A Royal Reunion
A Royal Reunion
Location: Flora's Suite in the Royal Palace of Amber
Date: September 24th, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: After more than seven years Veronica is reunited with Princess Florimel of Amber
Characters: Flora and Veronica
NPCs: a messenger and a servant

The messenger Princess Flora sent to bring an invitation to Veronica found her at her shop in Amber. After reading the message, the young (relative to the lifespans of the Royal family) Mon Chantris smiles and tells Polly she will not be returning to the shop this day. Before departing, however, she removes Flora's ring from the chain about her neck and places it on the middle finger of her right hand and checks the placement of a few weapons concealed upon her person. Only then does she briskly walk up the main concourse to the palace.

Once in the palace, using the ring as a pass key, Veronica enlists the aid of a member of the palace staff to show her to the solar in which Flora and some of her children have their rooms. Despite having visited there recently the escort was necessary as Veronica has still not succeeded in memorizing the placement of all of the rooms in the palace. Once there, the servant steps into the Princess' suite to introduce Veronica who waits a few heart beats before following into the front room - - she was invited after all.

Flora did indeed send the invitation, and the palace staff notified her of Veronica's arrival long before the young woman reached her suite. Flora rises from a loveseat when the door opens, offering a warm smile. "Please come in, my dear." she greets. Stepping closer to the door, she extends both hands as well.

Veronica curtsies before taking the offered hands. "Your Highness," she says, "I…" she trails off and smiles before continuing with, "It has been too long but I have only been back in Amber for three months now," and ending with, "It is good to see you again."

Flora gives both hands a light squeeze, stepping in closer to kiss Veronica on both cheeks. Holding the grip for more than a few moments, she offers. "I'm pleased that you came. You disappeared without either trace or sign. You are well? Would you like tea? Wine? Something stronger?"

"Whatever you'd prefer is fine by me, Your Highness, although you may recall my fondness for a good Fiorran red," Veronica replies to the offer and then, regarding her absence, she explains, "I was allowed to do some research in the House Chantris library and… I got lost. It took me all these years to find my way back again."

Flora releases the hands, turning a little away. And yes, there -does- happen to be a bottle of Fiorran red on the side table. Along with two glasses and a corkscrew. Skirts swish as she steps to the table and begins opening the bottle. "I've heard rumors that the Chantris library is large…" she begins, her smile wry. "But not just anyone could get lost there for years."

Veronica laughs and says, "It is vast but… I fell through a crack between worlds - - so to speak - - and traveled shadow unintentionally." She further explains, "I'm now capable of doing this intentionally, traveling from one majestic library to another in another world."

Flora's brows lift at that, and the cork pops free. "Most curious. That means you must have some Chantris blood in your genealogy, yes? And it took you that long to get back?" She splashes a little wine into one glass, raises it to examine it. Smell it. Taste it. Both glasses are filled, then, and the other offered to Veronica.

Veronica takes the offered glass and savors the scent of the wine before taking a sip of it. "My father was the son of Duke Parris' brother Claudio," she responds after swallowing the small drink - - reminding the Princess of something she thought Flora already knew about her. "This is, of course, in addition to being your nephew Mordred's granddaughter," she adds - - informing Flora of something that was discovered shortly before becoming lost in the library and thus something that the Princess might not have ever been aware of.

Flora nods slowly in response, sipping her own wine as she moves to take a seat. "Of course. But this was the first time you ever demonstrated this Chantris… ability." Tucking one ankle behind the other, she continues. "I understand you have a shop in the City."

Veronica nods. "Yes, with a studio and workshop in back," she replies, "My cousin, Duke Cyrus, helped me get it set up years ago. A seamstress named Dorothy Petrillo - - she goes by Polly - - who I hired when I opened it more than seven years ago now and her granddaughter Pansy kept it open all these years. She accepted my return and so I split my time between the shop, the house library and a forge Micah de'Mandrake set up in the manor." She sips some more of the wine and explains the last, "While I was away I learned some new skills, including smithing."

Flora lifts a brow at that. "Smithing? A very useful skill, to be sure. Albeit not a common one for women." Toying with the wineglass a moment, she offers. "I'm pleased that you are settling, Veronica. And know that you are always welcome here in the Palace."

"Thank you, I will admit I have used your ring to my advantage occasionally since I've returned," Veronica says. "Although, I failed to meet our agreement if you want it back I understand," she adds before stating, "I've ties to the Moon Court now. I am involved with Iolion - - my grand uncle though your sister and third cousin via the Chantris family tree - - his mother has given him a position in the court you see."

Flora shakes her head, lifting a hand. "The ring was freely given and remains yours." she replies. "Iolion and I have met and have spoken before. I do believe that, were not Deirdre his mother he might have joined the Sun Court instead. But in any case, I do not hold it a crime to enter my sister's orbit. The Social Courts were created to promote friendly rivalry, not incite civil war amongst the nobility."

Veronica smiles and nods. "I could see him in your court and… well… he may attend it as my guest from time to time if that is acceptable," she says before drinking more of her wine.

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