Fullname: Cadence Luise Chantris
Alias: Cade
Age1: 250
Features: Brown hair and eyes
Height: 5'6"
House: Chantris
Themesong: none
Played By: Penelope Cruz
Assignment: Royal Navy
Rank: Vice-Admiral
Titles: Lady


Rich, dark brown hair is most often kept pinned in a neat and efficient bun at the back of the woman's head, giving an almost severe look to a youthful face. It's the kind of hairstyle that adds a couple years of age to the twenty-something appearance. An aquiline nose and strong cheekbones are offset by pouty lips and eyes of a warm brown shade. She has the kind of dusky skin that's never been less than tanned, but a certain amount of exposure to the elements adds a deeper hue still. At five feet and six inches the woman carries herself with such confidence that she may seem taller than she really is.

Public History

Her mother, Allegra Chantris, is a famed opera soprano and military historian while her father, Borgen Chantris, was a shipbuilder and engineer. Cadence has never been married, has aged really well -even for a noble- and seems earnest in putting the Realm before all else.
For around a century this scion of House Chantris has been serving in the Navy, where she has distinguished herself as an officer in both times of combat and peace. She rose to the rank of Commodore in the Logistics and Planning Division (she was in charge of supplies across the fleet) and seemed to have settled there for almost ten years. Recently, under Caine's Regency, she was promoted to Vice-Admiral and put in charge of the Southern Fleet.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Chantris - Cadence is a Chantris through and through. If you need help from a scholarly sort, she could be your gal. Her specialty is military history.
  • Navy - As a long standing member of Amber's Navy, she knows the ins and outs.
  • Music - She has a sweet voice, talented fingers, and spends many an evening unwinding with some form of music.
  • Adventure - Her mother often disapproved, but Cadence has a penchant for adventure. Need a companion for some exploration?
  • Minos - She doesn't go often, but we might run into one another there.

Associates and Connections

  • Adelaide - her Aide de Camp.
  • Caine - The (former) Regent that needs someone to keep an eye on him.


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