A Knightly Blooding
A Knightly Blooding
Location: The Crown and Rose and the front garden of the Obsidian Townhouse, both in Amber
Date: September 28th 14 (OOC Year 2017) (RPed on the 27th and 28th)
Summary: Veronica meets Giselle and Iolion at the Crown and Rose. After a meal he takes them to his mother's townhouse where they meet with Sir Harold and Dame Igraine. Veronica asks the Queen of Albion if she would donate blood for the alchemical investigation Giselle would be doing for the Mon; after the Black Knight agrees the sample is taken.
Characters: Giselle, Harold, Igraine, Iolion and Veronica
NPCs: staff of the Crown and Rose and Igraine's guards

Giselle is at a table again, and comfy there. She's enjoying a bottle of wine, drinking often and deeply. Again, there is a cheeseburger in front of her, along with fries. And onion rings.

Veronica enters the inn and, seeing the distinctive red hair of her cousin, she walks over to the table after ordering a drink and some food of her own and sits. "Good evening, Giselle," she says.

Giselle looks over, and smiles brightly. Her braid is curled up under her again. "Hallo! How's it going?" she asks, then has a drink of her wine. It's followed by a fried ring once it's dunked in a red sauce.

"Slowly, in the matter we previously discussed, but I've also been very busy at my shop this past fortnight," the young Mon replies as her order of Montevalnan pepper wine and the bleu cheese and bacon burger and fries she ordered are delivered to her.

Giselle says "I'm sure it will all come together. It's not like there isn't plenty of time. We don't exactly age fast." she says, then has a few fries.

"True," Veronica says. After taking a sip of her wine she says, "On the topic I believe you were inquiring about I have some leads. In the case of one of these I need to ask how you would like to handle the situation." She takes a bite of a fry and after swallowing that bit of food she asks, "Would you like me to clarify this now or shall we finish eating first?"

Giselle tilts her head slightly to the side, then laughs. "Wow. That might be the vaguest thing anyone's ever said to me. Whatever you want is fine with me. I'm really easy about most things."

Veronica grins and after a bite of her sandwich she explains. "I had a lead for a pure blooded Lyon but he turned out to be the son of a Kite also. His /wife/ however qualifies and apparently will assist me," she says. "However, I need to know if you would like me to confirm this in person beforehand or if you would come with me - - once I know where to meet her - - as she is a queen and I do not believe it proper to ask her to come to us to do me a favor."

Giselle chuckles. "Yeah, there's a whole lot of cross-breeding around." she says. "I mean, I totally get that. Give the kids as much of an advantage as possible, by stirring in some other blood." She shrugs, then says "Sure. I'll go there. It's not like it's really a long trip by trump, and my other thing needs a few days between, to clear out the last stuff from my head."

Veronica is, with Giselle, sitting at a table eating burgers and drinking wine - - in the Mon's case these are bleu cheese with bacon and pepper respectively - - while discussing the subject of one adopted daughter of Princess Deirdre who has not yet been named at the table. "I believe that she may actually be in Amber," the crafter explains, "But I am unsure where. I believe our common friend, and my paramour, Iolion will be able to identify her location for us so I will reach out to him and find out then reach back out to you to arrange a visit."

Speak of the devil, and he appears. Or, in this case, speak of a sexy devil, and he'll sashay in. Appear, sashay, it's all in the presentation, and the Unicorn loves a showman. As he passes by a server he pre-emptively calls out, "Goblet! Flatbread!" for no discernible reason at all, nor is there a discernible reason why the server jumps half out of his skin. Moving on, Iolion slips over towards the table, where he sits without invitation. "Ladies."

Giselle can't help a smirk, and a bit of a chortle, when Veronica refers to Iolion as her paramour. "Mmhmm." she says, then drinks more. "And sure. I'm around. Either here or at the Academy, in one of the labs. Iolion can always send me a bird if nothing else." Then the man has appeared as though summoned, and she smiles at him. "Howdy! How's things?"

"Darling!" Veronica exclaims in Iolion's direction as she stands to embrace him. "I was just mentioning you explaining to Giselle that I hoped you could point us in the direction of your adoptive sister, Queen Igraine of Albion."

"She's usually found at the obsidian townh- - oh thank you my good man, very sharp of you." Momentarily derailed by the arrival of flatbread and a goblet, Iolion pours himself a healthy drink and looks around in vain for something. "… But where's the hummus? Waiter! HUMMUS! Where were we. Oh, yes, obsidian townhouse that Mother owns which so many of her offspring use as a residence, myself excepted, I'd rather find a warm bed and warm company in Shadow."

