(2017-06-11) Lady Sargo and the Pirate
Lady Sargo and the Pirate
Location: Surya's Coffeehouse in Amber
Date: June 11th, 2017
Summary: Raphaela and Rian meet and talk over coffee.
Characters: Raphaela and Rian
NPCs: unnamed servers

Rian, without either of his gryphon companions currently, is relaxing in Surya's Coffeehouse eating baklava and drinking a sweet and spicy coffee blend in the middle of the afternoon.

Raphaela wanders in, looking like coffeefumes dragged her dead body in. She can't hide the tiredness as she heads automatically for her favorite table and pauses midtrack when she spots Rian there. "Ah, hello." she says awkwardly. Slow today.

Rian nods to the woman and says, "Greetings," to her before taking a sip of his coffee. He does not stand but waves a hand at one of the open chairs at his table before saying, "You're welcome to join me if you wish," to her with a smile.

Raphaela ahs "Much obliged." she smiles a bit and takes a seat, an uncharacteristic monster mug with pink bunny plomped before her right away, as if staff just waited for her to decide on seat. "I promise I will be better companny once I coffeed." she offers with a lift of her mug.

Raphaela takes off her jacket in the stuffy coffeeshop and throws it casually over the chair.

Rian, noticing the crest, nods towards it and asks, "Family or employee?" about the emblem showing he's obviously familiar with it.

Raphaela seem vaguely amused, sipping while silver eyes overlook the man over the rim of her cup "I suppose you could say both."

Rian ahs. He extends a hand towards her and says, "Rian of Cameron, or as I keep being reminded here in Amber, Lord Rian," to her in his noticeable Minosian accent as a form of greeting but with an obvious lack of house in his introduction. He then asks, "And who do I have the honor of meeting?"

Raphaela offers a titeless "Raphaela, a pleasure." name of the Baroness as head of her house and company for last 10 years, is hardly secret, although the brand is always Sorgo, not really pushing titles or names. However she did cause a stirr at the beginning of her reign as she got title very young and very unexpectedly as a youngest. Over her dead father and brothers who vanished at beginnings of black road issues.

Having only been stranded on a deserted island for a total of seven and a half of the last ten years Rian has heard of the Baroness of Sargo and so nods again to her. Addressing her properly he says, "Lady Sargo, it is my pleasure to meet you." He does not ask about old grudges as he has never /lead/ an attack on Sargo shipping after all.

Raphaela is good with Minos. She pays for protection, you see. Sensible lady, oh my. "I am sorry if I am wrong, but I do not believe I have seen you around?"

"I recall seeing you at court," Rian says. He was the one with the gryphons hanging out in back with Dirk and Dirk's wife Melina.

Raphaela blinks "Oh right!" she tilts this way and that "No cute pets today?"

Rian laughs and shakes his head. "They are off doing their thing… hunting, mating, or something else I'd rather not be involved in," he says before adding, "And they don't really like being called cute," before taking a bite of his baklava.

Raphaela says "Tough. I won't say if you don't." she smiles

Rian chortles and then takes a sip of the coffee. "Deal," he says and then asks, "What brings you to the coffeehouse today?" quickly adding, "Please don't tell me you cannot get coffee at home."

Raphaela chuckles "I felt like Alhambran coffee."

"Makes sense," he replies. "I recommend the cinnamon coffee, sweetened and served with a slice of baklava." A wave of his hand shows the plate in front of him as he explains that.

Raphaela smiles "I have my own secret mix I am addicted to, besides I don't like sweets much." she asks "And what brings you here?"

Rian smiles back at the Baroness. "I like sweets," he says with a wink. "And I had the desire to have some today, thus I'm here."

Raphaela smiles and finally drank enough to put down the mug "I see." she chuckles and observes him "Minos?"

Rian nods and says, "Aye," and salutes her with his cup before taking another sip. "Care to try to guess more `bout me?"

Raphaela chuckles and headtilts "You enjoy being a challenge?"

Rian chuckles back at Raphaela and says, "I think its safe to say that it practically my birthright."

Raphaela chuckles "Really."

Raphaela says "that tends to be a royal pride."

Rian nods. "I'm but a bastard of salt and wind to tell the truth," he says, "But I won't say that I'm not prideful as well. Who that aspires to earn themselves a Captain's name doesn't have a measure of that in them?" He clearly annunciates the capital C ike only a Minosian seems to be able to.

Raphaela grins "i know some Captains, very rowdy bunch full of awesomeness and swashbuckling."

"I, myself, am a captain," Rian says, "My ship being the Triton's Legs which you may remember was once Captain Kraken's." Kraken was a man known for both occasional piracy and merchant missions, definitely someone who had dealings with Sargo in the past but who has not been heard of for almost eight years now.

Raphaela says "I have little but operational knowledge in Minos." true or not, that is what she says "And what would your name be, and how come Triton has legs?"

Raphaela says "I have little but operational knowledge in Minos." true or not, that is what she says "And how come Triton has legs?"

Rian smirks as he answers. "They don't. But having legs can also speak about moving with speed," he says and then clarifies, "I didn't name her, but I love the name… I suspect that who ever did name her was going for irony and metaphor." Strange words perhaps for a Minosian mariner to be tossing about.

Raphaela grins and is about to say something when an assistant ahems as he approaches, handing a note over. Baroness surfaces, nodding him away and reading. "Ah alas. Break is over."

Rian nods and then bows his head to Raphaela. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Lady Sargo," he says, "Perhaps we will do so again."

Raphaela gives a nod "It was lovely to meet you, m'lord." she takes her jacket with a slight bow of head and with a smile leaves, waving off table on her tab. Minister of trade can afford to do so. Thus all the sucking up with special mug, in case he asks.

As the Baroness departs, Rian can be heard saying, "Rian or Mister Cee really will suffice for now," with resignation in his voice as he knows that it is unlikely that people will stop using the L-title.

Raphaela grins and waves.

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