A Special Delivery from Montevalno...
A Special Delivery from Montevalno…
Location: Veronica's suite in Chantris Manor, Amber
Date: September 1st, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: A messenger (Erin) brings a package to Veronica from her childhood friend from Montevalno.
Characters: Erin and Veronica
NPCs: none

Veronica hasn't been sleeping well the past few nights and so, after an early dinner, she took a warm bath. She is now sitting at her dressing table in her bedroom with a towel wrapped around her body and another crumpled on the floor beside her where she dropped it after removing it from her head. She is brushing her hair while trying not to think of the dreams that have been plaguing her. A window into the second story room is open letting the warm summer evening permeate the room.

There is a little knock from the door… no, window… this is followed by a soft voice, "Delivery." This most likely would draw attention to the window. A young woman is crouched there, holding a small brown paper wrapped box.

Veronica's free hand moves to a knife on the table and she turns to face the window - - which happens to be on the far side of her body from the hand with the knife. Observing the young woman she frowns and starts to ask a question in Mon, "Wha-?" before interrupting herself to instead ask, in Thari, "Who are you and how did you come to be at my window?" with a Montavelnan accent as she holds the knife ready but behind her body from the young woman's perspective.

Erin looks at the box in her hand, "I have a delivery for a … Veronica Chantris, and well, I noticed you match the description." She then pauses, and then giggles, "Oh… um… I flew." There is a touch of Mons accent to her as well.

While the knife was kept concealed while held, Veronica makes no effort to hide the fact she had held it as she sets it back down on the table. "You /flew/?" she asks somewhat incredulously as she also sets down the brush as well. "You mentioned a description," she says and then asks, "May I see the note from which you read about me?" in a more reasonable tone.

Erin slides completely into the room, and begins to unfasten the tie from the package, and releasing the note. She gives Veronica a once over as she passes it over, "I love your outfit by the way." She then laughs a bit, "I am a shapechanger." She makes flapping motions with her fingers.

With a pleasant laugh Veronica takes the note and glances at it. She smiles and nods. "The package is from my friend Rebekah of Fiorra," she says and then observes out loud, "Quite naturally she didn't sign the note," before asking, "May I have your name, miss…?"

Erin holds out the package now that the note has been read, "My name is Erin." She offers a little curtsey, still holding the box out, "Messenger slash troublemaker slash rooftop adventurer at your service."

Veronica takes the small package and, again, nods slightly. "Pleased to meet you," she says before switching to Mon to ask, "Which principality are you from?" as she slowly unties the strong but delicate looking red ribbon that was twisted into a Tiffany bow in an almost ritualistic way.

Erin furrows her brow a little bit, and her Mons is a bit more clumsy. Its not something she has spoken in a while. "That's not a ton of poisoned death frogs or something? Carrying packages from friends is a lot less stressful than the less friendly."

"Poisoned death frogs?" Veronica asks with a chuckle. "Oh, surely not, no," she says as she finishes untying the ribbon and lays it on the table before her. Then, she opens the box and within is a key with a small scroll of paper wrapped around it. After taking the paper out she puts the box, with the key inside it still, onto the table next to the ribbon and unrolls the scroll and reads it to herself.

"It is an invitation to visit and a key to her home along with a general suggestion of when and how to enter the home so that her husband does not know I am there until I am in the house so that guest rules would apply to me," she explains in Mon. "She believes that her husband happens to have some information that will help me… maps specifically," she explains further, smiling at the thought of slipping past the judgmental man who curtailed a lifelong friendship.

Erin then remembers the question asked, "I'm from Paloma more or less, thats where my family ended up before i was born." She then nods, "Thats good, nothing poisoned, plus some intrigue, sounds fun." She then laughs a bit, "I feel a bit over dressed, should I let you get something on… or take something off?"

Veronica sets the scroll down between the box and her recently abandoned brush. "I shall dress to ease your discomfort," she says with a smile to show that she intentionally misinterpreted the question. She stands and walks behind a dressing screen, taking her towel off as she does so.

The towel is draped over the top of the screen which is translucent and lit from behind so she can be seen dressing as a shadow on scrim cloth. A few moments later she steps out from behind the screen wearing a black and gold sari from Tanus.


