Fullname: Anjali Nimue Dilwen
Alias: Anj, Li
Age1: Not Telling
Features: Orange & Pink hair, Tattoos
Height: 5'1"
House: Rebma, House Dilwen
Themesong: "Song", Artist
Played By: Unknown
Assignment: Lore-Keeper
Rank: Lady
Titles: Lady, Mirror Mage


This woman is short, athletic of build, and prone to coloring that makes her stick out anywhere outside of her native Rebma. Flat footed, Anjali stands at 5'1" with the muscle tone of a lifelong swimmer and the curved figure of a grown woman. Her hair is a little longer than shoulder length, a vibrant orange with streaks of coral pink. Her eyes are a murky blue, and her face holds enough age to indicate she's old enough to know better. Adding to the ways that Anjali can stand out in a crowd are the numerous tattoos she wears. Her arms are covered in inky sleeves and gloves, as are her legs and feet. Even her throat is not immune to being a work of art.

Public History

Rebman and Artist, Mirror Mage and Historian, Anjali is a mystic and a philosopher. She's served as a royal historian, a Dilwen Lore-Keeper, and studied afar while trying to recover the stories that go with some of the mirror-pickers' treasures of historic fragments. She's used her mysticism (Mirror mage) and her hobby of art (hey, those sketches come in handy) to learn tricks of magical tattoos as well.

Anjali calls Rebma home more than any other place. She's a productive member of House Dilwen, and one of their Lore-Keepers. It is from her Mother's line that she gets her Dilwen blood. And it is through her mother's connections that she was trained as a mirror mage. Her father was an explorer in the wildwater, and impartedin her a love of travel. Vialle is also like family. She has been Anjali's mentor in the ways of mirror magic for quite some time.


  • Tattoos: Anajli has a lot of them! Even better, though, she's a known tattoo artist. Maybe you want some decorative ink, or a bit of magic to help you out?
  • Mirrors: Trained as a mirror-mage, Anjali knows a few tricks with reflective objects.
  • Sparring: A girl has to keep in shape, and Anjali prefers to get her exercise with weapons.
  • Exploration: History is most interesting when you can walk among the places it's touched.
  • Crafting: She's been known to make some items out of glass.
  • The Empty City: She has some affinity for Rebma's Empty City and has been known to wander through it from time to time.
  • Rebman: Probably the most obvious, she just stands out in a crowd.

Known Associates

  • Enid is worth knowing.
  • Captain Joe Wild is a rascal of a Minosian, but one Anjali has started doing business with.
  • Lisette is a Feldane that Anjali enjoys the company of.
  • Vialle is a fabulous mentor in the ways of mirror magic.


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