Fullname: Brice Etienne Chevalier
Alias: None
Age1: Over 100
Features: Brown Hair / Hazel Eyes
Height: 6'
House: Dybele
Themesong: "What a Wonderful World", Louis Armstrong
Played By: Joseph Fiennes
Assignment: None
Rank: None
Titles: Lord Brice


Brice is tall and lean, the picture of grace granted to him by his Dybele blood. His skin is a nice olive complexion and lacking so much as a single blemish. The contours of his face are somewhat angular, with high cheekbones and a strong jawline. A beard and mustache that are barely more than a whisper lend a touch of age to an otherwise boyish appearance. Impossibly symmetrical eyebrows frame piercing eyes that sometimes seem hazel and other times green, depending on the angle. Curly brown locks styled in what appears to be a deliberately tousled look are kept short, barely touching his ears and off the collar.

His dress is both fashionable and easy to wear. Black velvet pants are loose-fitting and billow just so slightly. They're tucked into black suede knee-length boots and held up by a wide black leather belt with an ornate gold buckle. A white silk poet shirt fits loosely and looks like it was made specifically for him. Over the top of this is a black leather, waist length jacket. The jacket is red-lined and has an upturned collar. It also has small epaulets at the shoulder and ornate, angular designs on the sleeves, breasts, and at the waist. For accessories Brice is wearing a single hoop earring made of white gold in each ear.

Public History

Brice is the son of Princess Florimel. While he's particularly well-known in Montevalno, he's less well-known in Amber. He and Gino are rumored to be particularly close. Rumor is they seemed to have something of a friendly rivalry when they were younger. Brice seems to acclimate to any social setting with ease, and seems to know people in multiple social circles. Word is that he's spent a fair amount of time out in Shadow and is an excellent public speaker.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Politics
  • Rumors
  • Gossip
  • Art
  • Secrets
  • Intrigue

Associates and Connections

  • Flora
  • Gino
  • Lizzie


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