Fullname: Antonio de Visforza, Comte San Angelo
Alias: Tony
Age1: 80's
Features: Blond hair, blue eyes
Height: 6 foot
House: Princess Florimel
Themesong: none
Played By: Zachary Levi
Assignment: Lieutenant Colonel of the Blue Hussars, Commander of the City Watch
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Titles: Count, Your Excellency, Sir


Men are traditionally referred to handsome, for beautiful implies far too feminine a tone. In so far as this man is clearly masculine, handsome is a better word, but there is something which is definitely beauty in his appearance. The complexion is lightly tanned, the features even, the physique tall and whipcord muscular and the hair a dark blonde in colour, and worn long, with luxuriant sideburns, and the long segments at side and nape of the neck woven into braids, in the military style. A moustache is neatly trimmed, with mild upcurls at the corners of his lips, and the general tone one of benevolent absent-mindedness.

His clothing is similarly impeccable and well turned out- he wears a Hussar's outfit in a rich blue, cuffed and collared in red, and trimmed with gold braid taken to excess, curling over his chest, too and fro. At his waist is a red sash, overlaid with a white swordbelt, all at the height of fashion. Atop his left shoulder is typically worn a blue, fur lined pelisse, again trimmed in excess of gold braid. A sabre, a sabretache, and a tall fur plumed bearskin type hat complete his outfit under most circumstances.

Public History

Count San Angelo, Lieutenant Colonel of the Blue Hussars is known to be the son of Princess Florimel and some aristo or other from Montevalno. He's viewed as a decorative addition to the most stylish cavalry regiment in the army, but not necessarily the brightest sabre in the armory.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Hook 1
  • Hook 2

Associates and Connections

  • Flora, mother
  • Syeira, daughter
  • Gino, brother


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