A Cross Shadow Conversation...
A Cross Shadow Conversation
Location: Veronica's Private Studio at Pelle e Pizzo in Amber
Date: July 25th, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: Iolion Trumps Veronica to discuss attire and accessories for when he accompanies her to the upcoming family wedding.
Characters: Iolion and Veronica
NPCs: none

Veronica feels the mental tingle of a familiar presence. Iolion is trying to reach her via her Trump. She accepts the Trump contact.

The image of Iolion is standing on a small footstool, mostly naked but for boxers, socks, and an undershirt, as a wizened Pegliai fellow stretches a yellow tape to measure his inseam. He's surrounded by mirrors and in the background there are tables covered with fabrics, mannequins sporting partially-finished clothes, and so on. He's holding the Trump in one hand, and appears cheered the call went through. "Veronica. I'm sorry to intrude upon you."

To the image of Iolion, Veronica is in a room with limewashed walls working at a table on something delicate with small sculpting tools. She is wearing glasses as well. On the wall behind her are cabinets hanging open with various art and craft supplie, with easels and shelves with canvases as well. Sitting back from her work she says, "Its not an intrusion, darling," and then asks, "How can I help you?"

The image of Iolion says, "Well, it's like this. A very lovely woman has asked me to be her date to a wedding, but I've not yet heard what her attire will be — a gown or something more modern, a color scheme, or anything else like that. And then, there are the other considerations: am I expected to provide a corsage, a bouquet, a nosegay? Ought I present her with a small gift? Perhaps I need to coordinate my wedding-gift plans with hers. Or — or perhaps I'm overthinking this, and it would irritate her were we to be coordinated; it might lead tongues to wag she'd rather remained, ah, unwug. Tremendously complicated social landscape, you see, and being but a man I'm utterly helpless. Nor can I come to her and openly confess my ignorance, lest I be thought a fool. Thus, I am entreating you: help a fellow out. What, praytell, do you think might be going through this most elegant woman's mind? What are her expectations?"

To the image of Iolion, Veronica smiles. "Well, since there is no bride to stand up I'm going to wear a gown. Not white though, I'm not that gauche of course," she says before leaning over and picking up a piece of paper from a stack. She holds the paper out to Iolion offering it to him. "This is one of the sketches of the dress. Polly and Pansy are doing the work on it currently," she explains. (LINK: https://tinyurl.com/slinkyblackdress) "You don't need to bring me a gift, not even flowers, but if you wanted to add some color to my outfit a tasteful wrist corsage would be welcome. Especially if it matched the accent of your outfit which I would recommend to be black. My gift will be flasks, if you want to bring some thing they could put in to it that would be a good coordination. I could choose not to bring a bottle good Fiorra red in that case."

The image of Iolion reaches out through the Trump contact, his hand touching hers to form that rainbow-fringed gate; fingers exchange the note with the dress sketch upon it, then his hand withdraws. "Were I a younger man I'd be cheerfully oblivious to the risks to my dignity, imagining you in a gown while I'm standing before you in my boxers. As I am not, I find solace in the fact that, being a proper grandson of Oberon, I'm utterly shameless." This is all as he opens the note, of course, patter to distract himself and keep him from fully registering the impact of it. Once done, he hands the note to the tailor. «Taiji-san, please study this a moment and ensure the fabrics are complementary?»

In the Trump image, Taiji takes the note, studies it briefly, then says something back in Penglai. «Daring. I will rise to the challenge of making you worthy of accompanying such a dress.»

Iolion takes the note back, then hands it through the Trump contact to Veronica — after all, her seamstress may still need it. "A corsage, then. Cornflower or violet, perhaps; your coloration seems better suited to the royal colors. With respect to flasks … an ideal choice, really. Instead of a Fiorra red, perhaps I could provide some of Jade's fine plum brandy? A little more exotic than wine … and we, you and me, we are exotic creatures."

To the image of Iolion, Veronica quickly asks, "Would it help to have a sample rather than just a sketch?" and also adds, "A brandy sounds great!"

The image of Iolion smiles warmly. "Anything you think might be of use to Mr. Taiji, I'm sure he would be altogether happy to receive. I thank you for your consideration. In light of your gown, I think I might go for something in all dark tones myself: let black, black of clothes, black of hair, black of night, be our motif. I'm certain Mr. Taiji would love to suggest a positive accent in blue or violet—"

«No, no. Not blue! Not violet. Dummy! Haven't you seen her eyes?»

Iolion looks down at Mr. Taiji. «Err—what?»

«Hazel! Greenish, brownish, amber. Yours? Green. Blue accents? Two people with green eyes? You're lucky to have hired me. You can't be trusted to dress yourself. It's okay. You pay me well, I make it work.»

Slightly chagrined, Iolion returns his attention to Veronica. "Well. You have it, then. Mr. Taiji would love the sample, though, I'm sure."