Giselle drinks more, very relaxed. She's likely been here drinking for some time now. "Welp, when you've got her pinned down, I'll come and we'll do the thing. I don't foresee any difficulty if the only thing that's going to come out in her blood and the idea of her is Montevalno."

"No, she is Lyon, not Mon. For that we will have to see another - - possibly my grandmother in Montevalno, although I may have a friend who will qualify for our needs there," Veronica says to Giselle while smiling at Iolion's bellowing. "I have narrowed down my ancestry to five possible blood lines… three from my grandfather, Montevalno from my grandmother and, of course, Chantris from my father," she explains further.

"It makes me grateful for the simplicity of my own parentage: Deirdre takes from Faiella and Oberon, and my father has deftly blessed me with an absence of obligation by being utterly unknown to me," Iolion answers with a gulp of wine. "Five bloodlines, strewth, I'd go mad trying to suss them out. No thank you, quite happy with what I've got."

Giselle ohs! "Duh." she says with a laugh. "I've been drinking for hours." she says. "Lyon, right. Hey, I'm totally okay with getting a sample of as many bloodlines as possible, so it's easier to exclude them from my other work." Speaking of drinking, she does more of it, then refills her glass. "I really should ask someone to make a few trumps for me, to give out as needed. Kincaid made some, but he needed a break from Amber."

Veronica nods to both of her companions. "Yes, darling," she says addressing Iolion, "From my grandfather I have the possibility of Faiella, Lyonesse and Oberon to round out the quintet of potential blood lines I could be carrying." Then, at Giselle's words, she exclaims, "Oh Trumps!" then, speaking normally, says, "If either of you see our wayward cousin Tristan tell him to make Trumps of you for me… I shall also try to arrange for such a sitting."

"Trumps? No, not really, still just have one's for you and Aunt Vi," Iolion answers, mistaking Veronica's exclamation for a question. "I really need to acquire a proper pack, but it's not, ah, in the cards. Now, ladies, do you know how to get to the Obsidian Townhouse or ought I walk you th—" He looks over at Giselle, suddenly realizing that yes, she's been drinking for hours. "I'll walk Giselle there," he says as he rises.

Giselle smiles brightly, when Tristan is mentioned. "I really like him. He wears his crazy on the outside, like me. He said he'd take my potion, too. That should be *fascinating*." she says, bouncing some in her chair as she then finishes the last of her cheeseburger. It's swallowed, then she says "I'll ask him to make you one, sure." Then it seems they're getting up, and she's just fine with that. And, apparently able to stand, so how drunk can she really be? Or, just really practiced at drunk. "Sure, you can walk me there."

Veronica also finishes her meal and says, "Let's all go together," to the pair. Then to Iolion, "You can introduce us to your… do you call her your sister?"

There are a pair of guards at the gate in the fence that surrounds the townhouse. They make no attempt to bar the arriving group from entering. Igraine happens to be kneeling in the garden.

Veronica and Giselle, escorted by Iolion, arrive at the townhouse after leaving the Crown and Rose and walking across Amber. "Thanks for bringing us here, darling," she says to him, "Because this is my first time here as far as I can recall." While she may have visited before more than half a decade and the circumstances of that time make her memories of Amber from there difficult to recall.

Harold arrives from the house, he is buckling on his sword as he makes his way to the garden. The rattle of his spurs precede his arrival.

Giselle skips along, though at a slow enough pace for walking. Kind of like a child might. Her ridiculously long hair sways behind her. She smiles when they arrive, and she nods to Iolion. "Yup, thanks!" She looks like she hasn't got a care in the world.

"I believe it's Mother's townhouse, actually, or so I've heard. I've not inquired with anyone about it, though. Me, I think it's good to find a warm bed outside of Amber. You never know who in the city is intent on throwing an asp into bed with you here. Well - - Brand is. But that's just because he's axe-crazy. Or asp-crazy, in this example. Never mind. Igraine!" Iolion waves to his adoptive sister. "Hello! I've brought guests!"

Igraine looks up at the commotion of people arriving. She slowly stands and faces them. "Good evening, Brother. Who are your friends?" There's a pause before she notes, "It is Mother's townhouse but as she is in residence at the palace, I am the only one staying here at the moment."

