Fullname: Emmet Colton
Alias: Colt, Damnit
Age1: Mid 30s
Features: Light brown hair / Green eyes
Height: 6'2"
House: IC bloodlines / affiliations
Themesong: Rise Up, Artist: Cast of Hamilton
Played By: Muddy Chris Pratt
Assignment: Rings the Bell for Dinner
Rank: IC rank
Titles: ICly addressed as


He's a rugged male in his early to mid thirties that is 6'2" tall with a muscular build. His expression leans to roguish mischief, his eyes are green, and rounded jaw unshaven. His hair is a light brown and his eyes green, his skin is tanned from a moderate to severe amount of exposure to the outdoors. He wears clothing that can take a severe beating from the environment, mostly leather and sturdy fabrics. A dark vest is missing buttons. His shirt is clean but patched and his pants might fit better. His boots are worn and muddy. He has a machete at his hip and various knives. He's not dirty enough to look unwashed, but not clean enough to look polished.

Public History

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"I'm going to tell you about an accident and I don't want to hear "ACT OF GOD"!"

Roleplay Hooks

  • Not too civilized as his adventures have gone sideways in the past in epic ways (swashbuckler)
  • Currently working for Evander in exchange for 3 square meals and the dubious honor of ringing the dinner bell.

Associates and Connections


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