To the image of Iolion, Veronica laughs as she catches the meaning of Mr. Taiji's words and leans back from the table. She calls out loud, to project her voice from the room she is in, and says, "Polly, have Pansy bring me a scrap of the fabric we're making the dress out of!" At the same time she apparently listened to the lecture and simply smiles at Iolion until a small piece of black fabric appears in her hand and she extends it to him. "Here, he can keep this," she says without any additional comment beyond the laughter still visible in her face over Iolion's dressing down over… dressing.

The image of Iolion asks Mr. Taiji while Polly is fetching the fabric, «Do you know a good florist»

«Of course! My brother. I'll introduce you. He'll take good care of you.»

«So he'll set me up with a green corsage, then?»

Mr. Taiji shakes his head in frustration and sadness. «Helpless poor little white boy. Lost without your Uncle Taiji. No, green carnations are used to show support for gay rights—»

«So it's ideal, then.»

Mr. Taiji looks at Iolion as if he's grown a third head. «Are you telling me your date … who will be wearing that dress … is a strapping young transvestite?»

«No! It's just—»

«Because you know your Uncle Taiji will still love and respect you. Under the exact same terms — so long as your account is current.»

«No! The /wedding/ is for a pair of—»

«—oh! Oh, I see now, yes, green corsage, very appropriate. I'll have my brother fix something special.»

Iolion looks over to Veronica, then reaches through to accept the fabric. "I'm fairly certain were he a lesser tailor I'd have strangled him for his impertinence. But he's /very/ good and keeps me in fine attire."

To the image of Iolion, Veronica bursts out laughing again and says, "Tell Mr. Taiji that…" «I love him dearly and he must never change.» "In exactly those words please, darling."

The image of Iolion smiles at that, then gives a polite nod and turns to Mr. Taiji. «She wishes to tell you that you're a cross old goat and you're lucky I don't flay you.»

Mr. Taiji gives a broad grin. «She loves me that much, yes?»

«Yes,» Iolion says with only a slight bit of grudgingness. «Specifically, she asked me to tell you she loves you dearly and you must never change.»

Mr. Taiji grins and nods. «Making you look good to your lady love, yes?»

«I'm not sure I'd—»

«Did she laugh?»

«— Yes, she—»

«Good! Ten percent 'making my client look good to beautiful woman' surcharge added, then. Worth the money, yes?»

Caught between Scylla and Charybdis, Iolion has no real choice: he looks back over to Veronica with an expression of resignation to his fate. No, not resignation — acceptance: as is it's pretty good, and it could be /far/ worse. «Fifteen percent, Taiji-san.»

«*Fifteen* percent! To what do I owe such good fortune?»

«Her laugh is worth it.»

Mr. Taiji nods understandingly. «But not worth twenty?»

To the image of Iolion, Veronica laughs even more. "Lady love, eh? What would your mother think 'uncle'?" she asks though her laughter.

The image of Iolion says, "I think, if I were to go to my mother and ask her for motherly advice: 'what, Mom, am I to think of a woman who asks me to accompany her to a wedding?', she'd caution me to be prudent. Sometimes these things are entirely Platonic, and it would be foolish of me to make assumptions which will make me look like a cad and burn up whatever goodwill I've earned with her. 'But what about this dress, Mother?' Whereupon she'd take a look at it, and remark that a woman chooses a dress like that only if she's trying to impress someone… and if she's trying to impress someone other than me, any woman with a heart would let me know this so I might avoid tripping over my own tongue. Ergo, I should consider seriously the possibility that my date was seeking to impress me, and I could be forgiven, perhaps, for thinking of the possibilities." He's quiet for a moment, then has an odd look on his face as if he just surprised himself: "That's … that's actually … yes, Mom would give advice like that. I'm surprised I could do that. But! It is possible that you wish to impress me. And, if so, my darling Veronica … I want you to know how deeply I'm looking forward to seeing you in that dress, and being profoundly impressed."

He lets it hang in the air for a moment. Then, wordlessly, he kisses his fingertips and holds them up for her to touch. Further dialogue might be impolitic or uncomfortable; it might be best to simply end the conversation here, on a lovely note."

To the image of Iolion, Veronica takes off the work glasses and sets them upon the table, having long ago abandoned working on the project. She sighs and says, "I think you are wrong about the second answer," she pauses and says, "I think she would say that while /some/ women may put on that dress to impress people, there are women who simply like looking good and or feel their body is worth being accented in such attire." She grins and says, "I also think your mother would say that some women like that are not overly humble."
Long distance to Iolion: Veronica is going to have to go soon. "Early start tomorrow as the kids have an appointment to get school schedules."

The image of Iolion returns his hand to his side as the farewell goes unanswered, but if he's disappointed it doesn't show; he accepts it with aplomb. "Be well, Veronica. I'll be seeing you soon." With that, he slips his thumb off the Trump, breaking contact.

The image of Iolion turns his attention away from the Trump, and vanishes.

The Trump contact ends.

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