Veronica notes the guards and their weapons, observes Igraine and nods to her - - not speaking yet as etiquette with a queen would dictate she wait until the queen addresses her - - and then, on Harold's arrival, she nods to the Graal knight as well.

Harold tugs on leather gauntlets, he inclines his head to Veronica. The tall knight remains silent for the moment, he glances to Igraine, the Iolion.

Giselle smiles first to Igraine, then to Harold. "Hello!" She might be unaware of their positions in society. Or, she might not care about those kinds of things. Though, she does leave the introductions to Iolion since he knows everyone. She bounces in place with excess energy.

"Harold! Good to see you, too," Iolion calls towards the silent knight, his tone cheerful while at the same time clearly not expecting an answer. Then, towards Igraine, "One is your cousin, Giselle, Bleys' daughter; one is your great-niece, Veronica, through our half-brother Mordred. Veronica has some business she wished to bring up to you, and I offered to broker the introductions."
Igraine sours for a moment at the mention of Bleys and does not look at Giselle. She nods to Veronia, "Harold has previously mentioned you to me. I understand he had offered himself despite his naughty Kite blood."

Harold moves to stand beside and slight back from Igraine, "Well met Iolion" he offers in a pleasant tone, "Lady Giselle, Lady Veronica, I trust the day finds you well?"

Veronica smiles. "Yes, although as I understand the plan, Giselle needs the samples to be single blooded," she says, "I'm on a quest for clarity about my own ancestry as my ancestry is somewhat - - convoluted to say the least. I'm not sure how much Harold has explained to you but I appreciate your willingness to help." To Harold, she says, "It does, yes. I hope the same for you, Sir Harold."

Giselle also sours at the mention of Bleys. She makes a face, in fact. She seems no more pleased with the man than Igraine is. She waves to both though, when introduced. To Harold, she says very conversationally "Pretty well, thanks. You?" Meanwhile, she lets Veronica handle the business end of things.

As for Iolion, the best thing he can do right now is stay out of the negotiations. Instead, he walks up to Harold, giving the gentleman a faint nudge in the ribs. "Check this out," he murmurs quietly, showing the knight a new blade that's hanging off Iolion's waist. "Sweet action, huh?"

Editor's Note: The token for the sword can be viewed with +token Iolion's FH5. It was created via Magic-Hardened Blade (REC-MB) with Collegia (ART-CA), Artist (SKL-AT), and All That Glitters (REC-GL). Its title is "Fancy but Functional Cutlass" and its description is:

This is a heavy cutlass crafted by Veronica for Iolion which is half an inch shy of thirty-two inches long overall. The nearly two-inch wide blade is itself twenty-five inches long, the first nine-inches being double bladed. Married to the clean cutlass blade is a hybrid guard consisting of both a sturdy basket, crafted from a plate hollowed by cutting, with a swept-s guard positioned around and above the weapon's four inch leather wrapped grip which terminates at a rounded pommel. The blade is functional and clean steel, the leather of the grip is subtle and black, and while all the metal is steel, Veronica has applied magic to it making the guard and pommel appear to be made of other metals: the pommel and swept-s have the silvery luster of the noble metals silver, platinum or palladium - - and is more likely to be thought to be made of one of the latter two due to the resistance it has, as hardened steel, to scratches - - while the basket has the yellow sheen of 22karat crown gold. In total the weapon weights a few ounces more than three pounds.

The sword is paired with a scabbard with a metal cap at each end - - magically enhanced to have the appearance of 22karat crown gold to match the basket of the sword - - while the rest of the scabbard is black, hardened leather.

At the base of the blade, on the outside below the golden guard, is a monogram of VN made with five connected lines of glittering gold which appear engraved on the surface but cannot be felt when touched.

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Harold regards the blade, "May I?" he asks appraising the weapon with the eye of someone who understands weapons from construction thru execution.

"Absolutely," Iolion answers, unhooking the sheath from his belt and passing over the leather-clad blade.

"This would be to help determine if I do or do not have the Blood of Lyonesse from my grandfather," Veronica says. "And as I am not an alchemist myself I will let Giselle explain the details."

Igraine grimaces but allows her gaze to drift to Giselle at that. "Very well. What is required?"

When prompted, Giselle's attention returns from where it had started to wander. "Hm? Oh!" she says, then grins. "Sorry. Yeah, I'd like to take a sample of your blood to distill out the, well, Lyonesse-ness of it. Then compare Veronica's to see if it's there, too."

