(2017-06-18) Passing in the Halls
Passing in the Halls
Location: A hallway in Castle Amber
Date: June 18th, 2017
Summary: Rian and Thoth meet in a hallway in the palace and have a brief conversation.
Characters: Rian and Thoth
NPCs: Rian's gryphons (Keir and Inyx)

The day has been long, and Thoth has been busy wandering around the Palace. A lot has happened in the last few days, and he is trying to get his bearings. Strangely enough, the Castle seems to be queit since Gerard took over. As quiet as things could be with the constant changes that Amber faces each day. As Thoth moves down the hallway, his eyes scan ahead, always on the lookout for anything. That must be his background

Currently, Thoth is trying a new habit…cigars. A local establishment has been smuggling in a few dozen now and then from Corwin's Shadow Earth, and Thoth admits…he likes them. Puffing absently, Thoth ignores the nimbus of smoke that hovers around his body as he moves. His expression is obvious, as he savors each puff. Man that was good…

This afternoon finds Rian walking though the halls of the palace. His gryphons are on his shoulders, the larger female on the left while the male who has been with him longer is on the right. He is reading as he walks but manages to never run into any of the servants in the halls with him as Keir seems to be warning him with soft vocalizations any time someone is in the way which Rian reacts to by moving aside before the others decide to try to get out of his way. In his walking he ends up approaching the part of the palace Thoth is fumigating with his cigar smoke.

Turning the corner, Thoth nearly runs into Rian, who is a sight to behold. Thoth pulls up suddenly, and then begins to cough, as his quick inhalation of breath causes him to nearly suffocate with smoke inhalation. After a few seconds, he gasps, shakes his head, and says, "Ahhh." Clearing his throat, he tries again. "A good afternoon to you." Cough, cough. "Forgive me. I was not expecting you and…two hawks? On your shoulders." Thoth coughs again, and straightens, trying to look less embarrassed than he felt.

The gryphons squawk in unison and Rian shushes them before speaking to Thoth. "Why does everyone think they're birds?" he asks as he flips a bookmark ribbon into his place in the book and snaps it shut.

Keir and Inyx squawked, "Hawks?" indignantly in Rian's ears.

Thoth begins to say something, pauses, and then stops. "Indeed. My aplogies." Thoth bows his head in respectful acquiescene. "I would be most grateful if you could educate me in their formal identity? I am fairly new to this World, and I have so much to learn." Thoth does look them over with a thoughtful expression. "They are amazing creatures though. Beautiful in fact." Thoth nods in appreciation. "Incredible."

Rian nods. "They aren't of this world, they're from an island in the Golden Circle shadow known as Sukho," he explains and adds, "I refer to them as miniature gryphons because… well, that is what they are." He then extends a hand and says, "I'm Ryan of Cameron, I'm from Minos. Some insist that I should be called Lord Rian and you can do that if you feel you must," then, still holding his hand out to Thoth, he asks, "And who are you, sir?"

"Ah. Incredible." Yeah, he says it again. It was incredible after all. Thoth regards them and shakes his head, "Miniature gryphons. I have heard of them. Mostly in tales from my home, but it is amazing to see them in the flesh." Taking the man's hand, Thoth shakes it firmly, as befits a warrior, and nods respectfully. "I am Thoth. Son of Brand. Prince of a land that was destroyed many months ago. But that is here nor there." Thoth smiles, finishes the hand shake, releases Rian, and says, "It is an honor to meet you."

"Ah, as I suspected then, we are cousins," Rian says with a nod as the handshake ends. "I am the son of the former Regent, Prince Caine," he explains further.

Thoth nods and says, "Ah! I have heard of him. A good man." Thoth smiles and ackowledges their kinship. "We are cousins! I have seen that there are quite a few cousins wandering the halls of the castle. It makes for some interesting conversations!" Thoth laughs, and says, "So, it is truly a pleasure to meet you. So, where do your inclinations lie, besides these wondrous grypons?" Thoth nods, truly interested to know.

"I'm a sailor from Minos," Rian replies in an accent that would vouch for this to any who are familiar with the shadow of many seas.

Nodding politely, Thoth bows his head respectfully, and says, "A sailor. Well done! I appreciate that very much. Me, I am simply a soldier. Cavalry preferably. But, all of us are warriors at heart. Whether you are a sailor, a soldier, or an air force member. Honor, indeed." Thoth nods his head respectfully once more. "Any particular favorite sailing vessal? Caracts, galleons, submarines?" Thoth grins.

Rian looks a bit confused at the last and shakes his head. "My ship, The Triton's Legs, is a brig. I've sailed galleons and other ships over the decades," he says, not identifying a specific type as his favorite.

"Ah yes. Very good." Thoth nods. "What about your land? Minos? I have heard of it. I believe I have spoken to someone else from there, but we never got into a conversation about the land. I am sure it is an amazing place to visit. How would you describe it?" Thoth was voracious when it came to new lands, new information, new stuff.

"Wet," Rian says with a laugh as he starts to answer the question only to be interrupted by his gryphons. He nods to them and says, "They want to get outside and I don't believe that I can let them fly though the palace unattended. Sorry, but I'm going to have to go find them a window." He then adds, "We should talk another time, Thoth," as he moves off down the hall.

Inyx said, "Hungry," and Keir said, "Time to go to a window, boss."

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