(2017-07-05) Some Friendly Advice
Some Friendly Advice
Location: The Blackhouse in Ennisport
Date: July 5th, 2017
Summary: Jhavid and Rian cross paths in Ennisport. Captain Flay, thinking he knows the truth of Rian's interactions with Remba, gives the other Minosian some advice.
Characters: Jhavid and Rian
NPCs: Jhavid's and Rian's crews, staff of the Blackhouse

Having sailed into Ennisport earlier in the day, the crew of The Triton's Legs and their captain are relaxing as only pirate crews can truly relax… in a way that threatens taking the house down with them. Rian is, as on the ship, at the head of his crew leading them in a jaunty sea shanty that is suggestive but not openly crude.

Lots of elements come through Ennisport. Jhavid is no different. While making rounds with some of his crew he happens to pop into the same jaunty sea shanty. While a couple of his crew have clearly been drinking, Jhavid seems no worse for wear. He spots Rian almost immediately. Recognition is seen in the eyes, even though he still heads straight to the bar.

Rian finishes the song and downs the rest of his rum. Using his empty mug as an excuse he peals way from his crew and follows Captain Flay to the bar. Notably absent are his gryphons - perhaps the bar keep doesn't allow animals or maybe they are just elsewhere. He isn't rushing though so Jhavid will reach the bar before he does.

Jhavid informs the bartender he wants three bottles of rum, and actually pays for them. When Rian reaches the bar, Jhavid passes two of them to his crew telling them, "Fuck off for a few minutes. Don't go far though." He pops the cork on the bottle taking a healthy swig as he turns towards Rian, "Well well well, what brings you to Ennisport?"

Rian smiles coldly at Jhavid's question and then asks, "Would you be happy with me saying The Triton's Legs?" and then shakes his head. "No, that's not sufficient. Let's say business brought me here and pleasure's keeping me here rather than me going to Amber immediately."

Jhavid turns to face Rian more fully. The bartender starts to look rather nervous as he slides away from the conversation and makes a big show of being busy elsewhere. Jhavid replies, "I see. Lots of diversions in Ennisport. Maybe not as many as there are in other places such as Amber proper, or even Rebma. Still though, I like it here. Relaxing."

Rian nods. "That it is," he replies as he hands his empty mug to the barkeep, indicating to said worthy that he would like a refill. "That it is," he repeats before asking, "How about you, Captain Flay? What brings you here?"

Jhavid smirks at Rian. "I turn up lots of different places. One night I might be at court. The next I might show up on your doorstep with a war fleet. The next night I might be controlling a criminal syndicate. You never can tell really. And then of course there's always the hunt."

"Do you hunt on land in addition to by sea?" Rian asks, showing that he is obviously aware of some of his cousin's reputation. When the barkeep slides his refilled mug to him he plucks it off the bar top with nary a drop spilling from it.

Jhavid openly laughs. "Are you asking me if I'm responsible for any of the recent banditry? No, not directly anyway. I have no interest in it. Various factions with which I do business may have a hand in it, but I have no direct connection to it. What about you? Still looking to become a Sea King?"

Rian laughs also. "Actually, I was trying to picture you stalking an animal though the woods and failing to see it," he explains. After sipping at the drink he nods at the question and answers by saying, "Better than being a prince in a palace, right?"

Jhavid shrugs. "People in power need to be defied. Keeps 'em honest. It's the only thing that keeps rulers from becoming despots. They're mostly liars and shitbags anyway though, kind of like the ones you were cozying up to."

"You mean at Court?" Rian asks. Nodding with the assumption that he understood, he says, "There's a time and place for proper etiquette." He then adds, "'When in Rome' and the like," quoting another cousin even though he clearly doesn't get the reference personally.

Jhavid puts his bottle on the bar and leans forward a little. "Fuck proper etiquette. More important is showing some solidarity. It's bad enough Incarnate's in deep with them, but she was like that long before she got her name. Now's not the time for that shit. Your father's in a fucking coma and you're at court pandering to the people he drew lines in the sand against. Aside from that, it's gonna be a hard road for you to get your name if you decide you're gonna be friends with people tryin' to tell us when and where we can sail."

Rian shakes his head. "There's nothing wrong with being polite. There's more than one way to sink a ship," he says obviously not keen on being judged by the other man.

Jhavid shakes his head in turn. "There's a difference between being polite and pandering. Those people are not your friends. Full stop. For the most part they're professional liars, so stop believing they buy your bullshit. No matter how clever you think you are, it's always a mistake to think you're more clever than the other guy. You think anyone bought that shit about maneuvers? You put ships in the water, for whatever reason. They've got their eyes on you now. Might as well make the most of it."

Rian shrugs. "Let them look," he says, "There are times to be seen and that can be taken advantage of as much as being stealthy can be."

Jhavid chuckles. "Ok man. Knock yourself out then. Just remember this. There's a lot more shit going on right now than you might be aware of. I was out there backing up your father while he was laid out in a sickbed."

Rian smiles at that. "Good to hear that then. You likely know him better than I do but I was still showing support, of him and Mae," he says, and yes, he shows no hesitation in referring to his father's wife so informally.

Jhavid shakes his head. "Support that wilted awfully god damn fast. Did you even go to the negotiating table? Did you bother to talk to the other people who committed before you quit the field? Did you even know why we were there? Did you even care?"

Rian nods. "I spoke with people who mattered in the situation, particularly Captain Midnight. Did you discuss it with her? Did you coordinate with her fleet before enacting a blockade she didn't support?" He pauses and says, "It doesn't matter what you say because you don't have to answer to me… any more than I do to you. We're not on your ship after all, Captain."

Jhavid nods in return. "That's right. We're not on my ship. But yes, I talked to Midnight." He doesn't elaborate further on that. "You seem to like to point out the fact that we're not on my ship. That's the second time you've done it. But the fact is that each time you've done it, I haven't been trying to give you orders. The first time I was making a request. This time we're having a conversation. See when you do that, it tells me that you're getting defensive. That means my questions bother you on some level. Now you're your own man. You can do whatever the fuck you want. But I have some friendly advice for you, if you want it."

"Sure," Rian says. "I'll listen to advice, friendly or not." When his crew yells out for him he waves them off, indicating he's got pressing business with Flay.

Jhavid leans against the bar. "The people you're being polite to don't respect that. They just pretend to be nice and then go and fuck somebody over. Remember that. On a personal level though, I'm not doing this shit because I think it's fun or to stave off ennui. You might want to remember that if you think you're going to play hard case with me. You don't want me as an enemy. You be straight with me and I'll be straight with you, but right now I'm not exactly fucking pleased with you."

Rian nods again. "Alright, I hear that," he says. He drinks some more rum and then shrugs noncommittally. "I'm not going to kow-tow to you or anything, and if you're displeased then that's how it is. I'm not playing games with you right now, just saying how it is."

Jhavid picks up his bottle. "There's no need to state the obvious, much less reiterate it. Do what you want, but keep something in mind. The Rebmans are not your friends, and they don't respect you. People like Merrisol, Enid and Martin are professional liars and Vialle is just a pawn. Shit is gonna go down sooner or later, and people are watching." He motions to his crew and starts to head towards the door. "Enjoy the rest of your evening, but I suggest you give some serious thought to what we talked about."

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