A door opens in the stacks...
A door opens in the stacks…
Location: Chantris House Library, Labyrinth Level One
Date: July 10th, 14 (OOC year 2017)
Summary: Veronica Chantris finds her way back to Amber, meets Damascus Chantris who is in his nagah form.
Characters: Damascus and Veronica
NPCs: none

Emerging from the depths of the Great Library of Chantris is sometimes a laborious process, depending on what you have been seeking and how deep you've gone. All manner of things exist within the pages that any Chantris knows well and deep within their hearts and until recently, that which is between the pages remains there. This is probably still true today — so the fact that there is a dragon quietly wending its way through the stacks, occasionally tasting the air with a curl of lips and a sucking gesture, is probably rather significant and altogether real. Very long, very lean but not particularly tall or bulky, the serpentine drake is coloured the hue of mother of pearl and should probably be in Jadean or Tane art somewhere…

Ahead of Damascus is fork in the paths defined by free standing shelving. Down the left hand fork a section of the shelves turns outward as if a door was being opened. While this itself may not be unusual the back section, on the right hand fork, doesn't move! As the 'doorway' opens a woman's voice is first heard saying, "Not another one…" and then Veronica Chantris steps though and the shelves snap back into place behind her. She turns to look around her, first towards her right away from the dragon and then towards him. She steps back a half step as she draws knives from concealment in her jacket. She takes a defensive stance and asks, "Am I over reacting, sir?" with more of a questioning tone on the sir than the rest of the inquiry.

The voice that replies is pleasant and musical on the ear, to be sure. But what it mostly is, is incredibly calm. "I do not think so, most excellent and bewildered lady. I think if I were to step out where I was not expecting to be, only to encounter myself, I would probably at least jump a little. Knives, I think are highly appropriate… but in this case, un-necessary." Damascus had paused, tilted his head to the side and arranged the long length of himself half-way curled around a table, his head upon one side as he watched the door open and shut. Shimmering eyes, like fire-opals as they are, glitter with a mild-mannered amusement. "Not another what, might I inquire?"

Relaxing her guard slightly but not putting away the blades, Veronica replies by saying, "Another library I don't recognize. Although… I also fear that after seven years I may not recognize the one I started in as I wasn't very familiar with it anyway." She looks around for a moment and asks, "May I ask where this library is located or must I perform some sort of task first to earn the right to get information first?" Yes, it seems like she's quite a tale to tell.

Damascus rears up upon his hind quarters, wings angling back and flat to his sides, almost invisible in the light of the library; they rather look like a shimmer of solid water at his sides, supported by a terribly delicate fretwork of bones, easily missed. Dextrous webbed fingers reach for a couple of cups upon the table and with a soft, quiet prayer, some wine is poured from a decanter into them; red by the looks of it. "You could not have come to here, without having learned the means of here, even if a long time prior, so… I have no issue with enlightenment…" he says with a soft purring sound at the end of the words that might well be another mark of good humour. "You are in the Library of Chantris, lady Librarian. Mercifully, not deep within."

Veronica's expression brightens as she grins happily. "Truly?!" she exclaims before asking, "Then are you a guardian or…." she hesitates and then continues, "… a relative?"
You paged Melina with 'Which table did you break?'.

"Is there a reason I cannot be both?" The dragon asks, smiling without teeth showing, lips apparently quite flexibly in the croco-wolfish muzzle of his. Only the sabre teeth fail to be hidden in the otherwise genteel gesture. "Truly though, this is the Library of Chantris, or I too am monumentally lost. I suppose that this could be a possibility," nudging one wine cup forth, he plucks it and sets it at the opposite side of the table with a nod, taking his own up for refreshment. "This one is known as Rohan to the family and close friends, Captain Damascus of Chantris and Tanus, to those outside of that clement circle. You are?"

Veronica nods and now puts away her knives, veritably vanishing them into her outfit. "I am Veronica Chantris, known to close friends as Roni. I am originally from Montevalno and have been lost in libraries for years. I seem to have fallen though a crack… and I can't figure out exactly how it is I found my way from one to the next."

