Fullname: Prince Carmichael d'Benedit Fort Montfalcon
Alias: Carm, Kit
Age1: ~117 (Birthdate: 15th August, 114 BC - equivelant to 1900)
Features: Straight aged bronze hair, pale hazel eyes
Height: 6'3"
House: Son of Benedict
Themesong: Mechanic Heart - The Merry Dancers
Move Along - All American Rejects
Played By: Theo Theodoridis
Assignment: Lord Praxis of Amber
Rank: Prince
Titles: Your Highness


6'3", sporting a tawny mane that hangs in feathery clumps like burnished bronze, tanned skin, chiselled jaw, broad shoulders, excellent posture. This man has the potential to have quite a lot going for him, true enough, but he's lanky of frame and his facial features have a tad too much of the patrician to them. His jaw isn't quite square enough to be imposing, lending him an unfortunate air of the pretty that seems to rebel against the image he's trying to present. Strikingly fierce, pale hazel eyes look out of that face, capped by very serious looking eyebrows, a long nose that has quite a pronounced bridge and expressive, nicely shaped lips that rarely smile. Rusty five-o-clock shadow haunts his jaw. His frame is well built, but wirey, the musculature dense and corded rather than bulky, a little top heavy as if his life has been spent wielding a blade.

Public History

Carmichael was made a prince at the court of King Random of Amber, on 28th of September, 2014. Prior to this, he's a relative unknown, but seemed to have earned his place amongst the entitled for actions of some significance. He is known to be a son of Benedict, but is not the prince's heir, hailing from a distant shadow beyond even the silver circle. He keeps unlikely company at times, but to the nosey or the gossipy, is known to have considerable friendship with Begma and with Montevalno, unlikely bedfellows as they might be. He also carries his father's sword, openly and with respect.

His colours are Gold and Black and his symbols are a falcon in flight over a stylized mountain and a Griffin rampant, clutching a bow and a blade.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Begma
  • Shadow
  • Benedict
  • Adventure
  • Dramatic Timing
  • Genius
  • Intelligence
  • Magic
  • Philosophy
  • Science

Associates and Connections


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