...An Alchemist or a Bloodmage...
…An Alchemist or a Bloodmage…
Location: Scene Location(s)
Date: September 6th, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: Two days after Amber shook Veronica returns to Mandrake Manor to resume her discussion with Lady Celeste. Finding the Lady-dragon in her reptilian form and injured they have a brief discussion in which Celeste confirms Life magic cannot determine the presence of the Blood of Oberon and recommends consulting either an alchemist or a bloodmage - - she recommends caution with the latter and names Giselle, a daughter of Prince Brand, as one of the former.
Characters: Celeste and Veronica
NPCs: Mandrake servants

Editor's Note: This is a follow up to ...And Then the Earth Shook... which occurred on September 4th.

Veronica is stopped at the gate, asked the same series of questions, and this time lead to the other side of the gardens where it meets the lawn. There is a stone bench nearby but more importantly this gives the dragon plenty of time to sprawl which is good because she's scored with deep gauges and burns and one wing is draped off to the side revealing scales which aide her in flight have been singed away. She is a sorry sight but apparently not in too much pain to skip dinner as she contentedly works her long forked tongue into a cow's bone for the marrow stopping and looking up owlishly as Veronica is announced. She quickly shoves the bone out of sight beside her and bobs her head, "Good Day, Lady Veronica." she looks like she's trying to work peanut butter from the top of her mouth when she speaks and her voice is a little 'bigger' but may still be familiar.

Veronica recognizes Celeste in her dragon form - - having ridden the woman will do that! - - and says, "Good day, Lady Celeste," then, having observed the damaged scales, she asks, "Are you alright? If this is a bad time to call on you I quite understand."

Celeste rumbles, "I'll mend." She reassures, "The babe's fine. Hopefully She - - or He - - will forgive me trying to protect his biggest brother." She exhales and rumbles irritably, her tail twitching restlessly, "And he looks worse than I do… but he too will recover. How are you, My lady?"

Veronica nods at Celeste's explanation. In answer to the question she replies, "I am well, found there to be very little impact in my rooms at Chantris and met with some of my cousins over the past few days."

Celeste ahhhs, "You're welcome to have a seat if you like. Did you have more questions…" She frowns and tries to focus through her discomfort to sift through where the conversation had left off.

"You were going to get back with me regarding the potential of finding out if I share that quality that allows one to survive traversing the Pattern that Oberon's children and grandchildren all seem to share," Veronica reminds the dragon-lady, "It is in doubt as I am two more generations removed."

Celeste ahhhs and tilts Veronica, "Sadly, no. I can tell if you heal faster than the typical Chantris but that could be for any number of reasons. I suspect you should be fine but I could not prove it, I fear.'

Veronica hrms and nods. She takes the offered seat and says, "Should be is… less than confidence building," before asking, "Can you think of any suggestions to try to improve the level of confidence in the inquiry?"

Celeste rumbles, "I'm sorry, My lady. I have seen others with lines displaced as yours and they had no issue but a few does not a sample-size make, I'm afraid. You could check with an Alchemist or bloodmage to see if they have other tricks - - be careful if you go to a bloodmage - - but sadly I have no means to confirm or deny presence of Oberon's blood."

Veronica nods to the first and nods more vehemently about the warning simply based on the name - - bloodmage - - and then asks, "Since I do not know of any of either, are there any you might recommend I seek out?"

Celeste considers thoughtfully, "I only know of one, Giselle."

Veronica frowns at the mention of Brand's daughter. "Giselle, huh?" she asks as she continues frowning. Thinking out loud, she says, "I wonder why he didn't mention that aspect when he brought her up…" and looks pensive. Then, responding to the cousin comment, she says, "I was told by one of her first cousins that she was Brand's daughter actually, Lady Celeste."

Celeste shakes her head, "I never confuse my redheads. Brand has many daughters, Giselle is Bleys'."

Celeste says, "Either way she can probably be reached at the Pathi embassy."

"That's good to know," Veronica says, "I have other reasons to seek her out also."

Celeste ahhhs, "Careful. Redheads are. Erm. Nuts. Yes. Nuts." She advises carefully.

Veronica smiles and asks, "Squirrels collect them for the winter nuts or hold things together when paired with bolts nuts?" Playing on words in a Chantris-like way that is quite natural for her with her bloodline.

Celeste snorts, "They crack easy."

"I see," Veronica replies with an understanding smirk.

Celeste rumbles, "Good luck, my lady. I am sorry I am unable to help you answer that question. I do wish you luck with it."

Veronica stands again. "Thank you so much, your suggestion of an alchemist puts me on a path to pursue so it was a help," she explains. "I'll depart so you can focus on resting and recovering, Lady Celeste," she adds.

Celeste closes her eyes, "Let me know if you can't find her. Good luck, my lady."

"I will, thank you again," Veronica says and then departs.

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