A Whisper and a Trump Call...
A Whisper and a Trump Call…
Location: Veronica is in Amber, Iolion is in The Sook
Date: July 20th 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: At Veronica's request using Chantris magic, Iolion contacts her via Trump.
Characters: Iolion and Veronica
NPCs: none

Early in the day Veronica went into the garden at the Chantris Manor and spoke softly into the wind saying something she willed to go to her great-uncle.

Sometime later, Veronica's voice speaks softly in Iolion's ear repeating those words: "One problem with our trade is that I can't trump you. Give me a call when you are free, darling."

That evening, Veronica feels a gentle pressure in her mind because someone is trying to reach her via her Trump. She accepts the contact.

To the image of Iolion, Veronica is in a room with somber forest green walls and gold colored accent molding. A fireplace dominates one of the walls and there is a sketch of a handsome man under glass in a wooden frame hung above the mantle. She is lounging on a tan sofa and holding a glass of rich red wine in her right hand. "Oh my," she says as the contact establishes itself. "I'd forgotten how this felt. Hello Iolion."

The image of Iolion's tone is warm, even affectionate, as he stands shirtless on a rooftop in the Souk; the night sky is filled with stars and the noises of the nightlife of the City of Ten Thousand Parties sound in the distance — but he seems to be alone on his own rooftop, not engaged in any entertaining of his own. "And to you, Veronica." A faint pause, then — "But I invite you to call me darling. It sounds quite pleasant from you."

To the image of Iolion, Veronica smiles. "Its an affection of my grandmother's that I've decided to adpot," she explains. She then takes a sip of her wine, a good Fiorran red, before asking, "Have you heard about the upcoming Chantris wedding?"

The image of Iolion gives a brief nod to this as he pulls a wineskin from his own satchel. There's no sign what's in it (although he's known partial to one of Bayle's pinot noirs) as he takes a matching sip. "Heard. Hadn't done more than hearing, though; I've been busy preparing for Moon Court in the Souk. I don't know any of the participants, but I hear it's a big event for the Chantris. Well — for us."

To the image of Iolion, Veronica says, "I was planning on attending… the wedding that is. But if you aren't interested in attending I can think of others who would likely attend with me, darling."

The image of Iolion's image gives a deep-throated, hearty laugh. "What in all of Shadow ever gave you the notion I might say no? Veronica, please." Then he thinks a bit, mulling it over some, his head slightly cocked to one side as he contemplates the angles. Then — "But perhaps I'm going about this incorrectly. I should not be so quick to say 'yes'. I should instead say, thank you for reminding me of the wedding; and, if you are accepting applications for companions, I would very much like to be considered. It should be done this way, Veronica, because I do not wish to live in a world where someone like you has to wonder if someone would like to join her."

To the image of Iolion, Veronica smiles and takes a long, slow sip of her wine, drawing out the moment before speaking again. "Well, do you want me to just ask plainly then?" she asks. "Seriously, where would be the fun in that?"

The image of Iolion grins. "Well, that depends in what you aim in asking plainly /about/." Fortunately, he doesn't underline it. "And in other news. Fate would seem to have something in mind for us when it comes to weddings. Shortly after the wedding, there's going to be a Moon Court event in the Souk. Would you care to accompany me to it?"

To the image of Iolion, Veronica says, "Yes, I see the irony as well." She contemplates the offer and says, "I would like to visit the Souk again and that even sounds like as good enough a reason as any." She smirks and then says, "That's a yes incase you missed it, Iolion," with a wink.

The image of Iolion says, "You said it clearly enough even a dullard like me could hear it." He gives a broad smile, then inclines his head towards her slightly. "Thank you. It will be nice to…" The sentence trails off as he realizes he doesn't know how to finish it: not that he doesn't know how to finish it politely, but doesn't know how to finish it, period.

And that's okay.

He kisses his fingertips, then holds his hand up, palm-out, against the image. "It will be good to."

To the image of Iolion, Veronica extends her own hand, not to pull though or be pulled though but to make physical contact for a moment and then pull back quickly. She blows Iolion a kiss and says, "See you in Amber Saturday then," and tries to end the trump contact.

The image of Iolion turns his attention away from the Trump, and vanishes.

The Trump contact ends.

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