She gestures to the outer room as she asks "Would you like to adjourn to my sitting room and continue our conversation?" and then continues by saying, "I am from Fiorra myself but we could speak of home… or of adventure?"

Erin grins a bit, "It was a bit warm… " She watches the silhouette, and moves to rest against the door, "I didn't have the best time there, I didn't have a lot of freedom." She then offers, "My life of adventure would probably be a bit odd for a person of nobility. A lot of breaking and entering."

Veronica laughs kindly. "I may be part of a noble house in Amber and I was raised /in/ a noble house of Fiorra, but I would have been a maid like my mother and her mother before her had I not been selected to be Rebekah's companion by her father," Veronica says in response as she guides her guest to the love seat in her sitting room. "I could easily have been cast in your role in life as opposed to my own, Erin," she says.

Erin takes her spot on the seat, and lifts her legs to a cross-legged position on the couch. She slides her shoes off. "I am quiet the trouble maker when shinies and rooftops are involved."

"I may be having need of adventurers, Erin," Veronica says after settling down on the other part of the seat and then follows up by asking, "Would you tell me about your skills and background?" and offering, "I will share mine in return if you wish."

Erin bites her lip and thinks, "I know knives ok enough, I can fly… I can fit small spaces… not sure, I have been in fights before, and am ok at that… pilfering I am best at." She rambles off

Veronica smiles and says, "Blades, beauty and death bound into one small package. If you would trust me, I would love to examine yours." She then asks, "Did you grow up in La Serenissima," naming the capital of Paloma, "or another part of the Principality?"

Erin tilts her head, "Examine my blades? I only have one on me." She lifts her tunic a bit, revealing a little harness, and the hint of small breasts. She unfastens it and slides it down. "I grew up in the capital, yeah, I was a servant… messenger of sorts…" She hands over the simple dagger.

Veronica takes the blade and looks it over, feeling the balance in her hand both as a smith and a warrior with training with this weapon on both sides of the equation. She reverses the blade, so it is laying against her arm as she offers it back to its owner - - hilt first. "It isn't bad but you should have better," she says sincerely and not unkindly. "Of sorts… yes, I too was a servant… of sorts," she says and then bluntly asks, "Did you attend the Collegia D'Arte?"

Erin shakes her head, "I haven't had any sort of official schooling." She frowns at her dagger, "I normally have throwing blades, I don't get as close as I used to, I have been thinking about learning how to use a bow."

Veronica smiles warmly and says, "I was trained to fight. I was Rebekah's friend, yes, but my job was to be her defender." She pauses to let that sink in, as there is a clear implication that her childhood was dedicated to learning how to and actually defending a noble girl. "In every way I was honed to be a weapon but I was also taught to be an artist. I didn't just have to fight but I had to look good doing it." She smiles again and says, "It wasn't a bad life, just not my own. I'm my own woman now though and I hope you are also, Erin." She then asks another question, "If I asked you to come help me would you do so?" She adds, "I could teach you archery and otherwise be a friend and… if you wish… a patron as well."

Erin nods, "I think I know your life a little more than I thought, in my youth I did some dark things, murders, and et cetera… but that life is past me.. " She nods, "What do you need done? I don't do the murders any more… but I can do self-defense, and I would love to learn archery, somehow."

"I won't ask you to kill anyone for me… not unless it's to defend yourself, me or others dear to us," Veronica says quite plainly. "I may need someone with your other skills however and… well, it's never a bad thing to have friends who compliment your own skills."

Erin grins and then offers, "I am also not afraid of heights… so I can be on top of alot of things. I am ususally quite dramatic about it to… its fun… to bounce around, and do crazy jumps." She is rambling now.

With a grin, Veronica says, "Do not be surprised if you hear me speak when a breeze blows by. I may be nowhere near you but I can send my voice to you when I wish." She then leans over and kisses Erin's cheek. "I imagine you may want to take flight again for now, Erin, please feel free to call on me if you wish," she says kindly.

Erin stands and smiles, "It was nice to meet you, Veronica, but you are right, and I must be off." She fixes the dagger under her tunic, and smiles. She then walks to the sitting room window, and opens it, letting a nice breeze in. She crouches on the sill, "Toodles." She offers with a wave. The girl then tumbles out of view. In the distance the snap of wings…

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