Harold steps away from the group and draws the blade. He settles into a fighting stance giving the blade a few test swings, nodding as he tests it's weight in his hand, then begins a series of movements that might seem closer to a dance then fighting, gradually his speed increases until the blade whirls in glittering arcs, whistling through the air with the strength and speed of the swings…until it ends abruptly. He carefully sheathes the weapon and offers it back to Iolion, "it is weighted to the point, were it not for the length I'd say a fine weapon to use from horse back." He smiles "the gold fittings seem an interesting choice for a lower decks weapon, they give it a touch of elegance. It might seem crass were it not done so well…tis an excellent weapon M'lord, have you given it a name?"

Igraine frowns, "You want to make a potion with my blood? Explain how that would work. Would there be some way this blood could be used against me?"

"I've not, actually," Iolion answers Harold as he takes the short, broad blade back. "I've a terrible habit of losing daggers, so I've never been in the habit of naming them. But I suppose that would be appropriate for such a blade - - naming it, I mean, not losing it. I don't know, Harold; I'll have to listen to it a while and decide what suits it. But thank you for asking, as it had completely escaped my mind."

Veronica nods at the quite reasonable question that she hadn't thought of herself and turns her focus fully upon Giselle as she waits to hear her address it. No, she isn't listening to Harold's assessment of her work at all, no not at all.

Giselle thinks about that, her head tilting slightly to one side. "Not a potion, really. I just want to study it, to understand the Lyonesse bloodline enough to recognize it in someone else's blood. It would also help if you helped me understand something of the essence of Lyonesse. The pure idea of it."

To the other though, Giselle says "Well, I'd be doing the distilling at Fiona's lab. No one's stealing anything from that. And yeah, blood can definitely be used against a person." She's honest, at least. "But it's really more effort than it's worth to me. You can certainly watch me destroy what's left when I'm done, if you want."

Igraine nods to Harold. "He is the one you need to speak to if you want to know the essence of Lyonesse. I am about fighting not lore." She considers silently before asking, "Is there any chance of not involving my Mother's sister?"

Veronica, looking over towards Iolion with an expression of curiosity on her face - - ponders what he'd name the sword before saying, "I agree with Her Majesty actually, Giselle, is there another lab you can use?" because apparently this is news to her as well.

"Given how busy Aunt Fi is of late, I daresay you could bugger the Unicorn in her Royal Academy without drawing her attention," Iolion offers to Igraine. "In truth, sister, I doubt we're even capable of drawing her attention. I think you have little to fear with respect to Aunt Fi's involvement."

Harold pats his broad sword, "oft time weapons are named by their creators." He offers pleasently, "the act of creation earns the name, the name describes the purpose, "This blade was crafted by Shane De'Mandrake, he did not name it." he shrugs "My Armor is named Shroud of Light, the effect of the light upon polished steel and fluting." he explains "I created it." He turns to the Ladies, "The Lore of Lyonn is long tragic and glorious." he grins "I dare say M'lady knows more then she oft lefts on."

Igraine frowns at the mention of Shane de'Mandrake and downright grimaces as Harold names his armor. It clearly makes her uncomfortable. "Very well. So long as the blood is destroyed when all is finished, I will allow you a sample."

Giselle thinks about Igraine's words. And Harold's. "I mean, the essence of the blood, not the place. I guess it can be both, though. I mean, a place shapes a people, right? And I thought fighting was big there? So, hearing from you both would help." Her head tilts back the other way, then she asks "Which who?" She has to think for a moment, then ohs when they're all more specific! "Fiona. I can do it somewhere else, sure." She really doesn't look like she cares one way or the other.

Giselle adds a nod to Igraine, and answers her with "It will be. I don't keep stuff I don't need, and this is all I need it for."

Veronica, apparently dismissing her concerns if Igraine's okay with the situation, says, "Thank you, Your Majesty," to her adopted great aunt and bows. Then, to Giselle, she asks, "Do you need any special equipment to collect the sample?"

"Indeed Lady Giselle, fighting is a way of life in Lyonesse." Harold nods, "Some of the battle between Her Majesty and I are the stuff of Legend in Lyonesse…bards sing of them." he glances to Igraine, "one of the major diffrences between Black Knights and Graal Knights has to do with the way we view honor and fame, or infamy. Graal Knights wish their foes to know who they are and what they have done, Black Knight prefer anonymity" he adds "there are of course several other notable differences."

