage to hide any amusement at the gryphon's reaction to being called a bird. "Of course." she says to him. "A good evening, aside from this." she gestures towards the note.

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