Catriona's Info
Name: Catriona
Title: None
Home: Lyonesse
Themesong: Burn, by Papa Roach
Emilia Clarke as Catriona


A pale beauty is the best way to describe the woman you look upon. Everything about her, from the arch lift of her thin ashen eyebrows, to her full, bee-stung lips speaks of an intelligence lying in wait behind deep, evergreen eyes. Raised cheekbones have no hint of blush to them, and they are accompanied by a high, regal forehead, an aquiline nose just bordering on the side of thin, and a chin that is sharp and dainty all at once. Her high forehead ends at a mane of gilded silver, gentle waves reaching just past her waist.
Most often she wears black and gold, most often revealing.

Public History

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”
-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Catriona has had many titles. Lady of Karm. Knight, and then Commander, of the Order of Clarity. Countess of Cuchlia. Steward of Hasp. Builder and Keeper of the Watchtowers. Duchess of Karm. Wife. Amnesiac. Warrior. But titles are for those who are insecure about their place, who have nothing else to show off, who need confirmation and definition at the hands of others. Catriona has renounced all in favour of embracing Chaos.

Known Associates

  • Mordred
  • Jira


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