"They give bad names to rogues and rapscallions throughout Shadow. There are some places where being a black knight is, you know, almost reputable, in its own shabby way," Iolion answers thoughtfully. "And some of those Shadows are, in turn, genuinely nice, in their own run-down way. Black knights cast a stain on the entire lot."

Igraine draws a dagger from her waist and places it against the opposite palm. "Would you like it now?" She rolls her eyes as Harold start at it again then stiffens as Iolion adds on, "Those are MY knights you are speaking of, Brother." She looks back to Giselle, "Fighting for what matters to you even on the pain of loss. That is Lyonesse."

Veronica glares in the direction of Iolion giving him a non-verbal promise that if he screws this up that he'll answer for that sometime down the line.

Giselle listens to Harold, and her expression suggests she's trying to reconcile legendary battles between the two of them and their current entirely cordial interactions. Then she's listening to Igraine, nodding slowly in thought and staying focused on the two. Then there's a smile, and she goes into a pouch for a small stoppered glass vial with a clear liquid and a smaller bag of small clean cloths. "Sure. Let me clean where you're going to cut, first. To get rid of anything foreign that might taint the sample."

Iolion muses to Harold, "Perhaps 'Scorned Woman'?" It's impossible to tell whether he's being droll or serious: with a name like that, it could easily be either.

Igraine holds out both her hand and the dagger she means to cut with to Giselle.

Harold looks at Iolion, "Have you faced many Black Knight's M'lord? or do you base your words upon their reputation?" he does note the look, "Woman scorned?" he shakes his head a bit, "A weapon so named might unman the person who wields it…be wary M'lord"

"Darling, perhaps 'The Empty Bed' should go on your list… or you should start your consideration over instead?" Veronica calls out to Iolion in reaction to his 'scored woman' suggestion. She is smiling but her tone of voice says there is perhaps an indication that he had best be being droll.

Giselle wets the cloth with the liquid in the vial, then both blade and hand are carefully wiped. It smells anticeptic, of course. And very strong. Then, she fetches from the same pouch an empty stoppered glass vial and a carefully wrapped item that turns out to be a thin glass rod of only a few inches. "Okay, then. Once you cut, we'll let the blood drip down the rod into the vial. She sets the rod in the vial, and a small piece of stone appears inside, attached to the bottom of the vial, to hold it in place. No, she's paying no attention to the other conversation.

Igraine nods to Giselle. She draws the razor sharp blade across her palm without any indication that it hurt. She then moves her hand into the proper position to let it bleed into the vial.

"No, naming it 'The Empty Bed' won't intimidate anyone. But if they're facing a scorned woman, even the most hardened brigand will run!" Iolion rejoinds to Veronica. Then, to Harold, "Do you mean our black knights, or ones off in Shadow? Here, no; in Shadow, there are a fair number of places that take me to be one."

Veronica tilts her head to the side as if listening to someone only she can hear speak. Then, addressing Igraine first, she says, "I once again thank you Your Majesty," and after a pause she addresses everyone - - except the guards who she was not introduced to and so doesn't consider requiring thing - - by saying, "I'm being asked to return to the manor. One of the elders wants to question me regarding my genealogical research." She bows and seems prepared to depart if permitted.

"True Black Knights hale from Lyonesse M'lord" Harold says in a polite voice, "and they are nothing to jest about." he frowns, "they ride hellsteed through realms profane and infernal, the very grass dies beneath their hooves. They are clad head to toe in plain Black Armor, cutting one down means nothing for another will appear to continue the fight." Harold frowns, "if resistance is offered they leave destruction in their wake."

Giselle looks like she's really enjoying this. Not the slicing of Igraine's palm, but just the collecting of the blood and the promise of interesting study. Redheads… Again, it's an expression that might remind one of a child's fascination. She will let the vial fill entirely, explaining "I haven't done a lot of blood work before, so this way I have enough so that if I fuck up I can try again." When Veronica has to go, she gives a distracted wave.

"Farewell, la belle dame sans merci, we shall hope to see you again brighten our night," Iolion offers to Veronica with a wave. "I'll catch up with you later tonight."

Editor's Note: Iolion's French means: the beautiful lady without mercy

Igraine closes her hand once the vial is full then nods to Veronica. "Go well, granddaughter of Mordred." She looks back to Iolion, "See. He can be insulting to my knights because he is their sworn enemy. And they threw rotten things at him when I put him in the stocks in Albion so he has reason."

Veronica curtsies to Igraine, bows to Harold and says a quick, "Thanks," to Giselle and blows Iolion a kiss as she departs.

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