A welcome back visit...
A welcome back visit…
Location: Pelle e Pizzo, Veronica's Mon-style Clothing Shop in Amber
Date: July 14th, 14 (OOC year 2017)
Summary: Iolion comes to Veronica's shop, having heard she'd returned to it, to welcome her back to her business.
Characters: Iolion and Veronica
NPCs: Polly Petrillo and her granddaughter, Pansy

Its late evening in Amber and Veronica is visiting her shop for the first time in almost a decade. Polly and she are discussing the books while Polly's granddaughter Pansy is helping a late night shopper pickout a dress for a party.

It's night, which means civilized people are preparing for bed but Deirdre and her children are just getting started. As such, the chime of bells above the door may be a surprise, but the appearance of Iolion in the doorway is likely less of one. He's dressed in his usual attire — normal by the standards of Amber, but in his expected dark hues — with a bottle of Bayle's Red and a bouquet of flowers in one arm. Assorted flowers, it ought be noted, not roses.

He looks over to Polly and Pansy, giving them each polite nods and smiles, before approaching the desk where Veronica is working. Wordlessly, he sets down the flowers and the wine.

"I heard a rumor you were back in your shop for the first time in ages," he offers with a warm smile. "I thought someone ought say welcome back."

Polly is a matronly woman with graying hair worn in a severely tight bun. Her face is creased with laugh and stress lines. She starts to greet the newcomer to the shop that she's been running on her own for the past seven years but stops when he addresses the actual owner of the shop.

Pansy is young, appearing to be fifteen or sixteen… old enough to be in the process of learning a trade but not old enough to be unescorted in most social situations. Unlike her grandmother her auburn hair is worn loose about her shoulders. The customer with her is a middle-aged woman who was obviously once a beauty with ash blonde hair who is beginning to show her age.

Upon hearing her great-uncle's voice, Veronica turns towards the door and smiles. "Iolion! Hello there," she says. And then, commenting on the gifts, she says, "How kind of you to visit my shop."

Iolion looks over towards the young woman, giving her a smile that's been well-rehearsed at making a good impression on women. (Veronica knows this from experience, of course.) "My name is Iolion of Amber," he introduces himself to her, looking her square in the eye. Many nobles don't do that; they reserve direct address for those they deem their peers. "I'm a friend of Veronica's. And technically related. Would you please do us the favor of taking the flowers away and fetching us a pair of goblets for the wine? I do thank you."

Once Pansy's mumbled an awkward "yessir, m'lord Iolion," he gives her another smile — then reaches out for Veronica, giving her a hug that manages to walk the fine line between being intimate and being unsuited for public. He gathers her in against him, resting his chin atop her head for a few affectionate seconds, before sealing it with a kiss to the crown of her head and stepping back. "It's lovely to see you, Veronica. And even more to see you returned to Amber."

Pansy smiles sheepishly after taking the flowers and excuses herself from the customer. Almost seamlessly her grandmother takes over with the customer while Pansy goes into the back room to look for goblets.

"Yes, it was a long absence," Veronica says as she embraces Iolion. "I'm glad to have found my shop didn't fall to ruin… or worse become gauche."

"It continues to thrive, for which I'm grateful as well. I was hoping to talk to you about your absence, actually. Be it far from me to demand answers, but … my impression is that your absence was not voluntary, and it took you some time to return. So I wanted to inquire as to your Trumps, if you have any at all — some way to reach out to people, should you find yourself stranded in Shadow again."

Veronica grins and says "Yes, I'm never going back into the library without them." She taps a pocket in her jacket and explains, "I only have one of my sister and Aunt Flora unfortunately… other than one of myself."

"Then let me trade," he suggests with a smile, holding up a card. "One of your great-grandmother, in exchange for one of you. I wish that I had one of myself, but … my own set is quite bare. But I can afford to give you Mother's Trump. Just in case you find yourself stranded and need family to help you."

A warm smile is accompanied by Veronica reaching into her pocket to pull out a trump of herself. "Sure thing," she says as she offers it to Iolion, holding it between her second and third fingers while holding her thumb and index finger ready to take a card from him.

The intricate dance of fingers completed, Veronica and Iolion are left holding new Trumps — their familiar icy-coldness promising they're connected to that primal source of power.

For his part, Iolion smiles and slips the pasteboard card into a case made of obsidian and silver. "Thank you," he answers. "Shall we agree that if you go away for more than a month without leaving word, that I shall look for you?"

Veronica nods. She says, "Please," as Pansy brings out the goblets and wine is poured for the royals, the shop's staff and customer, at Veronica's direction.

<Editor's Note:> The scene fades here for OOC reasons, they share the wine and Veronica returns to work getting back into the swing of being a shop owner.

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