Ashby is given his dress
Ashby is given his dress
Location: Pelle e Pizzo (Veronica's clothing shop in Amber)
Date: September 27th, 14 (OOC Year 2017)
Summary: Ashby is given the dress he ordered for Duchess Talia of House Chantris.
Characters: Ashby and Veronica
NPCs: none

It is after closing time at Pelle e Pizzo in Amber but Veronica is there, alone having sent her staff home. Having notified Lord Ashby de'Mandrake that his order was ready and received a communique from him requesting an appointment this evening she is waiting for his arrival. Seeing as how his appointment is still at least a few minutes away still she is patiently biding her time reading a book about legendary libraries of the Golden Circle (volume two, revised edition, published in the last half century… by a member of House Chantris naturally). Beside the book is a notepad she is alternating writing in or sketching upon.

Veronica smiles at the vehemently chipper greeting Ashby gives her and, after placing a bookmark in her place, closes the tome and stands indicating a cloth draped form near her. Also — only able to be missed by the truly unobservant — a black garment bag with a golden monogram of VN made with five connected lines emblazoned upon it. "Good evening, Lord Ashby," she says in response and then, ribbingly, adds, "You should take care to expand your capabilities seeing as how you are intending to bind your life to that of a lady Chantris as she may likely wish you to be able to express yourself fluently from time to time."

"Good evening!" Ashby circles his hand in the air and then tosses it out to the side as he dips into a low bow. Popping back up, his grin is devilish as ever, accompanied by a chuckle as he shakes his head and tosses his hat onto a nearby countertop that is vacant. "Oh, Lady Veronica, one ought be careful what one asks for. It is for your sake, not my own, that I pull my punches there. I have once been told I can be a touch insufferable when I let my mouth run rampant!" Sliding in next to her, he pivots most pointedly to now face this garment bag. "Would you be so kind as to do the honors and show off your fine work?"

Veronica smiles again and nods. She turns to the covered form and carefully begins to lift the covering cloth from the dress, standing in the way until she is ready… she then steps aside and with a flourish reveals the dress — currently worn on a dress maker's form — that had been concealed…

Token FH4 "Ashby's Chantris Dress"
Author: Veronica
Held By: Ashby
Created On: Saturday, September 23rd (2017) at 9:43am MDT

Created using Crafter (CRF-CR; the ability to craft mundane items); also using Collegia (ART-CA; a formal Montevalnan education), Artist (SKL-AT; skill with the fine arts) and All That Glitters (REC-GL; the magical ability to imbue color effects into an item)

Token Description: This is a dress that was commissioned on September 12th of year 14 (OOC 2017) by Ashby for Talia. It is made of forest green velvet with matching laces that cross an ecru-colored silk front panel between the bosom and the waist. Old gold colored embroidered trim at the trapezoidal neckline, midway down the arms and at the wide, flowing long bell-style sleeves has been magically altered to have the appearance of thread of gold while maintaining the feel of the silken threads they are actually made from. Additionally, the front panel has a pattern of flaxen-colored eagles worked into it. It was made to fit Ashby's approximation of Talia as set on a dress maker's form by the observant (SKL-OB) knight (STY-KN), whether it is a perfect fit or not would be a decision Talia gets to make.

The dress is visually based on this one:


Veronica's amendment at 5:42pm MDT on Wednesday, September 27th (2017): The dress is discretely marked on the inside of the d├ęcolletage with a monogram of VN made with five connected lines of gold which are magically embedded in the cloth without changing its texture.

Veronica's amendment at 5:46pm on Wednesday, September 27th (2017): The dress was presented to Ashby with a black oilcloth garment back designed to protect the dress and allow it to be carried without being exposed to the elements. It bears Veronica's mark in the form of a monogram of VN made with five connected lines of gold embroidered into the bag, itself waxed like the cloth.

Ashby's eyes go active, darting about and focusing in on the garment as it is being unveiled, trying to sneak little details around Veronica as she works to free it from the garment bag. When it is finally revealed he freezes in place, completely speechless! He stares at the thing as if it were holding a weapon and ready to pounce on the pair of them. After a moment of silence, he says in a completely neutral tone, "Lady Victoria, this is not what I had asked for." There is another pause before he finally tears his eyes off of it, now leveling those blues upon her as a twinkle arrives and his devilish grin follows. A hand is tossed into the air and he rushes over toward her, "It is a triumph! Oh, the Duchess is sure to love it!"

For a brief moment, Veronica visually ashens at the feigned upset from Lord Ashby but then — as he grins — she relaxes and smiles which then turns into a grin of her own as he finally gives his true opinion of her work. "I am glad you are pleased," she says as she still recovers from his jest.

"It is far beyond my wildest visions! Truly!" The cavalier is so taken that now as he reaches Veronica, he takes her by the shoulder and, in true Mons fashion, not just embraces in a fierce hug, but in a quick flurry of motion kisses one cheek, then the other, then releases her to step back. His vision is on the dress, beaming and still displaying the wild grin. "Oh my goodness, now I will need to find some sort of dinner venue that might be worthy of such a creation!" Blue eyes widen a touch and then he sloooooowly pivots on his heels to turn to face Veronica. "Lady Veronica. Should I be able to navigate these waters and survive to my wedding day, would you do me the honor of fashioning a proper uniform for me to wear? It will be for not just a celebration of this new beginning, but also as the very last time I wear such a thing. A culmination of a career, if you will." The Monsdrake's eyes even go a touch glassy here and he blinks to clear them.

Veronica, continuing to grin, nods and says, "I can do that for you. Please let me know what style of garment you want this to be and the proper colors for your regiment." She pauses and then adds, "Not necessarily right this moment, you may feel free to communicate it to me via a note delivered to me at the manor or here at the shop."

Ashby's chest surges with a deep breath as Veronica replies and there is that look about him that he may pounce with another energetic, Mons embrace! The cavalier manages to restrain himself, channeling it all into a sharp nod. "You do me a kindness that I do not deserve, Lady Veronica! I shall certainly do all that I can to repay you for this!" Another series of nods are delivered and then his attention turns back to the dress as he marvels at it once more. "Yes, I shall start working up the specifications. I'm afraid us Army boys are a bit particular about what goes where and such. There are some details we can fiddle with to our hearts content, however!"

While Ashby discusses the plans for the outfit Veronica removes the dress from the form it was presented on and places it in the garment bag which she then closes and hands it to Lord de'Mandrake. "I'm sure you will find a way to work this out. I can also send a bill to you at Mandrake manor if you wish, for the materials costs and such. Just let me know about that as well."

Ashby accepts the dress gingerly and a deep, gracious bow, much as he might if presented a new sword. "Certainly. Whichever manner you are most comfortable with! I am certainly more than happy to lend my skills toward some endeavor you may be working on, of course." His eyebrows raise a few times before he slides closer to the counter to snatch his hat and then begins making his escape. "I will write you! We will talk, I am sure! Thank you again, Lady Veronica! You are a true credit to your House!" And then, as quickly as he had appeared, he seems to vanish into the shadows of the night outside the shop!

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