"A pleasure, Lady Veronica," Not presuming to call her by her diminutive without direct permission, the dragon sips wine like a courtesan, sniffing it lightly afterwards with a satisfied sigh. "A pleasant bouquet, I must admit. I believe it is Mons… so perhaps, if I might be so bold as to suggest… you may have been swept along by Kismet."

After a moment of thought, Veronica says, "I don't remember there being a dragon in the family before I left…" then she asks, "How much has changed in the past seven years?"

Damascus gives this question its due in consideration, nostrils narrowing down to slits as he mulls upon it. "The nature of myself is a relatively new thing, but most handy in the more dangerous depths of the Library. As to the rest, I am afraid that I am a poor choice to answer. Seven years is a short time by comparison to centuries. I found on my own return, that things were muchly different… and that it likely would have been wise to come to this port of call on a more regular basis, to deliver than every hundred years. I got… distracted." He says this much with a slight flattening of ears, a thing that leaves him looking a little embrassed. "There have been many regents coming and going in that time though and a King or two. It appears to be that child's game of music and chairs, around in a circle until the music stops."

"Benedict is no longer King in Amber then?" Veronica asks first, because of the regent comment and then laughs warmly about the musical chairs comment. "That sounds like there would have been great opportunity for parties and such," she says before also asking, "Can you tell me how the Sun and Moon Courts are faring?"

The dragon bows his head to that, closing his eyes a short moment in homage. "No, his Royal Highness is no longer with us," he notes sadly, a poignancy in the tone that is reminiscent of the fall of white petals on water or a solemn procession of Candles. "As far as I know, Prince Gerard is now regent of Amber. The politics seem important but altogether somebody else's job to track." He considers the rest of the inquiry though with another sip of wine, swirling the red in the cup. "Princess Deirdre recently returned and the Moon Court has begun in earnest again. The sun court… well, I have not heard it called to order since I returned, but it remains."

Veronica nods and starts to say something and then interrupts herself to say, "Oh my room! I hope nobody has removed anything from it. I had a couple of trumps in there…" She then changes her train of thought entirely and asks, "What of my sister, Imre-Ulani, has she remained in Amber?"

"I could not say, I'm afraid," Damascus replies earnestly, then quietly chuckles. "You would perhaps do better asking one of those that has been here this whole time, rather than an absentee son returned to his duties after galavants and adventure."

Veronica smiles and nods. She sighs then and looks around only to say, "Its hard to believe I'm back. I'd actually figured I wasn't going to ever find my way back myself but I am." She then asks, "Is it acceptable to call you Lord Rohan or would you rather I call you Captain Damascus, sir?" She obviously has no problem with how he addressed her.

"You may call me as you wish, dependant upon the circumstance, lady Veronica. Outside of these halls, I am respected by my trade and honoured by what I have achieved. Within these halls, I am a cousin - let whimsy be your guide in politesse," he smiles again, looking over toward her with warmth in his eyes. "I stand by what I said; Kismet seems to be with you. Most fortunate, that it is. Is there perhaps someone I might contact for you, that you could not contact yourself? This I doubt, but it seems the right thing to ask."

Veronica smiles. "Yes, Kismet did likely bring me back to Amber… and perhaps we should get word to Cyrus or Dinah that I am back?" There, she mentions the Duke and Duchess that were at the head of the family when she was last here, unaware of the change in leadership.

Damascus clucks his tongue to that, "Oh dear," a simple two letter statement that says volumes. "I shall let Talia know that you are present. We have no duke, only a duchess and she is prickly."

Veronica repeats Damascus' "oh dear" herself and then says, "Well… that's a gaffe I'm glad I made in private," she then adds, "I should likely find my way back to my rooms and see to confirming where my things have been moved to if they do not remain there."

Damascus inclines his head, but meanwhile, does take up a piece of paper and quill, writing a note upon its surface. He folds it carefully into the shape of a paper crane and drops it into the surface of his wineglass. It bobs there a moment, a little bird on the water, then PLOOP… it vanishes beneath and is gone. "I wish you well… if you are having memory issues though, for your sake and for not getting lost once again in the stacks, the stairs are that way…" the dragon helpfully indicates with a gesture.

Veronica looks in the indicated direction and smiles. "Thank you," she says and then, with a curtsey, she says, "It was a pleasure to meet you Cousin Rohan," before moving off to the stairs.

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